Romance scam letter(s) from Anderson Lorenze to Jenny (Singapore)
Letter 1

Hello my dearest Jenny,
How are you today my dear? Thanks for your mail, am happy to hear from you so sorry for my late reply. I am truly thankful to God for giving me the chance to know you. I can feel your sincerity in your words and that is the thing I wish to share with my partner :) thanks for the pics you sent to look gorgeous and kid too. my dear I love God so much and I put my trust in Him completely to guide our futures. I hope things will work out for us. Let us be serious with each other, and develop a pure love, understanding and trust on ourselves which will be a stepping stone to our successful relationship, Hopefully we will make it happen if we try. Dear, to be honest with you, i really need a woman who is honest, sincere and trust worthy and ready to settle down for marriage and to have a happy family. that was why i registered on the site.

My dear Jenny, I am a very open and honest person and I feel that you are the same. I hope that we will meet soon but i dnt want to rush things and I am sure that you will be even more than what I imagine you to be and I will be more than you ever dream's of, (smile). Wouldn't that be great? It is all up to us. Although, it may please you to know that I am very happy the way things are going between us. I feel that if one loves, it shows on their face and makes them beautiful. Dear, hope you wouldn’t mind to answer these questions.

1) Are you in any serious relationship at the moment?
2) Are you willing to trust your future husband no matter what?
3) Do you easily get angry?

I am happy with you and hope this relationship bears a good fruit. How can I say anything else? Only to say thank you dear for choosing me to be your friend even more which the future can tell. Truly I am blessed. That is all for now my dear, till I hear from you again. Let us keep in touch; I believed that the future is bright. May God continue to guide and protect you and all your loved ones. Take good care of yourself for me, please and be a good girl. Here are my contact numbers, mobile number for easy communication.fee free to drop your mobile number and send me your pictures
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Letter 2

Hi my dear friend,
It’s a pleasure to meet you on the sating site. Am sorry for replying late. I have been getting my stuffs ready for my trip back to UK tomorrow. So how is your family over there? Hope you all are pretty good there, you live with them? Please tell me more about you and your family. I am glad to know you are doing well.
Meanwhile, I want to tell you more about myself. My name is Andersen Lorenz from New york Cheektowaga USA. Like i told you on my message on the dating site. I came home to renovate my house and see my mom . I was born and grew up here but I resides in Liverpool UK where I live and work. I am the only son and child of my family. I live in Liverpool UK working as an Architectural Engineer, assistant director of works in a construction company. I took after my Dad's profession, I design and construct houses, roads , bridges and shopping Malls . I am also into the sales of building Materials. I love my job coz I do travel some parts of the worlds. i have 7 years old daughter name by Jennifer. she is a loving, caring, smart and beautiful girl. Mom lives here in New york Cheektowaga with also a maid servant and her driver who looks after her. She loves the environment here and I do fly back home to visit her. My father has passed away he was a cheerful, responsible and respectful man My hobbies are swimming, watching Discovery channel, Soccer Liverpool fc is my club. BBC, CNN,Business channels, National geographic channel. All I seek for is love, care, understanding, maturity, mutual trust and respect and someone who is ready to be committed. That and only that is why I am here. I hope you are here for the same reasons and we get along well. I want to know more about you I hope to read from you soon. Hope you never feel bored with it? I deleted my profile from the site to tell you that I am serious with you and I hope you can do the same More also I would like to let you know that I am willing to be your friend or more than that, I am serious here and distance can never be a barrier for in due time we shall meet. Remain blessed until I hear from you again. Here is some of my picture.

Yours Sincerely
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