Romance scam letter(s) from Andreas Bierhof to Valerie (France)
Letter 1

ohh my God its not me dammit.....i told you and you knew my email was hacked....why would i play with someones emotions for heavens sake???
Letter 2

and am still the man for you.....i love you and am for real.....the ian and the pix you saw are real, all i told you about are real...thats the real me....we have been through alot and now this issue of false identity.....i love you val and God knows its the truth....i wount force you to believe me but rather all i will tell you is either you believe me or you follow what you and read about the idiot that hacked my email, stole the money you sent to me and also stole my pix from my email to rip people off their money...God is my withness that i have nothing to do with this
Letter 3

i told you that when my email was hacked, the person my pix and was using it to defraud would i know that??? its not my fault and am never a party to any of it
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