Romance scam letter(s) from Fred Martins Fernando to Ertzuli (Finland)
Letter 1

What a nice and sparkling smile you have on. I wouldn't trade that smile for anything. I saw your profile and deemed it fit to email you, I got entangled in that wonderful smile which I find so lovely and charming, couldn't stop myself from saying hello, I really wish to know more about you, which I know may not be easy but we can start up as friends...just in case you have Whatsapp, please do well to add me up with my mobile number +447924339434. so we could chat there because i am not always here online due to work reasons. I will be waiting to read back from you soon. Have a very nice time and keep smiling. Cheers Fred
Letter 2

Hello dear, How is your day going , and i hope you are doing fine ?, Just like i promised that i am going to tell you more about me , believe me i started writing this mail right from when i wokeup till now , so i don't get to forget any thing lol , and i hope i did not leave anything behind,
My full name is Fred Martins Fernando, from the name you will know am Spanish, born in Spain , but grew up in England, i hardly get angry, joke a lot and am reserved, do not talk too much in public, my date of birth is, February 02,1963 which is 50. ok? I live in the Fulham area of London , you know Fulham ? it is an area of southwest London in the London Borough of Hammer smith and Fulham . Hmm, now to what happened to Mrs Martins, this one is rather saddening but if i am to be your friend , i have to be open to you , OK Mrs Martins is no more , lost her to cancer more than 3 years ago.

now to what i do for work , i will start from the beginning , i got my experience on land survey with Mr Chales Alfred who taught me everything i know today in addition with the knowledge and experience i got in school, at this time , i was always busy and moving around with him after school hours, enough working with him , i had the break through of my life, with a large survey contract i had in Indonesia, it change my life financially and other wise but i was at the job for 2 months, it was risky, it was done in a forest like environment, i pulled through and had my reward. My work is very good, i work independently, have my office, i still have energy to do all my stuff, Mr Chales Alfred who taught me a lot to establish myself without working for or under anybody, to get here was not easy. i do all kind of survey.
Its cost a lot for survey, so i earn a lot.. i make more money on construction survey, which is hard to get and its basically a contract work. I have done some over the years. i love my job, the good thing is that i can do it anywhere in the world, i am not limited. i often do boundary surveys for home owners,i get hired mostly for buying or selling property, adding additions to property - like a fence, garden, pool, home addition, etc...for a property owner's general peace of mind regarding the boundaries of their property also spend time doing office work like preparing maps and charts, to present my findings which i submit as my report to my clients..basically my work even on contract base is surveying land, mapping, geography and boundary locations..I come in contact with all different kinds of people. I work with attorneys, engineers, architects, utility managers, farmers, developers, timber companies, etc..Mostly i get my contract from farmers and timber companies... I am a very open and honest person, i will want you to know more of me,I will tell you more about me, i really had a happy family not until my wife passed on, my mom and i came to England when i was very young, we are from this small city "ibiza" in spain. Life during my childhood was good for me but for my mom its was hard and am the only child of my mother, she never wanted to be reminded of her past but she said as long as i have what i wanted in life i should not remind her of Spain or anyone, its causes some argument over years but as i grew i tend to forget about it... When we were in England, we first lived in a town Yeovil for five years before moving to fulham london, My Mom had to do two jobs to keep us on track, one was as a house help for Mr. Charles Alfred, that's the man i call my Father, from the first day he saw me,he liked me..He was always with me, he was a great Land Surveyor so i took my career from him like i said earlier on ..I had great experience going with him to the site even when i did not know what the work was really about, with time i got to love it and i wanted to do it too.. My mom and Uncle Charles are both late now, i miss them so much
Here is a bit of information about me. I never judge anyone. Everyone’s likes or dislikes, their wants, the way they think or dream, is what makes us all unique and wonderful. And what right would I have to say that how they feel or what they want is not correct? I am not perfect. Far from it. I have many flaws and I know them all too well. So I do not judge others. I love the uniqueness in everyone and how differently we all perceive the same thing. It is quite intriguing how what has occurred in our lives causes us to see the exact same thing, along with someone else, but totally differently. I think my favorite,…no actually I know my favorite thing to do is watch a child experience something for the first time. To watch the wonderment and excitement on their face and the free laughter that they cannot contain is incredible. Children are not bound by societal ways and are such phenomenal free spirits.
When I recovered from the sadness of losing my wife, I determined that I was going to live life ,I was not going to be structured by society, but instead I was going to laugh out loud at all the silliness and wonderment of life. How i live each day:
These days i make sure i live my life very simple due to my past experience, i go to work from 8 am and come back 5:30 - 6 pm. i can come home late when i work in the field. weekends i go to park with my girls, go to concert, watch football or stay at home watch TV and read etc. my favorite beverage = Tim Horton!!!! anytime any day
favorite food = spaghetti , prepare it anyway and i will love it
colour = hmm....i'll say black and brown

music= i don't have any favorite , as far as the song has got good lyrics and melody , i am down with it .Lol My favourite time in the year is summer time and i use to like holidays too. My favorite weather: I love Springtime.....when it is cool in the morning.....warms up during the day so you can wear shorts I like action movies, i also like funny movies too. concerts = i love opera and orchestra concerts My future:
Want to still remain successful and have the right woman by my side with so much love between us till we grow old together. What make me happy:
These days what makes me happy is thinking of you mind you i'm not joking . I will like you to tell me about yourself, your family and your kind of job too so i can also get to know you very much better. I attached some photos of me in this mail, one with me and late Charles, and also with my girls so you could remember and get to know me much better. I hope i did not bore you with the long story , have a nice day and i hope to hear from you soon Much Hugs,
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