Romance scam letter(s) from John Clinton to Ana (Guatemala)
Letter 1

Thank you so much dear....You can have my number too you
Letter 2

Honey how are you doing?...i hope you are okay because i have being try to call you but maybe your country network is not connecting....Honey i will like you to send me sms on my phone so i can call you okay....Send it with +447927120630.....kisss you
Letter 3

What amazes me the most is the way you understands this world. For a woman like you to know about life in such a way, You really deserve a good man to make your life complete. I really want to tell that you are the kind of woman i have been looking for. Its not all about beauty. The beauty of a woman is inside not outside. I am referring to the question you asked me about why i have not found another woman since i divorced, its because i have not found the kind of woman i love and that why i cant fall in love with them, they might want only my money and not me, I have met a lot of ladies after my divorce my but they never stay focused make sure it works out, they couldn't make the sacrifices. Remember relationship cannot be built by one person alone, its a combined effort that yields the result. I want to tell you this, I am Impressed by your life, character and attitude. Attitude is everything and you have got it. It makes you the best as far as i am concerned. May i take permission to tell you this. I love you. I guess its time for you to go to rest. Hope to read from you ,if can still make it before going to rest but if you cant,may be when you come back you reply. I love you once again.
Letter 4

Hi dear ,how are you doing today ?
I'm so sorry i have not called you ,kind of little busy but I promise to call you today during my lunch time because I'm eager to hear your lovely voice.
Letter 5

Honey , before I forget, I will tell you about me.... my late father is also civil engineer by profession and he is an independent contractor to PETRONAS and shell(oil companies),he spend most of his life in Asia continent, where he is doing his contract work. he work in Indonesia,Thailand,Singapore,Japan,south Korea,Nepal and Malaysia. But after working with Malaysia government he got seriously sick that lead him to his death. And Malaysia government have not paid him for the contract he did for them before his death. So since then my lawyer and my late father lawyer has been struggling for the case. just yesterday evening I received an invitation from the secretary of the ministry of works Malaysia to come and claim my late father money from the ministry of works Malaysia. I will be travelling with my little Son and my lawyer. So we are planning to travel to Malaysian on 19th November plan is that as soon as we claim the money from the ministry of work Malaysia, than I will start coming down to Mexico with my little Son to see you and I will also like to deposit some of the money to the Orphanage in Mexico , So I can’t wait to be on your arms where I want to be. I love you so much. So hopeful I will be with you you
Letter 6

I want to tell you something don't get distracted in life every woman needs a man and every man needs a woman choose your man,build your relationship with him and enjoy your life forever thats my advice for you. I have chosen you as mine but i dont know what what you feel for me.
Letter 7

I believe i can sacrifice anything to make our love stronger,and trust and love be the other of the day without love and trust, relationships never hold. I promise to love you from the depth of my heart.
i pray you also give me yours.........LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY
Letter 8

I have been looking Around the world as move to many countries where i work. I seek a good lady to be mine. A lady that understands me. But couldn't get what i want. I have met the tall ones, the short ones, beautiful ones but they all lack the qualities i need in a woman. Till i found you here and am believe you feel the same way i do. I want to tell you I LOVE YOU
Letter 9

I will be with you soon honey.....My son DAVE love you so much dear....
Honey you can call my personnel number okay....+447010719852
Letter 10

God is great my dear,This is really a dream come true for me,i have really exhausted a lot of time,strength and good resources ever since i began pursuing this payment,i deployed all i had to make sure that i succeed in this because i know that the success of it will make a big change in my life and future, it is total sum of 2.7 million US dollars such a big amount of money darling, after I have claimed the money I will have a flight direct to Mexico to meet you with my son, once I arrive in Malaysia I will inform you so that you can book a hotel reservation or do you have a comfortable home for us to stay in Mexico. I love you darling and I can't wait to meet you soon...kisses

Letter 11

Okay, here are my flight ticket details to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia.
Departure on TUE 19TH/11/2013 by 08:40 London (Heathrow Airport, UK) -11:05am Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) then take off from Amsterdam by 12:00pm to Kuala Lumpur (International Airport (KLIA), Malaysia) -by 8:05am on WED 20/11/2013
Letter 12

Honey here is my fight ticket detail to General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport Mexico....
Departure on WED 27TH/11/2013 by 10:30pm Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur International Airport{KLIA} General Juan N. Alvarez International Airport 8:30Aam on THUR 28TH/11/2013
Letter 13

My days and especially my nights are so empty without you! I look forward to waking up to the softness of your skin against mine, your hair gently brushing my cheek. I can feel you breathing as if you were a part of my own body. Looking at you as you dream, gently "waking" you to the soft caresses of my hands and your body yielding to me. I hope you come and see me soon. I can't stand another minute without you ….
I miss you so much!
Letter 14

Hello dear,I'm on my way to Airport now with my son and my lawyer....take care
Letter 15

Hello Ana, I have being calling you, but you didn’t pick up honey. I’m in Malaysia now but I have little because my credit card is not working here now In Malaysia. honey. I need your help now please honey. I need like 2000usd from you honey so that I can for my room and my lawyer. Am still in Malaysia airport now house…. Call with this number +60173559426
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