Romance scam letter(s) from Ruben Maximus Kellermann to Mary (USA)
Letter 1

I'm very active, easy going person, like dance, sports, nature, etc. Also, I like very much to travel.
I am a very patient man who is respectful of the needs and wants of other people. I am supportive of others even if it's not what I really want. Iim always willing to help those whom I consider my friends. I enjoy at helping my friends reach their goals. I am very loyal to those around me especially when it involves my personal relationships.
Letter 2

Hello, Thanks for writing back to me as I'm glad reading from you, receiving your email did warm my heart. How's match been treating you? This is my first time with this online thing and am getting lots of messages from some not quite nice ladies here. The matches been sent to me just want to meet at a bar and have fun, am not into the fling thing, i'm seeking a serious relationship. I am creative and artistic, sensitive with a good sense of humor, quick witted friendly , energetic, do my best to hold my emotions in balance, am adventurous and i like getting to know each other, interact, talk and share thoughts but most ladies i have met here just want to meet for a coffee and then a one night stand, don't know if that's what really happen on here.... I Looked into your profile and i enjoyed reading it as you're just the perfect indication of what I seek in a partner, you look like someone who knows what she wants, I subscribed into this to find someone honest, caring, understanding and, has a good sense of humor, someone not to have a fling or temporary relationship with but a forever one, have decided to write you because i believe we do have some things in common and you look so cute in this pics, you look adventurous and you look like someone that would laugh at little funny things and just be happy. Some have said they want to meet for coffee and go for a date just to see if there is Chemistry, spark or attraction which is quite good but what about if the looks were deceiving? meeting someone to see if there is a chemistry or spark or attraction, mostly ends up in sex and we all know that sex is just plain trouble, I believe a solid relationship or friendship should start with a good communication background to enable both parties understand each other a little bit before they meet but most ladies I have met here just want to meet to see if there is chemistry and then what? sometimes, facial expression, attitude, body language and chemistry can be deceiving. Attraction to me isn't the best foundation to building a relationship but communication is. I think a solid relationship should start with a good communication background.. My subscription ends in days and i won't be re-newing, I'd enjoy getting to know you and hearing your perspectives on our lives and what it's all about....I would really love us to email back and forth. I think we can learn more about each other that way. I'll be signing off now and hope to hear from you soon,
Letter 3

Hello, How are you and how was your day? this is Nate from match, i wrote you some couple of days back before i took my subscription down on match, am so so sorry your reply went to my spam folder and thought you were not interested in getting to know me better, please do get back to me if you are still interested to enable me share more with you and send some pics since am off match already, am so glad receiving your email, finding your email just made my day, thanks for the Father's Day wish... Hope to hear soon from you.. Warm thoughts,
Letter 4

Hello, How are you and how was your day? this is Nate from match, i wrote you some couple of days back before i took my subscription down on match, am so so sorry your reply went to my spam folder and thought you were not interested in getting to know me better, please do get back to me if you are still interested to enable me share more with you and send some pics since am off match already, am so glad receiving your email, finding your email just made my day, thanks for the Father's Day wish... Hope to hear soon from you.. Warm thoughts,
Letter 5

Hello, You have no idea how thrilled and happy i am as well to have received your email, i have alot to say and share with you but will do that tomorrow morning, all am doing now is sending my pics along this email so that you can put a face to who you are communicating with since am not on match anymore... Wishing you a wonderful evening with warm thoughts,
Letter 6

Hi, Thanks for actually providing me with your personal email as am glad to have received your email, i feel welcomed and a bit close to you already because you did provide me with your personal email, a nice step to start getting to know each other better, went through your profile again before i took my profile down and pleased with what i read, i do understand the connection or email could be frustrating sometimes but with that gorgeous picture of you on match, i don't think i have the exact word to express myself at the moment cause am interested in getting to know more about you. Let me share a little about myself, Am Divorced as i said in my profile, we were married for 8 years and have been divorced for 5years now, I am Originally from Ireland and i live in Manchester, am on a job here in Vancouver, Washington which am almost done with, i am an engineer who is into building constructions, i build houses, hospitals, bridges roads...etc, i am self employed and i handle my job in contracts. My daughter is 12, she lives in Manchester, England(my home) and i love her so much, she doesn't get to travel with me often and stays with the Nanny back home when ever am gone on a job, she likes biking, shopping and swimming just like myself. I signed into match recently in search of someone honest, caring, understanding and, above all have a good sense of humor. It took me quite a while to decide before joining and even longer to write my profile. I am typically shy when I first meet someone, but your profile has all ready put me at ease. I was reading your profile and cannot believe the similarities between us. I always try to look for the good in people and that often leads to my being taken advantage of, but I am the eternal optimist and will continue to help and support the people around me. i want Someone not to have a fling or temporary relationship with, but a forever lasting relationship. I have not been in a relationship for long now because, i dont just want to rush into any relationship which will not last long and the previous ladies i have dated in the past(UK) have always asked for too much and materialistic because they knew am financially ok, i want a relationship that can lead to something great, i only got to know about match while am here, never done online dating in the past. Age, size, distance and location should be no barriers to you cause i don't mind relocating for the right woman, am not asking you to leave your family and relocate but i will do so cause life is too short now to keep guessing, I always do listen to my heart, I look forward to meeting someone and becoming friends first and then hopefully it will turn into a life long relationship. I want someone who will accept me for myself and understand that I am not perfect. I want someone that I can laugh with, enjoy life's adventures and spend quality alone time with. I am as happy out with a large group or simply enjoying a quiet evening snuggling on the couch and watching a good movie. I really don't believe that distance matters, one can be in the same room with another and have no connection while one can be on the other side of the planet and be close in heart, I believe we live in a "global" world and the entire world is at our fingertips. So, I don't see geography as inhibiting relationships, but enabling them... I said am going to relocate for the right woman and i meant it, i have had series of jobs in the past that have taking most of my time and have now decided it shouldn't be all about work at this stage of my life but to also get a companion who we can sit together close to the fire when it's cold, hold hands, laugh with each other, go to the beach together, go to the movies together and my daughter supports it, we shouldn't forget we are not getting any younger..hahaha. I am a man who will never cheat on my partner because i believe that God made one man for one woman and so i should be like that, am sorry i took my profile down and am not going back, so please continue to write me through my personal email, I will like us to chat, so we can ask questions about ourselves and get instant answers, so if you have lied about anything on your profile, kindly do not write back because all i want is a honest and heart felt woman who wants to leave the beautiful life ahead of us with me. Age weight, size does not matter to me, so my arms are wide open. Hoping that getting to know you will lead to something great, please do not mind the distance between us because, distance is just a flight ticket away for me. Remember, no matter where we are in this world, we laugh and dream under the same moon.. I hope you'll give me a chance to get to know you better. Till i hear from you.
Letter 7

Hi, Thanks for writing back again and sharing more with me, i feel honored reading from you, you really did say alot that holds a strong part in my heart, you sound so sweet and open, we do share alot of things in common and what you desire in a partner is exactly what i wish for as well, glad to know you have been into construction in the past but i felt sad you had to drive a nail through your finger, ouch!!! that must have hurt, i know the feelings my dear and i love the pics you sent, thanks so much for sharing such beautiful pics, what a beautiful smile you guys have got, I just thought i'd share my background with you to enable you know me more. I come from a middle-class background, I was born in Dublin(Ireland) January 20th, 1960. I am the only child of my parents, My mother was from Pula, the largest city in Istria, western Croatia while my dad was from Ireland....i don't speak Croatia though but understand, My father has worked a variety of jobs, But he ended up in construction before he died when i was 3years old. I decided to take after my father in construction but in a different style and manner(Civil/Construction/Building Engineering). My mum was working as a medical biller for the government, she bills claims and medical stuffs,she died 11 years ago of heart attack, i was 42 then, i spent almost all my time then with my mum and was very close to her. when my dad died, we went back to Croatia and later relocated to England when i was 15 years old, most times we travel down to Croatia for Holidays when i started schooling in the UK but very short holidays and not for long, so i have a little bit of the Croatia accent, so don't be surprised with my accent....hahahaha, not quite British but missed cause i always do get it a lot from people that i introduce myself to and they say hey, your dad was British and you should have more of the British accent and i say hey, remember i grew up in Croatia with my mum and we just laugh about it...hahaha, my house address is 38, riverside drive, Radcliffe, Manchester, M26 1HL, am not expecting you to send me yours but just thought you should have that as well since i want you to know me well. Like i said in my previous mail, am divoreced and my daughter is with me, i guess somethings are not meant to be but will share more with you as time goes on, it did cost me a lot though, my concentration and my life style changed for a while, i had to get a Nanny for my daughter and do most things i could as a father. My daughter is 12 as you know and she is all I have got in my life and i appreciate her with everything i have got, she lives at home with me and her name is Francesca.

I have not felt the love of a woman for long time now and i really miss it, to be sincere, am scared but just want to be bold and move forward, like i said, am a one man to one woman relationship type and when i love, i love real hard, i listen to my partner and understands a lot, I would really love to see how deeply committed you are to exploring what's possible for us, no head games. Just simple, open, honest, sincere, truths and i hope that's what you wish from me as well.. . Some day I hope to help people make healthier, more loving decisions with their lives. Perhaps as a kind of counselor. In the mean time, I’m happy with what I am doing because I know that the work I do makes a difference, I love everything about construction, I love to create new things everyday, am into building of houses, hospitals, construction of roads, building of structures for companies and underground laying of oil pipes, i hardly get angry because i do believe that energy and time should be put into something good. Am glad to know you have a yahoo email account, so that we can chat through the IM, there is no need for you to delete it, it is a fast means of communication as i just added you to my IM list, we can instant message ourselves, ask questions about each other and get instant answers, i will appreciate if you will be able to download a yahoo messenger if you don't have one, it is free and easy..... This will be all for now and thanks for reading, hope that you find nothing offensive in what i have written, if there is anything else you would like to know, please do not hold back to ask and would like to know more about you. Cheers and a big hug from me to you,
Nate.... PS. Am sorry my job here is done and will be leaving for a seminar in Texas this afternoon, hope to receive an email from you when i get there cause there is still more to know about each other, send you more pics and get to hear your sweet voice over the phone...
Letter 8

Hi, Thanks for your lovely and amazing email, don't get me wrong when i say this, i think you have the most beautiful heart i have ever seen, the things you have said now holds a place in my heart, you were so opena dn sincere, i feel so lucky that you are comfortable to share everything with me, maybe those who have taken advantage of you weren't patient enough to see your inner beauty, i don't care if you have gain much weight or not, what am after is a lady with a beautiful heart and i can see you have got it, that is where most men make mistakes, they go after beauty or after young ladies, i have been there and taken advantage of as well, so it's time to make a change in my life and search for that lady with a golden heart and am sure you do have one, so let's see where this will lead, I thought it would be helpful if I shared what some of my interests are and what some of my passions are and also what my likes and dislikes are. This will give you an idea about the man you are communicating with.

Interests: I tend to have a variety of interests, such as the following: I enjoy the outdoors. I love spending time by the water (lakes and oceans) as the water grounds me and provides me with inner peace. I too enjoy a nice sunset especially by the water (romantic). I enjoy cooking, walking, swimming, anything with outdoors involvement and playing like a kid when am with my partner. A swing is always lots of fun especially if someone is pushing you. I have a playful spirit. I enjoy quality time spent with my daughter. I enjoy a good movie, all types of music, reading, some sports, different types of foods. I am open to trying new things. The bottom line is I am active and have a tremendous amount of energy to expend.

Passions: I have a few passions in my life and I would have to say that I am passionate about being a good father, about my career, about developing relationships (in general), and I really look forward to being passionate and having a passionate intimate relationship someday. I tend to be passionate about all things that are attached to the heart, my heart. Generally, this is my love and passion for humanity and for those that will come into my love life.

Likes: I like many things as I am open minded and flexible person. Generally, I like everything providing that there is no dislikes of mine infringing on the likes. Some of my favorite food (restaurants) consist of Chinese, Mexican, Italian with Jamaican sauce and rice being my favorite. I love red licorice and my favorite flowers are carnations. I do enjoy traveling and thanks to my job. I would like to see castles close up some day and stay in a beautiful hotel close to the sea. I am thinking about a holiday over at the Caribbean. Not sure where I would like to go for now...

Dislikes: There is not a whole lot that I dislike, however; the things that I do dislike seem to be based on values and character, allow me to explain. There are certain things that I have no interest in, however; these are the things that I clearly dislike or choose not to tolerate are: disrespect, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, lying, cheating, mean spitefulness, being judgmental, callousness, harsh words, hurtful acts, untrustworthy people, displaced anger, unfairness, injustice, selfishness, being inconsiderate, blaming, not taking responsibility, self-centeredness, rigidity and anything else that can cause damage or be damaging to another human being. Relationships: Give 100%, if this can not be given, then you are not that true friend, lover or husband/wife. Be true to yourself, and your love ones. Honesty, communication, and understanding along with patience will make the difference. This is just my opinion mind you. Sharing, is more than finance, material assets, more importantly, it is the sharing of yourself, time, and love. Giving always more to the other, and they will give back. It is a forever revolving door of giving...

Let me see, what else can I share about me? I have a strong work ethic and I never give anything less than my absolute best. Oh, one more thing . . . in case you hadn't figured it out already, I am a hopeless romantic. I love the little things about a relationship -- holding hands and doing nothing, picking flowers in a field for the table for dinner, watching a butterfly go by as you're walking! I know, it probably sounds silly but it's me.

I trust you had a wonderful night and wishing you a wonderful weekend. I would love to hear from you and if there is anything else you would love to know or share about likes, dislikes, passions, and interests, do not hold back, am glad we are having this conversation and thanks for accepting my request on yahoo messenger, it will help in bring us closer and hope to chat soon. Your in my thoughts,
Nate. PS. Presently am in Texas and and my trip was ok, you can reach me on this number 281-584-3557 so that i can put a voice to this beautiful conversations.
Letter 9

Hi, Thanks for writing back, it really warmed my heart receiving your email and you sharing more with me, i appreciate your honesty and sincerity, am sorry for my late response as a result to the seminar, it's a ll about enhancing and enforcing safety within the job site, then developing more engineering skills, am in houston for the seminar and should be done later tonight and heading home tomorrow but will be back again soon for a visit, the text messaging was beautiful yesterday, am glad to know we do have alot in common, I just thought i'd share this with you and know what you think. I understand that there are many different ways to partner, and I try not to judge other people’s choices, but for me, I would like to find an equal partner, some one who contributes as much as I do to a relationship. This doesn’t have to be about money, but in totally, the work, effort and total contribution we bring. I have expectations for myself, and in the past I’ve found it difficult to find someone who had similarly high expectations for themselves. It seems like so many people want to do ‘just enough’ to get by, but I want more than that. As a basic foundation I think there should be respect for each others freedom (though to make a partnership work, I believe that we have to freely choose to take our partner and our family into consideration when we make choices), honesty and openess, I don’t believe that ‘little white lies’ are harmless or kind, I believe that honesty, even if we don’t want to hear what someone has to say, is always more kind in the long run. I think it’s especially important for partners to be able to trust each other, without that, it just seems like everything falls apart. I also think it’s important to be able to express your needs and wants to each other. And make decisions together about how to meet them. I believe it’s important to be kind to each other, to not be callous with each others hearts. To have compassion and empathy for each other and be willing to really listen to what your partner has to say. I want to support my partner in achieving her dreams, and feel supported by them in accomplishing mine. I want to work together with my partner to make decisions as a family, and share our power,well.... This will be all for now dearie and thanks for reading, i will be calling you soon to hear your sweet voice. Cheers and wishing you a wonderful day,
Letter 10

Hi, It was really nice to have received your beautiful email, am so glad to know you agree to my idea of how a partner should treat the other in a relationship, i do agree with the things you had to say and am happy we both seek same thing in a relationship, how is your day going? guess you are getting the chores done by now? please don't over work yourself, my day is going well here cause you are in my thought. As i go back home, I want you to know that the main reason i decided not to go back on is because i want to concentrate on getting to know you better, like i said earlier on, the winks and emails from other ladies were getting too much and irritating, so since sent me your profile and i found out that we do have some things in common, i had to take my time to leave. I would like to pour out my heart as i go home, I cannot communicate with more than one woman at the same time, please don't get me wrong, i am not trying to impose it on you that we must have something or that you must cancel your own subscription but if you feel so, i will be so happy and honored, i just want to have my attention on you and see where it leads us... I do believe you are a honest and loving person but please please, if you do know you are in communication with somebody else or you are not serious in pursuing this to see where it will lead us, i would appreciate it if you would take the decency in writing me and letting me know about it, am not into games because i do know what i want, am not a man who wants to just meet for a cup of coffee and look into each others but am the type of a man who wants to build that strong sense of communication with you and see how commited you could be because your commitement to this could also show part of how commited you could be to your family or loved ones, i want you to know that i have no job as at for now as i get back home so my plans are to spend more time with my daughter and take more time in getting to know you more better... A man once told me that you marry to date and not date to marry, I agree. We have it backwards and if we did not live in a world of fast food and microwaves that say we can have everything now, I think that the rate of which couples divorce and remarry someone new would depreciate immensly, i believe couples should continue with whatever brought out the spark in their relationship after they get married, most couples get married and they forget about the things they use to do together before they get married, am not basing this on anything but let see what I am offering you the flower of my heart as a friend. It's always growing and searching for perfection,always reaching for the sparkling rays of the sun but only if you can give it the care and nourishment it needs to thrive, Love it, Treasure it, Keep it safe, Give it your light and I pray it blooms forever.. Here is a song for you as i go back home, I want us to continue this communication, because there is much to know about each other, though we are far apart but if we keep communicating good, we will be close to each other in our hearts...I will be leaving for England 8am tomorrow morning being Monday and would really love us to talk on phone again before i return, so will be calling you to hear your sweet voice before i leave for the airport tomorrow morning, i have been out of the UK for over 4 weeks now and can't wait to get back home to hug my daughter, please don't allow my returning back to the UK scare you, OK! as i will have more time to communicate with you and send you more pictures when i get back home. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the day.... Warm thoughts
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