Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Melva (USA)
Letter 1

My name is Edward Johnson,i was born and breed in Sweden,my dad is from Sweden, while my mum is from Missouri Kansas City ,i came back to Missouri Kansas City five years ago,after the death of my wife,i am a Geologist,I happily married to my wife she had a daughter,she dead of cancer,i have to spend all i can to keep her for me but everything then seen to useless,it take me a very long time to take that hurt off my life and i decided to start a new life again......I am looking for a woman that I can share everything with Someone that I can enjoy doing anything with,Someone that will walk along side me down the road of life and realizes how special that is to be able to have someone to communication and I love cooking, playing Golf, B ball, watching movies,piano, camping out in the wild with no hotels or anything around me but nature. I do like to go out I would love to know anything you would like to tell me about yourself....I'm just not sure where to begin,i will real care if we could have a nice time for a conversation at yahoo messenger so i will love if you could get an account with yahoo for instant communication at there,so that we can talk to know our-self more better. Thanks.
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