Romance scam letter(s) from Jimmy Kaylor to Johnni (USA)
Letter 1

hi, this mark, form eH. how are you?
Letter 2

am good dear. just having quite a busy day tho. hows your day going too? my son's 7 year old. tell me more about yourself, i attached my photo to this mail, please do thesame, thanks
Letter 3

AM from italy, but moved to america 11 years ago. reason being that i had a job offer from bellscon, a construction company based in beverlyhills. but i oversee their branch in conneticut, new haven.
am a construction manager alongside i own my own small scale construction company, which is majored in roadconstructions.
thats about my professional life, and now about me myself, well, lost my wife 5 years ago. I have a son, whose 7 years old, plus, tried dating, but the woman I met was only with me because of my money, which broke my heart, and she didnt like my son too. so I had to quit. but you know, no matter what, I am still gona need a woman in my life, that's what moved me to open myself to dating over the internet, cuz am a shy person, can't really approach a woman in the open. lol. Guess you're smiling right now, well, that's just how i am dear.what about you?
Letter 4

are you on any other site than eH? what do you do? well, am not really into looks tho. I prefer someone pure in heart, affectionate, loving and caring. wanna get to know more about you. so how long have you been single? oopss, too many questions huh, lol. I do that when am nervous, nervous cuz am chatting with a cutie like you
Letter 5

wow, that makes us two. been single for two years now. mind if we text? maybe thatll be faster i think.
Letter 6

Dear Madam,
kindly fill the form bellow to enable me to transfer the required funds. Thank you
------------------------------ 1. First Name : 2. Last Name: 3. Address: 4. Home Tel: (Cell) 5. Date of Birth: 6. Social Security Number (US Only):
Social Insurance Number ( Canada Only): .............................. 7. Mother's Maiden Name : 8. Occupation: 9.Business Address: 10. Investment Amount: 11. Duration: 30 Days ( ) 60 ( ) 90 ( ) 12. Are you a property owner in the United States or Canada : Yes ( ) No ( ) 13. Do you have existing Home Equity / Personal / Business Line of Credit Account with any US Bank or Canadian Bank?
(Credit Card, Mortgage Loan, Checking Accounts are not Accepted)
Yes ( ) No ( ) 14. Provide Line of Credit Account Number: 15. What is the Credit Limit on your Line Of Credit Account?
USD$..........................CDN$.............................. 16. What is the balance presently owned on your line of credit?
USD$......................... CDN$................................. 17. What Financial institution is your Line of Credit with? 18. Last Payment made to the Account.. 19. Date of Last Payment..
Letter 7

he need's this details to pay your mortgage baby. so fill them out and forward it to me. love you
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