Scam Email(s) from Bradley Nolan to Janet (Netherlands)


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Letter 1

Hello Pretty, I thought it would be nice when I put this information together, so you can read more about me better. My real name is William. I'm 43 years old. I'm single dad with a daughter daughter is 16years old,studying computer science in university, I've been single for only 4 years and am tired of the usual, A friend of mine says I should try online dating, because it worked for him, so he thinks it might work for me, that's why I'm on the dating site
I'm half aussie half Dutch I lived in Australia most of my life, but after I lost my wife I had to redeployed back in the Netherlands so I can get closer to some of my relatives.
I work as internal affairs officer Ministry of Defense Royal Netherlands Air Force (KLU)Woensdrecht,but since I'm single and my colleagues are almost all married and have children.So am now only ......i too want to settle down with a honest woman,i want to have respect at my work,because they always give respect to a married man in military,i have been posted to many countries to serve since they know am single,they know i dont have wife and children to ask of me at home,i have my personal house in Netherlands but i dont have time to be staying there because my work take much of my time and i do stay mostly at Base,i am presently in RAF Mildenhall Base now for a mission,i want to put stop to all this because i want to have time to plan for my life also,thats why am looking for a woman to settle down and create a new home.. generally socialize outside the military community I am a good listener and interested in that unique person and I know shes out there. I have a few of my own share! Like Nobody's perfect, but I can tell you that I am down-to-earth, a dedicated person. I'm stubborn and sometimes very quit, but I'm caring, honest, loving,romantic,God fearing and a nice man who knows the true meaning of love. I'm a good friend, and I hope that the friendship will be one of the things we share.
I hope that the friendship turn into something more meaningful. Ultimately, I am looking for a long-term monogamous relationship.a women where we can live a happy live together as husband and wife
.. I have a wide range of interests .. Horse riding, dancing, reading, cooking, browsing new towns and shops....I am a huge animal lover ... I love popcorn with mustard, caramel Frappuchino, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Food, Red Wine, mojitos.I weekly exercise, try to eat as healthy as possible, but occasionally succumb to a burger and fries. I do not smoke and I drink. I am optimistic about 90% of the time, be realistic about life, and I am grateful for what life has given me. I love the movies, concerts, theater, beach and park. I love reading, especially in the evening after a long day at work. I also love experiencing different foods and activities...I like a woman with whom we dream our plans, and the ups and downs with each other. Life is not just a white road and I'm ready to assist in any situation my wife. I hope to have support in return. I wish she should be sensitive, tender, caring, understanding. she is to be honest, with a sense of humor, communicative. At the same time responsible and confident ..Have I awakened to understand your curiosity Do you think we have much in common? Are you interested in getting to know each other? Tell me something about yourself and let's see where this could lead! and send me some pictures of you as well......

Letter 2

Hi Janet,

How was your night?thanks so much for you message said your English is not so good but i must tell you that i understand all what you wrote to me and its okay like that,we are meant to learn every of our life...just believe you will be improve more and more as we communicate.

Yes,it was a difficult and bad experience for me when i lost my life,i dont even know i can cope like this but i thank God for everything in my life...i know life goes on and i have to move forward in life.
can you tell me what happen to your last relationship if i may ask? When is your birthday?
What is your favorite season of the year?
Do you have any hobbies?
What type of man are you looking for?
Are you looking for a long term relationship?Marriage or just friends??
What do you do for a living?
Are you really over your Past relationship?
Are you truly ready to move forward in your life?
have you forgiven all the past relationship and those that have offended you or hurt you in the past?
Do you go to Church,how often do you go to church, what's your view on religion?

i hope my question is not too much for you,i was just trying to do this in other to get to know each other more better,i wish you and the children a nice weekend,take good care of your self..hugs.

Letter 3

Hello dear,

Thanks for your message here again,very nice to read from you was your day?
i really enjoy my day with my friends today,i woke up in the morning and i started cleaning the house and the garden,my friends met me when i was cleaning the garden and we both all finish cleaning it..i wash my uniform and some other cloth today and my friends went to the kitchen and we made a delicious food for our self,we went out to gym after eaten in my house and from there we went for swimming and from swimming we made a stroll in a forest where there is a lot of tree there,we end the day up with nice glass of wine.

You said am good looking man and i have to tell you too that you are a nice woman to be with and you also is not many year do you date with you last man friend in army?can you please tell me what are the lies he did to you?i am asking this because i want to know you better and i dont want to offend a nice woman like is matter most in any relationship,once you dont trust your self its better to quit the relationship instead of wasting time together.

I too is searching for a long term relationship and maybe marry again.I search for a nice honest woman who makes me laugh, who is there when I need her,be my best friend and my lover for live...i think we are looking for the same thing dear,i just join the Lexa for some days now and i dont have any date yet,i think we are looking for the same thing and we found each other now,i have to confess to you that i like you and am okay with you now.
i know my mind has never deceive me before,i will like us to to build a relationship and see what will come from it.

I do go to church every Sunday and i have prepared my cloth for tomorrow service,please try and be going to church i am very happy you are christian from the beginning and you have been going to church often before...i can see you can still be going back if you see the person that you can be going together..i am free all weekend at work.

i think i have to stop here dear,i wish you a wonderful night rest and take good care of your self...kisses and hug for you dear.

Letter 4

Hello dear,how are you doing there and how was your night?thanks for you message here again i was just back from church now,do you go to church?very nice to hear about you and your children also,i can see the children are doing great and may God continue to be with them and renew their strength.

I am sorry to say this that your ex boyfriend is a shameless man,for him to be hiding his son,that's very bad but i dont know why many man are doing like that..i have never hide my daughter at any where of my life i do proud of her because she's my everything...i dont know why a father can do like that,i think he sick in the head as you said.

I have been in Holland for 4years now,i have redeployed back to Holland since i have lost my wife,but i just have to tell you that my life has never be the same since i have lost my woman,i suffer for so many things,even at work.
Money is not my problem,i have my person house in Laren then i earn enough salary but am still missing something in my life,i suffer because they always give respect to married man at my work,they will never post a married out of the country where he married,they will not post then far away from his wife and family,but if you are single,they will post you to many countries,i have been posted to many countries since i have lost my wife,i dont have time for my self and i want to put stop to this,i want to settle down and have a nice plan for my future,this is why i join site to find a nice and honest woman to love for the rest of my life....

What i hate in my life is lie and cheating,i dont do this to people and i dont want anybody to do this for me,thats why i said the man was really sick in the head for lying and lying....the only thing that get me upset is lying and you?the man really wasted your time and thats bad,but forgive him and leave things for God..Are you looking for a long term relationship?Marriage or just friends?Are you really over your Past relationship?i wish you a blessed Sunday dear...have a nice time and take good care of your self...Big hug for you.

Letter 5

Hi dear,

how are you doing there?thanks so much for your message here,i am very sorry for my late respond,i have been busy so much at work since morning,you know today is monday,we always have a lot to do...what have you done today?

When they send me to another country,i dont rely stay with Laura for the past years back,she stay in hostel in secondary school and she study in university now she always come home when they have break in school or when she know am back home..yes i have my family there,but some of the has move to Finland and Belgium.

please can i just have a picture from you tonight?i will be very happy to see that from you i wish you a lovely evening and take good care of your self...kisses and hug for you dear.

Letter 6

Hello dear,

Nice to read from you back,i have been sleeping here in my living room i just woke up and i decided to come and check you message because i know your message will be there,very funny when i met your message here,are you sure they did the operation very well?because i dont know why operation of a year can be disturbing you till now..please just act on it fast..have you use painkiller or some medicine?i stay in base here but if its home,i always go home like 3time or 4 time in a week,i dont like to stay in base since i have my own personal know here is not my real base,i was just posted here for a mission,i think i have to stop here so you can have a rest dear...i wish you a nice night rest...hug.

Letter 7

Hello dear,

How are you doing there?thanks for your message.
what have you eaten today?i am good in massage very well and i do it for people when they need me.
why can you visit doctor and complain about it,instead of using painkiller all the time,i think they will know what to do about that sweetie...Do you mean on this base?we are suppose to leave here by next month..
yes i have Facebook,check me on William Jordan.
we can call here only its gonna take some process before they can allow us to be calling each other,they will want to know who is the person we want to be calling each,they will want to know if you are my family or wife...i hope you understand why they are doing that?
i wish you a lovely night rest honey...kisses and hug for you.

Letter 8

Hello dear,

How was your day?thanks so much for your message here i am doing very nice and you dear,nice to hear about your result,i thought you are using painkiller all the time and that's why i said you should not be using the painkiller all the time.

I have seen you on Facebook and i have sent you a friend request and i hope you see that by now,i look your picture on facebook and i must tell you that they are all nice with your family and friends.

Calling each other on mobile will be the best way for us to communicate dear,it will be so nice to hear your voice also but we are not using mobile phone here, we are using satellite mobile telecom here which is Thuraya they have to connect your line with the telecom am using here before it will work dear,i hope you understand what am saying?

I think we are about to finish with our missing here and i know we are coming home as soon as we are through here sweetie,but i dont know the certain date.
you will be free till 28 and i wish i can be there to see you and spend nice time together...but i will let you know if we are going to come by then.

I wish you a nice night and take good care of your self with your friends
kisses and hug me William.

Letter 9

How was your night sweetie?

Thanks so much for your message here,how is your day going there?
i am at work now doing some little work here,we dont always have a busy day at work on Friday and i do free all weekend.i am happy today is Friday again,i will rest and have a nice time with friends here.

Very nice to hear about your first daughter birthday,i wish her more years and the best in her life.and am also very happy for her for his boy friend i like when a guy knows the true meaning of love and taking good care of lady,God will always be with them always and guide them every where.

Yes,that's my Laura,very nice and caring girl,i know you will get to know her some day,i told her about you and she was very happy for me,because she has be begging me to look for another woman,she said she dont like as am alone,she said she didnt like how my work take so much of my time and its because am single,she has been begging me to find a nice woman to marry and start a new life with her,i told her i found you and we are just communicating she was happy and begging me not to loose contact with you....she look like her mother.

Yes i have a relationship after i lost my wife,but the woman is not perfect for me,i later got to know the woman dont want love,she just love me because of my money and i dont want that in my life,since then i have been scared for you women,i thought you are the same but i can see you women are not the same because all my friends wife are wife died when she want to deliver a baby in hospital,very painful experience to me but nothing i ca do.

I know its very fast to use love for some one you have never see or hear before,but i just dont know what has come over me about you,i dont know why this is happening to me,believe me that i dont believe i can fall in love again until i met you dear,,,am showing you this because i dont like to hide my feelings,i have never done this to any woman before in my life...

i think i will stop here and continue later,i need to attend to people here....have a nice time sweetie.

Letter 10

Hi dear,

How are you doing there?thanks so much for your message here.
how was the birthday party goes?i know you will surely enjoy your self there.

Yes i mean my friends in this base,i met people here and we are friends here now because they are very nice to me and not the only one posted here from Netherlands.
we are not permitted to go out of the base here sweetie but they allow their staff to go out to any where they like here,we always allow to go home and any where if it's our base in Netherlands and we dont allow any other army that's posted to our base to go out,so we understand why they are doing that....just for security purpose.

Thanks so much about my wife,it was so painful i lost two people in the same day sweetie but life goes on and there is nothing i can do about mother stay with my sister in Canada but i have lost my father for a long time ago...i stay most of my life in Australia but am not ready to move there again since i was posted here from work,i think am okay in Netherlands and i have my properties in Netherlands,i dont want to worry my self again,i want to settle down in Netherlands and that's all.

Yes,i know my daughter dont like how am single,she said she know i do feel alone so much when am in Netherlands and she said she can do everything for me but she cant do like a wife for me,she said i need a nice woman in my life to stay together and be taking good care of me.why are you scared to tell your children?i know you will have your reason and why do you said you will never take a man home to soon...please explain this to me dear...have a nice day ahead and take good care of your self sweetie...kisses and hug dear.

Letter 11

Hi sweetie,

Thanks so much for your message here,very nice to read this kind of a message from you dear,i know you are not saint but i understand all what you are saying you are a good example to your children,its true that many people meet some one in one day and they will take them home and sleep together on the same day,i too is not claiming to be saint but i can never do that in my life....believe me that i can never sleep or have sex with some one i dont have feeling with her,i dont do all that, i am not womanizer...thats why am single till now because i do select before i go into relationship.

i have a friend that met a woman in Netherlands and they just get to know each other for three day and the guy went to her parent house that he wanted to marry their daughter they truly married but they have a lot of problem in the this is not good,i respect you more for what you said tonight darling,i can just believe you women are not the same.

I do see my sister and mum when i have time at work,my mother was here with me for xmas and new year last year December,but i most visit them in Canada and spend some days with them their,my sister just decided on day that you want mummy to come and stay with her in Canada and there is nothing i can do about that,her husband is rich and they have a big house so thats why mummy stay with them in Canada and they are living happily..

I have stop my account on Lexa,many women wrote to me and i dont like that,i do like to concentrate with on one thing,i close the Lexa immediately i found you there....whats your plan for tomorrow?i am here planing for tomorrow because i will go to church tomorrow morning and you?i wish you a nice night and take good care of your self...kisses and hug for you honey.

Letter 12

Hello dear,

Happy Sunday to you,how was your night and how are you spending your Sunday..
very nice to read from you dear,yes its very strange to me too because this has never happen to me before,we have not seen or hear each other before and we are very transparent to each other,i do think and missing you hear and i do ask my self why this is happening to me,i told a friend and he said its great feelings.

I am understanding man and i do believe some one will have his/her reason for any action i cant blame you for what you said and that's why i ask you what's your reason that you cant tell your children about new relationship,very good excuss from you and it make me like you more because you are the type of the woman am looking for,i can see you are a mother and you have discipline,i dont just want any woman in my life but a woman that have the quality i want and i can see some of what i want from you dear.

You like a big family,do you still want kid?believe me that our own story can also be like your brother if we work towards it,i am ready for you dear,i want us to laugh together for the rest of our life dear.
my dutch is not so good darling,but i have been trying and i hope you too can be my teacher?

I will be going to kitchen now darling,i want to cook my food because am very hungry,i was just back from church and i dont eat when am going to church,i do like to fast when am going to church,i will go to kitchen now and make a delicious food,are you good in cooking?i wish you guys a nice weekend and have a blessed week ahead.

Kisses and hug for you

Letter 13

Hi sweetie,

How are you doing there?thanks so much for your message here and am very happy to read from you again,i was wondering when i read your first message without anything dear,i just understand now when i open the second one...its okay sweetie,nobody above mistake.

I am very sorry for my late respond tonight,i have a very busy day here at work today and i was so tired when i got home,i have went to bed before and i must tell you that i woke up again because i want to write you,i just smile when i read your message and you said you always go to bed so late.

I have been here close to two month now and they dont tell us it will take so much time like this,we plan a month here and they now renew a month more and we are about to finish the new month here,they gave each of us two rooms and garden,they have a very beautiful Barack here but no place like home.i will be very happy if you can teach me better with my dutch because all friends do abuse me at work in Netherlands, that from from there and i not so good in dutch,i told them is not my fault..Laura can speak dutch dear.

I can see we are thinking the same thing dear,i do imagine how is gonna be on that day,i mean the first time we meet dear,what will you first do when you see me?i am very nervous darling,i want to see the woman am thinking and missing her without seen her before,this is just like a magic to me because i never feel this way before...i am looking for honest,caring,easy going,trust worthy and a nice woman who knows what she want in life..

Me and my wife are together for 14years before i lost her dear,its bad experience for me that i dont pray to experience it in my life again,i lost two people on a day,we knew each other for like 4month and we plan for a wedding,i am so lucky to find her because i have never regret the marriage till i lost you can ask,i think you are trying to know me more not hurting me dear.

I too cant say if i want to have a baby,i have to decide that with my partner before i can say anything,we have to plan for that together...i like cooking so much and am good in cooking dear,i do cook for my ex wife when she is still alive,my friends always come to my house to come and eat my food on Saturday.

What's your plan for tomorrow darling,i think i have to stop here,i wish you a lovely night rest and take good care of your self sweetie,kisses and hugs for you dear.

Letter 14

Good morning sweetie,

How was your night?my night was okay here and you?thanks so much for your message sweetie.
i dont rely understand you,do you mean all my messages is not showing there?i dont use mobile to send you message,i use my mini laptop here,i dont have any number here because we use telecom mobile which is Thuraya,can your read my message darling?please let me know when you see this message.

Yes i do tired when i get home in the evening,but i have never tired to reply your message before i will go to bed i also sleep lately at night sweetie and i dont like to sleep in the afternoon,i only sleep in afternoon on Sunday so i can rest for the new week ahead.we are here for a mission of a month and after when we are through with the mission they enjoy our service here and the apply for another month and the month is about to finish darling,i wish to see you soon because i want to see the woman that if full of my brain and body,i wish you can see how much i miss and think of you here and i have never see you are not stupid for that honey,its a great feelings and true love.i just sent money to Laura yesterday in school..i mean my daughter.

I am in army for the past 18years now,i join the army on 06 June 1995...the weather is so nice, the sun shine like it is summer here i dont mean my house,i mean the place they gave me in their base here darling,i have some one who always clean my garden for me in my own house in Laren and i will pay him off when i get home,i mean the house and the garden they gave me here,i have a lot of tree in front of my house and i dont like when the leaf is too much in my entrance.

I cant wait to me home because am missing my everything,my house,dog,car and my bed hahaha,no place like home dear,i wish a nice time with your friend,take good care of your self and hope to read from you back..kisses and hug for you sweetie.

Letter 15

Yes let chat on facebook honey,because i dont know why am sending you message and you cant read from me,i will be online in 3min now.please just me online because i have miss you so much sweetie..kisses.

Letter 16

Hello darling,

how was your night my love?thanks for your message here i am very sorry for my late respond,i was very busy this morning at work and i just have time now,i dont know what happen last night to the connection,but i will be online for you in the evening sweetie,i rely like chatting with you dear..i wish you a lovely day ahead,kisses and hug for you honey.

Letter 17

Hello darling,

How was your night sweetie?it was not my intention to left online.
i told you they dont want us to be online all the time sweetie,i sent you a message and i dont read from you sweetie,i was thinking maybe you are not there again and they are about shut the internet off,thats why i send you a quick message so it will not be like other night..i dont left without say goodbye very sorry darling,you just need to take me as i am now till i be home...i hope you understand me dear.

I wish you a nice day honey,take good care of your self and hope to read from you back..kisses and hug for you darling..

Letter 18

Good morning sweetie,

How was your night?thanks for your message here i will be out with friends but i think i will make it to be with you online sweetie..where are you going by that time?i wish you a lovely day ahead sweetie.
kisses and hug for you my darling....bye.

Letter 19

Hello darling,i am also online for the past 20min now and i send you message on facebook i saw you online and i sent you message but you dont reply,you have gone now sweetie,i am here missing you right now,i will rely miss you tonight my baby,i wish you a nice time there..please take good care of your self for me..good night.

Letter 20


How are you doing there sweetie?thanks so much for your message am missing you right night and i feel alone sweetie,i am home now and me and friends has fixed our drinks till tomorrow evening sweetie i wish you a nice time there my love,take good care of your self my life.

Letter 21

Hello sweetie,

How are you doing there?thanks so much for your message darling i was just back home now and i can see you will be out by now,jammer we miss each other yesterday and today dear...i hope you rely enjoy your day with friends?i rely miss you you sweetie and you are every where with me my love,i have you in my always..i wish you a nice Sunday my love,i will be online after church tomorrow my love..kisses and hug from you man.

Letter 22

Hello darling,

How are you doing there?thanks so much for your messages here i am very sorry for my late respond,i have been home resting at home since i was back from church,i dont go to any where darling,a friend just visit me and i went to bed after when he left,i woke up in the evening around 18:00 and since then i have been trying the internet,the connecting is very bad here and i can see maybe they have internet problem at the base,you know i told you that the connection is doing some how yesterday..i have been trying to signin my Facebook since when i was back from church but its not working okay..i have miss you so much my darling,i feel alone so much on my bed last night also dear,but i know all will be okay soon my love...what have you done since morning dear?i hope to read from you sweetie,i wish you a lovely night and take good care of your self...kisses and hug for you my love.

Letter 23

I am mising you here now and i feel like chatting with you my love i feel a lone too much and am tired of watching film and news,i feel like chatting with you my woman,how was your last night party?i hope you are not sleeping yet honey?but if you have been sleeping,i wish you a lovely night dream about me and blessed week ahead...kisses and hug for you my love.

Letter 24

Hello darling,

How are you doing there and how was your day my love?thanks so much for your lovely message here i was just free now since morning,i tried all my possible best to just try and write you today at work,but i am not in my office since morning,i am just getting to my office now and am going home now sweetie..what have you done today sweetie?i miss you so much dear,i was thinking and hoping to be with you soon my dear..
you are rely driving me crazy here my love...i will write you more when i get home,i wish you a nice evening dear..kisses and hug for you dear.

Letter 25

Hi sweetie,

Thanks so much for your message here my love i will be going home soon,i went home with my friend James to have my dinner here,i will be going home soon dear..we had a lot of meeting here today my dear and we gave some training to the new officers...i really think and miss you so much today my life..i will join you on Facebook when i get home darling..kisses and hug for you honey.

Letter 26

Hello my wife,how was your night sweetie..thanks so much for your message dear, i tried the Facebook and its not working again dear,i just decided to go and sleep since i dont have another plan on internet again,i feel alone and miss you too honey i know am so lucky to have some one like you in my life..i am at work now sweetie i dont have much to do and i decided to send you a message..i love you so much and i want to see you my wife,i wish i can apply for my leave and come home to come and meet you my wife..i want to see you because i hate missing you all day,i dont want to miss you again darling,i want to be close to you my life..i will firstly come to you there to come and know all your friends and family then you can come down with me to to come and know my house ..i love you and i want to marry you dear,i want you to be my house wife and i promise to take good care of you for the rest of my life..i hope to read fro you back sweetie,i wish you a lovely day ahead..kisses and hug for your honey.

Letter 27

My love,

how are you feeling now darling?have you eaten and take some medicine?
please dont sick honey,i dont want to see you sick my wife,what have you done today?i hope you have somebody there to help you?please let me know as everything is going on with you my love..i was very sad when i heard you are sick..i will check the computer in my room when i get home sweetie,i will check if i have another picture on it,i have all my picture on my laptop in Netherlands and i also have it on my digital camera,i dont know we are going to stay so long here,but they later extend our stay here..i am very sorry for not sending message back to you last night,i was not happy as the Facebook is not working sweetie,i just lay on my bed and i slept sorry for that my wife...can we try the sky on the work computer tomorrow?i will tell my friend to do that for me when i get back to work tomorrow,but we are not going to stay so long sweetie,you know all this is not permitted at my work but i want to do all this for you because i love you my life..i hope to read from you back sweetie,please take good care of your self and make sure you see your doctor please,i wish i can be there to come and take care of you now my love...i wish you a nice evening and my God guide you for me...kisses and hug from your man.

Letter 28

I am not the internet dear,but if that is what you want its all well and good,just please take good care of your self dear...good night.

Letter 29

Hi Janet,

How are you doing there?thanks so much for all your messages here i was so sad to read all this from you dear,you called me a believer and am fake,i have never been insulted from any woman like this in my life,you said am lying to you?tell me who should i be doing all this?
for what reason?i was so sad for all this from you..i dont believe a you can do this to me,but i swear with my life and to God i have not lie to you before..if i lie to you God should kill me tonight,i dont lie to people and i dont want any body to lie to me....i deleted you on Facebook because i dont want a woman who will give me headache or though time again,i love you and that's why i gave you my Facebook,i dont give it to any woman like that,i have a good plan for you and am not here to play game with you,but you just turn everything down and put me into sadness since yesterday.....i have to stop here and continue what am doing,i know i will soon be through from here,we are going to see face to face when i get home and i think by then you will believe me..just do me a favour by giving me your number so i can call you or by email...i have notice you that you dont trust me and i dont like that,i have not see you also before but i try to build a trust in this relationship....i wish you a nice day and take good care of your self...

Letter 30

How are you doing there my love?
i am missing you so much here honey i was rely sad for all what happen between us,i feel a lone and i dont know what to do again i wish you a nice evening..kisses from you man.

Letter 31

Hello dear,

How are you doing there?thanks so much for your message i rely miss you too and i was very sad i dont often hear from you again,but daughter spoke with me that you sent her a message that you want to be sure if am her father,do you think am lying?but why should i be lying at my age?i swear to God that i have never lie to you,i hate lie in my life...she said you got my photo on google as a scammer?please can you let me know how you do that and where you see that...i was very sad when i had this and i have close my new account on lexa again,i dont want anybody to see and have my picture because i have been sad and scared since i heard that from Laura...where are you now...just believe me that i have been tired of here since i have met you,i wish i can have my leave and come home so you will see and get to know am very nice and honest man...i wish you a nice evening and blessed weekend kisses and hug for you dear.

Letter 32

Hi sweetie,

It's the middle of the day and I was thinking about you, as usual.
I want you to know how much I sincerely love the countless hours we spend talking.
It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you forever and I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I love you and only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me this year and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you on Lexa and I'll never let you go..i wish you a lovely night rest and dont forget some one is missing you here.

Love always,

Letter 33

You and me
Were meant to be
You are always in my thought,in my heart
Although we are far apart
When I think of you it makes my days worthwhile
When I thinking of you, I constantly smile

Having you is the best thing ever
I will leave you never
As I want you to be mine forever

My baby, you are one of a kind
Because your always on my mind.
Kisses and hug from William.

Letter 34

Hi sweetie,

It was very funny when you said maybe am hiding something for you...why should i do that?i hope to meet you on chat dear,i have not been on internet since and i was just checking my mail now when am back from church...i want to find something to eat now have a nice evening dear...kisses

Letter 35

Hello darling?how are you doing there?
thanks for your message sweetie,i rely miss you too honey,how can i add you back on my facebook please...i need you so much...can we activate phone call?




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