Romance scam letter(s) from Jack Redd to Amy (Czech Republic)
Letter 1

Dear Andrea,
it so nice to meet you and here now is about me i promise to send to you.
My name is Dr Larry Michael Azinemery.My father is from U A E Dubai and my mother from USA New York City Albany.
Like i told you before now,i lost my wife four years ago {August 22 1999 } we both have a daughter together she is now 13 yrs old and presently she is schooling in the Western part of Africa Ghana Accra.I attended my higher institution in the united state new york before i got married and live in the united kingdom Washington dc,before comes the sudden death of my wife Mrs Rose Michael George .so me and my daughter move to England London there i was awarded the contract as a professional surgeon doctor by the UN {united nation} and NATO.First i worked in Libya Tripoli before now i was transfer here in Afghanistan Kabul.I am a very simple minded man with great love and care and i really want to get married again and settle with my family.I really do pray to God Almighty everyday for a loving and caring woman to make my wife and i am so glad to meet you
My hobbies i love reading newspapers and other books and also love sport like foot ball and playing long tennis,i also enjoy swimming in the pool and doing body exercise.I don't eat much food but enjoy eating with some one.I also love when some one is been sincere and hard working.
Attach is the picture of me my parent,working id and my late wife and daughter.That is just all about me and i hope i hear from you soon. yours kindly
Azinemery Michael
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