Romance scam letter(s) from Morgan Mariano Powell to Yve (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks for getting back to me.....I don't want us to rush into a relationship....And you have to take me serious on here because i am serious about you..I schooled in California.I lived in Italy when i was young just for about 10years honey...and i came back to United State when i was 25years old ..i have been hurt in the past and i dont want to get hurt any more...My son his living with me and he travel with me any time i go for business.well you need to know i am not here for games..Honey i am not here for your money ..i am here for true love and i am the one that is going to take good care of you.My birthday month is 26 oct 1969.And my son jeff is really happy because he need a mother in his life..and he is fine about relocating..i am in the United State too and .Well you need to know you are the only woman i am talking too and no one else..I am from Fullerton California but live West Covina, California But right now i am in a business trip in ohio....Well i sell and buy raw gold for a living.which is used for jewelry,necklass and so on.But i want you to know that i can relocate to be with you over there if it work out well for both of us.i love singing and also i love dancing and cooking..and also i love hanging out with kids..and going to the beach.i am a widower lost my wife in a car accident and right now all i have is my kid..i have no siblings and also i lost my parent when i was young..i have been hurt in the all i am doing this online dating to forget about the past and continue with the future..that is why i was on Chemistry .com.. I am Beautiful inside and out. Passionate about Life and Love. I try to live each moment to the fullest. I am Successful, Smart, Sexy,Confident and Emotionally Secure. I am outgoing and make friends very easily. NO Game Players Please!! Friends First!! I am as comfortable in jeans as I am dressed up for a night of fine dining. People have told me all my life that I am the whole package. What does that mean? All I can say is that they remark about my kindness, thoughtfulness, the ability to empathize with them and the time that I spend on the small details of adding happiness to their life. What am I looking for?...I would like to meet a woman (not a girl) who is Kind and expresses her strength by being Respectful of me. she must has values and morals. Her behavior matches his words Openness and the ability to communicate must be mutual. she will be proud of me in public as I of her and we show it by our public displays of hand holding, a quick kiss or a soft rub of the back.she would have her own friends and me mine so we could share together the stories when we meet. she may love sports. I am a Hockey Fan and I play and Love golf. I cheer for my favorite Football teams (Bills & Redskins).I am looking for someone to share my inner most feelings and thoughts with. she would share Trust with me. That is essential. she must have Passion. I am a very playful person. she can expect Surprise Hugs and Kisses when she LEAST expects it. I LOVE affectionate Surprises.Walks in the Parks, Picnics, watching movies, traveling and laughing until we cry. Will you be the one? I will leave the rest up to the senses should we meet. Luck to all!I'm interest in history and I like to visit museum or historical places. I also like watching movies.I?m looking for a woman for long time relationship. I miss somebody to do things for and. love to work hard and at the end of the week when the weekend comes knowing there is a special woman for me waiting to spend time together with me. My idea of fun could be a romantic night out dinning with some good conversation and some great wine . I would just love to meet a down to earth person that doesn't seem to have any hang-ups. A good old fashion woman that wants to be treated like a woman.I enjoy the beautiful outdoors and also all of the fine arts and dining.Romance just begins and not ends at the wedding altar. Every day I will say" I love you" through word and deeds of small acts of kindness ,Letting you know you mean the world to me .Should would understands the difference of sensuality over just sex all the better. A woman cannot be treated like a pack mules all weeks long and then be expected to be romantic at the whim of a mans momentary lust If this is the woman you..One built on mutual respect and love through honesty, loyalty and flexibility. I would want my partner to love me as completely as I would love her and have the same sense of humor as me...want to share the time with you....without any games....just on real terms and then we will see where it will end up...Looking for a woman who want?s to walk by my side in joy and happiness as well in sorrows...the ideal relationship is one were people can be themselves all the time , perfection is in the eye of the person looking so if you are intelligent....Someone spontaneous with a twinkle in there eye as well. I find laughter bonds people together and really gives you and them a chance to know each other. Intelligence, strength of character, sense of self, what you do is interesting but "WHO" you are, that important. Laughing for no reason at all.Knowing that non-verbal communication is just as powerful as speech. Holding hands EVERYWHERE even if there is dirt under your fingernails. That the sum total of you and I is greater then two, with or without egg roll. is so much more, discovering things and feeling you didn't even know existed and looking forward to it, and that just the beginning.myself and believe me there is plenty to laugh at. A peaceful woman with just a twinkle for fun. Finding something special in everyday life makes life special, not always successful but not for lack of trying. I'd rather skip then walk..I am almost happy with my life living a simple life, I feel all i have missing is someone who love me... would like to find a nice looking woman with traditional values, very romantic and with a fine culture. Not just with knowledge but with a good sense of life, I need a woman at home and at the world. And especially, at first, very tolerant with her and really calm with whom I can share and enjoy my simple style of an intelligent, affectionate woman who will be my equal partner is life. We will share all things and create a happy home based on mutual respect,support and love....Complete dedication to the family and for your spouse before your own needs. That works for both of us. Treating each other always with respect, honesty, loving only each other and remaining loyal no matter what! All decisions should be discussed with each other. Intimacy to be shared only with your spouse. Total loyalty and devotion to each otherwise. I am says of nature like my constellation. I am more balancedly a quiet one,romantic man. But in my profession I am a tough and serious opponent for my competitors. I can claim of myself that I am a tender, attentive loving man.But caution. I only don't see my future partner meaning eyes but meaning hearts.Through this I see much more. I am not a particular muscle package either. My sincere feelings and my hear tare my strength..Only her inner worth are important to me. We should be able to understand and to love us also without many words. There are many beautiful sides in this world which one can experience together.It but alone is very tiring....I would like to create a family, where confidence, love, worry, understanding and attention are the most important components. A partnership where we do everything together and plan also together. Of course I love to surprise my partner in the evening, too.Sometimes, my life is full of traveling around the world, meeting interesting people, and also times of staying at home in the nice villa, next to the forest,to relax...feeling a bit lonely without a family. I life active life, likes cubadiving, horses, sport cars, cooking, fitness, dancing, movies, good books,nature, stylish clothes, going out with interesting friends.You are sportive,warmhearted and curious to see the world, we will support each other in any way and will create a serious relationship leading to marriage if you want. Relationship based on true love, faithful between responsible people.I am a very simple man with very simple pleasures, spending time BBQ-ing..My ideal relationship is 100% sharing of everything, someone that can work on problems in order to make our lives better. I would like to have someone the cuddle with. I think that some of the most important things two people have to work on in a marriage is budgets.. I feel me so comfortable in the middle of a big city as in the middle of the Amazon jungle.... I like to enjoy the life, to make happy the persons that I love, to read, the music, the beaches, lands and mountains... and to laugh until to lost the breath!! Communication with somebody it is not only to say things... it is to hearing, to understand and to feel what the other say. For to comment about what the other have said... for to add our own point of view... looking for the agreement..I'm a Loving, Caring, Understanding, Faithful, Compassionate individual with a sense of humor and a love for cuddling, snuggling and holding hands. I enjoy long walks either in the park or on the beach. I love to read and share time with my loved one. I also love to give massages and hopefully get them in return grin. I love making people smile and laugh. I love to cuddle,snuggle and hold hands. I'm sort of old fashioned too as in I believe in treating the lady with respect, love and kindness...I want to have a loving,caring woman with whom I can believe in and count on in life as she could count on me. Someone who would enjoy it when I come in and give her a neck massage and a kiss for no reason. Someone who would do the same for me. A woman who loves to be held and carressed and loves having his feet massaged. I would like to cook her a special meal and to enjoy it together. A woman who is there for me when I have a bad day and cheers me up.he would also be communicative and understanding as I would be for her. A woman to have a loving family with..I am very humble and polite with big socially behavior skills. I am very glad, nice,kind truthful and honest. I never lie. I am a leader with strong confident and self-esteem
Letter 2

Thanks for your email..Well you to know i am not here for your games.I am here looking for true love...any time i get email from you i am always happy because you put a smile on my face and you show me you are serious about getting to know me better..I am still going to be i Ohio for about 2 weeks...And When i am done i am going to relocate to be with you.I grew up on Rome Italy.. and also i speak English and i understand little bit italian..My dad a black American why my mother and Italian..I think they met online on internet dating lol...I do travel with me son and any where i get too ..i employed new nanny for my son..Well for now he has a private teacher that teach him at home..Well if you cannot make babies it is fine by me and if you can make then i am ok with that...Yes i am still in ohio for a business trip...well i want you to know i am a very honest man and also i am down to the earth and i am a God fearing person.and i want you to know i am not here for games because i am too for games....i want you to know i do not need it any more now i have you because i don't play games...i want you to be My Mrs right..and i don't want to cheat or double date on you so i hard to delete my profile to prove to you that i am a serious person..thanks for getting back to me.And also i want you to know i will relocate to be with you over there to make this relationship work out well so distance is not a problem what really matter in communication.I am a gorgeous simple person, I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. I need to be able to trust this person with my whole heart, I have not found someone like that in My life,ever since my late wife die. every time I think I can open up something happens.I am determined to make this year Drama Free, and go with the flow, so far so good, I have enjoyed this year!!!!!, I spend a lot of time at the ocean, my favorite place to be,I love spending quiet nights at home or going out for a nice dinner, I like the movies, concerts, reading, spending time with my kids. The one thing I am going to do is take my time finding the right woman, I want her to be able to love openly, to be a romantic, to be honest, sincere, caring, I want to be treated like I am the best thing that has ever walked into his, objects, beautiful houses and cars are not important to me, I am not a shallow person, and I am not materialistic. I truly love the simple life.i want you to know i am serious about you and i am concentrate on you and i will also like you to take me serious too and do email me when you get and email from me ok..and also my job let me to travel around the globe. I'm searching for my life long partner to share a Great Life of Love with; romance, long slow kisses, feeling very special, intimacy, spirituality, pleasurable communication, dancing, meeting of the minds, opening a door for you, flowers, traveling and other exciting interests and adventures, A GREAT LIFE of LOVE! I am one who strongly believes in respect and that without respect, you can’t experience true love and generate a healthy relationship. I believe in a smaller “wow” when it is first a friendship and then a larger “Wow” later as it evolves into a Beautiful Loving committed relationship. I believe it’s not just what you are like on the outside, but more about what you are like on the inside. I’m seeking friendship first, (no game playing please) with someone who appreciates the feelings of being loved, with someone who's ready to share the inner most secrets with me and always be there for her. I Like camping,fishing,golf,watching movies,always much into sports but also do the side like spending time with loved ones,i don't smoke and i dont drink .I really don't have much time for the common 'traditional single scene' but thought i'ld give it a try,besides, i have a few friends who have had good experiences.I'm an honest and straight forward man not into playing games with my partner.I can always laugh. I am very friendly, warm, love spending time at home but occasionally getting dressed up to go out with someone. Like dining out, shopping, and people watching. , is a priority. I'm looking for someone genuine, honest, good at communicating their needs/wants and how they feel about me. I want to be appreciated. When I care about you, I do things so you will know that. My special someone would be comfortable with me in all settings: alone, out in public, at a church social...anywhere, she would be and treat me the same. I'm a gentle soul, quiet and certainly not what most people would assume - a social butterfly. Instead I'm the quiet watchful, listener who will provide u with a listening ear after a tough day, and not judge, or assume or tell u what to do. I love nature, and water and feel an especial kinship to just being near water and having water right near my home.. I feel the peace of the world in the breeze across the water, the lapping of the waves on the shore, the unassuming nature of water and nature. I am one with nature, and could spend hours just sitting by the beach, river, lake, ocean and stitch, read, listen to music and feel at the end of a day that I've had an incredible day Mike Edward
Letter 3

First of all let me say, oh my goodness, the things you say make me feel like I have butterflies in my stomach, you have such a way of expressing yourself I anxiously await getting home so I can read what you wrote..Well some one introduce me to the business..and i thank God i finally made it and become a Raw Gold business man..Well i don't have family in Rome any more...i lost contact with favorite colour is favorite food is seafood...i have play guitar for about years now..I got someone that teaches me..i love beach in California..alot of nice beach in Fullerton.I just read your e-mail and all I can say is WOW! You blew my mind. It was such a sincere and warm letter. Well i am just telling you the true..i have a house in Fullerton California.I have been in Fullerton for about 10 years..And i have been single for about 6 month now...I dont have a family any more..Lost them in a plane crash..and lost contact with my relatives..I really want to be with my Mrs right..and i can do crazy thing just to prove to her that i do want to be with you..I want to Start a new life...Well like i said i will stop travelling and be with you and i will be doing my business over there..Well you lovely smiles interested me..and i think you are going to be a nice and caring woman and you are going to make me happy..well my ex really hurt me and the first one was just after my money and that what i really don't like and then the second one was just after sex and sex and even slept with my best friend well i need some one that is going to make me happy and love me forever...Well i don't sound like vin diesel but i look like him lol...It is fine by me if you cannot make babies..well we are going to take care of the one we have..And i do want to come over there..But if you don't want me over there it fine...My middle name is Anthony... my son play football....And my day was ok Because i went to church with my son and i also pray for you and pray that we be together soon.Yes my son travels with me because there is no one to take care of him..Of course i love my job it make me travel all over the world..Well i got into the job when i was young..Through a friend.I am a catholic and i am not super religions lol. Well i love to read the bible and some times i read romantic novel too..well my favorite colour is red...And my Favorite author is Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb..My favorite snack is popcorn too and i can ride a motorcycle honey and i am presently in Columbus in Ohio.I am really sure it going to work out well for both of us.That why i have faith in God and in you. i have been hurt before on the internet and in my past but i forgot about the past and i am moving on... I truly enjoyed reading it.It's really hard to find a person that is interested in a possible long term relationship and not just a one night stand. I am looking for a best friend and partner.Since the bar scene isn't really my thing, I'm looking for a way to meet some new friends and hang out.. We can talk about going outdoors, sports, a good book and travel.Darling About online dating-Well i have been hurt so many times and right now you are the only person i am dating online and no one else....Most of the women Won't even talk to me since I made it clear I am not looking for a ONE night stand. ....I enjoyed reading your reply....I am not one to jump in so quickly and definitely think it takes a little bit to get to know each other to see if we could be compatible.I would say that at times I have been too trusting, so I am gun know, it does not cost a thing to talk on here,but once I go so far to meet someone, the idea of developing into something more is already in my thoughts...To tell you Little about me here , My late Father was from California and My mother was from Italy... they both meet in Rome , ITALY , where i grew up and they instilled many wonderful values in me.My Late mom raised me to be fighter and always come out on top and that is what i plan on doing. ... .Can you tell me how your day went?? what do you normally do at your Leisure time ??? .my favourite activities are basically anything to do with being outdoors..camping is one of my favourite things to do and also trying my hand at new things and I want you to know more about me . I believe and have faith in the golden rule also. I was raised rather strictly by Christian parents. I am not perfect, no one ever is. I believe everybody has the power to control their good and bad sides---We make how we deal with life either good or bad with our attitudes and how we present ourselves to others.and sometimes LIFE HAPPENS, and we just deal with it best as we know how.......I still have faith,and it is what has seen me through all the hills and valleys in my life-plus having great parents...I do still attend church, and that is something that will always, if you aren't wanting to experience going to church with me ....I do not date a lot because I do not enjoy going out with so many different people....when I do go out on a date it is only because I am quite attracted to that person (in all aspects...not just physically), I think it is of extreme importance to be on the same levels with someone you are to share your life with.i.e intellect, sense of humor and also similar goals in life.these things all add up to admiration, loyalty and friendship..I would like to find this so that I may begin the second journey of my life ...I think you are someone that is seeking the same as I and so I would love to pursue this friendship with you to see what happens...only if, at the very least, we would both have gained a great love.of course, hopefully more...;-)..Lest I forget , . so don't hesitate to mail me and I will reply you back ... Cant wait to see answer to this question from you ... What do you seek for in a relationship? What sort of relationship you seek for? What are the basic qualities you seek for in a man? What interests you to me ? What do you do for fun? Do you like public intimacy? How long have you been single? What's being single like?How do you treat your man?Why do you need a man?Can you love me even though you continue talking to me ???What is love to you?Would you hit your man for any reasons? Got to go now and Hope to read from you soon . Mike Edward
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