Romance scam letter(s) from Dean James to Karen (USA)
Letter 1

Ok honey i do understand what you mean but you know the most important thing is for us to receive the ATM card and you can be able to pay your mortgage and also other bills and owing. So i will suggest you just get funds and pay off at once because the documents is ready just need to be picked up by the attorney and sent to the inspection officers once they receive it under 1-2 days you have card with you and you can withdraw honey. So that is it my love because me also in need of some money,because once i am out of the hospital here and home then i wont be working so i will need some funds to be taking care of myself and Anita,buy medications while am home resting. So i wish you can get the card as soon as possible so you can send me at least some funds . I know is not easy my love but the best bet will be to pay this funds as soon s possible get the documents and then we have our ATM within few days and can withdraws. Love you lots.
Letter 2

Hi hun,
How are you doing today? Hope you are good and having a nice day. I won't stop talking to you just because you refused to help me. It just saddens me that I will have to be here until I sort this issue out which I don't know how I will do it. I love you still and miss you. Wishing you a great weekend ahead.
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