Romance scam letter(s) from Ricardo Gomez to Grace (USA)
Letter 1

Good Morning honey, I often think about all the things I would do,To show how much I really love you…I would travel to the farthest Galaxy many light years away,Just to buy you a gift to brighten your day…I would go diving for pearls in the deep blue sea,Just to show you how much you mean to me…I would walk through the hottest desert known to man,to get you that buried treasure hidden in the sand…There’s nothing I can think of that I wouldn’t do,To show all the love I have for you! Your Man Ricardo
Letter 2

Good Morning sweet mother, Good Morning mom, How was your night over there and how is everyone doing there mom, I miss you so much and am happy that you can write to me about what i need mom, I need some money for foods and other girly things mom which would be just about 500 dollars mom, I really do not wish to tell you but i told dad and he told me that he would talk with you, You are the sweetest mother ever and i have promised you that i would love and respect you so much mom, Dad told me that soon we would be together, He told me that in 28 days time we all would be together, I just cannot wait mom, Hope everyone there would like me mom and hope we would do girly things together?...I LOVE YOU MOM...Hope you hear from you, Your Daughter....Janie
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