Romance scam letter(s) from Issac Alexander to Rose (USA)
Letter 1

I read your profile and I was quite impressed with your words, It shows with your pictures and your choice of words how passionate you are about life. Needlessto say that I find you to exude class and beauty.I must say that your pictures portrait a very classy, sexy, beautiful and sensual woman. You are a very striking andstunning looking lady. I can tell that you have an incredible sense of style and a great flair for fashion. In reading your profile I believe we may share many common grounds and thoughts. I would welcome an opportunity to communicate with you if interested after reading my profile and this email.
I in turn consider myself a classy, respectful, witty, loving, caring, PASSIONATE, ROMANTIC and distinguished man. Romance is my favorite sport for I find it theessence that keeps the fire burning between two passionate people. I live life to the fullest always looking at the glass as half full vs empty. I am a well travel man as well as a very diversified person liking many things that arouse my curiosity. I am a very passionate man specially about my family and close friends. I am looking for a partner to share in this wonderful journey of life. A partner to grow young with and not old.There is still so much to see and do in this world that the best way to do so would be with that lady that I can't live without vs with. I have a great sense of style and I admire a woman that always looks like she knows how to put herself together for any occasion. You without a doubt have that great knowledge and I find that very appealing and I want you to know that distance is just aspace in a relationship because I believe we can overcome the distance by time so that should not be our problem.
If any of what I have written and my profile spark an interest then let's explore the possibilities and exchanging and I will like you to give me your email so I can send you more about me because don't come on this site always or you can write to me here If you aren't interested I also welcome a response for it's better than not getting one,Though the site warn not to give out email address or phone number but i gave you mine because my membership is running out today on this site.I look forward to your reply out of this site and hopefully you'll be interested in communicating further. Take care and I hope you had a peaceful day and the sweetest of dreams.....
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