Romance scam letter(s) from William Dane Roger to Rebecca (USA)
Letter 1

Well about myself, i grew up with my step mom cos my mom died of cancer when i was 13, so my daddy got another wife for himself, my stepmom who treated me like crap, i remember she telling me im like a bird with no wings, that i aint got no dreams, sometime i felt like banging her brains on floor with my daddy's 38 until a day i took decision to go stay with my godmom who died last march i wish she is still alive to meet you bc she has waited for this day to come.... but i guess she will be glad to see me make you my beautiful wife and family.
Letter 2

Its ok baby, as long as you divorced him and no contact with him anymore i'm cool with it, hopefully i can trust you and count on you, i mean you got cute young kids who deserved a better man to nurture and give you support to raise them in a rightful way and it doesn't matter to me if you already got kids from another man who doesn't worth it, i guess its your past and we can make a brand new life and a perfect one. i believe in God, my godmom was a Rev tho, so she taught me all i know and who i am today was cos of her, just to make her proud tho... In life everything happen for a better reason
Letter 3

Oh my bad i forgot i got a reply from the delivery company, they said the shipping cost is a thousand plus depending on the weight of the consignment, then other charges like Custom charge and some other charges, but i got a pilot buddy taking off to UK next week thursday, he's gonna help me to send it to the military delivery company then they gonna mail you and deliver the consignment to your door post with your details. Pls you gonna need to monitor it until it gets to you baby and keep me posted, i trust you like you asked me to, but if anything goes wrong, believe me baby i'm gonna go mad lol... i love you so much my Miss cutelips mmmmmuuuaahhhh
Letter 4

I understand baby but nothing is gonna happen to it thats i'm using a military delivery service, this consignment is better with you someone i trust, its very risky keeping them here with me, you gonna sale the jewelries to enable you buy a house for me, your wedding dress and pay up whatever is the bills, you can get a Legal Adviser if you want sweetie ok... This consignment is huge money baby, i need it to be safe and the only safer place is outside the camp here ok, Whatever is the bills you can sale one of the jewelries i think the lowest worth 56k, you can sale it to replace whatever it cost u as soon as you recieve the consignment please baby..
Letter 5

Wow.. i love the pics baby you're so beautiful, since i met you my life feel so better, i must be honest baby, pls i so much love you and thank God i found you, you're a blessing to me, i have prayed all my life for the rightful woman and im so glad i found you now, i never thought life could be this sweet, i can't even let a day pass me with out you on mind, my comrade said i'm kinda going crazy, they i talk so much about you but i guess they don't undersatnd how it feels to find some one i can call mine, a woman of my dream. I thank you so much for coming into my life baby thank you mmmmmmuuuuaaahhhhhh i love you now, always and forever
Letter 6

Hey my lovely lady, i know you've been so busy working hard to make your kids proud but how could you forget so fast that someone, somewhere is missing you like bad, i do hope you're doing great, you barely come on recently and am begining to be so worried, i hope you're alright and your kids too.
I did not send the consignment to delivery anymore and the aircraft left, because i do not want to lose these treasures bc if i do lose them, believe it my life will be ruined, since you were silent i decided not to risk it but i will find out when another aircraft is leaving to UK then i will notify you ok... i love u now always and forever... mmmuuaahhh
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