Romance scam letter(s) from Michael Roberts to Stephanie (USA)
Letter 1

My Dearest,
How are you doing this morning?? I was thinking about you and decided to compose this letter for you...just for you to know that you are in my thoughts..I am a pretty good cook, so I know there are some key steps to any great dish. If you wanted to make a great stew, for instance, the first few things you put in the pot determine the flavor, the texture and the overall greatness of the stew. The first thing I would like to put into "our pot" is a little compassion sauteed with understanding, sprinkled with care, and topped off with a nice piece of smoked tenderness. Let that simmer, (cooking time varies) and then add in everything else. Then savor the creation of our love. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thinking Of You, Roses... Michael...
Letter 2

SWEETHEART. For us, the best lies ahead. Time, strength, knowledge, understanding and wisdom are on our side. Experience has taught us what is important, what is valuable…Our love and happiness will bring us richness and treasures, which miners of gold only dream of finding…Ready to nurture and care for each other, knowing that we are the two most precious minerals in this and I. Each special, wonderful, unique, we bring to the other the riches and growth of our collective existence. Our precious minerals are of the highest demand, mined from the deepest parts of our souls.We will melt together forming a bond, a strong alloy One, which has never before existed in this universe…A signature of our united souls….Our love will be imprinted with loyalty and honesty, two important elements, which drive the quality of this breath-taking new union bringing a sweet, enduring calmness to our love.This vein of love inside of me runs deep and needs the most skilled and passionate explorer to bear its wealth. A man who is seeking to find his greatest pleasure, that which he had not imagined could ever exist. My existence in your universe will empower the expansion of your strength, certainty, fire, and passion, which magnifies the best in you. Pleasure, love, and happiness to fuel his existence and complete his heart.Your vein of love lies deep inside of you and is awaiting the compassion and gentleness of my sweet touch. Your noble strength, irresistible passion, sense of adventure, and desire have drawn me to you my love…Your existence in my universe will feed my soul giving me the strength I need to survive, and the love and compassion so wonderfully cherished, which magnifies the best in me….Imparting our best qualities will imbue a power to each other which ensures our ultimate survival, my princess… Our goal, a bond fed by love and understanding, which is unbreakable and never-ending,creating the most magnificent treasure ever mined. This is my dream for our love… Thinking Of You Roses. YOUR Michael....
Letter 3

My Queen- Here I am, heart and soul, confessing to the world how I feel about you. I would walk to the ends of the earth to meet you, and yet the funny thing is, looks as if I will have to do that since we haven't yet met. Funny how love works in people's lives. I sure never expected to neither meet nor find someone as amazing as you. You have touched my heart in so many ways and words couldn't even begin to explain to you the love I feel for you…Just thinking of you gives me great joy to everyday since you have came into my life and everyday from that day forward..I am ready to take this next journey of my life with someone that is playful, kind, generous, loving, caring, nurturing, that matches to my qualities as well, to be my best friend, my lover, my confidant and yes My Queen. I have lived for a long time, responsible for and dependent upon no one, answering to no one and committed to no one except myself. During this period of my life, I considered the world mine for the taking and truly believed that I was living life to the fullest. Then, you came into the picture, and all of a sudden, I realized that I was deceiving myself. I find that my life is not all that I thought it was. In fact, it is terribly lacking in many things, the foremost being love. Now, through some great fortune, I have found that love and along with it, the one person who can make my life truly complete. You are that person, and I have somehow fallen in love with you. To be honest, I never thought I would ever utter those words, but now, they come forth effortlessly and with great sincerity. I'll be forever be grateful to you for showing me just how shallow my life was. At last, I have a chance to give it depth and purpose. I remain totally yours in thought and spirit. Love, Hugs and Kisess!! xoxoxo Muwaah! Your Man( Michael )
Letter 4

Hi Sweetie! I didn't have the courage to approach you in person, so I hope you consider my letters. I have so much inside my heart that it keeps me from breathing sometimes. I know we just met but these feelings that I have for you keep glowing and growing every day. Now that I am with you, I sleep thinking about you and the next morning I wake up smiling. It's amazing how you got me and trapped me. I never thought I could love this much but I was so wrong. I just thank God for having you. We are meant for each other and no one can change that. I love you with ALL my heart. Love always.. Muwaaah! xoxox Your Michael..
Letter 5

My Dearest... Life is so unpredictable. Changes always come along, in big or small ways. I don't know what happened that this sudden change has turned my world upside down. I don't know exactly what it is, it just hit me, but there is something really special about you. It might be all the things I see on the surface, the things that everyone notices and admires about you, qualities, capabilities and a wonderful smile obviously connected to a warm and loving heart; these things set you apart from everyone else. But it may also be the big things ... the person you really are that I hope to know more when we meet. And it might also be the little things ... If I ever figure out the magic that makes you so special, I'd probably find out that it's a combination of all these things. You are a rare combination of so many special things. You are really amazing. Inside of me there is a place where my sweetest dreams reside, where my highest hopes are kept alive, where my deepest feelings are felt and where my favorite memories are safe and warm. I find that you're on my mind more often than any other thought. Sometimes I bring you there purposely just to make my day brighter. But more often, you surprise me and find your own ways into my thoughts. There are even times when I awaken, I realize that you've been a part of my dreams. Then during the day, when my imagination is free to run, it takes me into your arms and allows me to linger there knowing there's nothing I'd rather do. I know my thoughts are only reflecting the loving hopes of my heart because whenever they wander, they always take me to you. Only the most special things in my world get to come inside my heart and stay. And now, I realize how deeply my life has been touched by you..
Letter 6

My Dearest, I'm so in love, I get this warm sensual feeling every time I think of you. When I sleep at night, all I can dream about is you. I wish I could hold you in my arms. I dream of the day when I could kiss you passionately on your soft sweet lips and listen to your heart beating because it's sweet music to my ears. All I can say is let me be the one you love; let me be the one whose love you... Love always Hugs and kisses.. Your Michael..
Letter 7

My Dearest, I love you, that's always how we start. Those five simple words always bring a smile to my face and song to my heart. I am just writing this here because it's the only way I know that I can shout to the world I love you! The day you came into my life a miracle happened. One minute I was resigned to the fact that love was a part of my past, something although painful to think about, was nothing more than mere memory. And then there you were. You opened my heart in ways it had never been opened before. You awakened a part of me that had lay dormant all of life. Although I had loved and been loved before, never had it been so intense and so deep as what we feel for each other. This much I am sure of, we share a love so true that I have never before experienced the true joy of complete empowering, soul-felt love as we share. The comfort I feel in knowing that we can disagree, we can get through the roughest of times and still know in our hearts that we can't live without each other is what makes it even more special. It wouldn't matter if it didn't matter... Baby, you matter to me and I know in my heart I truly matter to you. I am secure in your love as I know you are in mine. What more could we ask for than to be truly loved as we do each other and have found the one we have both been searching for all our lives. So, to all you out there who read this letter of love, if you've found it, hold it tight, cherish, respect, and be kind to each other. This kind of love is rare and special beyond words. For those of you haven't found it yet, don't give up and settle... they're out there and if you're lucky, someday you will know what these words I've just written mean... you'll feel them in your heart. So, in closing, let me shout this to all..., I LOVE YOU, WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL RAINBOW! Love always Your Michael..
Letter 8

Pretty Stephanie
Jesus! Yet another moment of asking myself "How i got this lucky!" Must have been fate. You are the sweetest gift anyone could think of my dear one. You have no idea what i feel within me for you and about you. LOVE! and i mean love from the deepest part of me, is what i feel for you. Never in my life did it ever crossed my mind that i could meet someone online, love someone through this medium. I want you to know that you are not just someone to me now, you are a special person with a meaningful meaning to my life....

If the power of the passion you have caused in me were to be would exceed anything the Richter Scale could capture...and certainly far more powerful than any little California earthquake!! Do you know what passion you have awakened in me??? I know exactly how you feel about feeling like you're on an emotional roller coaster...because I am so full of emotion and feelings that I can't explain, nor have I ever experienced in my life! My stomach really is tied up in knots....but of fluttering feelings and happiness....sheer unbounded happiness!

This is *so* off the charts for me and so amazingly unusual for me to feel so comfortable with you that I would want to describe in detail the fantasies you have awakened in me these last few days. It's a part of my being and my body that I thought had truly died. I really did....I haven't been sexually active in a *very* long time.....but survived with only by keeping my hopes alive. You have reawakened sensations and desires I haven't let myself feel in years...I'm a passionate person, quite clearly, Forgive me for being so graphic, but if we are to become lovers and together for life need to know this!

Stephanie,take a deep breath, my Love because I am about to describe exactly how I would begin to show you my love and passion for you but then in person it will be so much better!! This is only a start, and I realize that I have much to learn and to teach in lovemaking but I hope you will teach me more, Sweetheart. I am a very willing student if you are my teacher!! I will savor the chance to show you night after night (or morning after morning) how much I want you and how much I will take infinite pleasure in giving you pleasure!! I would start by kissing you passionately and feeling you get aroused while I stroke you with my hand, and kissing you longingly. I would have you lie on your stomach so that I could give you a deep body massage with some sensual oil, from your lovely head down to your very toes just to prolong the anticipation of what would come next....then I would have you roll over onto your back so that I could massage your breasts and arms, and torso...leaving that enticing part of your groin and sexual anatomy alone for the moment while I move down your legs.....I hope it would make you feel excited and titillated to feel my touch...not only as my fingers move over your body...

I will then have my lips touch you all over....along with my tongue and rest upon you so that my lips will make you Cum and you will long for me to go down on you with the warmth of my mouth and to stroke you with my lips wrapped around you and my tongue sensing your passion. The first time you would cum, it would be wonderful to have you in my mouth but then after that I'll be too aroused and crazed. I will be so happy making love to you all night long, my Darling, for I can kiss you and play with you and enjoy you fully as long as we both have energy! It would be a luxury to drop into each others arms in exhaustion from lovemaking...don't you think?! I hope that sounds appealing and enticing to you and as I say, you can teach me whatever gives you pleasure, or if there are things you would especially like for me to do. I am very Hard with desire just having written this, in anticipation of being with you and feeling it all with you. Not bad for a man who thought his opportunity to ever find a loving, romantic and sexual partner were long gone!! You have brought new life to me in so many ways, my Love. This is what you bring out in me, I can't believe what you have done to me, We both might need a cold shower after reading this...LOL.....I know I do.
Letter 9

My Queen, I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, and the sound of your voice..I can't stop thinking about you when we are not on the phone. I need you by my side. You complete me. You mean the world to me..You have shown me that love can be true, pure and genuine. I knew from the beginning that you were special and that it was only a matter of time before I fell helplessly in love with you. You make me so happy and fulfill me so completely. I thank God each and every day for bringing you into my life. Baby, you are my inspiration, you are a gift from God. You made me believe in true love in my lowest moments. Meeting you is like a source of light that penetrates through the end of a dark tunnel. I love you so much ... forever, through eternity. I'm so very thankful to share this unbelievable love with you! I love you, my Rainbow!!! Your Man( Michael )
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