Romance scam letter(s) from James Taylor to Monika (Malaysia)
Letter 1

How are you? It's my most pleasure to speak with you via phone, oh! mine.. dear you have such a lovely voice, it's really a blessing to my soul talking to you everyday. I have always praying that God should send me an angel to bless my heart n heal my loneliness, after hearing your lovely voice i have understood that we are meant for each other cos i can feel it in my heart when we talk on phone.
Have a nice day honey n God bless you.
Letter 2

Hello dear, How are you doing? It was a pleasure viewing your profile you are a beauty, nice photo. Am James Taylor, I will like to be good friends with you here on Facebook and to know more about you. I wait to hear from you soon and have a splendid day.
Letter 3

Dear, How are you doing? Hope you are having a lovely day. Its my most pleasure reading from you and also thanks so much for dropping more info about yourself. I will introduce my self again,am James Taylor, originally from From Stockholm, Sweden. I live and work here in London, United Kingdom. I have one daughter but she lives with my mum back home in Stockholm, Sweden Its spring at the moment, how is the weather in your country? Let me tell you more about myself too. I am single for now and I have a daughter, she's 13 years old, am currently working as a Senior Offshore Engineer in Petroleum offshore engineering company here in London, United Kingdom and i work on a Contract basis, am a free lancer here. Am a simple man with great sense of humour and down to earth. I saw your profile in Facebook and i felt we have so much in common, that's why i wish to have you closer to my heart. Well am 179cm by heights and 78kg by weight. I spend most of my time working offshore and i like spending my free time relaxing at sea side, playing golf or seeing a good movies. I like a very simple, down to earth and decent person. I will like to have your mobile number for our easy communication as am not always in this medium. Smile always cos you are most beautiful when you are smiling. Hope to hear from you soon and God bless you, Cheers.
Letter 4

Bank of America United States Branch Office
Santa Cruz, CA, United States. Contact Us
Tel: +1 760 392 3935, +1 760 932 2742

Dear Monica, RE: REQUEST TO TRANSFER FUNDS TO MALAYSIA I am sorry for the long delay to get back to you, its because I was busy. We have received a written request to transfer the sum of $1,500,000,000 (ONE MILLION FIVE HIUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) to your local Bank account. You are required to fill up the Transfer Form attached to this email and return back to us scanned copy/copies for our record. Furthermore, the below listed requirement will be needed for identification and to complete the Electronic Transfer of Funds in your favor.

TRANSFER REQUIREMENT: 1. Complete names as in Bank record 2. Home Address as in Bank record 3. Mother Median name 4. Scanned copy of your I.D (Passport or Driver License): 5. Scanned copy of filled Transfer Form attached to this email: 6. Back and Front Scanned copy of your Credit card / ATM: 7. Bank name: 8. Bank address: 9. Bank Telephone No: 10. Bank swift code: 11. Payment of $3,200 USD (THREE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED UNITED STATE DOLLARS) is required for our Bank commission charge to transfer $1,500,000,000 (ONE MILLION FIVE HIUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) to you via our online transfer system: Due to the HIGH insurance policy placed on your funds, we are unable to deduct the Bank commission from your total income. We are mandated to transfer in full value of $1,500,000,000 (ONE MILLION FIVE HIUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) to you.
The Bank commission charge is made mandatory to complete the Electronic Transfer of Funds in your favor. You are requested to make the payment through your legal representative in Malaysia with details below: PAYMENT INSTRUCTION:
Mood and method of payment will be discussed to you as soon as we receive confirmation of your email. We advise that you speedup the process of receiving your payment so that we can facilitate all required Bank documents in due time to enable us conclude the transfer of funds to you successfully NOTE:
An Electronic Transfer of Funds takes three (3) working days to be completed. This means that you will receive the funds of $1,500,000,000 (ONE MILLION FIVE HIUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS) in your account within three (3) working days as soon as you complete the requirement as clearly stated above. Your quick response will be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Mr. Richard Woods
For Bank of Americ
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