Romance scam letter(s) from Peter Nathaniel Sparks to Tula (Switzerland)
Letter 1

Hello T!!! How are you? I won't make it at 6pm pls. I have to be with the hotel accountant again!! Please just bear it with me! I will come on at 8pm my l.t pls just try to understand me T. I have to sort everythings out with this management. I'm just so sorry T, see you at 8pm my l.t P.
Letter 2

Woooowww!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the beautiful season greeting!! I was online at 9:15 last night but you are not online' I thought you were so busy or so tired to come on' then I had to go back in my hotel room, john is really ok I could manage to send him something for xmas... Xmas is totally different around here and it seems to be the second time I'm spending the xmas abroad' but I think my job is so important to me at this moment, i have to know much bout the gold in ILESHA and some gold are in another town too called ABEOKUTA I got to know much bout this places of gold before I could fly back home and later I can come back to work in this place' but I have to know where to go between this two town,I'm doing some proper reserch about this places so after my reserch I got to fly home as soon as possible!! later next year I can come back to this country to work on a particular town. Oh T I wish you could understand me' this not how I wanted things to go between us but no one can predict tomorrow" please don't be panic bout our meeting' when I'm back home on late january I'll do all it takes to make my trip in switzerlan then after I'm back in UK I can get prepare to make my jouney in nigeria again to work on this place I told you about. Write me sms when you can come online T. See you soon
Letter 3

Thanks for the valentine gift!!! But this seems to be worse moment of my life but i still have to hope that as long I can still breath I would be out of this trouble somedays' I got so upset that I sent you an sms asking bout your health but can't get a reply' but now I understand better after I ready your mail. I only got a help from the seaport that they would extend the deadline that I have to pay to 25/02/2013' but I hope I can get a miracle till this day. Thanks for the beautiful flowers again.P
Letter 4

Hello T' oh I just read your mail.... You might have sent it when I was still way back in africa' it sound so funny(all you wrote was so funny) I told you I can't make pic with my PC' the ticket I sent to you and costume service document was scan on my PC before I sent it to you... It so funny that you hadly understand things' anyway I'm back home and I'm having a nice time with john' my goods ill arrives this weekend' it all good here' I'm loving the atmophere and I'm here to enjoy the life as I can. Takecare of yourself. P
Letter 5

Hello T' thanks so so much for the easter gift, they are so lovely I really do appreciate it... Sorry I didn't ring you when I landed it just that I passed through so much activities' you know I really had a big problem down in nigeria but I'm glad I scape through' I own my insurance a lot so I had to put everything together and pay them back. It was so shameful that I didn't get help when I needed it from those that close to me' only nick and my insurance company helped me out. This moment I'm always so busy because I do travel in birmigham to put my gold in wherehouse. Thanks so much for your concirne T. I'll put a scheldule on how to chat with you again or ring you up soon. P
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