Romance scam letter(s) from John Gomes to Rose (USA)
Letter 1

Hi dear, I Just have to compliment your pretty photo and remarkable profile. Well I'm John. I live in Reno,NV just came across your profile; So I decided to stop by and say Hello. I'd really like to know you...If interested in a conversation please respond by communicating with me on my email johngomes05 AT yahoo dot com. I'm actually new to this on line dating stuff and I don't know my way out so I will prefer if we can send each other emails, here's my email address johngomes05 AT yahoo dot com. I'd like to get more serious with our communication so we can talk and have a little more to each other and see where it goes from there, so please write to me via email which is above. Oops i think my subscription lapses today or tomorrow and I'm not sure if I will get your response. I'll be looking out on my email. John
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