Romance scam letter(s) from James Walton to Suzanne (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Dear Sorry for bugging you up with my message; How are you today, It's a beautiful day here and I do believe it's the same for you. Oh dear, forgive my eyes for admiring your beauty I saw your profile photo with your gorgeous look and thought I should write to this pretty Angel (YOU). Your look is good and I do hope that your heart speaks the same as your beautiful Look. pretty, I believe that the smiles in your sweet face radiates from the inside and not just limited to the face. You seem truly a nice person and that drew my attention to you. Could you give a chance to talk with you cheers Richard
Letter 2

Hello my dear Suzanne Thank you for your response dear, I must admit that I am so excited to hear from you...I was actually browsing on my Facebook before your page came up in the suggestions and I liked your pic, the very sweet way you look...your look is so adorable and I would really love to know you more...Thank you so much once more for your respond to me. I'm very appreciative of it and I wish for more. We can only meet people and build a very good friendship with them and maybe more. I will feel good if we can have a true friendship that could be taken to a much fulfilling level and not just a pen pal.I am a full-time contractor. I'm always busy with work but I try not to let it come into my personal life ( especially when I have one going well for me). I'm just in search of true friendship possibly more than that and, when I found you decided to write you. Your beautiful look, the spirit and everything about you. I can't place it but there's something special that needs to be unleashed. Well, my job gets me to travel a lot and that's enough exercise.I love football. I'm a Chelsea fan for life. A seasons ticket holder. So I go out when i can to play hockey with some dudes in the parks. Dancing?! I've always loved but don't know how. I tried lessons on Salsa but not enough time. I bet you'll teach me when you can that is if you know how to (smiles). I drink occasionally and I don't smoke. Quit smoking a few years ago.I view people as equals. Christianity also teaches that and I try to abide by it. I really don't care about the negative sides of people because I don't care. I'm always focused on the doughnut and not the hole. All I want is you being a good friend that could evolve into something out of space . Everyone has got stories to tell about life and the way its affected us but it's all about picking yourself up and moving on. It didn't work for me because my wife died in a car accident a years and four months ago, so I stayed away for as long as possible. Now am hoping to rebuild and put things right permanently again. Lets I forget, I'm of a mix of Italian and American origin. Cheers,
Letter 3

Hi Suzanne, Good morning, how was your night? Thanks for your great respond my dear, you are truly a wonderful lady. I'm glad that you responded in the best way that you can. You are truly one in a million just like I thought. Truly, I must say that I'm very lucky yet still feel blessed by knowing little about you. I hope for more. I strongly believe distance shouldn't be a barrier to our newly found friendship in more to come.Its only a thing of the mind to feel someone so close yet so far away bearing in mind that soon we'll get to meet in person. I'm also of the plan to see you if you desire that I do and as we hope for our friendship to grow. This is one that I'll live for. I'll never lose you and please don't give me any reason to lose you.I am 41 years old now and will be 42 by 11th September, I'm 5 feet 9 inches tall and 92kg weight. I'll call myself chubby. I am trying to bring back how much love I've got burning inside of me. Reverberating my love life with you will be awesome if given the chance. It wouldn't be a bad idea at all in my best opinion judging by your response and attention well spent on me.I was married but painfully lost my wife in a car accident few years back. but I have fought tirelessly over such emotional break down and bet you, I am a winner ready to move on with my life. I have been leaving an isolated life just alone. I think it's time to let go of the past and make a fresh start and I live out of loneliness for some years now. Suzanne, I will be grateful to read more deeper about you. God bless and have a lovely weekend Richard
Letter 4

Hello my dearest How are you doing? i really expected your responds though i had a problem with my computer but i have got it fixed up now send me a request here then we can continue in knowing more about each other have a wonderful weekend and hope to here from you.
Letter 5

Suzanne thank you for your responds but there is something that is really not cleared to me you are in a relationship for 24 years wow.... that is almost for a life time I will understand if you call it marriage having registered here in Facebook you are the most precious thing I have seen so far and I will love to know more about you devoid of your marital status but if being friend with you will affect your relationship then let me know and I will no contact no more.tell me about your marital statue are you married? will you like to share you life experience with me? and becoming more than friends? have a lovely day.kiss
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