Romance scam letter(s) from Nicholas Buchanan to Dunja (USA)
Letter 1

Hope you don`t mind my email because I was just surfing through my matches as it was sent to me by face-book and I guess your profile captured my minds eyes, Oh I’m sorry for not introducing myself, your beauty almost took me on hostage, Am Nicholas. I’m new here and am hoping you could say hi and let’s see what fate has for us, do you believe in Faith? Sweetie, why don`t you tell me a little about yourself, you know a journey of a thousand miles always begins with a step really wish to get to know you and start correspondence with you to see what we can make out of this. I am eager to get a response from you soonest on my private email Much love and blessing, Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 2

Thanks you so much for your respond i am so very happy to read from you.I am 48 years old, divorced 5 years ago and have a daughter who's just 10 years old i live here in Greece but i am United States . I am a very simple man and I am a construction contractor and Sculptor by profession whenever i am not having contract outside the country my daily routine is very simple. I wake up in the morning take my bath, brush my mouth and then get my daughter ready for school then get ready for my personal business. I open up the gallery around 8:30 every morning Monday - Friday and work till noon; i leave the gallery for my assistant in the Afternoon around 12:50pm for Lunch...come back around 1:30Pm and continue working. I close from there around 5pm in the evening... That is how my routine is from Mondays till Fridays. I either play golf on Fridays or long tennis after work with some couple of costumers who like that too. I have been divorced for 5years now i do not have much friends at all rather i am a man on my own, i made this decision After what my best friend did to my Ex(sleeping with her) i decided that i stay away from friends...I don’t bring them too close to me. Friends are really important but i just decided that i have to be on my own so that i can figure where my problem is really coming from. My favorite color is green, because green means to be fruitful to be precise waiting to read from you, Wishing you a lovely day ahead Much love and blessing,
Letter 3

Thank for your lovely mail i am so very happy to read from you and to no more about you and sorry about your husband dead .Please try and send me some of your pictures, my daughter Elizabeth is 10 years old and I am so proud of her because she is my everything, I never wanted to go into relationship again but she is really on my neck saying she needs someone to be calling mum and above all she feel neglected whenever she feel her mum impart because ever since I divorce her mum she have never set her eyes again on her, because she lives in Mexico city at present and that is her home town.Custody was granted to me alone based on situations surrounding the divorce.I always feel sad whenever she complain about mum issues, I decided to seek advice from my cousin on how I will get someone really special and someone to spend the rest of my life with because it is really difficult to live all alone without a companion, that was how I was introduce to this social site that I can meet someone really nice and humble here, I am really impress that there are real women like you on face book because I never thought as much.

I specialize in the following area, Plumbing & Heating Systems, Flooring, Tiling, Plastering, Bathroom & Kitchen Installation, Extensions & Conversions, Carpentry, Electrics, Painting & Decorating, Interior & Exterior Renovations and I serve as the field manager to a construction company in Athens (Imperial Greece Building Services Company) more so I am the C.E.O of Buchanan Art and Craft Gallery which was established in November 2 2007 as a remarkable day because that day was my daughter's birthday.

I am a Christian and a God fearing type as that, the last time I visited United State was 1998, I have a lot to say about myself but few are to be mention which are as follows, Am ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going man with lots of joy, love and happiness to offer to my true love and Mrs. right. I'm very passionate and emotional in all areas of my life. I am very responsible and try to eat right; hence I make sure that I keep fit so I don’t get a pot belly. I have always believed in a healthy relationship though I have not had one in a long time, It is important to be passionate, romantic, caring, with lots of laughter to keep the body and soul going smoothly. I have strong family values and morals my daughter is the most precious and only family I have now, the best thing that has ever happened to me!

I like the outdoors with my daughter and the weekend is always a special time for I and my daughter, past 5 years raising my daughter Elizabeth all alone, dear I am not here online to mess up with your love and heart should in case we have a relationship, am a serious minded man, and I want to assure you that if all goes positive for us, I will like to meet you someday so we can see what kind of chemistry we have together, I want to let you know that am looking for a long term relationship too with the right woman, and I hope I don’t get to look any further because I believe that there something special about you...hope to hear from you later. Attach in this mail is more picture of myself I do hope you like them? Please send me more of your pictures I can wait to view them. if you want to call me here in my mobile number +306_995_870_642, also send me your phone number to enable me reach whenever i wish to hear the sound of your voice,I'm in the office now about going out with some customer to play golf in one of the nearest golf court close here . Extend my heartfelt greetings every member of your family i do hope to meet with them as our relationship growth to the next level, Hope to read back from you soonest.

Much love hug, kisses and blessing to keep you going for the week and have fun

Hello my angel

Darling I feel always pleased in my heart and in my mind whenever I receive your mails,darling you are indeed a potential woman with good quality, I praise God for keeping you for me.

Let me comment on the pictures that was sent to me by you, first and foremost I must thank you for taking your precious time to have send such wonderful pictures and want you to send me more of your picture so i caqn takle them to my gallery so i can work on them.

In a relationship you cannot justify the person by the distance in between and language but if only you can build up the standard of loving and caring through a peaceful conversation and learn to trust and miss each other always, I tell you my dear you will achieve your expectation in the relationship it is as good as getting to know each other first then make a trip out to meet your love and spend some couple of time to teach each other’s what life is comprehensively all about, I believe with that you will be able to move to a greater height and as such can lead to unbreakable marriage. I thank you for the soft word of encouragement and thank you so much for your compliement about my daughter, i have not be to
Belgrade and no one day i we come and visit you.

I am very happy that you let go the past and was still very strong in your faith to overcome the storm and wind that came your way during the hard time, and fully ready to start a new chapter of your love with someone special, i will really love to be that special person in your life.

From all our communication I think you are the woman God has set aside for me to help clear up my past history and make me a new creature, I have no doubt about it, please honey accept me to be your life partner and do not be skeptical, I already have the feelings that if we commit our self to this relationship we shall found out that we are met for each other and I do believe it is true, i am very happy to found you.......try and send me your telephone number so i can hear your sound of your voice.

Also extend my greetings to every one at home, I will like to stop here darling, i am waiting for your urgent response soonest....i and my daughter are going to tyhe beach i hope to read from you.
Hugs, Care, Love and Kisses Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 4

Hello my Adorable Angel,

Top of the day greetings to you, i know that things will work out for both of us by God grace, because something in me tells me every time that you are missing rib, when i read your mails i saw the sincerity of love in you wish i have never felt for any woman for some time now, you make me feel something passionately different right now, i have to confess to you that i really appreciate your courage to commit yourself to this relationship. please darling i advice that lets look towards the positivity of this relationship with an open mind, so that we can both work together towards the success of this relationship and come together as one happy family.

I believe that our coming together is not by accident, it is our destiny and divine from God, that we are going to stay together as one happy family, i pray that this relationship works successful very soon between us .

My adorable angel I am so delighted that we met each other in this manner, initially this was my reason why I join (face-book) to find my lost rib, i am so much happy that I found someone special like you. All I need is a long term relationship from you so that we can start a new chapter of our life together and have a happy family, I really need someone we can share our ideas, love, care, affection, and mostly trust. I can sense right now that you have impacted a new life to my world since we started communicating. My adorable angel i compose a poem for you below and the title of my poem is *Miles Apart*, i hope you will enjoy reading it.

I wish I could wipe
your falling tears away,

as you bravely smile
through your pain...
You see me suffer,
then you break down and cry
miles apart...

In your dreams
I softly kiss you,

no one can see the pain,
that we both feel inside
miles apart...

You whisper I love you
and I whisper to the skies,
I love you too

When will this pain ever go away
even though we are
miles apart...

To be by your side
is a dream I can't deny
But I will wish
for it to come true.

I miss you so badly
my heart is breaking
as we cry miles apart... I love and miss you so much sweetie i will love to stop here. i will try and compose more for you, waiting to read from you soonest....... I miss you so much, i and my daughter we go the beach yesterday and today we just back from the church, try and send me you mobile number or you can call me so i can listing to your romantic voice. Hugs, Care, Love and Kisses from my heart, Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 5

Hello my adorable angel

Thanks for your sent mail, Its so lovely to read from you as a ways, because your message brings me happiness and joy, and it makes me feel your important impact in my life, i love you so much my dear......thank you so much for the lovely photo you send to me and when i call you feel so good listing to your romantic voice.

My love i am so happy this relationship is growing, i really appreciate all effort you have render towards the success of this relationship, since we started communicating, you are indeed a great woman of substance to be by my side and encourage me in what ever i do, my adorable angel, i just can't wait any longer to hold your tight to myself and kiss your soft lips, i don't really cant imagine how i am going to feel like when we both meet, well i will try and work things out very soon how i can make a visit to your place. So that i can see the woman that has made me found love once again. Hugs, Care, Love and Kisses from my heart, My love, thank you so much, for accepting me into your life, i know that with you by my side i am going to make a happy family, Please henceforth give me the privileged to address you as my WIFE.

DO take good care of yourself, and extend my greetings to every members of your family, its so painful i have to say goodbye for now, waiting to read from you soon.........right now i am in the office
Hugs, Care, Love and Kisses from my heart, Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 6

My darling, your feelings in side me as changed my world completely, I think about you each time, I have not had this feelings for a very long time, you made me happy each time I think about you, my dear I miss you so much, I just pray that by God grace we should be together very soon, what will make me the most happiest man in the world is waking up like this every day of my life and seeing you lying down by my right hand side.

My lovely darling if you have privileged to attend church Sunday ? please do pray for us and towards the success of this relationship because I am certainly going to do the same when I get to church Sunday morning.

I am so happy that i we see you soon my darling, i can't wait to hold you tight to myself, kiss your soft lips with care, caressing your body from hair to toes, you are indeed the love of my life, also my love i so much appreciate how the trust, love and courage you have demonstrated so far, when i visit you i will surely show appreciation. Please extend my greetings to everybody at home and take good care of yourself for me, I love you so much, so painful that I must say goodbye now, waiting always to read from you, until I visit you soon, happy weekend. Many Hugs, Care, Love and Kisses Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 7

Thanks for writing in a perfect manner when i read your email I was touch deeply inside my heart by your words you seem unique in every ways of life I love you so much with all my heart you have all the quality I have long been searching for in a woman, i make Eli understand so many wonderful things about you and how important you are to us right now she was so happy and give me a go ahead we regard you as one member of the family . Whenever I read your letter I feel so impress in the manner in which you write, with so much tenderness and sincere love, I wonder while it took so long for me to have find you, honey you are that miss ribs of mine that i have long been searching for i glad i find you my love. I know God have a purpose for us to have match mate us on line, you are my dream come true i love you from bottom of my heart

Honey i want you to accept me and my daughter Elizabeth as a member of your family. My love I am whole heatedly ready to bring you into my world, because you have become a part of us also a source of my joy and happiness, it hurt me so much that we stay far from each others at the moment, but most especially I am so happy that destiny have successfully brought us together, and I believe that nothing can change that, because I know that you are my lost rib which I have looked for all these years, I am so happy I found you my love.

Nicholas cares and love you so much the queen of my heart desire slavica. Many hug and wonderful kiss from me to you, hope to read from you again and have a wonderful day ahead, Elizabeth sends her greeting to you and everyone out there she hope to be close to them someday in the near future. Nicholas Buchana
Letter 8

Hello my adorable angel, It was so pleasant to read from you as always, it make me so happy and excited when ever i receive your mails, you are indeed so much precious to me, thanks for the concern and care you have showed us, if i could have only one wish, what i will wish for, is to have you by my side all the rest of my life. You are such a nice and special person to me. I am so happy when read your mail this morning, i feel your closeness to my heart, at least i can sleep well to night. My love, i cant believe what is happening to me right now, it is so wonderful, whenever i think about you it gives me great joy and happiness falling in love with someone like you, you are my dream come true, nothing is to compare to the love you have made me feel inside of me. I cant wait to see you soon my love...... i don't know if i can let you go when we see each other... because right now i am crazily in love with you...... my lovely darling i am working on my vacation so i and Elizabeth we come and visit you my love. Do extend my special greetings to every members of your family, take good care of yourself for me, waiting to read from you soonest my love. Hugs, Care and Love from me, Nicholas Buchana
Letter 9

Greetings of the day y dear Slavica, i feel please when i received you mail this morning while i was still in the office with so much joy to know you still remembered me darling,i am happy that you are back darling i miss you so much my queen and i try to call but your number are not be going through my darling try and ring me because i miss you so much. It was a lovely weekend for Eli and i too we both have a wonderful time together discuses so much about , Eli can't wait to see the day when the both family will come together as ne she so happy that i found you. Before I go I will want you to calm yourself down with the following poem titled The Purple Box hope you enjoy it.

Please accept this Purple Box.

Fresh red rose peddles all over the bed
White candles lit all over the room
Soft romantic melodies playing in the air
Thus it was a dream comes true
As I looked closer and there on the bed
A purple box that read
Please open and do as it says.

I opened the box with ease not knowing what my eyes might see
I'm speechless for not knowing what to say
As I ran my soft hands along the edge of the box thoughts came through my head
There laid a white note and as I read;

I know what you're thinking now don't be shy and please just look inside and when you're ready just call out my name and I'll be there.

My palms now warm and my heart pounding fast and just knowing that we both know that it will last.

I did what it said it told me to do and now I'm just waiting for YOU!!

Dedicated to you Slavica, I do hope you like it. NICH Darling i held a meeting with my company management concerning some contract coming for our company, also attend to some files in my office that require urgent attention, today work was pleasant, so tell me about yourself how was today for you? i will like you to tell me every bit of it because i care to know.thank you so much for the photo you send to me and when i call yesterday i was very happy but did not understand what you was saying no problem i we be with you very soon.

I will like to stop here darling, please do extend my greetings to everybody at home, i am so happy we have started this journey and i know almighty God will see us through. waiting to read your mails very soon. bye for now.

Hugs, Care, Trust and Love from my heart, NICH have wondafule weekend my darling queen we be together very soon
Letter 10

After we leave office today I and Elizabeth will visit a very unique restaurant to have our lunch before we head to the home ,darling if you become my wife i we happiest man in the world .
don't even have much goods at my Gallery, well i know that the Malaysia Art and Craft Exhibition will be coming up very soon, i will be there to purchase some many Art design for my Gallery Company.

My love, i know that by God grace when we see, we are going to discover so many other things which are unknown now that we have in common too, very soon I and Eli we visit you after my business trip in Malaysia we come to your country to visit you and your family very soon . I am so happy that you care so much about me,i am proud of you, indeed you are an epitome of the kind of woman that i have always wish to have all my life, now i see reason's why my instinct keeps disturbing me since the first time i saw your profile, you are indeed a nice and lovely woman, i wish to have you forever my darling. Dear Slavica i we write about life history to you before i live for my business trip so you can no more about me and my family too, i just can believe God love me this much to send an angle like you to my way, Here is my little words of gift for from the bottom part of my heart hope you accept them. You have shown me new hope and given me faith to believe. Faith to believe that there is still good in this world and that I just needed to open up to it. My life has been dark and gloomy for so long now. Sorrow and loneliness crept into the deepest corners of my soul. I though that I would never see light again or be truly happy in this world. Then you stepped into my life. Your light has cast a warm glow over me…warming my heart and my soul.

Accept this gift I give to you. Hold it firmly but gently as you peel back the many layers of wrapping. Each layer reveals a different part of who I am. Each layer reveals a part of me that I give to you.

If you accept this gift you will have accepted all that I am. I give to you my heart. Accept my heart as it will now only beat for you.

please do extend my special greetings every member of your family, also take good care of yourself for me my angel. Hugs Care Love and Kisses from my heart, Nicholas Buchanan

Letter 11

Good morning,Slavica I dedicate this song hope you like it,

Never knew I could feel like this
Like I?ve never seen the sky before
I want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day I love more and more
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time
Come what may
Come what may I will love you until my dying day
Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn?t seem such a waste
But our world revolves around you
And there?s no mountain too high
No river too wide Sing out this song I?ll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time
Oh, come what may, come what may
I will love you, I will love you
Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day. Thank you so much for coming into my life Slavica i love you more and more my queen of my life i am on my way to church now Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 12

Hello my adorable angel,

I am very excited, because I have finally received a call from my Art agent in Malaysia stating to me that the exact date of the Art and Craft Exhibition has been publicize, which is going to be held in Malaysia effect from 25th of September2010, and due to this development i will be on vacation from my official duty effect from on Wednesday 22th September 2010, so that i can make all necessary arrangement towards my business trip to Malaysia. But I intend spending one week on the business trip so that I can purchase all my art design and make shipment of it to Greece, before we shall proceed to your country for our visiting, Elizabeth is very happy that we all are going to be together very soon, she is really counting on you as her mum to be. my love I am so excited that finally we are going to be seeing each other facially very soon.

I am still thinking about how that wonderful day is going to be when we meet each other at the airport upon my arrival to your your country, its going to be so lovely and full of excitement, I just can’t wait any longer to see that day, please my love I know I can confide in you towards all necessary arrangement against our coming over to visit you, so please try to put everything in place before our arrival.

Draling i am not happy that open my mail i cant fine your mail , the excitement almost toke off my mind , honestly my love I just cant wait to hold you so tight my self caressing all over your body great care and kiss your lips softly. My love right from the first time we started communicating I always know that you are such a wonderful and special person, I so much believe in my faith, and finally I am so happy that we have being able to grow emotional to this extend, by God special grace I am so happy that we have being able to found this great love between ourselves, which I pray daily to last us greatly like this forever until the end of time, My love I feel your presence and love every where I go, because I can feel you so close to me from afar.

please take good care of yourself also extend my profound greetings to every member of your family, I will come to visit everyone soon.

My adorable angel, before I go I will want you to calm yourself down with the following poem titled The Purple Box.

Please accept this Purple Box.
Fresh red rose peddles all over the bed
White candles lit all over the room
Soft romantic melodies playing in the air
Thus it was a dream comes true
As I looked closer and there on the bed
A purple box that read
Please open and do as it says.

I opened the box with ease not knowing
what my eyes might see
I'm speechless for not knowing what to say
As I ran my soft hands along the edge
of the box thoughts came through my head
There laid a white note and as I read;

I know what you're thinking now
don't be shy and please just look
inside and when you're ready just
call out my name and I'll be there.

My palms now warm and my heart
pounding fast and just knowing
that we both know that it will last.
I did what it said it told me
to do and now I'm just
waiting for YOU!!

Dedicated to you, I hope you do like it.

Much care kisses and love, Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 13

Hello my love, My love it was so nice to read your sweet and lovely emails as always, well let me tell you more about my day, it was a bit stressful today, because the earlier I start making adequate preparation towards my business trip to Malaysia the better for me, I went to the office today to collect my Vacation letter from my Company Management and I was given 1 month Vacation from official duty. My love I am really happy about this Vacation at least I will some time for myself after my business trip to Malaysia . What makes me happier is the fact that we are going to be seeing each other very soon. My love the emotional feelings in me is grieving so hard to see and feel you, today after I collected my Vacation letter I went to Elizabeth school to take permission for her, so that she can be allowed to go with my for my Vacation holiday, but my request was granted to me base on after she return she will be going to extra classes on Saturday so that she can catch up with her mate also this attract some addition fees for this extra class. Immediately I left their school I went to the ticket office to purchase our flight ticket to Malaysia . My love I was unable to complete my life history writing today, I will try and finish it and send it to you before my departure date to Malaysia for my business trip, my love I am so happy each time I think about the fact that we are going to be seeing each other physically very soon. My love I am also happy that you love my poem I promise to sing more for you when I come to your country, also I have prepare one lovely poem which I am going to sing to you on the first night we are going to be together, and its going to be an unforgettable night in our both life’s, My love immediately I arrive Malaysia on Saturday I shall be purchasing our flight ticket to your country and I will certainly forward you all details about our flight so that you can make adequate preparation toward our arrival date and time so that you can come and pick us up at the Airport upon our arrival. Please do take proper care of yourself until I be with you soon, bye for now my love. Much love and kisses, Nicholas Buchanan
Letter 14

been very busy preparing for our journey to Malaysia honey , Elizabeth and yesterday she was so happy getting ready for our journey to Malaysia then after we will be coming to Serbian to meet with you and family as one happy family we are looking up to our journey to Serbian after our business trip, Today Eli and i when for medical checkup in receipt of the journey ahead of us to keep heady throughout our stay in Malaysia Eli was given sun medication because there weather . I will always update you about stay in Malaysia for you to have full details about our stay over there because you are our mother and everything to us now and we are very happy to someone special like you in our life.

Shown us so far in this Relationship you really don't know how you have affected us positively since meeting with you here. any time Eli know she has a mother that are feel so happy , I wonder why it took this long for us to come in contact with each other’s but I’m glad that destiny finally brought us together. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up every day to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your hands round my body, and the feel of your heart beating with mine, Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you. Your taught make me forget about bad memories...... I am so happy you came into my life to change it emotionally great and lovely. I can't really wait to see you, lying together on the bed, holding you tight with my warm hands, kiss your soft lips care, gently cares your body with my tongue from hair to toes, i am so crazy about this feelings, i can't hold myself any more, i am just looking at your pictures you send to me and when i call you today i was so very happy ,and missing you. Do extend my greetings to every member of your family, and do take good care of yourself also until i meet you soon, waiting to read from your end, how was your day? i will like to know. i and Elizabeth are doing good,

Kisses and Love from me,

Nicholas your husband
Letter 15

Hello Adorable Angel, About my true life story i promise sending to you, please read carefully. There are so much to write about myself but few has to be stated first maybe later on, nature will conclude on the story for you, I was the first among 2 children of my parent, and my father is the only son of his father and use to help his father on the art design also help him to market the goods at a point when my father traveled for trade that was when he met my mother but due to his line of business he was unable to stay long with his first love and he already made love with her for the few time that was spent with her and she got pregnant at the first date. In early six month later my mother came over to United State in search of my father, so after then they both went back to Greece for a brief introduction and came back with my mother to United State . 9 months later she gave birth to her first child in United State which was a male child and was named (Nicholas), so it was a successful married life for the both partner because having a male child was every man's wish at that time, 8 years later my parent gave birth to a girl, but this time it was not an easy task anymore because the income was not forth coming anymore because my father was still living under the roof of his father so all the money was actually coming in from my grandfather all though my father was the marketer of his creative art design and was also a maker. At a point my grandfather was tired of taking care of the entire family also he never liked my mother due to the fact that she was an Greek woman but since she gave birth to a male child he decided to let the feelings die inside him but when she finally put to bed to a girl the grudges develop and ask my father to please look for a place for himself and start up a new life because he was tired of responsibilities, then my father was really confuse because he never save for himself when working under his own father so he had misunderstanding with his father and left angrily to his own apartment with his family. My father said it was hell raising us all and my mother left when she was unable to cope with the situation because she has always told my father that we should move together to Greece and get a better life but my father refused because he believed he can change things back there in his home country. At the outset, after my mother has run to Greece living the kids behind my father began to suffer from livercyrosis because he was an alcoholic and never wanted to call for his father financial assistant for us, the illness eat deep into his liver and his father spent a lot on biopsy and therapy trying to manage his life but it got to a time my grandfather gave up on him by saying he warn him about my mother because His alcohol intake increased due to the heartbreak he got from my mother which led to the vicious cycle of the disease. I started taking care of my father all by myself and with the help of his life insurance but to all effort I watch the jewel I cherish so much die in my arms that is the day I will never forget in my life but before he died he proclaimed to me to go in search of my mother and never work as an Art maker due to the experience he had and he said I should give myself a better education so that I can raise my sibling. I cried all through those years of struggling but later moved to my grandfather's house and at that time I made through my way to Greece at to search of my mother and explain everything that happened, but at that time my mother was not even on the best side because she was married to someone else and things were a bit difficult but as a man I could stand it all. She still loves us very much but there was nothing she could do. Furthermore, I decided to go for an asylum which got me a foster parents Mr. /Mrs. Ashley Giggs, who took me all the way through my education also I was working in a pizza hut during the weekend I work in McDonald for 2hours all my effort was to bring my sibling to Greece although she was doing well in Greece but I wanted her to have a bright future. To God be the glory I succeeded bringing in my sister after i rounded up my university, and I was then earning monthly salary, and I made sure she went through her education, and I was not getting any younger so I decided to find someone for myself to be my wife and of course the mother of my kids, and I was attracted to my EX-wife. At first she was very kind and loving but she later develop grudge to my beloved sister that she demand too much complaining that she is deem fit to start up on her own and to stop disturbing my peace with her, but I tried to make her understand that she have no other means because I was the one that represent her father and mother and she pretend to have heard and pleaded that she will not complain about it again At the outset, she got pregnant for me and things started going on smoothly and my sister was doing well in her education, at the long run my ex put to bed and was named Elizabeth and I was astonish with a lot of joy because I was a father after many years of suffering. I find out things where not really doing well because I was really under going through a lot, I had to go back to university and study construction/consultant engineer which lasted for about 2years and gained my master degree, but my ex-wife was not in supportive of the course and always have problems in my home because she keep saying my sister are the problems we are having that now I have a family she should start up her life and back off, as a man I always try to make her and the baby happy though it was really difficult. At the end she decided to divorce me but my friends and I pleaded and she decided to stay back, after some time my sister got a job in Ireland as a stockbroker and she moved there, after some time I rounded up my course and began to search for a job. It wasn’t really easy getting my kind of job that really suit my profession but was still working and earning monthly income, at a time I decided to embark on the business of selling Art design since I was use to the business before and I started traveling to Hongkong and England to purchase the design at first it was really difficult because I invested the little I saved on the business. My wife began to act funny because she saw things were going down. On that faithful day I traveled out to buy some design for sale because I do not have a gallery of my own at that time, I was suppose to return in about 5days interval but the art makers where not having much to sell so I decided to come back home and make arrangement for another trip, to my greatest surprise I met my lovely ex-wife in my matrimonial bed with my bosom friend. I wanted the world to immediately come to an end because I was suffering for her sake but still she went ahead sleeping around me. So then I had no option by calling up the marriage and swear not to have anything to do with women again, and she sue me by saying she needed some part of my savings and the Greek high court instruct me to do as she has desire, and said she wanted to leave our 5years old daughter for me to take care of because I have a sister, so I gladly accept my daughter and start up from somewhere again and I sold all I had to cope. After sometime I took Elizabeth to my sister in Ireland so that I can apply for jobs and work towards it, I had series of job opportunity I was not contented with the field activities but to God be the glory I was called for an interview in Imperial Greece Building Services Company and I had excellent and they tested my field construction ability and I made it successfully, so I was offer a space in the company and I immediately asked my sister to bring down my daughter because I already found a good job, within a year I was promoted to field manager and I began to earn good income. After few months later my sister felt sick, she was sick of kidney problem, and i have to traveled down to Ireland and bring her over to Athens, for proper medication, so that i can be seeing her, so a day came and the doctor told me that she has to go for an operation, during the operation she lost her life, and i feel that the world is almost coming to an end, because i love her so much, and i have contributed so much for her life, well it was a painful experience. I still have to continue with life no matter what happen. Due to the customers I was already making in terms of my art design purchase I decided to open a gallery after some time, and my daughter wanted someone to call mother and I was already feeling the impact of settling down with someone but not from Greece and I got the idea from my cousin that I can meet someone really special on face-book because his friends got married and settle down with someone from the social site and they both live happily in Spain at present and I was interested and he directed me on how to go about it but to my greatest surprise I have not spend up to two days I already found a woman who has the quality of a real woman which ended up to be YOU and I keep praying to God that you should love me with all your heart and do not have double mind for our relationship. To this end, I do wish to formally inform you that i need to end my story right here and do believe to have informed you correctly. You shall find out more that was not included on this story on a later date when I arrive to your country . I love you and do extend my gratitude to your family. Much Love and Blessing,
Letter 16

Hello my love,

My love i have being so busy arranging my things and writing out the list of some important art designs that i have to purchase, so that i wont forget anything behind. It was so painful that you did not write me before i left Greece for my business trip, please always try to write me when i am in Malaysia for my business trip because i need to alway commuincate with you when i am in Malaysia so that i will know about all neccessary arrangement you have made towards my coming to visit you in your country.

Mean while my love, we are almost late for the Airport now, Elizabeth is fully ready for the trip, bags and baggage’s all ready, so we are about to be on our way to the Airport, because we have a morning flight to catch up with, because from Greece to Malaysia, will takes up to like 7.30hr, on board, immediately we arrive Malaysia, i shall inform you immediately so that you won't be so worried about our safe arrival to Malaysia. Please my love, pray for me and Elizabeth during this period we are going to be spending in business trip in Malaysia, also pray for the art design i am going to purchase when we get there too. Well my lovely wife, i have to go now, because i am a bit late.......... my flight will be leaving soonest. Missing you as i about to say goodbye my love........ Please i will try and call your phone when i get to Malaysia. Much love, care and kisses, NicholasNicholas Buchanan
Letter 17

Hello my lovely wife, I want to formally notify you about our safety arrival to Malaysia today, We are stay in a suitable 4 start hotel here in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 35 Mins drive from the Exhibition ground darling I we write to you tomorrow or i have not bought a sim card darling you can call me with my Greece line because I have some money inside my line I can receive call. I and Elizabeth are doing great, she extend her greetings, she talked about you all through during our flight time today, telling me she can't wait any longer to meet with you her mum in Serbian , well she was so tired. My love, I will forever adore you all the rest of my life, i love you so much that i believe my life is not complete without you my lovely wife, remain bless and keep fit, looking forward to meet you in good health. Hope to hear from you very soon, honey wishing you a lovely day. My care and hugs to your family. I love you so much............... Many Love and Kisses, i miss you...... Nicholas
Letter 18

My adorable wife,

Good day my lovely Slavica, I'm glad when you call me yesterday you make me happy again thank you so much for your care and love, my beloved wife to know all is well with you and your lovely family .I feel so much joy in my heart that soon i mean very soon we will be together as one happy family, you don't have to be skeptical for any reason i know how you feel, i feel the same way but we don't have to show that part let put it behind us i love you for who you are which is the more reason i believe God almighty have brought us together online.try and call me darling because i am miss you, because in Malaysia 10:20pm Sunday just come back from Exhibition now.

Darling thank God it has been a wonderful business trip back here in Malaysia everything has been going on fine there are new art design made of bronze and gold at the Exhibition market and i have purchase many to sell in my gallery shop. I thank God it has been a successful business trip back here in Malaysia. I bought you a present at the Exhibition market here in Malaysia i know you are going to like it. Please send me the name of the closest airport to you because i intend booking our flight ticket to your country tomorrow.
Hope all is well with you and every member of the family? Eli sends her greetings to everyone she just can't wait to meet with you all soonest.

Accept my hug and kiss stay heady till we meet soon.

I have to stop here and have some rest and hope to read from you, Nicholas your lovely husband
Letter 19 - Thank you for your booking! Reservation code :28PHFQ * Route
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* Booking Summary Your booking has been successfully completed.
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28PHFQ Email a friendPrint this pageTicket Number:220-2303928078;220-2303928079
Name Mr. Nicholas Buchanan, Form of Identification Credit Card ************6467
Passenger 1 Mr. Nicholas Buchanan
Passenger 2 Elizabeth Buchanan
Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Belgrade (BEG): Departing Wed 6 Oct -
Date Departure Arrival Flight Duration Cabin
Wed 6 Oct 21:35Kuala Lumpur 06:10+1Frankfurt LH783 29h25 Economy (H)
Thu 7 Oct 12:05Frankfurt 13:00Munich LH968 Economy (H)
Thu 7 Oct 19:35Munich 21:00Belgrade LH3404 Economy (H)
Fare conditions for Economy Basic Plus
Changes The "Basic Plus" ticket is changeable against a charge of EUR100, as long as the originally booked class is still available. Otherwise, the difference to the next higher available "Basic Plus" fare will be charged additionally. Changes must be made before the departure of the flight being changed. This fare is only valid if the flights are taken in the booked sequence. Otherwise the fare will be recalculated based on the actual flight routing. Cancellation The ticket is refundable against a charge of EUR100. In case of partial use, only the residual amount less the charge of EUR100 will be refunded. Baggage Allowance You are permitted to travel with a certain amount of baggage free of charge. The free baggage allowance is shown in your flight ticket, respectively on your passenger receipt. It can also be found under the section Free baggage allowance. It varies based on the routing of your ticket, your cabin of service and your Star Alliance programm member status. However, the weight of each piece must not exceed 45kg (99lbs). If your itinerary includes a flight operated by a partner airline under a Lufthansa codeshare flight number, your free baggage allowance is also shown in your flight ticket (passenger receipt) but rules of the first operating carrier do apply. Please contact this carrier directly for details on the free baggage allowance and excess baggage charges. If you need further information about the applicable conditions of your chosen fare please call your Lufthansa Service Center. To find out the telephone number of the Lufthansa Service Center in your country please click here. Additonal Fare
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My booking This flight will be operated by Lufthansa. +1 Arrives the following day.
My loves please note that I have purchased our flight ticket to Serbian, We do wish to arrive on the Thu 7 Oct 19:35Munich 21:00Belgrade which was explained correctly on the flight detail that I have already forward to you, if you have not yet received please reverse back to me so that I can send it again.

It has not been easy for us coping with the weather back here in Malaysia because it’s so hot right now and Elizabeth is not feeling too fine but i have given her some medication to restrain her, I will keep update you about my business in Malaysia i will be going to the DHL company to ship the goods i have bought already to Greece tomorrow morning when i come back i hope to read from you. My darling thank you for the lovely email. Remain focus and be blessed my adorable , Many kiss my dearest hope to read from you very soon.

Nicholas your husband
Letter 20

My love wife,

Good day my adorable wife, Thanks for your email response , Hope you had a wonderful day back home in Serbian ? Honey i am not happy today because i lost my wallet on my way going to DHL to ship my goods this afternoon. I’m so frustrated, stranded and unhappy my credit card, money is in their about ($4,230 USED) was inside the wallet i don't no how he got miss i was inside a public transport when it all happen.

I don't know how we are going to cope for the next couple of days, when i return back to the hotel Elizabeth condition was getting out of hands. This is just so frustrating I'm so sorry if it sounds like I'm bothering you with my problems but i just need someone to talk to i need someone to make me happy and make me feel in a better mood.

Honey i wish you were here to take proper care of Eli for us as a nurse I'm frustrated, stranded and unhappy. I have called my bank in Greece already to inform them of all that happen today in Malaysia so they can but a total stop on my credit card also i report to the police here should in-case they find any wallet with such information inside to please return back for an arm some reward.and i don't no what to do now and Elizabeth she sick and i don't any money with me again.

Honey can you loan me any money?? to enable settle our hotel bills tomorrow and take Elizabeth to the hospital for proper checkup and medication before our departure date Serbian, I have instruct my bank to send money to me in Malaysia on my behalf but they have not respond back due to the time difference, i have not been able to get in contact with anybody back home in Greece because i really do not have any body close to me except you my love.

when i arrive i will pay you back whatever you send to me in Malaysia, I'm so sorry if it sounds like I'm bothering you with my problems but i just need someone to talk to i need someone to make me happy and make me feel in a better mood...i wish you were here with me i miss you so much and i can't wait for our first date its going be wonderful....i want keep on typing but I'm sorry I'm not in the best of moods...I have to stop now and get some rest...Can't wait to read from you.

Have a wonderful day rest my lovely wife please respond back to this email as of urgent to enable me furniture you with my personal information's to send the money through western union the fastest way to receive money in a minute world wild.

Wishing you wonderful day rest the queen of my heart and hope to be with you soon. Nicholas your husband
Letter 21

I thank you so much for your care and wonderful love you have shown us so far, I'm really proud of you are my Hero, now I know I can trust and love someone at the same time you mean a lot to me in my life I can't wait to meet in Serbian my love.

If not for you how could i have pass through all this stress alone, my love you so special to me in all areas of my life once again i say thank you very much for your concern find below is the payment details you will give to the western union agent.

Payment Details

Receiver First Name: Nicholas

Receiver Surname: Buchanan

Means of Identification: Passport.

Receiving Address: 35, Magazine Road Kuala Lumpur. 50000 country , Malaysia .

Amount to be sent: immediately you have send the money also send across the payment information to my mail box as soon as you return from the western union office.

Have a wonderful day many Hug & Kisses my adorable angel. Waiting for your response soon, so that I can take Elizabeth to the hospital.

Kisses and Love, Nicholas your husband
Letter 22


If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to you the first time you open your heart for me. The best thing that I can do is to show you now. honey please don't be worried about Eli she will be fine as soon the doctor said it was as a reaction due to the environment and the water she drank is bad, she have been complaining of her stomach i didn't know it will Appendix.Honey tomorrow they will operate it i need to clear everything including money and the money for my hotel , i will have news from my bank 5th of October. Honey if you can help me with 350 euro it will better for me,I don't want anything to happen to Eli, i know you want the best for her like i also want the best for you. sometimes in our lives we all have pains, we all have sorrows but when you have someone to be there for you it wipe away all your sorrows.darling i we pay you back the money please darling i love you so much. I love you more than my life, more than my world. I love you more and more each day and that is the most wonderful feeling any man can ever hope to experience. I love with all my life and my wold. you make me happy and your brought sunshine to my boring life, life with you is such a gift. Pls don't worry to much ok i will make it up with you honey as soon as possible. thanks for your generosity.
Forever Yours, Nicholas your darling
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