Romance scam letter(s) from Rick West to Lorraine (Australia)
Letter 1

Hello Madam,

This is Mr.Richard Mawuena Sekle who happens to be the legal representative of Mr.John Kirchner in the sale of part of his building project here in Ghana.I am therefore sending you this message in respect to the transfer of $950,000.00 to your account as directed by my client as been amount paid for the sales of part of the building project.It will be of great importance if you could get back to me with your account information so I will be able to effect the transfer with my bank as soon as possible.

Best of Regards

Letter 2

Hello Lorraine,

John is an honorable man and I think you lucky to have found him.He must be deeply in love with you and I hope you will take very good care of him when he gets there to you.I also will appreciate that you keep me posted once the money gets there to your account.

Letter 3

This was the document which Richard sent me and he has to prepared the required documents but there is a problem he says he will be able to raise $10,000.00 to have it done with which wouldn't be enough for all the required documents
Letter 4

Dear Customer, Sir,

My name is Rev.Father Peter Kihler from Canada, I reside here in Ghana since 6 months ago for missionary work. I have discuss with your husband Mr.John Kirchner , to contact you regarding to the funds he want us to finance him , meanwhile all the discussion has been taking care of with Mr.John Kirchner, so we are hereby advice you to reconfirm your full address/ Name,Tel for easy communication, and were we can send you the traveler cheque for you to cash it and return it back to our office for final approval before it will be given to Mr.John Kirchner finally. Moreover, you will follow whatever instruction we are going to give to you until you received the cheque and we will direct you on how you will feel it before taking it to the bank to cash Lastly, as soon as we hear from you together with the reconfirmation of your giving address the cheque will be send to you, through FedEx Courier Company or DHL, before the tracking number of the parcel will be send to you for you to be tracking it and know the day it will be delivered to your hand in your resident. once again,reconfirm your home address as soon as you receive this mail and thank you very much for your understanding. Waiting to hear from you and call us for more direction Truly
Peter Kihler
A.Missionery from
+233 (243)559529
Letter 5

Madam, I am very sorry for the delay to send you the cheque is due to the secretary who is suppose to sign and release the cheque before it will be send to you is very sick and admitted in the hospital and will be out from the hospital next week. Kindly bear with us we will make it up to you and your husband remain bless . Waiting to hear from you. Truly
Rev Father Peter Kihler
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