Romance scam letter(s) from Lewis Britz Kartel to Diana (Canada)
Letter 1

Dear Diana, Thanks for the email, yes I am still interested and would like to know you well! This is just a responds to your email to tell you I am still available and still interested. Let me know you got this so I can write more.. Email back soon.. Best Regards,
Letter 2

Dear Diana, Thank you so much for that short note, and again I'm glad to have established contact with you. You sound interesting and I really like that! To tell you a little about myself, I am divorced and looking for a long term relationship where we start as friends to best friends and see where it leads to, hopefully something better if all works out well. I am new to all this just trying my luck to see if I can also find that special partner to share the rest of my life with after witnessing a wedding ceremony last July where the couples met online. How long have you been dating online? Any good luck yet? Can you share some of your online experiences? I have no preference for political affiliation, age, location, height, weight, religion or ethnicity.We are matured enough and can work things out ourselves if we really know what we are about. Again you sound very interesting Joann, and I really want to know you well.. Email back soon again! Best Regards,
Letter 3

Dear Madam, I am Chris Diederick, personal banker and financial adviser to Mr. Michael McLean, I have been instructed to issue a transfer of $2,000.000.00 from an offshore account in the United Kingdom belonging to Mr. McLean to your account in the United States. All taxes covering the money has been fully paid for and the transfer should be issued any time soon. Email back soon! Yours Faithfully,
Letter 4

Hello Diana, I just received an email from the bank that the intermediate bank is holding the money now and before they release the money to you bank, we have to make a payment to the intermediate bank as soon as possible to clear the money from being tagged as money laundry. Total amount being charged is $27,600.00. I must say that upon payment of this money, the 2 million USD will be released to your bank and will be in your account just about 12 hours after payment. Thank you and always at your service. Chris.
Letter 5

Hello Madam, I just want to confirm to you that the payment has been made and we are only awaiting a confirmation from the intermediate bank. Hopefully, all of these will end soon. Thank you. Chris.
Letter 6

Hello madam, I have tried to reach Mr Michael, but all attempts to do so has failed. I don't know what is wrong with him. I wanted to update him on the money transfer, the money is in the US now and the bank is asking for facial recognition and signature before they release the money. They are asking for all these just to make sure this is not money laundry.. All is set now and this means that Mr Michael will have to fly over to the US perform all of these. If there is any way you can forward this message to him, please do so, because I have tried and all attempts have failed. Thank you. Chris.
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