Romance scam letter(s) from Philip Moore to Ria (South Africa)
Letter 1

Sweetie, From the pics, you can see another pic of Julie and I. I love her so much so we are fund of snapping together. The other pic is one of my houses in the UK. This is the one that i stay. The other pic shows the side view of my living room. Also, the other pic is a side view of a snap shot of my gallery in London. I love you dear. i just hope you can get the visa within the shortest possible time to UK and also your vacation so that we could fly together to UK. It would be fun to fly together sitting close to me. I will talk to you later when we are back from the shipping agent and the travel agency to procure our tickets to SA. Lots of love,
Philip and Julie.
Letter 2

Sweetie, It was a bad day. As we were leaving the hotel this morning for the shipping agent to pay for our shipping, we were attacked by armed robbers. The taxi we boarded were robbers inside. They robbed us and took all our things with us. The took my golden rings, necklace,golden wristwatch, my wallet and the money. The worst of all they threw us out of the moving car after robbing us. Julie is still unconscious in the hospital. Still love you.
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