Romance scam letter(s) from Anthony Mark to Belinda (USA)
Letter 1

Good Morning, Thanks for you response.A little about me,I was actually married for about 14 years until i lost my wife six years ago in a motor accident on her way back home from a missionary journey six year ago.i have been a widowed for six years now.I never wanted to go into any relationship again because i loved my wife so much because she was so caring,had working,helpful and dedicated to the things of God it was not easy without her.Perhaps I have been struggling to get over her death. I am a single Dad with a 13 year old little girl that is my pride and joy.I am originally of United States.I enjoy traveling and i have spent most of my vacations in the Caribbean,Italy or Germany.I would like to visit places in the USA.I enjoy spending time with and entertaining my daughter, as well as spending time with things of God.My Dad would say I am an honest,trustworthy and easy going person. It's nice to read from again, hope your day started on a bright note? Mine has been pretty mixed of late with loads of work to take care of.Thanks for reconfirming your email, Would love to learn more about your person as we journey through and possibly create time to meet for coffee if you will be okay with that.I have come to the realization that life is short,we need to break the rules sometimes,forgive quickly,love truly and never regret anything that makes us smile.Hence my coming on dating site. My father is originally from Africa who based in CA all is life as a contractor and my dad he is white from VA.I was working under him before I just lost him.He was a good man,my best friend and my close pal,since i don't keep friends.May his soul rest in peace.He was a contractor who normally goes and Oil on a cheap rate in West African and then he sells it to other countries. Well,my father talked me into getting married i didn''t see reasons with him until i lost him for about 4 months now and i thought about it and discover that life is empty without love and that my daughter needs the care of a mother in her life because she is still young,even if she is 13.I really do want to meet a nice woman and to work something out,The most important qualities I seek in my ideal woman is Honesty. I really cherish honesty so much in a relationship and a woman that is reliable,loving and caring woman.You know Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship.It''s not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end.And also I believe the seed of greatness in a man begins to blossom when the right woman is there to water it.I am willing to relocate to another state for that special woman who I feel is worthy and i do have the desire to get married again or not.I have an accent when i speak i hope you will like it some day. Some things i do for fun,I like taking a walk around the beach,lake,relaxation park and i also love seeing sunset and going out to public places like going to see movies and going to shopping malls.Let me stop here for now,I will wait your email.What you do for living? How old you are now? What do you mostly seek from your ideal man?Do you live alone? How long have you been on the dating site.If I forgot, My daughter name is Tracey and will hope to have more if my woman wishes
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