Romance scam letter(s) from Anthony Barry to Vicky (Belgium)
Letter 1

Let me introduce myself to you, i am 51 years old i am am interior decorator i have a daughter she is 7years old , i honest caring and nice man, i have being single for years and trying to find a soulmate who will love and care for me as i will do, pardon my manners but am a open minded man who go for what i think is good for me, please add me to your yahoo messenger if you have any, it will make us chat and know eachother better which will enhance our communication, below is my ID
I will wait to read from you on when is convenient to be online your time and i will check it with mine, feel free to ask me any question.
Waiting to read from you,
Letter 2

Thanks for the lovely chat , You have a lovely way of thinking which could get you any man you desire in life.. I really do appreciate, anyway please do take very good care of yourself....
I really do expect that from you really and with great pleasure, though i do know thinking about the Distance and don't forget the fact that it maybe far because we have the feelings in our heart and let picture it from my end, we can overcome the distance and make something really good out of it, don't you think so, i must say this again... You have a lovely way of thinking which could get you any man you desire in life.. I really do appreciate, , anyway please do take very good care of yourself..
Here is a picture of my daughter and I.
Your Admire.
Letter 3

I am so happy to read from you, my University period is from 1977 to 1981, we started living together 1980 after the death of my parent, 1980 my parent were travelling to Montreal during November December winter season they had accident which lead to their death, my Dad died instantly my Mum gave up after 7 days it was not easy for me then, i got married to my wife when 1983 we started working together as a retailer, we lived together and she was still going to school, having kid was not our aim by then our aim was to achieve our degrees and goals , i studied Art in University and i like my Job , do to the capital my parent left for me i also went into interior decoration. I wont like to talk about this but let me brief it.. It was an Uterus problem. My wife felt we have been living together and we need to have kid because i was very understanding when she wasn't ready for baby because of her carrier and she feels a woman is suppose to provide a baby for her husband,and i eventually paid all her bills in school made her to achieve all she ever wanted in life.
kiss and hug.
Letter 4

I miss you and i know you miss me too, it will cover everything once i pay it tomorrow, by Friday i will be done with everything below is the account details.
Name of Bank: Maybank
Beneficiary Name: Chen Sian Teck
Account Number: 162786102974
Swift Code: MBBEMYKL
Bank Address: Kota kemuning branch, taman kota kemuning
Post Code: 40460
Shah Alam, Selangor.
Country: Malaysia
Amount: $4480.00
Honey please make the wire transfer this morning and please scan and email the transfer slip to me so that i can print it out and present it to them, i wish we can chat before i sleep i miss your chat so much and please take care of my daughter Iris.
I love you.
Letter 5

Hello my Vicky,
Here is my Social Insurance Card and my number, this is my life do not disclose it, it contains my details and life , i am doing this with trust and love we have shared together, i will be sending the agreement letter to you soon below is the Western Union Money Transfer details.
Receivers Name: Toni Barry
Address. D12/0177 Arkansa Condominium Taman Conout , Cheras .
Country: Malaysia
Amount to be sent: $8000 in Euro is 6,280.00 EUR
Try and make the transfer this morning so that i can clear my goods today, i don't want the demur-rage to accumulate i will be waiting for your email with the payment details and scan and email me the payment slip from the western union.
NOTE: do not disclose this to the WESTERN UNION agent because they wont allow the transfer go through because they are nosy,if they ask you who are you sending the money to just tell them your University friend in Malaysia so that we wont have any delay.
I love you.
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