Romance scam letter(s) from Jeffrey Rhodes to Colleen (UK)
Letter 1

Hi my darling Colleen x How are you doing today ? Thanks so much for the beautiful mail that you sent to me . I would really love to hear your voice as I don't have a Facebook nor Skype because I'm not really the social type. We should start calling each other on the phone now and also communicate via text messages in order to take this to another level and a greater height x I am going to back home at most the middle of next month and after this trip I am never going to leave the u.k again because I'm not getting any younger and it's high time I settled down and have a family of my own x I just want to you to know more about my job sweetie x As you know that I've been to so many countries trying to get work done and that is the only reason why I have been single all this while x I am so obsessed with my job and that is why I have been single and lately I just taught i'm not getting any younger and that is the reason why I joined the online dating site to see what the future holds for me and then I met you x I really want to use this medium to say a big thank you to my parents because they really brought me up so well and gave me a very good and sound education and that is the major motive that has been driving me since and took me so far to the stage of my life that I am now x If I had one wish right about now I would have wished for them to be back so they can see how far their son has gone in life x But I'm so sure that where ever they are at the moment they would sure be proud of their son and my achievement so far x I got this present job of mine couple weeks ago and that is why I'm here at the moment x it's pretty a flexible job and to be honest I love my job so much as I have been doing this for ages x I am down here to help a rural area construct some good roads and this deal was giving to me due to my personal skills and international recognition x I know I shouldn't be telling you though but then I just feel there is no point hiding anything from you since i'm about spending the rest of my life with you and being transparent with each other should be important at this point of our courtship x It's just so hard working in a strange man's country though but then it's worth it because the contract I came down here for is pretty huge and the profit is worth it and at the end of my contract here I will be coming back home with the sum of 250,000 pounds which is going to be the 30% of the total estimated price that would be spent on the construction of the roads ! Basically, it's a cashless deal as the Government i'm dealing with down here is going to be responsible for the equipments , machines , labors , feeding , my shelter, security and accommodation pending the time that the contract would still be on x Technically 70% of the total money would be spent on the contract and the remaining 30% which is the sum of 250,000 pounds is what I will be coming home with when i'm done here and it's a signed agreement which has a strong legal backing x I won't have to deal with any cash here so I won't be expose to any risk as all I have to do is just to tell them whatever I want and they would give it to me x All I have to do is just list out what we need to get job going on everyday and they would bring it down to the work site and then we are good x So you can see that this is a deal of life and I just cannot wait to leave this country so I can get my life started with you already x I didn't tell you all this to get humiliated as I shouldn't be telling you all this but I feel comfortable around you already x just to let you know that I get busy all the time and most of the times I don't get to be online to have a chat with you or probably didn't reply your mails on time you should just know that i'm super busy working so hard for the money that I came here for and pretty soon I would be leaving here to be with you sweetie x Just a tip of what i'm down here for darling and I hope you are going to find this interesting x Be good now and have a nice day x Kisses and hugs to you over there x I love you so much darling x
Letter 2

Hi darling x Goodmorning to you over there and I hope you slept well x Your email was so touching and I feel so bad when I hear some men like me treats ladies bad, it makes me so sick and I just don't know what to say rather than to tell you that I'm very sorry for all the horrible things you have been through in the past x I have been here in Nigeria for some couple of weeks now and i'm just trying to speed things up so I can leave here to be back to my country so I can start up my life and have a family of my own already and the part of Nigeria that I am is safe and the people here are pretty friendly so I don't have a problem with them x I have made up my mind that I won't have to travel after this last trip because i'm not getting any younger and it's high time I got married and have a family of my own x I am glad we are embarking on this voyage of trust and communication so I will tell you a little more about myself to give you an insight as to the kind of man you might fall in love with. LOL. Just teasing. Anyways, I am a man that is easy to please and not fussy, but must have an honest, true relationship. I don’t play games and am dedicated to the one who loves me. I am passionate, honest, loving, caring, very loyal and humble to everyone that enters my life. I'm only not looking for the love of my life. But I’d prefer to find the best friend and the Love of my life. I am a successful Civil Engineer. I have been involved in various constructions of roads and rehabilitation of building and working on government projects local and overseas. I have been to Germany, China and of course London. My work has provided me many opportunities to see different parts of this beautiful world. There are good times and some bad times. I am at the point in my life where I want to start slowing down my work and begin enjoying time with my special woman. I believe in working hard but also playing hard, if you know what I mean, It’s the playing part that I need attention to and want to, of course, pay attention to the love of my life. This time around, I am planning on settling down fully with a woman, a happy one though. I am looking for a woman who is ready to start something Serious and Real. I am looking for something Real and i am ready to make things work for us Only if we try. I am smart, strong, sensible, insightful and willing to share my most intimate feelings. I want to find out all about you, what you love about life and what makes you happy. I want to know your interests. I catch myself daydreaming about this beautiful soul and I know she is there for me. I think some times life takes you down a road and you must learn something from that experience. I am a one woman man, I really want you to Know you Have My Full attention. If I may bore you with a little more detail about myself it is to say I stay active. I like body fitness, walking or lifting weights. I am proud of my physical body. I have strong arms to hold you near me and give you special back rubs. I enjoy feeling the right woman’s body. I want her to give to me what I want to give back. I am a romantic and I enjoy giving my special woman surprises. Being spontaneous would be great. I would love to spend weekends on short trips having dinner and wine over a quiet, intimate dinner. I love dancing or sitting in front of a fire listening to mellow music. I love cuddling and talking about life’s day. Seeing a sunset over water or laying on the beach at night kissing. Having a great cup of coffee or an ice cold beer. It doesn’t matter as long as we are together. Now I don’t want to smoother you because I believe life should have its balance. I do enjoy playing golf, biking, hiking, swimming, football, soccer and tennis. I love to read, travel and discover new ideas and places. I don't Smoke!!! I like to stay active and exercise regularly, I am a big fan of music and sport, playing and watching. I'm not adverse to getting my culture fix and am always up for a trip to the theater / museum, and am always looking for an excuse to get away for the weekend. Sometimes it is just as nice to curl up on the couch in front of the fire with a good book or with that special someone! I love a romantic candlelight dinner for two with a bottle of wine. I prefer hot to cold, evening to morning, giving to receiving. As far as movies go, I enjoy romantic comedies, off-beat / foreign films (a little touchy feely kind) and some thrillers, I'll watch a chick-flick with you even though they are 'chick-flicks. LOL. I am easy going, masculine and dependable, being creative and artistic are a few words that describe me. Exploring excites me as well. I feel it is important to be active intellectually as well as physically. I have many diverse interests and passions - politics, art, music, philosophy and the human condition. Patience is my most obvious virtue. This time around the next woman ( hopefully you) I would love in my life would be open-minded. Someone who would allow me to spoil her and maybe spoil me too. I would like for us to get to know each other first and lets see where it takes us. I am willing to be patient to find out more about you now and lets share how much common interests we have. I just know by reading your profile that we could have a lot to share. Would you be willing to take a chance in getting to know me even more? You’re a beautiful woman and I feel you deserve the best out of life otherwise I would not have spent all of this time talking about myself if I didn’t have an interest in you. I love what I see and I want to find out more about who you are, if you will let me. Exploring each other with emails and IM would be my preferred way to begin. I am at your speed. We can take it slow and discover our thoughts and feelings. Perhaps our words can touch each other in a way that we captivate our emotions. I believe in looking into the window of our souls and seeing the beauty we have. I guess you could say I am a man that is in touch with his feelings. I like to express how I feel and I enjoy making my woman feel an important part of my life. If you feel this is a daydream, let me assure you its not. It’s just that I want to begin this time in the right direction by finding someone who is close to what I have been looking for. I am a man that is confident and goes after what he is interested when he sees potential. Why let an opportunity fade away when I can just reach out? Be good and I hope to read from you soon Jeffrey cares
Letter 3

Believe me i am short of words and i am so happy to have met you, let me make it clear to you that we do have the same dreams and i am actually happy you feel we can have something together. Believe me i am more than honest with you, I need love and i am not going to settle for less this time, i need 100% honesty and i willing to give it all it takes to see you smile everyday. I've never found true love though, but I know that pretty soon i'm going to find it. Believe me, i know what its like to be hurt as well as to make someone feel being loved. When I start something new, I expect it to work out. I tend to get going right away and trust that I can correct problems along the way rather than having to do long periods of research before I begin.. When I want to be successful at something, I am totally committed to that effort. I can be like that whether it is a job, a sport I play, or a hobby. I expect the person I love to be honest and true to me. I don't feel the need to be checking up on them, as suspicious thoughts almost never cross my mind. i will love you like no one has,i am willing to surrender my world to you if that is the only way to be part of yours . I want you to know this is my ideal woman. My Ideal woman that i imagine in my mind ( mentally and physically ). This is part of my vision. She is intelligent , but not self involved, she is honorable, and puts those she loves first. she is soulful. she laughs easily and pays attention to all the details without letting it take over. And most of all she loves me, with all her being, through all my faults and quirks. She is conscious of me and what makes me smile and showers me with love and attention. she also calls me on the carpet, when I get fussy, old habits etc. she is kind, calm, gentle and we make love everyday sometimes all day. she is industrious, works hard and smart at whatever she does. she supports me and my dreams. she thinks of me with her first breath in the morning and last breath before she drifts off to sleep in my arms. she fiercely protects us, and always asks me first, before she believes things. she is gorgeous inside and out. Her eyes will speak volumes and I feel safe and content with her. Someone that loves people, GOD is the center of her life, loves life, wants to spend time being purposeful in life, loves outdoors, loves animals, loves family, loves friends, knows how to be patient, keeps a level head in a moment of crisis, cannot live without me, wants to grow together, healthy mind and body, likes to sing in the shower, knows how to joke with me, likes change, doesn't need to be the center of attention -- because she knows that she is the center of my attention, likes to try new things, adventuresome, wants to spend time being the person she is and not the person she thinks everyone wants her to be, moral compass, trustworthy, tender, gentle ... oh my -- I want someone I can really fall madly in love with* I hope you match at least 50 percent of what i just said! I would like you to '' Describe your ideal man in your life (mentally and physically). Just because something has failed before, doesn't mean it will fail again. I don't let past disappointments weigh too heavily in my expectations of future likelihood of success, i hope you do feel this way. When I meet someone and there are big complications (a long commuting distance, entanglements from a previous relationship, etc.) it doesn't bother me. Although life could be wild at times when it comes to a situation of been turned down by someone you love the most. You will feel like you can't trust again or to risk putting your heart on line to trust or love someone as much as you had love the previous relationship you've devoted into so much. It takes two to make a relationship work and both have to give and take of the other, have to forgive faults and focus on the parts that make you unique for that is what brings people togehter. Every bit of my word do always comes from the deepest bottom of my heart and it's all true .. When it comes to romance, I believe that it is better to go for it and risk getting burned than to hesitate and never know what might have happened. I've never regretted putting all my feelings on the line and making myself vulnerable - even if I didn't get the person I originally wanted that's what i expect others to see thing. This is really a long mail and I hope you would read and digest it real good and would await your reply as well.. Be good and take care of yourself ... Jeffrey cares xxx
Letter 4

Hello darl, Thanks for sharing with me more about your self , I really and truly appreciate that very much. It makes me feel like I have known you all my life which is a very good thing. I believe we must build a trusting relationship. Could we begin our journey taking chances. You have such a romantic way of capturing a man's heart. At first when I read your email, I was speechless for a few minutes. You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, and my likeness and admiration for you have increased so much since we’ve known each other that it still amazes me. I want you to know that I really am looking for a serious, long-term relationship. I am a really honest person and I don't think there's any point to playing games with other peoples' feelings and emotions, so you can expect total frankness and honesty from me. I will answer any questions you want to know about my family, past relationships, values and beliefs. I am looking for a woman who is kind, loving, and generous. Someone with a good head on her shoulders and strong values in her heart. I don't want to marry an exact copy of myself, but rather someone who complements my strengths and strengthens me in my struggles, and I would want to do the same for my partner. I think it's important to have interests in common. I feel that if you really love someone you accept them for who they are and don't expect them to change. There should be a mutual love and trust between two people. You should always care about their feelings. The one thing I don't like is someone who is jealous and mean. The way to true love never been easy because true love is worth waiting for even if it takes a lifetime. Then in return a lifetime of love will be waiting for you.. I do need a woman to trust me and each of my word . i always stand on my word each time i say them when it comes to a relationship. Without trustfulness, relationship goes no where. Both man and woman most believe that a relationship is not a self-center and not a one way street. It should be equal size and been there for each other all the time.. However, once you know that everything in life is all about risk. I do know what its like to be hurt and i will never hurt anyone. Take me for my word. Being in a relationship is more on less like taking a chance believing that it would end in a good path by working it out with all it cost. Love has so many things in this life, but yet so hard to find! love is a easy word to say, but it only special when you mean it!. If you are willing to trust in a person when all others tell you to go against it, if you are willing to risk getting your heart broken because you believe in that other person, Then that is true love. I like to plan out everything in advance.. It's not like me to smooth things over or compromise an opinion, just to keep things calm and/or to make my partner happy. Hugs to you over there and I hope to get a response from you soon... Jeffrey your prince charming
Letter 5

How are you today?,I hope you are having a nice time, as for me am cool and lonely. QUESTION : please be sincere with me i like honest people ..... how long have you been doing this online dating ? What has your experience been about this online dating because am new to this any good or bad experience on the net ? how many dating sites are you on?
More about me I am 48years, single ,born in Bayern in Germany and grew up here in the United Kingdom ..... am sorry English is not my language just learning it and i am sorry if my English isn't fluent enough just bear with me. Some people say I have German accent and I love it so much but at times am always shy of my accent. I am a civil engineer and I deal with the construction and rehabilitation of buildings etc...I`m 6 "0 with average build body , mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, straight forward , and a positive person. I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I love to play golf and I enjoy chilling` with my friend/family , I like swimming , fishing, traveling , going bowling and also a good cook. I am a family oriented person and there is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself. I don't know my Dad right from childhood but mum told me he is from Beyern and i was brought up by my mum and she was a great woman she died 10 yrs ago. I was always with my mum when i was a kid in the kitchen, garden and we do most shopping together.... The friends i have now are the people around me and those that were real with me from the onset, what matters most is how we get on well with on another and trust as a solid foundation to start this and i believe if we put in our best we will be fine together i really like your profile on uniformdating and i cant just wait to learn more about you ..
I am not at home now am on a business trip i have been to so many countries in the world ... Dubai, Italy, Argentina, China , Canada and South Africa but now i am presently in the western part Africa Nigeria and its my first time here i came here to get some project done but I will be home real soon. I don't allow my job to come in between me and my spouse as I always create them for my loved ones and give them the attention they needed. I have gone pretty far with the project I came down here to do and it has really been success so far, all thanks to God and real soon I will be home because I miss my country..
I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me. So come on and share it all with me, as I am not here to talk to you about general things such as the projects, sports, e.t.c. I want to learn about you and what makes up the whole you as the friendship I want to build with you. I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, and potential. hope i didn't write an essay just want you to know me better...
I really wanna be friend and see how things go from here..........

I look forward to hearing from you soon!.
Letter 6

Awww thanks so much colleen for the reply and I'm so happy you could retrieve my message from your deleted items x I was really happy and I feel so special when you said you joined the site when you saw me on the site and thanks so much for joining the site because of me and I can assure you it's going to be worth it and really darling I'm so sorry to hear about your mother's health and also your daddy and you are really a good daughter for looking out for them and I'm sure they would be so proud of you x keep it up darling x Honestly When i first saw your Profile I was intrigued! also with a polite profile, First you have to understand that all that glitters aren't Gold but when i see a pure diamond i won't hesitate to jump on it. silly me with cute joke lol, I will like to get to know more about you and see where this leads too. Feel free to ask me questions - i will be glad to answer and tell you more about myself , i enjoy good conversation. I want you to Know That the Distance should not be an Obstacle ok..We can always try and work things out.. We Can make it only if we try... I Really don't think distance is a negative factor for a lasting relationship - Understanding and Clicking matters a lot -- Am in search of an Ideal Woman!! Someone to share my passion and love for. If you think you're 'down with it'.. Let's make it works out. I'm a person who attaches emotionally to one person at a time. If I'm content in my relationship. I couldn't be drawn out of it, or into a new relationship or into an intimate adventure, even if the person was extremely attractive , Once my partner and I learn how to please each other, I'm content not to experiment further. When I am committed to someone, I am rock solid. I never wonder about what I am missing or whether or not I should be with someone else in a different kind of life. If I feel loving, I'm very passionate and all over the person I want. I don't moderate my romantic and sexual emotions.. Our compatibility and my partner’s character are much more important to me. I would have to say bye for now and I hope to get a response from you real soon... Be good and take care of yourself . Stay blessed Jeffrey cares xxx
Letter 7

Hi Sunshine
How are you doing this morning and I hope you slept well ? How are your parents and the kids ? I hope everything is going on well yeah and i'm pretty sure you are in a good health ! Colleen, my sweetie, my lover, my friend - I want you to know that i love you so much and can't wait to show you in person as action speaks louder than voice At the moment, I am just sitting here thinking of you and everything that we have been through ... and I would say I have no idea how we have made it so far, if I did not believe that there is one person that you are destined to be with, but I do. Baby, we have had our share of ups and downs, plus more. Things have happened to us that we can truly say no others have had to go through, but still we have made it through. When we first met I did not know how to trust anymore. The spirit of life had been taken away, but somehow you have helped me find it again. At the time that we met, I was going through some things, but when others turned their backs on me ... you stood strong. You were determined to be there for me and for that I thank God every day that he sent you to me. Every day that I wake up and every night before I fall asleep, I thank God that we met, because without you I would still be nothing. Through the hard times you have held my hand, through the rough times you have held me close, and through the ups and downs you have stayed by my side. What else could I ask for?xxx Even when I am sick you tuck me in. You have brought back the person that everyone loved and helped me learn to be the person I always wanted to be. Some people say that when you are with someone for a long time, you create a bond with them, and now that we have been together for a while, I honestly believe it, because only you know the meaning of the words you-you, and only you know how much they mean to me. What kind of person would I be to give you up? Where would I be? All I know is that I would go crazy without you. Thank you for constantly telling me or showing me that you are attracted to me physically, emotionally and mentally - you have brought back the confidence I had misplaced. Thank you for inviting parts of my world into yours and making them one Thank you for bringing me to a place where YOUR pleasure and happiness are what truly makes me feel good. Each day, I am in awe and I say to myself, "I can't believe I just keep falling more and more in love with you each day!" Each day, I love listening to you more. Each day, the intensity and passion when i imagine making love with you just keeps getting deeper. Each day, I find myself wanting even more for you than you want for yourself. Each moment, I find myself more patient, more driven, compassionate, less selfish more appreciative and with greater faith and strength in myself. Each Day with you in my life and what you give to me, and remind me of just by you being YOU, I see myself becoming a better person! Thank you for all you give me by just being in my life. I love you and only you and want you and only you - I could never have even imagined or wished for such a blessing when it comes to you and me being together and how lucky we are to be in love. Colleen, I love you so very much and I hope this reassures you that i will be with you soon xxx Your man Jeffrey xxx
Letter 8

So what's going to happen to me now sweetie xx
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