Scam Email(s) from Lucas James to Anne (USA)


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Letter 1

Hello, My name is Harry............

I very much enjoyed reading your profile.

Your a very attractive person it seems and I don't only mean your photos.

I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you if distance isnt a problem to u. Where the heart wills there is always a way

Thank you

Letter 2

Location: Bardstown, Kentucky
Distance: 273 miles away
Age: 59, Cancer
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Hair, Eyes: Salt and Pepper Gray, Brown
Body: Slender
Ethnicity: White
Religion: Christian
Politics: Didn't Say
Education: Master's Degree
Income: Didn't Say
Job: Retired
Smoke: Don't Smoke
Has Kids: Yes, not living with me
I am a well balanced gentleman and have a warm perosnality, easy-going with of course a great sense of humor. I value true love and respect people and derive great pleasure from their sincere smiles and it reflects on me and my daily life in a good way too!) The more I give the more I get! Looking for a sincere and fun Loving woman to spend my Life with. . I treat people the way I want to be treated at all times. I have lived a very successful Life and not looking to play games with anybody and dont expect anyone to play games with me either. if this is the last time I am faling in Love then it has to be really great, .I need a woman to share my life with, to share our activities and live in peace and love for years and years. I want someone that is fun but serious where it is necessary. She must be attentive and caring knows what she wants and very family oriented.

Letter 3

Good morning my Love
Sorry I was not able to chat with you yesterday. For some reason I wasn't able to get online on Yahoo but I am sure its better today and so when you are up we can chat.
I have been looking at what you sent me and its a great idea. We can work something out and go on such a cruise . I think we should talk about it more when I come online. I had a dream about us last night , and I am going to tell you all about it when I come online...Now, once again, we are back together and it is the most wonderful thing imaginable. My every thought is of you and each time that I am able to speak with you draws me closer and closer to you. I must tell you that I have held you in my heart all these last few days and nothing has ever made me forget the chats and moments we shared until I came back yesterday. I do not know what the future holds for us but I am thankful to God that He has brought you back safely and into your life
At any given time when you command it I will be there for you. Nothing else in this world matters as long as we can live the rest of our days together.
Written from the deepest part of my heart
My sweetness

Letter 4

Hello my dearest Anne
I am back at my hotel now. Although I will be going out later to check on my phone, I wanted you to Know that I am here thinking about you.Wondering what you are doing,what you are buying whiles you are out shopping, anything you think I could get you , I saw a beautiful necklace that I thought will look great on you. I am thinking of getting it if you love necklaces... If not I will still bring along the diamond Stud earrings I got in London to bring for you. You will love them. I am just not sure if you love stud earrings . Oh well I am talking to myself because I miss you dearly. How Nice it will be if you were here with me my Love . That will have made me so happy. A lot of decisions to make and wishing I could lay my head on you and have your fingers running through my hair whiles we talk about a lot of stuff..mmmmmmmm......I miss you honey and I cherish you in my heart deeply. When you read this email know that I was thinking about you and still will long after I have sent it off. Take care and although I might go out to eat something for lunch /dinner...... I will check on Yahoo to see if you are on..... lots of Kisses to a sweet woman who has made my life very wonderful .

Letter 5

THANKS for taking the time to chat. I am deeply honored. And I feel so loved and cherished. Before I go to bed finally I want you to know that from the deepest part of my heart, You are all I have, all I ever wanted and all I will ever Need. Hope your dreams are pleasant ones of US . I adore you sweetheart . Hugs and Kisses

Letter 6

Good morning sweetheart. I don't know if you have come online already because I am 30 minutes late.If you waited for me and left to do something , then I want you to know I am very sorry. I went out very early to get a few things and didn't make it back on time, But if you are not here yet then I will wait for you till about 10:20 before I leave for my meeting. I will be thinking about you the whole time my Love and I looking forward to when I can hold you in my arms and give you that long passionate Kiss and whisper into your ears how much I love and want to care for you and be there for you at all times.Okay whiles I was sending you this email I got your text message . And so I am going to get ready to leave for my meeting now. I will chat with you when I am back darling. Hugs and Kisses with Lots of Love .

Letter 7

Good morning my Lovely woman ....
I hope you slept Okay. Thanks for being here again to chat with me yesterday. You don't know how those moments mean to me. It is all I look forward to when I go out there to work. Just like coming back to you and being greeted with a long passionate kiss at the door. I was up a little longer thinking about you and what an amazing woman you are. I could write on and on and never get tired of letting you know how important you are to me. I want for the day when I can take your hands in mine and Kiss it all the way to your cute beautiful lips. Did I already tell you how cute your lips are..mmmmm ....I will be day dreaming of kissing them all day today.
I have to go to the Tema Shipyard about an hour away from here and have the containers with machines picked it up and sent on to Obuasi where my mines are.. They will going by road because It will be unbearably expensive to take them by air. I guess it is going to be another hot day out there. lol.
It will be nice to get hot with you and then later we can cool off in the tub for hours.. mmmmmm...what do you think of that? I cant wait for that to happen you know. I strongly believe that we are meant to be together for the rest of our lives. Each day that passes I am aware that it means that it is one day closer to being in your arms. Each night is spent dreaming of your face and wishing you were next to me . But as long as I know Meeting you was fate and this distance is just an inconvenience, humbly wait for when we can firmly have our time of Love.
I will be going to my breakfast of eggs and toast. I will send u some emails in between and take some photos or you when I can darling. Know that I am even brighter and loving you more than yesterday.
Stay sweet Anne dear

Letter 8

Good morning Madam
My Name is Mark Quartey , Personal Agent to Mr Harry Steele
He has asked me to contact you on his behalf. Attached to this email is a copy of my passport and certificate of Merit for Identification.
He was involved in an accident Wednesday evening 11:45 GMT and has been hospitalized. I will explain
further on his condition when I get your response. Thank You.

Letter 9

Good day to You Madam
I am so sorry I was not able to give you any feedback earlier. There was a lot of work on the ground I needed to keep hold on for Mr. Steele or less they could be stolen or end up in the wrong hands. I have been working very hard to protect all of his interests to make sure that its all very safe. No body else can be trusted and that meant spending a couple of nights on the mining site.

Also I had to ensure that he was transferred Immediately from the local hospital in Obuasi which did not have adequate facilities to give him proper medication and the surgery he required. It was quite late on Wednesday evening about 11:35 pm when it happened. Although we were supposed to go back to the Hotel because the delivery came in late, Mr Steele said that will delay his schedule and he had an appointment with you he didn't want to miss and so he was overseeing work from a platform that had been mounted to keep the items. A container which has just been offloaded and placed on the platform was quite heavy and so the platform gave way which led to a heavy collapse . Mr Steele was caught in the heavy collapse along with 6 other workers one of which unfortunately didn't make it out alive because a heavy container had dropped on him. The other 5 along with Mr. Steele are responding to treatment. Mr Steele had fracture injuries to his left knee and thigh....his right hand and thumb and he passed out I guess from the pain.. Fortunately he was revived later at the hospital and was in a condition to talk Saturday when he gave me your email address.
He has been checked into the NYAHO MEDICAL CENTER ,which is one of the best we have here in Ghana Yesterday evening and they are preparing him for surgery is scheduled for tomorrow evening 6pm local time. At the moment they have stabilized his condition and I can assure you that he will be alright . The other workers have been checked into a government hospital.

I assure you Madam , that Mr. Steele will do just fine and be back in soon. Once he has completed surgery and in his private room I will send in his phone so he can make contact with you directly. He Sends his regards and he sends his love as well.A LOT OF THEM..he told me to say that. In His exact words " TELL HER I LOVE HER DEEPLY AND I AM SORRY I MISSED OUR APPOINTMENT"

I will go for another visit at 7:30 and once I am back, I will report on his condition.

I will let him know that you are very concerned.
Thank you .

Best Regards

Letter 10

Hello Madam,
I hope that you are doing well. Before I go to bed I want you to know that I spoke Mr.Steele is doing well and looking forward to his surgery tomorrow .
Hope you received the earlier email I sent , please let me know.

Letter 11

It is Okay Madam. You know your husband very well. He has asked that you do not be worried. I will very much make sure he comes home safely. On My word Madam. It is a dangerous field he works in but a very strong man. All is well with the Lords guidance.

Letter 12

Thank you too.
I will report on is status again tomorrow morning.

Letter 13

Good Morning
I have seen Mr.Steele this morning , his condition has improved . Doctors are making sure he is not in too much pain until the surgery is done and he sends his regards. He needs a few things that I will have to get from town today so I will leave to get them ready for him and then I have to continue back to the mines to help the police take proper inventory of the accident as well as make sure everything is still safe. This are his orders and he wont even let this slow him down. So I will act on it accordingly.
I will be back on time at 7:45 pm for the next visit and will send you another email then to let you know how the surgery went.
Please do not be worried Madam. You have a strong man for a husband.
Thank you and have a blessed day .

Letter 14

Hello Madam , I just came back from the hospital. Mr.Steele had a successful surgery on the Knee and arm on Thursday he will have another on his thumb. But he is doing pretty well now . He sends his regards again. He usually asks for messages from you and I have to tell him all your responses. So if you have any message you can let me know when you receive this . He likes to know how you are holding up and also how the rest of the family are. I have tried calling his son but have not reached him yet. I will wait for your response.




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