Romance scam letter(s) from Adam Williams to Lata (USA)
Letter 1

Hi my love, Well, I'm writing this mail to you as maybe the last mail I will write to you, if it become obvious to me that you are failing to understand my true love and honesty to you because I was stranded and ask you for help to complete my claim process, where I know that what ever am planning is for you and I better future as one. I'm not concluding that you are silent based on the fact that you are refusing to help me, but I assume that maybe you are busy either with the work, class or children process, but if finally it is confirmed that you are silent because I ask you for little help, then I will tell you not to help me again and this maybe the last email I will write you. Even government of a country can borrow money and any body in life can be stranded at a point in life and need help and it is also human that helps others to keep them moving when they are down. You are someone that all I have been thinking about is you and I never stop loving you and have been planning better future with you, but I will appreciate if you are not the one God really destiny for me, then I will not need you to help me because am not a poor man that is begging for money, just that I did not know that this claim process will last till this time, and I have spent much money and I was initially thinking that this claim process will last for just one week process, and all my hopes and plans was that it was just something of one week, but I was very much unhappy that it last till today, making me to spend much, but am happy also that every thing moves fine and the fund will be released immediately after making this payment for the certificate and then I will have to come over to meet you. If you really know that you are not willing to establish this good relationship that I know that we will be fine and completely successful in life as blessed husband and wife, then you may not help me, but if you know that you are serious with me, please understand my seriousness and honesty, so that we can make this relationship a success and finally settle down together as blessed husband and wife and if you are helping me with the money, tell me so that I will ask my lawyer to send me the information that you will use to send the money and immediately after obtaining the certificate, this money will be released and be transferred and I be there with you and ensure that we are completely happy forever as one.
Letter 2

Hi, You are hurt with my behavior because I ask you for little help, am not placing any condition that you are my destiny if you give me money because am not begging for money, am not a poor man, just because am a bit stranded, should not make you think negative about our relationship, if you think money is everything, then is ok, don't help me, all I know is that am really loving you from my heart and honestly wants to settle my life with you with true love and happiness, but if you misunderstand it, then is ok I will not disturb you. I control my family fund since my father passed away, and my mum is not working and she depends purely on me for finance, so how and where can she get money to give to me, where she even ask me for money and I told her that I will be getting this claim fund soon and will be sending money to her. You are my best friend, my wife and you are also part of my friends who can help me, are mine right? since you said I should ask friends and I ask you as my best friend and wife. This is just to let you know that the way you feel is how other friends will feel and the truth is that, I'm someone who don't like stressing people because of my situation and there in Canada, if you are not around no body will always feel like to help you, they feel like to help if they will, only when they are seen you around there with them, not that they don;t trust you, but that is just how they do, mostly when it involves money, and I have asked some friends of mine even during the processing of this claim, but always turning out to be negative. Every body knows that is logical to use credit or debit card, but I want you to know that my card is max up after my long stay out of Canada even from UK and then here in Malaysia, and secondly after having the bad experience from hackers, who intrude into my account online, then I stop using my card online, so I would not have asked you for any money help as I have not asked you before since I started this process, had it been my card is functional and you are the one I told that I also borrowed money from my bank for my investment that will be maturing next year, making me financially down at the moment, otherwise, I would not have also asked you for any help. It does not matter if you know someone or not before you can help people if you really want God and human to help you, if you only help someone because you know the person, then that is not completely consider as help, but in my own case, you are not even helping that you will not get your money, I will be sending the money back to you as well, so to me is consider lend/help and I will pay you back, you have to have the mind of helping people unconditionally. I donate money every year to charity or motherless homes, but I don't know the people I help and I must not know them before helping, so if you feel you have not met me and you can't help me because of that, then is up to you. I have been honest to you and am not God to be there with you before you will know how serious am with you in this relationship. I can't change your mind from how you feel, but I know that I have tried my best to let you know that I truly need you, even though am a bit stranded and needed little help from you, should not confused you or make you to misunderstand my honesty to you and how seriously I want us to be and be successful in the future as I know that you have gone through disappointment in your marriage life and need a complete love and rest of mind and we grow old together in true love and happiness, all those are my true plans for us, but if you chose not to understand me, am no body to change your mind on how you think or feel, but I still trust in God for marriage, if you are the one for me, this little money will never confuse you or serve as an obstacle to our bright marriage life and successful future. I don't know why you called helping someone is stupid, helping me does not mean you are stupid, you have to change this type of thought in you, people help, read about the history of givers that they later make success greatly in life, like Bill Gate and many more, that is why I will never stop helping people, it does not matter if you are rich like Bill gate or poor like a truck pusher, before you can help, giving comes from heart even with little someone have, one can help and based on your question, if you are the one in this my condition here, I will never delay to help you. You did not tell me to send some money to you for our futures processes after marriage, but I decided to send because I trust and love you, that is just an example to let you know how I feel and the type of person am. I don't do this because of what I will gain or lost, but I do it for happiness, so you really have to know that making me your future husband and your man, is not only that you will be happy always, but you will be happy forever, but the choice is for you to chose if you are destroying our good relationship because of 1250 dollars, then you may chose to. You have no job at the moment, these are also part of my thinking to ensure that you are help always in every aspect, be it been financially buoyant, I have already made my plans to satisfy you. You have to know that if you are the one in need, I will help you, so where should disappointment in me come from because I ask you for help? You should know that am a human being, I have feelings and I know you are a single mum and I feel no happy to ask you for help, but if you are understanding as I feel you should be because that is why I love you, you should know how highly stranded am at this moments, for been here in Malaysia till now and been completely stranded and if you feel you lost your trust and respect, and been disappointed because of this little help, is up to you. But I want you to know that I deactivated my profile, rejected all proposal, mostly from India and the once from United states because of you and a lot of woman are also willing to help me with any kind of problem am facing, just for me to love them and plan this kind of future am planning with you and many are willing to do anything to ensure that they have this type of relationship opportunity and if you are willing to know how truly and completely happy you would have been in this relationship, you would not have allowed anything to make you not to secure this relationship and know that it would be the best relationship you ever experience in your life time history, irrespective of your previous marriage disappointment. The choice is yours and just know that I still need this help to complete this claim process and start coming over to meet you, but should in case you want to help me and you are not serious in this relationship or don't love me, then I will not need your help, I only ask help from you because I love you and don't want any help from you if you are not willing for our future togetherness and brightness, but if you are willing, then I will get the information from my lawyer on how the money can be sent here from America upon your permission that I should ask him. My regards to your entire family if finally you will allow me to miss them all as our progress is now in your hand. Have a nice time.
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