Romance scam letter(s) from Mark Humphrey to Carol (Spain)
Letter 1

Well Angel, just got a friend to send me 500 euros with his credit card via western union to albir, am now just 1300 low, should make it to contact another friend before things close here. The first success today ;-)
Letter 2

No, but I might have a different idea to get it done. What is the next closest city to you or large town? This could work without you having any risk. If you are still willing to assist me. You will be 110% secured do not worry!
Letter 3

Angel, sorry for all this. If you want to help me get this over with, this is the possibility. Go to the following Wester Union Office: Locotoria Alphay Abdeslam El Bair
Playa Colombia Nr. 1
Mazarron They are still open for 2 hours. Send a Western Union using your card to: Dr. Mark Ray Humphrey
Partida Font del Arbre s/n
03527 Benifato Pick up: City: Albir My full details for your security: Dr. Mark Ray Humphrey
Born: 04.11.1969
St. Louis Missouri USA
US Passport
Passport Nr.: 710892466
Issued: US Consulate Duesseldorf Germany
Date: 07 April 2004
Expires: 06 April 2014 If you go there, and help with the car, I could still pick up the funds and the car this evening and have it in your name (I just need your full details) that way you are fully secured. I can repay you in 3 days but still want to come tomorrow evening if I may. After you fill out the Western Union form they will give you a 10 digit transfernumber, with that I can receive. If you are unsure I would understand, but it would help. Love you...
Letter 4

Just got confirmation from friend over 100 euros! Can you pay 68 into my account in next 40 minutes? Will be in Barcelona at 21:20!!!!
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