Romance scam letter(s) from Jackson Hutchinson to Corlien (South Africa)
Letter 1

The beloved angel of my heart, Thanks my darling for the beautiful mail and for the assurance of your love, I feel blessed loving you and giving my heart in totality to you because truly, there is non to be compared to you when itcomes to our wholehearted Love. Our God will do a new thing in our life and that's what He has destined for us.You are not alone in this world even as we get along each day and night for we love and cares for each other.You have ravished me away by a Power I cannot resist.
Do you know how wonderful and sweet I feel in the inside of me knowing you do care a lot about me!I know with this relationship we deserve the best in life as we have been there for each other all the way.I truly and wholeheartedly love you and the fact that our love is growing each day as we get along. May you never find any reason to regret the good things your heart holds in love towards me.You are the only woman I know, the only woman that can sweep my feet with her love. True love holds no bound and our love is never ending because truly,I feel blessed loving you! All I do is pray each day knowing the only true and living God answers to prayer when ever we call on him. For me, You are the sweetest woman my heart has ever loved and for that reason, I'll live to love you each day of my life.I love you always and forever oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo. Yours always and forever,
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