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Letter 1

Hello my baby,

Hope you are having a good day. I'm having a nice and relaxing day with you on my mind. Baby i want you to know you are my best friend, my true love..the one i wanna spend the rest of my life and grow old with. I love you honey.

I'm sending you this poem though i didn't write it but says the way i feel about you..tittled "THIEF OF MY HEART"

Baby like a thief in the night you entered and robbed me, and stole my heart, you made me feel more love than i've ever felt. And more happiness than i've ever dreamed, i will go to the ends of the earth if you need as i never thought dreams could come true. Yet you have showed me that they do, when you came and robbed my heart.

As i gaze into your eyes, my spoken words cannot express the Love i have for you Emily. I just never knew all the things i was missing from this life of mine, when you stepped in and like a thief you robbed my heart and soul. Then i open my eyes and everything began to shine, no one else has ever touch my soul like you did or found my hidden heart.

For you are the thief of my heart, and now my heart will always be you baby, no me without you. Hugs and kisses
Have a wonderful day.

Forever yours always





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