Romance scam letter(s) from James Andrino to Karin (USA)
Letter 1

Thanks so much dear, let me know how much you got so i can confirm from the doctor where to send the money to...thanks and stay blessed..
How are you doing this beautiful day of the week? i guess you are having a nice day over there? I am very happy to receive your email id on Facebook, I must tell you that am very delighted sending you this email for a sincere relationship with you in my life and i pray that you will be the honest woman that will bring meaning into my life, because I believe that it's going to mark the beginning of our never ending relationship, I really hope so because that is what I am here for. Let me tell you about myself, I am a person who is ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, intelligent, devoted, trusting, genuine, sincere, witty, honest, and easy going. I am very passionate in all areas of my life, responsible and try to eat right, work out and live a healthy life. I stay active and have a good time doing it. I believe in healthy relationship, I value honesty and trust. That's what I'm all about and I think it's important to accept each other's strength and weakness. I was born in Dublin (Ireland) in the year 1960, but I am from Italy and have been living here in Austin Texas, for more than 19years, where I grew up and get married until I lost my wife 9 years ago due to cancer and it was like my world has come to an end then, but now I truly need a woman to love and love me back in return. I am a Veterinary Doctor, it's important to have passion, romance, physical attraction, a playful attitude with lots of laughter...I strongly believe all that. I have strong family value and morals and love my daughter and my mother. My daughter is 14 years old; she is the most precious thing I have now, Should we have a relationship and you ever have the opportunity to meet her, I bet she will steal your heart away before I I wish to meet a wonderful woman who is willing to open her heart, someone who deserves to be loved and ready to be loved in return, and someone to bring back my most desired smile, a woman that will love my kid, cherish and respect me. I don't want a short term relationship; I want someone we can both grow old together. Distance are no hindrance to me, it can be covered with speed and time.
I have a few questions for you if you don't mind, 1) Does Distance and Age Matter to you? 2) Tell me what your experiences have been with online dating? 3) Do you believe in online dating and have you ever dated online recently? 4) Tell me more about your job, how long have you been doing the work and what you like about it. I hope things work out well between you and me... Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
My cell phone number +1 5124-876-806 … Thanks and have a blessed Day Warmest regards Dr. Jamese
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