Romance scam letter(s) from Donald Meyer to Matt (USA)
Letter 1

Am a very understanding and a well experienced man that knows how to treat his partner right as long as I meet the right one and true person that is appropriately willing to settle down and understand what life is all about, I value life, and cherish loving and been loved. I am hardworking, fun-loving and romantic in my own way(though I will leave that to my partner to judge), I am well disciplined and interesting I love hanging out and meeting people, I love taking a walk on the beach by admiring the nature of life a lot and that's one of the reason for my simple nature. I have a sensational heart and a great lover of slow music and I am really romantic and sensitive. I am understanding, trustworthy, interesting to be with and most of all, God-fearing and someone that knows what keeping a relationship is all about and understand the values of a great partner.
Letter 2

I'm Sgt. Donald Meyer, and I am with the US Marine in the NATO Training Mission–Afghanistan which delivers training and professional development support to the national security forces of Afghanistan.
My tour will be ending pretty soon and I think it time that I begin to search for a soul mate, a confidant and a friend.
I'm not into the one night stand or unstable relationship, which I classify inappropriate.
I went through your profile seemed and it catch my attention and I'd really love to know you better if you in actual fact wish to have something real and serious in a partner.
Please send all corresponding replies exclusively to my email: as I will be taking my profile down pretty soon due to a lot of unsuitable proposals on this site. Hope to hear from you.
Letter 3

I'm exhilarated you replied my message. I'm a firm believer that great things can happen via obvious impossibilities.
I'm 35 years old, but will be a year older by September 13th, very compassionate, romantic and a quite honest(my friends tell me that). I dislike pretense and really need one thing; to build a lasting companionship with you.
I'm quite open minded and never hold bigoted views against others inclinations. I believe in love and compassion. You find out these days the world has less of both but more of "self" and people forget about how the next person feels.
I was born in the Canada but moved to United State with my mom at the age of eight after my dad passed away. She didn't really recover from the shock of losing my dad and reeled into drug use as such she barely noticed me and it led to a lot of abuse from her male acquaintances on me. She eventually died of a drug overdose. I was taken to an SOS village where I was taken care of and brought up. I made up my mind I was going to do something with my life and not get caught in the Vicious cycle that people in my circumstance get tangled in. I joined the the Marine and gave my life a solid direction. I feel fulfilled to be candid with you.
I'm sorry if I appear loquacious, but I thinks it's important you know me before anything. I will be glad to know about you as well; Your relationship status, work, career, family, whatever you feel comfortable to share with me.
I have attached few more of my pictures, I will appreciate same from you. I will await your message.
PS: We are not allowed to use any form of voice communication for security reasons and may delay sometimes in responding to your message, but will surely do when I get online
Letter 4

Your email brightened up my day. Please bear with me as sometimes I only have very little time to check emails and respond.
I would have loved to tell you what I was busy doing but you know the nature of my jobs doesn't allow me speak much of what I do considering the security implications. With that said, I couldn't wait to get a response from you and my face lightened up instantly I saw there was an unread email from you(Would you mind me giving you a special name although I haven't come up with one yet. I'll brood on that).
I'm very glad this is progressing and I must say that I am enshrouded in excitement and anxiety. I am trying to take things in strides and be careful so as not to give the wrong impression about me. No form of communication can match a face to face conversation as emailing back and forth could be cumbersome and laden with misinterpretations, but right now it's the only option I have and I am willing to make out the best of it.
I have had two tours of Afghanistan, the first ended in a tumultuous fashion as I was involved in an IED explosion. I was luck to escape with a back injury but unfortunately I lost two colleagues, very close friends. I came to realization that this was my job and wasn't going to let it unnerve me. I swore to myself that their loss would never be in vain. I got well and voluntarily enlisted for a second tour. That is how loyal and determined I can be and it pretty much transfers to other aspects of my life. I have been involved in only one relationship in my life but we didn't have a lot in common and he cheated a lot. He used my faithfulness and honesty against me. I never cheated for once, not once but he was a serial cheat. We are still friends though, he's apologized and asked for a second chance but I've moved on and need a fresh start. I'm beginning to think so much about you and I wish our correspondence yield into a great companionship that I have always been praying for.
I have to go now before my superiors show up. I will appreciate prayers from you every night to ensure my safe return.
Email me back and let me know what your typical day is like.
Letter 5

Emailing back and forth seems old school and I feel as if we are in 1945 where loved ones at war send postcards to family and
friends(lol). I still haven't thought of a special name for you yet but I sure was day dreaming, dreaming and already have a mental picture of how I want out first date would be like. I want to take things slow but the other part of me just wants to take the next available flight to be with you. I wish I had magic, I'd just call the magic word and viola! I'm by your side. I'm such a dreamer....
I don't believe in putting my heart into something if I'm not going to give it my best shot. Right now I am putting my heart in wanting to know you more and more and more. I'm putting my heart in this not because there's is plausible reason to but because I just have this feeling, a surety from deep down that you are an Angel.
A lot of people believe that cheating is acceptable in a relationship, as for me, I don't. I have never cheated and it's the incontrovertible truth. I believe in Love and true love is loyalty. When you love, you add value to each other's human conscience and intelligence, you make each other better people.
Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again! For so the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day.
Come, as thou cam'st a thousand times,
A messenger from radiant climes, And smile on thy new world, and be As kind to others as to me!
Or, as thou never cam'st in sooth,
Come now, and let me dream it truth, And part my hair, and kiss my brow, And say, My love why sufferest thou?
Come to me in my dreams, and then By day I shall be well again! For so the night will more than pay The hopeless longing of the day.
Have a splendid day. I'll be thinking of you all through.
Letter 6

My Angel,
With every passing day, my smile brightens up more and more because I know the day I'll be seeing you is closer. You image is etched in my head and see you every where I go and in all I do. Please send me more pics of you honey.
Now, I have more reason to want to be alive and leave this place. My next mission(lol) is to meet you. I am not sure of what you expect of me but I want to make a promise that I will give you all of my heart. I sometimes find it hard to articulate what and how I feel. I prefer to walk the walk rather than talk the talk
You must be in bed right now, so sleep tight.
If the dull substance of my flesh were thought,
Injurious distance should not stop my way; For then despite of space I would be brought, From limits far remote, where thou dost stay.
No matter then although my foot did stand
Upon the farthest earth removed from thee; For nimble thought can jump both sea and land As soon as think the place where he would be.
But, ah, thought kills me that I am not thought,
To leap large lengths of miles when thou art gone,
But that, so much of earth and water wrought,
I must attend time's leisure with my moan, Receiving nought by elements so slow, But heavy tears, badges of either's woe.
Letter 7

I wasn't available lately. Had issues with some insurgents. It left me a little bit exhausted yesterday and I had to rest.
When I saw your email, I didn't expect it would be this enthralling. I read it over thrice and It felt like I hadn't even read it. You see, there are a lot of things you see that others don't get to understand. I don't think the benefits haven't outweighed the consequences. It's a hypothetical situation. What is we didn't go into the war? Would you imagine the consequences? The people here had no rights, the Taliban were in control, women were treated like nobodies, slaves to their men. Having an opinion was a sin,... the list is long. I don't want to delve too much on what I do here.
I can't wait to get that million dollar massage from you. Keep on doing what you do as I know you will be world class pretty soon and I'd be glad to be part of the story. Have you thought of writing memoirs?
I like my man very compassionate as I am a compassionate person. I make sure I give out to orphanages and take care of the poor every month. I don't like to see people suffer. It makes me feel fulfilled. Do you help the needy too?
I will make sure I reply your emails with promptness telling you little more about myself tomorrow and can even arrange for a time to chat with you briefly as I will be off.
Letter 8

Hello My Sweet,
I'm so sorry it took me a while before writing you this email, and Like I said I will be writing you today.
Please I will appreciate if you bear with me, like I said in my previous my that I only have very little time to check mails aside from my free moment when I'm not on the field of ops which makes me have a little more time to write you this message.
Like I said in the first previous mail I sent to you, I moved to United State after the whole tragic of my late father. My Mom and I moved to Settle, Washington which I love the place so much before the life of my mother continue with her new boyfriend and reeled into drug use as such which make her barely noticed me and to talk of the worse which led to a lot of bulk abuse from her male acquaintance. Could year of the worst nightmare she eventually died of a drug abuse and overdose, and I was taken to an SOS village in Chicago, where I was taken care of and brought up with care and been the first time I will experience been loved around people after the death of my father, and even as a child in orphanage. I decided I'm going to do something great with my life and never let the circumstances of my past get me tangled in with the vicious cycle of my past
I join the Marine and later move back to 1013 8th Avenue, Seattle around the churches, being the city I have always live my tender age and I like the city but not as much as when I was younger then..... lol! but hopefully I can relocate to start a new life,if we get along so good and you want me around you.
I have a sensational heart and a lover of slow music and I am really romantic and sensitive. I am understanding, trustworthy, interesting to be with and most of all, God-fearing and someone that knows what partner is all about and understand the values of a family life is what I seek. I'd love to have dinner by the fireplace, walking in a cold weather at night along the seaside and feeling nature all around me.
I love going for picnics, meeting people and I like to really talk of interesting things and learning about people and personalities. I am really willing to settle down and have a serious relationship. I am simple , cool , down to earth and understanding guy who wants to meet the right man. I am an easy going fun loving man with a good sense of humor and love going out and making people happy in my own way, I want someone that will make me happy and that I will make happy too. My dislikes are I don't like dishonesty, I don't like over quiet people, I like to be true and serious with things that are required and things of life. I have been lonely for a while now and I'm tired of being alone. I want to love and be loved by an angel and I hope and believe I can get it from from you.
I get really motivated when I see smiles on peoples which I know quite well that I'm part of there happiness and a reason why they are happy with smile overwhelming their faces and I get rapidly turned on no matter how down my mood could be, when my presence is accepted by people around me, it gives me joy.
My Mentor has always been the SOS village which I was shown the real meaning of careness and I felt love and part of my motivation in life that makes me who I am today and I have always pray to God to keep giving me the strength to help and change peoples life for good and lead them to a right path because I felt a lot of weaknesses in my young and tender age with the worst nightmare of my past which brings me down when I see people in such way of abuse and unjust life.
I am seeking for a man that is ready to settle down , start a meaningful relationship and willing to give his heart to a man as long as the man loves him, I want to spend the rest of my life with a man that is simple, cool to be with, funny, easygoing, honest, gentle and someone that knows what relationship values are and understand the true meaning of love and a real relationship and I believe I can get all that in you honey.
Letter 9

Hello Honey,
I'm sorry for the inconsistencies with the emails. I'm going to make it up to you( I wonder how I'm going to do that) lol.
Wit every slight opportunity I have to email you I dash the computer, every time with excitement, and always I never get disappointed, m face beams up with a smile, a smile of joy, happiness, gladness that the most important person in my life appreciates me and loves me.
You have carved a permanent position in the most important part of my heart and I want to reciprocate with so much fervor and enthusiasm and I hope you like the song I attach to this email.
I love you
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