Romance scam letter(s) from Oscar Barry to Kathleen (South Africa)
Letter 1

Honey these are my pictures,kids pictures and my late wife picture
Letter 2

Actually I don't know how much you will pay in Istanbul Turkey Airport because I am here and I am not in your country or in Turkey but the diplomat will find out when he arrive and he will tell you how you will send the money to them in the Airport but from the information i got from diplomat about the fees cost at Istanbul Airport Turkey will be between $5000 to $10,000 dollars because I have already paid the big fees here.
right now the Diplomat is already in the Diplomatic wing room for his departure and you know that i am still in military camp so no way i can transfer you money through bank for that or western union because the banking policy here is so strict because of the war and political unrest in Kabul,so it is against their country laws and regulation to send money out their country and here is war zone we don't keep money here in our military camp okay please try to understand me,because that is why i am only using this means of Diplomatic Immunity Courier Service Delivery to deliver the money to you in your country.
as soon as diplomat arrive he will call you on phone and tell you what you will do and how to send the money to use it for the Airport clearance fees before he get clearance paper to fly down to your country home address for delivery.
Honey remember with out paying that fees Airport Authority in Istanbul Turkey cannot allow the Diplomat to come and meet you with the packaged in your country
so honey now you to have try all your best to get this money for the clearance fees and remember that i told you that when you receive the packaged that you have to open it and take the money i promise you for your financial problem.
honey you are my last hope now please do not disappoint me all my trust is on you now please.
honey i love you and i miss you so much
looking forward for you reply,
Letter 3

My Darling Wife! I have finished and finally concluded all arrangement with the diplomat and the package have been given to the diplomats completely sealed and label as a diplomatic luggage and baggage.
The Total money in the sealed box is $3,000,000,00 Dollars (Three Million US Dollars) The Name of the diplomat is Danny Wilson and he will be traveling on Tuesday morning 16/04/2013 to South Africa and transit in Istanbul Turkey which is the zonal Headquarters of the diplomatic immunity delivery and he will be arriving to South Africa on Wednesday 17/04/2013 and he will call you on phone immediately he arrive to your country Airport after clearing the parcel out from the Airport Authority. So when the diplomat arrive to South Africa he will do the clearance of the parcel from the airport Authority and after that he will deliver it directly to your address or any place you want it or you can meet him up at the hotel. Again the diplomats charged us to pay US$45,000 for there security handling charges and delivery fees which I have already paid them here today in Afghanistan but the diplomat said that their will also be some other charges on transit in Turkey Istanbul Airport so please my dearest darling wife you should take care of all other expenses in Turkey Istanbul Airport and make sure you receive the sealed parcel without any delay and when you receive the parcel you can take back all the money you spend for the clearance of the parcel from the airport authorities. You will pay all the clearance cost in Turkey Istanbul Airport before the diplomat will deliver the parcel to you because the Turkish government Airport Authority cannot allow him to fly to South Africa and deliver the parcel to you without first paying the fees in the Airport according to the diplomatic regulations and law and the diplomat will direct you what you will do and how to send the money to the Airport Authority when he arrive in Turkey and please when you receive the parcel you first remove all the expenses you made. My sweet darling wife please make sure you pay for all the fees and just take back all the expenses from the parcel immediately you receive it. I have already paid them $45,000 here in Afghanistan so you try your best to pay for any other expenses in Turkey and when you receive the parcel you take back any expenses you pay in Turkey. Please my dearest darling do not disappoint me when you receive this parcel because I believe and trust you so much as my darling wife and please follow all the instructions of the diplomat when he arrives and do everything he tells you to make sure you receive the parcel without any difficulties. You must present your ID card or International passport before he will release the parcel to you because he must be sure that you are the right person to receive the parcel. Let me know as soon as you receive the parcel. I love you so much and I hope we will be together soon and I will keep on loving you all the rest of my life. The Almighty God is our strengths always and I will love you forever. I love you so much my sweet darling wife and I cannot wait to be with you and hold you very tight in my arms and look into your eyes and tell you how much I love and care for you my angel. I wait for your immediate reply. With all my love
Letter 4

Honestly i am very much worried and sad with you now,because you assured me of your trust before sending you that money to you in your country,also it was because of the love and believe that i have for you that made me to be taking such risk in sending you all my suffer for many years,my sweat,career and future,now because of this little payment you will help me out to pay for our parcel,then you start giving me excuses,now is the only time you to show me your love as i do,but if you are trying to disappoint me and make me to loose all my life,sweat,suffer,career,future and kids future too,that means you never love me for one day,pls do all your best to make sure we do not loose this parcel unless you want me to shut myself and die,because i cannot stand the trauma of loosing such a huge amount of money just because of the love and trust i have for you,pls consider and think if you are the owner this money and see yourself as the owner too because we have agree to love and marry each other,so we are now one body and should be a helper to each other in any time
Letter 5

Honey pls do all your possible best to make sure that we do not loose that parcel in Istanbul Turkey Airport before the Diplomat can be allow to fly down to your country South Africa for the delivery of our parcel to you in your country home address you sent to me,I wait for your good news soonest tomorrow.
Your Lovely Darling,
Letter 6

Honey i got information from the Diplomat right now that he has been calling your number and you are not picking calls,even sent you message in your two phone numbers,but you refused to reply to his messages,honey do you want me to loose that parel in Istanbul Turkey Airport because of your promises and trust you assured to me ?,pls contact the Diplomat right now and know the situation of our packaged parcel over there. I wait for your reply soonest.
Letter 7

Honey pls i want to know if you have transferred the money to them as you told me today that you will do so?
Letter 8

Pls if you do not want to help me and pay for the fees,be open and tell me instead of telling me lies that bank declined you of your application,because there is no bank in this world can decline you your application since you have money with them and banking also with them while you have your permanent work you are doing,moreover i hate liars
Letter 9

Honey how are doing?,hope you are fine,pls i want to know if you have send the money to them as you promised me today you will do so?
I wait for your good news reply soonest.
Letter 10

Honey how was your night?,hope it was fine and cool,pls inform me immediately after your payment fees to them and make sure you also keep your payment slip very well with you for our own evidence that we have made the payment to them I love you so much,I wait for your good news today soonest Your Lovely Darling Husband,

Letter 11

My Lovely Darling Wife, I have seen all the progress you people made so far today and I sincerely want to thank you so much for everything you are doing to make sure that you receive our parcel without any problem.

Pls Just try your best to get the balance and finish the remaining payment of our clearance fees,as you said that the diplomat will finish everything and deliver our parcel to you.

I thank the Almighty God who gave me a very hard working, dedicated and very committed woman like you, I will not ask more than this, you are everything to me and believe me you are the best Gift from God to me at the right age and right time.

Words are not enough to explain my heart sincere gratitude to you and my only promise is to love you forever unconditional and to make you a happy woman as long as I live. How can I ever thank God for the grace to send me someone like you to share everything with, to rely on, to have confidence. Even now without having ever met, you show so much trust in me that overwhelms me. You cannot imagine how much I prayed and asked God for sending me the partner he meant for me When I finally decided to surrender, not to force anything, not taking any actions, you came into my life my dear, totally unexpected. And from the beginning I felt that there was something different about it, the way you think, the way you write in Ur email. I could not believe that it was meant for me to be granted so much grace and favor.. It is just my wish to please you and live according to your wish honey. And it makes me so happy that I have found in you everything I wish. In humbleness I will live, being grateful and obedience towards my beloved love. It will be my Honor and pleasure with you because I know how sincere you are, Knowing that I will be so happy that you agree to be mine forever. sweetheart,i have crossed many paths in my life,some of them I wish i never crossed,while some i pray never to see and cross again but i swear the path i met you is one i will cross over and over again cos i bless and cherish the day i found you and I cant wait to be with you to show you what true love is all about and to fulfill my promise of being the best husband you can ever dream off. I am so proud of you and you make me so happy, I cannot stop thanking God for answering my prayers and giving me my rightful partner because your coming to my life is like Sarah in the life of Abraham in the Bible, (1 Peter 3:6), Honey i want you to bear in mind that a virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones. Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord,honey you are my last hope now and pls do not let me down or die untimely death. I wait for your good news reply soonest, Your Lovely Darling Husband,
Letter 12

Ok Honey pls be patient enough in the Bank,he will soon send me the Bank Account to me
Letter 13

Honey this is the Bank Account Details Information Bank Name : Bank Cimb Niaga Syariah Account Name : Eva Natasya Account Number : 5280114379116 Swift Code : BNIAIDJA Bank Adrress : Metro Pondok Indah Ruko Plaza 1 Blok II Au Kav 67/69, Jakarta Selatan,Indonesia
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