Romance scam letter(s) from Alexander Blair to Jasmina (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hello Dear,
Am so happy to receive your Email Address......My names are Paul Makoto Saito,i am a Forth generation Japanese American (Sansei) living in Fresno, California. My dead father was interned as a child ,with some family in a concentration camp during World War 2 for 3 1/2 years. Upon returning to their homes in California, they witnessed a lot of prejudice against them for being Japanese/American..I lost my dad here in California,I seem not to look Japanese/American but i am, never got to meet my dad.

My profession is Industrial Architecture and am involved in the sales,supply and distribution of Industrial Raw Materials,such as Platinum,Alloy,ATP-5,Chromoly Steel (4130),Tread Plate,Galvanized Stones to Countries such as Portugal,Sri Lanka and Greece.

My Address in United States is 174 North Blackstone Avenue Fresno, California 93703. I am 43 years old and was once married for 20 years,separated from my wife 5 years out of the 20 years and my divorce became official 8 months ago. I have a 16 year old daughter from this marriage who lives in New-york. Am in South Africa/Phalaborwa Limpopo on a visit with a friend trying to get a joint project with a Minning Company down here.

I love running and cycling to keep fit. I am really interested in meeting you,i got into the site because of the persuasion of my friend who keeps saying "PAUL i think you might just find you life partner here in South Africa"...........I need someone to love me just the way i am. My ex-wife got married 2 month after our divorce papers came through after living with her present husband for years .During the time we were separated.......I had a few women in the states,but i really wanted my marriage to work,but i guess when its over there is nothing you can do to stop this.

I need a caring heart to be there for me. I hope i have said somethings about me for now.. Looking forward to your Email........PLEASE SEND ME MORE PICS OF YOU..........Mine is attached to to this Email.

Hope you had a nice day.............Looking forward to your response

Letter 2

Dear Jasmina,
Thank you for responding to my Email and i was actually waiting with so much anticipation for your response, Thank you for the Pictures sent,i find them so attractive and i love the smiles you have,such smiles can only radiate from a loving heart. This implies that i could sense it that you have a heart of Gold and i would love to be a part of the heart.

Let me go straight to the point,i am looking for a serious relationship and did not go into such site to play games. Had to register on the site with the help of my South Africa friend. I actually did not like the idea of the dating site,but receiving messages from you got me interested,and am really anxious we get to know each other and hope to meet soon.

My profession is Industrial Architecture and have been in south Africa for weeks now and truthfully am so much in love with this place.. We just started the 1st Phase of our work here in Phalaborwa, Limpopo and we should be done in about 2 weeks. After then the second phase would commence after i take a Month break. The second phase would last for 2 years,so definitely i would staying for long,because like i said in my previous Email,i am trying to get my Company incorporated with the Minning Company here so i can be able to get Minning products to Portugal,Sri Lanka and Greece. South Africa is blessed with so much Mineral Deposit.


I need a woman i can call mine,someone to end my search for love.As the years passes by, my feelings and urge towards true love grew stronger,am not perfect,but i believe with the right person perfection can be achieved in no distance time. I need someone to get stocked with,i need a friend and i think its time i move on with my life and get the divorce over me. I hope am not saying to much or moving to fast?

The truth is that this time,i just have to get it right and so i need a friend,a companion and it would gladden my heart to have you be that companion. Please can you tell me what you feel about what am about to ask.....

When is your Birth Day? Mine is the 14th Day Of December,so am a Sagittarius.
How long have you been on the dating site ?
How do you value intimacy?
What do you think about Faithfulness in a relationship?
How important is it to you to make your partner feel appreciated?
Do you work hard to keep a healthy and happy relationship?
Please don't mind my asking,am just a man who loves to be sure of where i am going.

Have a wonderful day (SMILES).................I

Letter 3

Good Day Jasmina,
Am really sorry for my late response to your Email,i was in church and only just got back..... Anyway if you must know,i saw the age difference before i contacted you... I really want to know more of you.........Hope you had a lovely day too ? It feels good to read your Email this afternoon and i must say that i really admire you perspective when it comes to relationship and right now i am so interested in you. As for my marriage,i am so over it and i have high values for intimacy. I believe in good communication and i know with good communication we can build something strong before we get to meet.

Do you have a yahoo email account so we can chat on yahoo messenger or we can get to chat on whats app,am really not good with the chat on phones,but i would have to make an exception.

I must say this now....I REALLY LIKE YOU....and i intend to do all i can either far or near to make you like me. Guess its to early to say that? ...........Anyway for now i just have follow my instinct and i believe in this friendship so much. Can i have a number to call you on,it would be great to hear your voice..... Do have a wonderful Sunday and once a again Good Afternoon .................. and know that Paul is thinking about you.

Letter 4

Dear Jasmina,
Thank you for the Email and am so sorry for my late response. It feels good read your email this night. I had a nice and quite day spent all my day after church in the hotel,watching TV. Would going under ground tomorrow morning with some members of the Minning team to get some samples of Alloy. Thank you for the Phone Number and i think its late to talk on Phone,but would give you a call in the Morning. Here is my own phone number,so you would know am the one calling. Phone : 0613634366 . I do not have skype and might not be able to get it on my phone here,but we can chat on whats app or yahoo messenger.

I really like you and would love to meet you before our break. Do have a lovely night beautiful.

Letter 5

Hello Dear,
They say Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have. It felt good talking to you this Morning...........I am using this Morning to think of you and i guess that would propel me to have a lovely day. The Dream is not what you see in sleep, Dream is the thing which does not let you sleep. Last night i had a dream,while awake and that dream was about finding the right words to say to get to your heart. Am so attracted to you from a distance and like i said yesterday,i would do all i can to make you like me.

Do have a lovely day angel. Love..................Paul
Letter 6

Hello Dear,
It feels so good to get a call from you immediately i got out from the under ground. When you are down there,you seem to be in the dark and getting a call from you as soon as i got out gave me a smile i could not resist. Am so glad that you had a nice day. I dont know what seem to be wrong with my whats app,but would find someone around here to help me look it up. I cant help but blush knowing that i could put a smile on your beautiful face.

I just hope i can get this whats app working by tomorrow,so i can be able to chat with you. You just made my day with that call and am so short of words to say. I guess before i go to bed i would find the right words to say...............I want to find the right words to creep into the depth of your heart and take your breath away. Do have a lovely evening beautiful,talk to you soon. Helplessly falling Paul S.......................
Letter 7

Good Morning Jasmina,
It feels good to read your Email this lovely Morning and as the Hours goes further the passion and dreams of saying the right words goes stronger. How was your night ? Mine was great and thank you for the pics sent and i would say that YES i seem to be unaware oblivious to the shape of your eyes,your favorite color, what makes you laugh,also am clueless as to your favorite vacation spot,but i think i just found out one from the Pics you sent..Also am unaware of your weird habits or any of your flaws, but listen........I am totally and completely aware of the fact that i like you from the first Email you sent me. Just like i said in my previous Email,i doesn't matter if we have a few distance between us for now,but with good communication we would be able to build genuine deep attraction and feelings for each other,because i do not believe in love at first sight,i believe love grows inside us and the type of love grown depends on how the seed was planted.

I understand the fact of been scared of a dating site,i also was scared about it but i told myself you just have to believe and then you would receive what you want. I should be abel to get the whats app download completed today so we get to talk so much and plant this seed of love,so it can start its growth early. Would leave the Phone with someone before going Underground this Morning. I LIKE YOU SO MUCH..............Do have a great day and know that Paul is thinking of you. Sending you Pics of me and my Daughter Audrey,during our visit to Rome and a Pics before i went Underground yesterday.

Have a blessed day filled with Love Falling Paul
Letter 8

Dear Jasmina
How was your day ? Am sorry i did not get to call you during my lunch,just like i told you,my phone was with some guy that helped me with the whats app. I just got out now and need to go have a shower and have something to eat. I actually skipped lunch today,but the truth about today was that i kept on thinking of you and this seems kind of strange and actually nice. Have never thought of anyone like i did today in a long time and hence the reason i believe in what am feeling. Anyway before i begin to sound like a poet,let me go have a shower and get something to eat.............Would call you soon. Missed you today. Falling Paul
Letter 9

Good Morning Jasmina,
And hope you had a lovely night ? It was so great to chat with you on whats app last night.. Am so sorry i had to go to bed so early because i had a busy day underground and was so tried to drop an Email for you. Please forgive me. How are you doing this Morning ? Its a cold Morning over here and i cant just stop thinking of you. Sometimes I wonder how I feel about you,am actually scared of these feelings because it’s still new.I caught myself thinking of the best way to share it with someone yesterday and hoping you’ll return my confession showing you care and then I catch myself again… and drag my thoughts back to reality.

I am back at square one, does this just happen to me again.............Am falling helplessly for you. The dreams i have had of you since we started talking are so vivid and clear,I feel true happiness inside and that there is nothing to fear.People say dreams have underlying meanings and not to ignore them, and i say we both know what they mean and now i want you to hear. Hear what i am about to say to you, feel it with my body, see it in my face and hear it in my words and tone when we converse.

What we have is something new and i would hold to this feeling no matter what it would take from me. Just like we said i guess i would be leaving next week but am not sure of the day it would be ,as much as i want us to meet so soon i would really love us to get to talk about ourselves so much before we meet so that when we finally meet we would have some anticipated talk and feelings and at the moment it would be a click. So please dont be mad with me for not wanting to meet so soon. I just want to know more of you and be convinced that this is real. Do have a lovely Morning and Paul is thinking of you. Love.......................................Paul
Letter 10

Hello Dear,
Like i said during our chat am so sorry for not calling last night,i really feel bad about it and AM SORRY. Guess you should be on your way to work now. Am almost set and would be up from underground by 2.00 Pm. Anyway like i said about meeting,i just need you to know that i just want to be sure about how i feel and nothing else. I got on a website where we meet and also there should be a lot of other women in there,but i choose to write you and my instinct never fails me.

Like i said in my previous Email,i just have to get it right this time around and trust me i love the way you make me feel. So we can make plans for next week,because our break starts next weekend,i just need us to keep igniting these feelings so that it grows so strong,that's all that matters to me. So dear i need you to trust me on this,yes i want to meet before our break but i just want us to get more attracted before then. Am a man who believes in strong communication and if my holding back on us meeting makes you feel bad am so sorry,but trust me have developed feelings for you.

I need you to know,i was glad when i got your response on the site,i also received emails from other women too and also some wanting to meet the first day i received thier email. I trust my feelings for you and would only give all i have to you,except you decide not to want me.

I want a woman who’s committed, and won’t just walk out on me when things get tough. Someone that listens to what i have to say and doesn’t just hang up and ignore me .Someone who fights to make our love work, no matter what the situation is. Someone who doesn’t just give up on love when she feels like it. Someone who shows me she loves me too, not just tells me. Someone who will prove to me she’ll stick by me no matter what and i guess that's not to much to ask for. Sending you pics of Yesterday,before i went underground. Falling helplessly for you.................................Paul

Letter 11

Hello My Lovely Jasmina,
Just woke up at the darkest time of the night and cant seem to get some sleep back. Am thinking of you so much tonight and the truth is that i cant help it. Thinking of you have creeped into my thoughts,mind,soul and i just hope this feeling stays as long as i live. Do have a lovely night . Love........................Paul
Letter 12

Good Morning Angel,
The mornings is a time when the most precious people in your life are remembered. Every Morning with the thoughts of you bring my so much joy and happiness and i hope this would never end. Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye and from this little distance my heart has seen all the special feelings it has for you and i promise never to let go of this feeling. You have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours and like the sunshine in the morning, may this brighten your day, and remind you that you're thought of in a very warm way.

Do have a lovely day. You are the best thing that has happened to Paul in a long while.

Falling ................................Paul
Letter 13

Hello My Angel,
I hope you had a nice evening,i really had a nice time and trust me i was not so drunk on wine. How are you and thank you for the Pics......You look cute in surgical dress......I missed you so much last night and i just wished you were here. The party came to my notice late,else i would have had you as my date,so i can flaunt you around me and i guess i would be questioned how i found someone so beautiful as you. Anyway baby i am up at this time and i need to look into some documents. Apparently my first break here would be by the weekend,so i would make plans so we meet by the weekend.

I hope you have woken up feeling quite cheerful and able to transfer all your joy to all who cross your path and me staying first on that list. To be hopelessly yours,this is my fate and more than conform myself with it, i rejoice with it! The possibility of not having you someday would frighten me, if not terrify me. I'm hopelessly yours, i need you and i'm so yours that i take that as a confession of surrender, because i trust you so fully that i would never shy away from doing anything that would relieve your suffering or cause you any pleasure, whatever it was.

Do have a lovely Morning My Angel Crazy In Love Paul
Letter 14

Good Morning ,
Good Morning Angel.....How was your night? hope you slept well ? Mine was not so great because i received a very stressful information from FRESNO and i have to be leave South Africa immediately and that would be this night. I need to go look into a joint project my company and another company in Fresno has in Derby United Kingdom.

It involves the exploration ,supplies,distribution of Landscape and Rockery materials. This implies that i would be in Fresno for some days and would leave Fresno to Derby,United Kingdom by the end of week . This is very crucial and important i leave immediately and i would be leaving tonight.

I was suppose to have the 3 weeks break by this Friday the 16th of August after this process of verifying of costs and exploration work under the South African regulatory processes of mining and reclamation,but with this new development i would start mine this Monday night and spend only 2weeks and by the time am back,the regulatory process and terms for the 2 years exploration would be approved.This implies that i would be leaving South this night and be back in 2 weeks ahead of time before we start our 2 Years project starts.

Just like i thought and wanted, we would have been able to meet before i go for this break,but at the moment i think it would be great we get to do that when i get back in 2 weeks. By so doing we would have the time to be together before i resume the exploration and also i think it would give us time to keep in touch and have anticipated dreams,thought and aspiration before we meet. I need you to know that i really want to be with you and since the day we started talking i have never stopped thinking of you for a second.

I read somewhere that it’s the space between times with a special person that encourages someone to fall so deeply for another. You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever. I need you to know i think about you every seconds of the day and just some miles between us would not change anything and i hope you keep in touch like you have always done,because from my own part the distance means nothing and its only for a few weeks. I cant stop thinking of you.................Would call you soon

Letter 15

Hello Dear,
Hope you had a lovely day. Am in Fresno,CA now and am yet to even get so some sleep. How are you doing and hope you are having a lovely weekend ? Words cannot explain how much i miss you,even if we did not get to meet before i left. Now i can feel the miles between us but the truth is this, the miles made no change because am still thinking of you so much and i feel like a little boy deep inside. We would still be able to chat on whats app and i can be reached on this Phone Number : +1 559 927 3949 or +1 940 603 0700

Anyway am not spending more than 5 days here and then leave for United Kingdom. I would be spending the remaining 1 week there and then back to South Africa. I MISS YOU SO MUCH . The the last few days, before i left you've made me feel so alive and i hope that wont change with the distance. I feel like someone who just arrived in a place so lonely because my mind is in South Africa. Do respond as soon as you get this Email. Chat with you soon.

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