Romance scam letter(s) from Roland Walker to Zhasmena (USA)
Letter 1

Hello My Queen,
I am very happy that everything i do is to your satisfaction , I have always wanted to please you my Queen , and that i will do forever ,i just need you to give me all your heart and i promise you'll be proud you ever met a man like me ,indeed,I respect our LOVE soo much and i know you also have all the respect towards our relationship , in times when i seem week you put up all the effort to keep our hearts beating for each other and that i also appreciate soo very much Jessica.YOU ARE A WOMAN WITH GOOD UNDERSTANDING and you have a very sincere heart . God will bless you for being who you are and do not respect anybodies word upon your decisions.That is a very strong and independent mind.I LOVE YOU !!! Like i said last time HONEY,the papers are done ,includes the permit to receiving the items when ready , and like i also said , I will try to get you all the papers through email just to see. But i will have nothing to do than wait for you to be able to help with what i need to complete everything. Just a little few things to do and i will be done,there is no single problem with any of the processing, all that has become and problem is me not able to get hold of some money.I HURT BECAUSE OF THAT , but as long as you have understood to help me out of this mess, i will not be too worried .Your Highness'' My Queen'' I'm very sorry i mentioned about paying you back the money you want to offer me for our business, I was just saying that to let you know for sure that even when you spend all you have on me , I will give it all back as soon as i get home , I know you do not want anything from me and would want to help without any repay , I'M SORRY I MENTIONED THAT MY QUEEN, and i thank you soo much for the help you have rendered me soo far and also about to,life would have been a mess for me if i hadn't met you my Queen.You have changed all of the negative side of my life to a wonderful Morning adventure, soo beautiful that i have never thought of such a change..You are a miracle to my life Jessica ad i will never,ever do anything to hurt my wonderful Queen... Talking about your information to fill documents, I know you will be wondering why i have not asked for any information from you yet , I have already used your name in the processing of the papers I'm about to take and now i will have to put your name everywhere, One of the most important document is the NEXT OF KING , which was my late wife ,I know it will be the next document i will be processing , it takes just two days to get done and that is when i will be needing some few information like your address, cos that documents speaks with the shipping documents and i have though i would want all the items to be sent to your home in the states, that means i will be flying straight to your/our home,(doing that cos i hate missing you and can't wait to be with you ) then we will all go for the items at the port and then fly with them to the company wanting it..From there, we will have all the time for ourselves...
It seems I'm writing too much , this is what you need to know for now Honey .
I will always let you know anything as it goes on
God bless you my Queen.
Letter 2

My Darling Jessica
I'm very very happy that your friend had to act fast enough to get you the Money to go back home , I am soo much happy that it's going to be just on the 2nd and never a week any more.I am getting nervous too with staying here and having this processing go very slow bcos i can't get hold of the money i need. Now as you get home ,it will be a very great step to getting things happen fast ... I just don't know what is happening to us Honey , But i know it's all a good test to us , in a very short time we will be together and it's going to be forever.Always remember this My Love.'' NOTHING GREAT OR GOOD COMES EASILY '' So i believe this is our own part of the test to our love , we just have to be strong against this test or we will lost our specially made DESTINY, which i know you will never let it happen , I WILL ALWAYS BE STRONG FOR YOU HONEY,I promise you that my Angel...
Be Safe for you King !!!
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