Romance scam letter(s) from Alpedro J. Johnson to Dawn (South Africa) part1
Letter 1

Hello Dawn
Thank you for writing to me and again thank you so much for your message. I am sorry for not have written earlier. I was on holiday and could not get respond to you quite on time. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas/New year holidays. I guess it is important that I tell you more about me. I chose to keep certain information about myself private on the site because I do not know who is who out there. I have had a very strange and bad experience with someone that seems to be a stalker on the site. Therefore, herein are the things you need to know about me. I am a widower and have been for 4 years and 8 months since my late wife died of cancer of the lungs. I came to South Africa 4 and half years just 2 months after the death of my wife just to have a new beginning. My mother is Spanish and my Father an American. I have a daughter (Victoria) 22yrs old who is married and stay in New Jersey, United States. I live here in Sandton, Johannesburg. I have a degree in Geologist and Civil Engineering and I love what I do because it gives me opportunity to do what I love doing.... I am always very creative in the field. I do not usually go out 'cos am not the outgoing type although I love fun.........but I prefer having the fun at home...I know that’s strange.....Please don’t laugh at me! very down to earth with a good sense of humour. my friends always say am kind, God fearing and good enough to appreciate my partner....I love expressing myself, I am very emotional, sometimes when startled, outbreaks of anger of short duration may happen and shouldn't be taken overly serious......
Because I am spontaneous I sometimes do not think of the consequences of my actions....I am romantic. Maybe a bit too much.... I hate violence; especially towards a weaker person....I respect my fellow beings and their opinions.... I almost always smile (even in the morning). It takes a lot to get me in a bad mood.....- I hate dishonesty...I am considered to be quite funny and entertaining.....Sometimes, I can be shy. These are all I can think of in a short hobbies are swimming, reading and cooking I love bbq and like doing it myself and also am good at it, my favorite sport is Football and gardening and I watch as many live games as I can....
I intend to start a new life with my future partner if I find one. I would love for us to give each other a chance to be friends and then see how it goes.
I hope that gives a better impression about my person.
I want to know more about you. Do tell me about yourself...
Letter 2

Dear Dawn Thank you for your mail which gave me insight into your life. It was good to read a bit more from you.After reading your mail, I felt compelled to start writing this response immediately! Nothing is easy on the Internet especially when it comes to romance and relationships, because there are a lot of weird people, who are very insincere and dishonest, who are active. But, nevertheless, I think that it is possible to find genuine people, who are honest and trustworthy, and who are truly seeking a soul mate. I am very genuine, and am interested only in finding ONE special, unique woman for a life-long relationship. The purpose God has created all things perfect in His time. The Internet makes the world very small. I think that there is something quite romantic about correspondence like this. It reminds me of the 19th Century in the US, where it was quite common for a couple to correspond in the first months of their friendship. But at least today, emails are quicker than either traditional post or pigeons!!! Otherwise, we would probably die of boredom. Why have I chosen the Internet to look for my future soul mate? I must admit that I have an aversion to the majority of women in "US". Nowadays, they are simply too career-orientated, and have lost the traditional, "old-fashioned" values concerning family. In addition, most women there go out in the evening and get drunk quicker with their vodka than Russian women!! They then prowl around the bars and clubs, looking for a man "for the night". I know that this sounds unbelievable, but it is unfortunately a fact of life in these modern-days - and is something that I cannot accept. I have 2 friends, who met their spouse online and got married, and I must admit that, as I got to know them, I found their attitudes towards life and family very refreshing!! That was the reason for me turning in the same direction!! I have to say to you in all honesty, that I think that men in all countries are very similar!! Not ALL men, but a vast majority. I am sorry to say this, but I am a man, and I know how men are. There are, unfortunately, lots of men, who want to have a wife at home, but still need more women. There are also, unfortunately, lots of men, who hit their wives and treat them more like slaves. I admit that, even as a man, it can sometimes be very embarrassing to be compared to these people!! But I do want to stress at the point that I consider myself to be VERY DIFFERENT to this majority!!!!! Maybe, because I was brought up in a household, where my parents were very much in love - unlike many families, maybe this has helped to make me more balanced human being. Maybe, because of this, I am capable of being a decent person, and I know how to behave in a relationship. My late wife enjoyed every moment of our relationship before her demise. One thing I would like to stress is that I am a ONE-WOMAN MAN!!!! If I am together with someone in a special relationship, then that is the only person for me, and I would not even think about the possibility of hurting that special person. I know that this is sometimes viewed as a very old-fashioned attitude. But this is how I am - and I am very proud of it!! I am not scared about the Internet. Although I have no previous experience of bad correspondence online, I am aware of all the potential dangers. Nevertheless, I believe that I am capable of looking at someone and seeing, whether they are genuine or not. One thing I know for sure: although I am looking for a very special person, genuine, honest, trustworthy, loving, I know that this person exists. In order to find this special person, you have to be prepared to look anywhere in the entire world! Correct?! What am I passionate about? To tell you the honest truth: about every single thing I do. Nothing is a chore or a task for me. I either do it with passion, or not at all. I actually do many more things than I have told you about in my previous email. So, I live together with my dog. If I have an interest, then it either reaches the level of passion, or not at all. Does that make any sense to you?? Happiness for me would be quite simple, partially because I do not like complex and complicated lifestyles. To be together with my future soul mate, to have our own family, to enjoy our daily life together to the full and to laugh and have lots of fun - and to be in good health. Everything else is a plus!!!! Family is extremely important to me. Partially, because my own childhood was so brilliant. I do not have many friends. In fact, I count only 3 very good friends as blood sisters Otherwise; I do have lots of acquaintances. I like children very much - I love my profession. I find your profile very interesting. I wish I can continue, However, I do hope we find happiness in each other.
Take care of yourself for me and may my God continue to bless you. Alpedro
Letter 3

Dear Dawn Thank you once again for your interesting email. I loved the things you shared with me. I have been alone as a widower, and therefore have decided to start a new life for myself with my future partner if I find one.

I have to be honest with you from the very beginning, God has blessed me and I have no reason to complain. And now having someone I will love in my life will be a plus. I am wondering if I should trust and put all my thoughts on you. I have read through your letters over and over again, and I am convinced that you are the kind of woman I am looking for. Your letter also makes me feel very comfortable. I think about you more often lately. I do not have to blame myself for thinking about you all the time since I found you. I guess it's quite natural. Having survived the trauma caused by the loss of my wife to cancer, I am still on the rebound and very careful to open up my heart to love again, but I do hope I am guided aright by my heart and not my head. Because of my decision to start a new life, I need someone I can love and trust. Someone that is experienced and can show me around or even guide me from decisions I may like to make in future. There is absolute need for me to be open with my future partner; maybe together I can make the right decision. I need someone that I can entrust 100% with my love, funds and have the assurance that I am secured even with her. I really have a lot in my head right now as this is not an easy decision for me to make. Since last night, I find myself thinking about you all the time--what do I say in response? It seems I am asking myself if I am ready to go deeper. I want to know if you are indeed interested in me or just messing around. I want to know if I could believe in you. I don’t want to start showing more passion to inspire you, win you and be for you. I am a very passionate person. I'm happy to always show you what kind of man I am. I am never looking for a woman that is self centered. I am looking for a woman to fall madly in love with. A woman to trust and believe in. I am not looking for someone to play around. I'm looking for someone to live a romance out that would be for the ages that would completely alter the course of our lives that would inspire and amaze those around us. I think you want the same thing. My aim is to always show you what I feel and been able to understand the kind of woman you are? It does not take a million years to know someone. I believe relationship and love are built with great commitment and understanding between the 2 people involved. I have been somewhat guarded thus far. It has nothing to do with you. This is really me. I like expressing what I feel. I haven't had any regrets since I met you, but I have decided to go slow at first when I should meet someone. Trust me; I can romance you the way you dream about. As trust builds and we get to see each other, the spark that I feel now can easily turn into a blaze. Yes, there, I said it; I am very attracted to you. I feel it in my heart, in my mind, in my core. I have been praying about it and I feel at peace. It feels good to go deeper with you and I seriously will have no regrets! I guess sometimes you may aswell wonder if truly I will make you happy as a friend or partner. You will like to ask yourself what kind of man am I. Well, I married my college sweetheart. I loved her with all my heart. We had Victoria together. She is an amazing gift from God, an amazing kid. I love my child with all my heart. I am a fully involved father. I love being her father. I love having her. When my wife got sick I knew what was coming., I had the feeling, I saw the revelation in my dreams, I prayed over it and the Church also did prayed. The Holy Spirit had warned me that she was going home to the Lord that there was nothing I could do. I never told her that of course. I walked with her through it all, the operations, the treatments, the radiation. Then it came back. She lived the last 8 months in a wheel chair. I quit my job to take care of her. I carried her everywhere since she couldn't walk. I fed her, bathed her, prayed for her, and endured her anger. Then she died. I walked with her through it all until the day she died. But I wasn't bitter. I tried to isolate myself from the things of this world. I knew that she was safe with God. I knew that for some reason, God had other plans for me. I knew that life was opening up for me. I believed that my second half would eclipse the first half. I knew that my child needed me to be strong for her, she needed more than ever to know that she is loved and that God had not let us down. We all gained a more eternal perspective. That is a good thing. That is something that only enduring pain and suffering can produce. They say what does not kill you makes you definitely stronger. I will continue to be humble, until the day God will decide to take my life. Money is really not everything that matters in life. But my relationship and the little way I am able to impact positively in the life of people around me. This is worth more than Gold and Diamond because if I die today, the only thing that will be remembered about me is how I lived my life. What legacy did I live behind? How many people was I able to help with my position with respect for the dignity of mankind, it is a shame really that the world has turned into what no one seems to comprehend. I am the kind of person that feels very passionate about things, I told you that it is either I do things passionately or I don’t get involved. I always put my mind fully into anything that I set myself to do. And this relationship is not an exception, I don't hold grudges. Every day I wake up with my heart a clean slate. I look forward, not backwards. I don't mean that to sound proud. I just mean that I am consistently invited to follow my heart wherever it would lead, to become happy once again. Isn't that the desire of every human being? But right now, the season of my life is to raise my child and meet with my dream woman. I have seen people go after irrelevant things and leave their wife and children behind. The neglect has shipwrecked their lives, ruined their families. That's not for me. I have already made a choice to be your man only if you want me to be your man. I am an old fashioned family man. After God, my family comes first. That is a non-negotiable. I know you would like that. I am a bit out of sorts in this modern (or post-modern) world in which we live. The things that I see people running after don't interest me in the slightest. 1st John in the Bible is still true. The lust of the eyes, the pride of life, and the lust of the flesh are not of the Father, but of this world. And the world passes away. But I will endure because I run after the Lord. I am not a follower. I always desire to be faithful to God. I don't pay attention to what others are doing to get a sense of myself. I base my life on the enduring principles found in God. I build on that foundation. God has truly blessed me for it. I have a job that I put my best into, but it doesn't own me. Everywhere around me people are losing their houses, their businesses, their lives. But not me. My God is preserving me. Although I might still have some life challenges in business, But I trust God for favors. I have a life that is like a well tended garden. God weeds it frequently. I don't have a drinking problem (I have an occasional glass of wine, that's it). I don't have any desire to look at women or pornography. I don't abuse my kid. I would never hit or lie to my partner. I believe in Honesty. I don’t have lots of friends.
So where do we go from here? That really is a good question. Maybe, we’ll have to find ways to keep it interesting (not boring) without being able to look into each other's eyes, hold each other's hands, and embrace each other with warmth and affection. Ok, I'm getting depressed now. How about you? I will leave you to decide. I guess I have told you a whole lot about myself and my interesting life, hope I have not scared you away? I would really love to know you better and see how things unfold. I look forward to hearing from you again. I can hardly wait, actually. May God bless you and keep you. May God show both of us what He is doing here. May He supernaturally fill us and empower us to walk this out with passion, romance, and according to His good purposes.
Letter 4

Dear Dawn,

Thank you for your email, I want to apologize for not responding to it earlier than now. Please do not feel that your honesty will probably turn me off. I like the fact that you are bold enough to share your past with me. On the other hand, I feel the need to share with you a lot more about myself. In life,we do not have all the details and are never accurate about anything,the point is that we can only strive to be better and make ourselves better people.However,I write you this email to tell you a lot more about my background and beliefs.I am the only child of my parents and I come from a good home.My parent are dead leaving me with no real immediate family.Besides,the fact that they looked after me and brought me up,I made myself what I am from scratch and from nothing basically.At the time,my father was caught up in his own world as he is a very private person. I have grown and nurtured myself to live a life free of regrets and carry no regrets neither.Sometimes,it takes me a lot of courage to bring myself to think about unnecessary situations,I try as much as I possibly can to be a better person and live a good life.But then again,God knows best and I have always, my faith and trust in Him.Therefore,besides the loss of my wife to cancer and spending time with my daughter whenever I can,I am very accustomed to being alone and for very long periods of time. The reason why I go to the beach,not that I am there all the time,but occasionally,is as a result of the fact that I find great solace,standing on the beach,watching the ocean waves.It is a thing of beauty;the sea breeze brings along with it,some form of peace.This peace,soothes me. Nature is one thing that helps you have an in depth knowledge about God and some of the mystery which we basically accepted by faith.My Christianity is flexible,when I say this,I mean that I am not really one who goes to church in the morning,afternoon and night.I do believe in God and attend Sunday service,should I miss the morning service on Sunday,I attend the evening service.In all honesty though,I am not a core religious person which means my Christianity is very flexible.The denomination that one is associated with,to me is not so vital,you see,I can go to church everyday,I sit there at the front pew,but my heart is not clean.Our body alone is the temple of God.Therefore,I really do not take so seriously,a denomination or faith which another practices,the vital factor is that they clearly believe in God,love Him with all their heart and willing to do what is right. On my part,I am a gentleman;I do not judge people and know enough that life is worth living.It is irrelevant to spend time worrying about things and situations,this never changes anything.Experience teaches a lot and helps us to learn and grow,learning from our mistakes and carrying no regrets,makes one a better person.I am not generalizing here,but stating things in this manner so as to give you a general understanding of my kind of person.I am also a very open minded person.I work out every day and exercise for 40 minutes,this helps to keep me healthy,energetic and fresh,ready to face the day's challenges.I do spend a considerable amount of time at the beach especially whenever I have the time,nature and science are things that interest me.

When I was young, I had an ambition to be an Astronaut, well it never turned out that way, but I have a special interest in Astronomy.The scientific theories both associated with evolution and the existence of the planets, is something that I find very intresting, even though, it does contradict my christian beliefs.I am very sociable and seem to get along with people. You know
there are women who are insatiable,they seem to want more from outside their homes.This is why I hate liars and people who are never satisfied with their life and what they have at their disposal.But then,enough about that,let us talk about us. Do understand that for some reason,I feel so comfortable writing you all of this and the point is, I will always have time for you.However,I do not really allow people or relatives to interfere with any relationship that involves me.This has nothing to do with visiting the family members nor spending time with them or anything of the sort,the fact is that I am very reserved.If you are my woman and I am your man,all we have is each other.A lot of my reservations being that there are times,I may be forced to discuss certain issues which are private. for instance, my sex life with my partner or my relationships which I really would not want to.On the other hand,I can choose to engage with family relations on the side of my partner,if we both have a concrete understanding of each other,our love life is great and we know that there is nothing which we cannot just work out between us.These are some of the essential situations that allows a relationship to blossom and last.The minute one chooses to discuss every single issue with a relative or friend,sometimes,it does not have the positive effect intended.You should also forgive me,if this upsets you,but I feel I must let you know,I have not really been around a family myself that much and have no younger or elder brothers whom I can run to in such circumstances.Maybe,I have taught myself the mentality of shutting myself in and accepting the love and affection of my partner. I eat light and do not eat much really,I also enjoy seafood and can cook well.I am not a chef but when we are together,you may think that I am one.I love going to the cinema,reading magazines and playing the piano.The beach is a place where I find great solace,unlike some people who may find solace in a church or at a party.I am not really a party type but I have nothing against someone who is;I find great joy in tennis and should there be an atp tour going on,I will watch it.While,my activities may seem rigorous and all,once you have a routine to it,it becomes so simple that you will have time to do anything that you love. So,I have spilled my guts so much here, tell me about your passions in life.In addition,why don't we first know ourselves and ultimately discuss how we would get along.Patience is a virtue.I personally think that the way to your heart is probably affection,care,love and time.There is sincerity and openness about you.

On the other hand, I am interested in knowing about your family background and what life was like for you while growing up.
Truly yours
Letter 5

Dear Dawn I want to believe that you had a wonderful night rest and that you had a day of peace, hope and love. I do feel the need to connect with you more and thank you for sharing so much with me. Firstly, I see myself as a classy man who is youthful at heart. I enjoy listening to music, outdoor activities and traveling.I am extremely independent, confident, secure, emotionally, mentally and spiritually stable.I can also carry a great conversation. I am a goal oriented, affectionate, loving and caring person. On the other hand, I am further, a fun, smart, spontaneous, generous, and confident and super outgoing person and have a big heart. I am very confident, no man is truly handsome without having confidence and the intelligence to go with it and I carry no regrets. I love learning about stuff that makes me see things differently and opens my mind.I love people who can really make me laugh.I am very open-minded and I feel bad for people who are not.I am easy-going and I love to have a good time.I hate immaturity and not into games.I hate liars/backstabbers. I think you should live life to the fullest.You only get one life so live It up.I also believe that everything happens for a reason.I therefore,do not think only of myself but also have room for another in my heart.I communicate with my daughter as often as possible and I am a part of her life.

Being an only child of my parents, I was thought a good discipline by my parent that life's journey is never a straight road.During my childhood sometimes, I wanted the world to crash on me because I felt so lonely; I felt hopeless and did not know what to do and how to face the world.Nobody to play with. Those were very hard and traumatic experiences which I had as a younger man. The fact here is that in all of this,God was strengthening,protecting me and I was never harmed. It was the catholic priests that took me in and began to nurture me as I went to a missionary school .I never felt that I had the vocation but a lot of my self discipline came from the upbringing which I had from my parents and these mentors who God sent to save and help me.Of course,there were painful memories,but I have been able to learn from those difficulties,winding roads,obstacles and experiences that every single human being is carrying lots and different hard feelings,as part of the cross we are suppose to have in order to be saved in the end; but I also believe that each cross is only that hard as we allow it to be.Above all,I never gave up,I never lost hope,and God always gave me a hand when I most needed.The ability to build myself from scratch does not necessarily mean the accumulation of wealth,but from a psychological angle as during those times,I had no self esteem,but an important social oriented education, meaning that I needed to adjust my behavior according to other expectations and standards;in time I became aware of my own self,developed my own standards and self image, and acted accordingly,in order to be able to eventually feel good with myself and rooted in the reality of my inner being and around life. The impact that my childhood had in my life is understanding my own mind first,and others.I looked for harmony with myself,and it only came when I was able to understand that other people's behavior and actions that affected or hurt me were mainly expressions of their own limits/issues/contextual reactions to something related with their own selves,not with me;understanding this,I am always able to free myself of any hard feelings.As life principles,I do not judge others,I always try to understand the reasons people act as they do,I avoid contradictions when someone is not open for dialogue,I strongly believe that trusting someone is something that we only can loose once,I respect every human being and look first to see the best in people. However, I am a man who will dedicate myself to you,give you the time that you need and will always be there for you.I am not a billionaire but I am not poor either, God has always taken care of me,which is why,I have been able to take care of myself irrespective of all odds.You see,I do not mind that a woman goes to a party,talks with men,enjoy a man's company or go out for a drink with friends.I have a great understanding of the word "freedom" and when I say this,I mean outside the general literal meaning of the word.I understand the need that a woman can sometimes choose to have fun,not necessarily in the company of her husband or man.The point is that I will never judge you based upon your actions but on honesty.Then again,if you need my time,support, etc, it will be there for you and you alone.When you tell me that you are through with something,then you are through with it. I am not a jealous type, which is why I can see you talking with a man or in the company of men,I will not ask you what you were doing with him / them.If you feel that you want to tell me what it is about,that entirely is your choice.It is your freedom,this is why my understanding of the word freedom goes beyond the literal meaning.I believe in the fact that if I like you,I will tell you. Life is full of challenges, but when you smile at these challenges, you derive a positive energy out of a seemingly hopeless venture.There are reasons why things happen; they do not just happen.When you smile at the world,it smiles back at you,it is a simple philosophy of life.When you are scared of the world,the world becomes scared of you. In all honesty, I truly appreciated your email which I had received and urge you to be courageous enough to confide in me. Happiness is not a prize to be won but a journey and not a destination.The purpose in life is to be happy and help others be happy.I do wish to apologize for not writing you earlier than now as I am very engaged at the moment, making arrangements in relation my business activity which does take me out of the country from time to time.My work is tedious but I do thoroughly enjoy it. I do feel that I must inform you about my reason for chosing not to spend the rest of my life alone. I desperately wanted a intentions were that getting married again would provide me with the family that I so much wanted since my wife died, I have been alone for about 3 years now.So, I suppose many want what they do not have, or always more or different, Thankfully in the end for whatever reason,I chose to start a new life, to find that woman that God has destined for me. However, those were very difficult times for me as well.I did a great deal of reading during the difficult times, one book that was particularly impact-full was A Road Less Traveled.It helped me to see how life was about choices and not necessarily right and wrong or good and bad, but just a choice.Since then I have been more decisive about how I live life rather than just floating down a stream without direction under no control. It has been about 3 years and it seems like a different life from now. As I look back,I would never wish the turmoil on my worst enemy,but at the same time I would never trade the amazing ways in which the Lord chose to show His amazing love to me.I recall in the midst of the pain that all I wanted was to be able to say like Joseph,you meant it for evil,but God meant it for good and to say I love you Lord and really know what that meant.Now,where does that kind of thing come from,it had to be the Spirit of God.Truly,He has honored that.He used it to heal a broken heart from hurts and has continued to show me how faithful He is.Now,do I doubt and have difficult times? Well yes, but through His word He always shows His love.I have learnt that I do not always know all of the details and my thought may not be an accurate assessment of a situation.Therefore, life is too short to worry about things that do not change.My life is full, I am blessed and have many interests that I never have nearly enough time and energy to enjoy. I simply think that you are an amazing woman and my instincts had never failed me.It is always important in life to try other than live a life regretting what may have been.Therefore,upon reading your emails I noted the openness,sincerity and simplicity expressed in them which clearly shows your genuine and kind nature.I can only but ask you to search no further,this is a wonderful beginning.Let us make this work. I am always delighted each time that I receive a message from you,for I think about you a lot.For some odd reason,I trust my judgment that we may certainly have some kind of connection.However,at this point,I am unable to understand exactly what that connection may be.My background may not be similar to yours,yet,we are still able to find a way to be happy and not regret anything.I sincerely believe that somehow one finds the connection that they dearly seek by embracing and understanding their past.Things are never how we plan it and in an instant,we can experience a dramatic change in our life. Following my recent thoughts about you,I feel comfortable discussing a lot more about us.By the way,upon reading your emails to me,I was able to observe a wonderful and special woman.I also think that you have a big heart.Our inquisition and willingness to know and learn is what helps us grow and your messages so far, shows me,the utmost genuity,sincerity and openness which you have,above all,a deep sense of understanding.On the other hand,we are grown and older now,so,why don't we take all those negative energy from our past failed relationships and turn them into a positive one.Let us have some form of commitment and independence by which we can do whatever we want,whenever we want,without pressure and none of us,trying to be a control freak.Let us give courage and support to each other,let us build a mutual understanding,Let us be bold enough to confront each other and discuss our fears,let us look for the answers within us and try to work out whatever may be the cause of a problem.

This is indeed a wonderful beginning, I am free to act on my feelings for you without fear.What more can a man say to the woman who has shown him, genuine openness, allowing that experience be shared? I am very sure that I have developed some feelings for you.I try to put these feelings into words,but fail miserably.The feeling of being both scared and at peace,of having both butterflies and a sense of calm,it is a feeling that I have always wanted.I have no other words to describe the way that I certainly seem to be feeling for you.It is rather odd but no words,no actions could even come close.I know that we try continually to seek for that one person, to fix all the screwed up things in our lives,and make everything better.We can be happy together if we work everything out,which I think we will.I hope you will allow me open up to you and let you know how I feel.I know that you may be scared as I am and afraid to take that step.I want for us to forget about the past that brought us the hurt and pain,I want you to feel the passion, affection,and caring that I may be able to offer you.I sincerely think that you are very special;I don't want to give that up.I do not know if it will be wrong of me to ask you to search no further,but my heart is waiting,open and ready to put it all on the line. Will you do the same? I am taking this chance and believing in God that this will work.I need for you to do the same or we might as well call it quits. I believe that God will give us the support that we need to make it last. So, what kinds of food do you like to eat most? What would be your ideal restaurant? Did you do anything exciting that you would love to share with me? I earnestly hope that you search no further while looking forward to hearing from you.
Letter 6

My dearest Dawn It is indeed my intention to believe that you are well and coping very well this morning.Firstly, I want to apologize for not writing in details earlier than now.I am presently preparing for a business trip away from the country to Madrid, Spain. I have some business engagements there.I am involved in the business of Uncut Diamond.The Diamond business is exciting but it does take some time to conclude. I hope to be back to be with you in Feb. It is a beautiful morning here in Sandton. Thank you for your email and concern about how I am, it gladdens my heart so much. So, in kind I would like to reciprocate on some personal information, and as I am unaccustomed to this type of exchange, I am not sure if my information is too detailed? I finished high school and went for my University in Washington DC. I graduated from University of the District of Columbia as a Geologist and Civil/structural Engineer. I got married while I was in the university. I started working in a private Engineering Company until late 90's. Well it was a beautiful job although it does have a lot to offer those who can’t afford and pay for a “safe” location. Then, I later got a new job in the New Jersey Mining Company as regional supervisor. So more on me: well, I grew up on a very large wine farm with my parent, went to school there and finished high school and spent most of my adult life in Washington during my University years. Got married and had my daughter Victoria all in Washington DC. Since I started work, the department I worked in NJ Mining Corporation was a joint venture between three Mining Companies and I was specially involved in providing engineering consulting services and expertise to the upstream energy sector of exploration and mining. This division was acquired later by Transco UK that became British Gas (worldwide energy company). I worked with the Corporation until 1998 in the position of Head of Planning and Development in the US. In 2001 I opened an engineering & mining Consultant Agency, where we serve as brokers to Government, individuals and organizations that wish to explore, purchase or deal on Gold and African Diamonds. I could not refuse the success I made in that venture with the same capacity. In 2007, I was awarded a new Mining Contract by the previous government in where I invested huge amount. The Contract didn't go as planned yet due to bad management, economic downturn and insufficient funds and other minor incorrect analysis. Since this was not conducive to my advancement, so I decided to move on. When my wife died, I took up a new business concept. I started importing Uncut Diamonds from Canada, Tanzania, South Africa, Angola, Russia and Botswana. Because of my experience in the mining industry, I had access/connection to Uncut Diamonds that worth considerable amounts, I continued to purchase diamonds and sell in the US because I can really get it raw and cheap. As a Civil Engineer who majored his carrier in Gemstone Mining and Engineering Construction & Consultants, People seek partnerships and find various investment sectors which they may find lucrative or are considering, they will make some form of communication with an agent, brokers, etc. These agents will contact me and present the business plan of their clients, the investment sector concerned. Mostly in Coal, Diamond and Gold Mining. I will work round these projects, ensuring that this can be lucrative and in the long term. The developed plan and reports are now sent to the concerned agents, who will in turn inform their clients respectively. However, in recent time, I have channeled all my energy and business into the uncut diamond business. This is also a very lucrative sector, it does not make you millions in an instant, but it does keep you going until you receive a major contract from a government broker or an agent. I guess you are familiar in this field and not new to this information as you are South African. As you know already, Uncut diamonds are gemstones found at mines, they are rough and not polished, and you engage a gemologist who actually does the testing of the stones, inform you of the quality, size of the carat and any relevant information which is required. It involves going to the mines, sometimes, hours and hours of travel out of the countries. When you purchase the uncut diamonds directly from the Mine owners at a very cheap rate and sell to Jewelers. However, what happens is, due to the fact that these stones are uncut and say it is 3.7ct for instance, in a jewellery store when polished, 0.5ct can go for usd20,000.00,but the stone being uncut and 3.7ct,you can probably buy 0.5ct for usd5000.00,in other words, the uncut Diamond with size 3.7ct will be, 3.7ct times usd5000.00.This also goes on, the bigger the stone, the more expensive it becomes. This is really a very rigorous process, sometimes; you take a considerable amount of time to locate a mine that could be used through your connections. This is usually done by mining firms, you need to negotiate with them and come to some form of an agreement with them. A reasonable percentage allocation will be agreed upon, and then you employ laborers who will actually do the filtering of the stones, sometimes, the stones can be found in a muddy area, so once they collect these, the gemologist then come and begin testing. Upon completion of the process, you will now supply to buyers. this is really something big and I cannot explain to you everything by email, it does at least give you an idea of how this works.I truly hope that I had provided you with an understanding and as concerns what I do. I have not told this much to anybody outside my circle and that has been a while. So where was I besides giving you my life history? I have travelled a lot although business travel is not fun or relaxing to me. So If I have my way, I usually assign representatives on my behalf if there is need for a meeting outside the country. Although there are certain businesses negotiations that I have to be there in person so I travel when the opportunity comes. I do go on vacation to various exotic places. There are a lot of places that I would have still love to visit and would like to have fun and enjoy these places and to share these destinations and those that I have visited before with that special person. My business will not be a problem as I can operate my dealings from any part of the world I find myself. Growing up as a farm boy, I do enjoy the wide open spaces and try to get out as much as possible. When young, the weather was conducive to getting out into the wilderness; besides the sun, there is the very high humidity to contend with also that makes it oppressive sometimes in summer. Although I live and have lived in big cities for the past 38-years, I do not like or enjoy them. I still like the country side of life. Since my parents are all dead and being the only child: I really do not have any problem making new decisions concerning my future. My daughter Victoria is very much included in my plans and she is quite okay with my plans. She is happy with her life and comfortable too in NJ with her husband. I do believe that my days alone are over so I have to explore and learn more about other cultures and people. We all have something missing in our lives and I think that this is why we strive to grow, learn and try as much as we can to reach across barriers and overcome hurdles. Above all, it is important that we learn to trust fully in God, knowing that HE will lead and direct. Therefore, seeking a relationship outside of my environment is not at all difficult from my perspective, Love does not consider time nor distance. I believe that it is either you embrace it or not. It is amazing how we spend a great deal of time looking for something and end up finding them in places where we least expect it. I am certain that we will have lots of fun together as partners. One thing I want you to observe about me is that I am strong willed. I do not do things because someone wants me to do it or to please anyone. I engage myself in anything I do because I have thought about it and decided that it is the best thing for me. So I cannot live my life just to impress someone. OK, now that we have the basics out of the way let’s talk more about life in general. Getting older is a state of mind; but, things stat changing in one’s life – we start to look older, we get age spots, our chests fall, we get a few extra pounds around the waist, our hair line starts receding, and more but that is life. For my age, I am satisfied and I hear I am not that bad looking and that I look younger than my age. Well I try to stay and eat healthy. I go to gym as often as I could to stay fit and healthy. In general, I am not the party animal; in fact, I tend to try and be low keyed and stay out of the spot light if I can. I eat light and do not eat much really; I also enjoy seafood and can cook very well. I am a down to earth individual and I know who I am and my limitations and responsibilities. I am conservative when it comes to my surroundings, associations and friends. I am very protective of what I deem is important to me. Wealth is a means to survive and education is one of those items needed to meet the needs of wealth. I am reserved, keep to myself. I value and am very protective of my privacy. I tend to be a homebody, especially when I come back from work. I am not complicated; I like the simple things in life. I would love to have the real unabashed love and affection of a woman who cherishes me for me not some figure that is assertive. I love romance, spontaneity and I am very passionate and affectionate. I talk from the heart but tempered by the mind. In relation to your emails,you will not understand how pleased I am to receive your message.I am truly happy that I found you.As I had told you,I am free to act on my feelings without fear.It may be that I had given you something to consider,obviously,you are someone who is ready to move on in life and enjoy each day as the gift that it is,and you do obviously understand that two people can both make mistakes in a relationship.It is never any one persons fault.It is an innate ability to realize ones mistakes and learn from those mistakes which indeed is a positive way to create a healthy relationship when given the second chance.I do think that I have this ability which has helped me to not carry regrets but just learn and grow from them.Most importantly I am not selfish, impatient and insecure,I make mistakes,and at times,a little hard to handle,but personally if someone cannot handle me at my worst,then they do not deserve me at my best. I do think that we would be great together and the reason is simple,we are both open minded and understand mistakes and ready to accept and learn from them.We both love to enjoy life and I am sure you are passionate about it as I am;in view of this,we will both celebrate good times and support each other through the bad times.We will learn things about each other every day.We will not always have good times but we will always love each other and work through our problems. I do not know how to express the conflicting emotions that have surged like a storm through my heart but I only know that first and foremost,you are always in all my thoughts.Upon reading your emails,I understood that you have the greatest soul, the noblest nature and possibly the sweetest most loving heart.My love and admiration for you have increased so much that it still amazes me.If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to you instead of writing here.Then again,the best thing that I can do now is express them in my email. I hope I am not being too forthright or blunt – that is who I am. Am I am being too honest enough, and is this a turn-off for you? What is important is what you feel for me and I in return feel for you. I thank God for this relationship. I hope that you are willing that we connect on an intimate level.
Letter 7

Dearest Dawn
How are you and I want to believe that you are well.I am terribly sorry for not have written you up until now but this is owing to the fact that I had been very engaged since I arrived here in Madrid Spain early hours of the morning as I left last night. I did receive your photos and email which I completely understand your feeling especially as concerns your most recent ones in which you shared your deep thought and life philosophy with me. I roamed my South Africa cell phone number to enable me keep in touch with my contacts. So I will be providing you with my phone number as soon as possible to enable you reach me if you want to chat over the phone swell. My heart is always overjoyed at the sight of your email and I certainly have developed very strong feelings for you.Do understand that since I found you, I have no intentions of searching further.In the meantime,I am still here in Madrid.
I want you to know that you do mean so much to me with each passing day and I have spent time thinking about you even in this business trip.If this was when I was 18,I would have eloped with you to some mountain,where we would be alone,no pressure from the world,peace,calm and quiet,and have lots of babies.But I am not 18 anymore,it however does not change this enormous feeling and emotions which I have developed for you overnight.This is just something else and I have to admit,perhaps,I have been alone for too long.What I feel for you,I simply cannot explain,but I consider these feelings to be unconditional and undying; so great that my heart seems to burst with the joy of it.
I can talk to you or tell you anything because I feel that I can trust you.We can tell each other everything and still be OK with it.I assure you that if we are together,I will never cheat,lie or do anything to hurt you.You make me feel so good inside and so happy that I still cannot believe it.It is so amazing because I feel that you are an amazing person.I do not know what the future holds,that is something only God knows.All I do know is that I think about you all the time and you are consuming my thoughts daily,and hopefully always will.I am into you that I get this warm sensual feeling every time I think of you.When I sleep at night,I wish I could hold you in my arms. I long for the day when I could kiss you passionately on your lips and listen to your heart beat.All I can say is let me be the one you love and let me be the one whose love you need.I want to take you as a flower in my hand with which I am charged with the responsibility to look ever after and to keep fresh. I therefore, will so much appreciate it if you are mine and mine only.At the same time, I can guarantee you that I will always be your man but you will also be my woman,not forcefully but willingly.
However,a good and lasting relationship has its essence,I do not really allow people or relatives to interfere with any relationship that involves me.This has nothing to do with visiting the family members nor spending time with them or anything of the sort,the fact is that I am very reserved.If you are my woman and I am your man,all we have is each other.You can also attribute this to the fact that I have been alone and really have no one to rely upon besides my daughter for so long.In one of my emails to you,I did share my ideology of a successful relationship with you,therein,I mentioned that the minute one chooses to discuss every single issue with a relative or friend,sometimes,it does not have the positive effect intended.Again,I have not really been around a family myself that much and have no younger or elder brothers whom I can run to in such circumstances.These situations had given me the mentality of shutting myself in and accepting the love and affection of my partner.This does not mean that I will not choose to engage with the family relations on the side of my partner,but we must both know that there is nothing which we cannot just work out between us.
What can I say? Finally,I have the answer to all these feelings and craziness happening to me,I really do.I could not even find this,during my walk earlier,but it happened this morning.It is obvious,you and I have a connection,we have an understanding and I seriously think that you should be a part of my life and future.You are an amazing woman,honest,sincere and open.There is also a serenity that just exudes from you;we can really make this work.
You are just great and thank you for being this woman,who you are and I hope to be worthy and deserving of you.You have such a great interest in me and my well being.These little things depicts your simple nature and your kind heart.Thank you.It is indeed a wonderful feeling which we both have,such that we are able to express ourselves and feelings without fear.However,the essence of a beautiful and blossoming relationship is mutual trust,love and understanding.Let go,for I have indeed put my heart on the line.I sincerely cherish you,you have given me the realization and sensation to possibly love again.
I cannot but be grateful to having found you.I have been alone for sometime,therefore,if I fail to be extremely romantic,be kind enough to forgive and understand this shortcoming of mine.I have also learned from my mistakes and hope to be a good man who will be there for you,at all times.We should be both courageous to support and be there for one another too.My heart is beating so fast as I write you this letter,that I somehow wish,I can be in your arms this very minute and by your side.You are a very special woman and I do not want to give that up.
Honesty is one thing that I do not take for granted.I am specific and to the point,you will always know what I feel and how I am,at each time.I have a great understanding of one's feelings and do as much as I can to be supportive,either way.This was a major cause of the reason why,I found it most difficult to have a woman in my life for so long a period of time.I can only but ask you to take this chance with me and let go of the things,holding you back.Let us look to the future with optimism,believing that it shall be well with us.We cannot afford to let past experiences hinder us in any way,let us take this chance together.We can make this work,trust me.Dearest,please be mine.That is all I can say and ask,nothing more.You are driving me crazy and I just cannot seem to get the thoughts of you out of my head.
Therefore,let me bring some excitement into your life,make it adventurous,by so doing,you will love me,the thought of ever leaving will be forgotten.Let us change the face of these situations,ignite both work and life with new found passion.I will say again,a mutual understanding and love,is something that keeps a relationship going.Life itself is a ride,you can choose to make it exciting and enjoy the ride or live it,without desire,ambitions and be bored.I enjoy life,love to live it to the full.So,why don't we take all those negative energy from these past relationship and turn them into a positive one.Let us have some form of commitment and independence by which you can do whatever you want,whenever you want,without pressure and I,trying not to be a control freak.Why not allow you have some form of power,while still loving me.Let us give courage and support to each other,let us build a mutual understanding,do away with outside interference in our relationship.Let us avoid having to tell everyone,what we are going through,hoping they will give us the answers.Let us be bold enough to confront each other and discuss our fears,let us look for the answers within us and try to work out whatever may be the cause of a problem.I am hopeful that if we can achieve this,our relationship will be a bliss and blessed.At the same time,we cannot do without mutual trust,we should be able to be open and honest about anything.In times of difficulties,let us be able to confide in one another,let us support each other.Let us further understand the real meaning of freedom,let us not always question each others' decisions and make our own judgments.I think,we should rather not judge at all.Let us strive to accept things as they are,change that which we can.
I love music and I love playing it loud in the car and at home, perhaps, as a result of being alone all the time (You may not like this). I love sports,football,tennis and squash.However,it is not enough that I should ignore you when we are together and I am watching or doing these things.You see,I can be old now,but I am very young at heart.
I am also much focused and a shrewd businessman.You have no idea.God is always first and that will never change.Do know that you are always in my thoughts. I will be providing you with my SA cell phone which I roamed.
Letter 8

My dearest Dawn I have received your email and I am so happy and glad. I know you are already getting ready to retire for the day. Thank you for your beautiful wordings in the lyrics, emails and in-depth opinion and insights. I am really sorry to read about your brother. I will remember her in my prayers. Thank you for the vivid and explicit description of yourself,indeed,you did not hold back.We all need someone to lean on and be courageous enough to lean on me.I remember informing you in one of my emails that I believe in freedom and not just in the sense of the literal meaning of the word.Therefore,I would want that you do whatever you want when you want,I do not feel that it is adequate for me to restrict you in such a manner as asking you where you are going.It is for you to tell me this just as you shared intimate details of yourself with me.You are to also understand that I will be doing the same.I have no intention of trying to control you nor subject you to my wishes and vice versa. The truth is that I love and had already accepted you,the way you are.I am too old to begin to compare issues and have mixed feelings about you.I put my heart on the line already and that can no longer change.I have told you that it is my intention that you become a part of my life and future.If you are to be a part of my life and future,you will be able to tolerate my shortcomings as I will you too.My work is very intriguing and exciting ,especially when you understand the modalities involved.I am sure that you will love it in due time and for while my schedule may be vigorous,it is indeed very exciting when you adapt to it.In the course of my work,I have been to the several counties of the world,I did tell you that I have a Spanish blood aswell running in me.I have also traveled to Amsterdam,Netherlands.This is mainly because of the fact that upon purchase,my shipment are made through these countries.I have no idea at the moment of how much longer,I will be here.This particular trip is big enough,so I do not think that I will be scheduling any other trip in the recent future.There are still a lot of sourcing being done and of course,moving from one location to another.Proverbs 4:23 says Guard your heart above all else for out of it flow the springs of life.Doubts and fear,I believe are punishment,I am a positive individual.Life is about choices and once a choice is made,commitment becomes the next factor.So,I am positive about you and I.You and I both deserve to be loved for who we are,all of the good and bad things,the little annoying habits,the cute adorable things. All I want of you is to be mine and love me, indeed, I am overjoyed and believe that your intention will be one that will add peace, comfort, joy and above all, love to my life.Let me equally bring some adventure into your life and we can both learn from each other, surely, there is absolutely no way that you and I can have a boring life together. Therefore,I wish to proclaim once again, my true love for you because you are wonderful and a gem.As far as I am concerned,our love is what matters to me. You have proven to me that,if I am with you,I feel alive.You bring to me a happiness in my heart.My thoughts on us,the emotions are varied.A sense of excitement at the prospect of a companion is overwhelming.I like the way that you think.How it will be trying to get together to get to know one another.I think it is worth working toward.Personality wise,I speak my mind most of the time,though I am working on keeping my peace until I have more facts.I do not judge people or situations,trusting God more.I am fiercely independent,but strangely desiring dependence.I am a hard worker with the things that are important to me.My standards for myself and others are often too high. You bring to me care and love.I am unable to imagine what my life would be like without you in it presently.You have touched my heart in ways that I am unable to understand.I love the thought of being with you and I want you to be a part of my life.Every day I wake up thanking God for you.You have shown me so much in such a little time and I do not know if I will be able to give back all that you have shown me at this point.The least that I can do is try. You have been a guiding light and I continually learn from you.You have brought me comfort and exhilaration.

Recently and in this most lonely place that I find myself, I sometimes feel lost and out of touch, but when you write me, I feel better.Your words soothe me.I could sit here and try to tell you just how I feel, but I cannot find the words other than I am ecstatic we met and have gotten together this way.I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time.I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together.I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms.I want to wake to your smile.I want to share in your joys and sorrows.I want to be your everything,because you are everything to me.I will love you no matter what life brings us,I simply love you my darling and you are truly in my heart.Thank you for thinking of me and having me in your life.
Letter 9

My Dearest Dawn I want to believe that you had a very good night rest. Thank you for your beautiful email. I am glad everytime I read from you. Spain is indeed,a beautiful country with lovely people,of course,it is very exciting to be here,in a way, strange, I am not in any way feeling that I had stepped onto another planet.I do want to tell you that I am truly glad that you intend that we be together someday in future. it is never fun to go alone to an outing, being together certainly is very romantic.However,I also feel that you have an absolute right to go anywhere alone should I be engaged.I am most positive that we will be together,doing things together,sharing our lives together,above all loving one another.Therefore,you need not be afraid of what I will think of you as it is you that I love. Thank you for your email and upon reading it,my heart is so full,it threatens to come undone with love and gratitude.Thank you so much.When we were going to a location yesterday,more than once I had to physically shake my head ,thoughts of you were distracting me.Thoughts of our future,laughing, playing, working out disagreements, discussing important concepts, loving, resting.I saw us sitting at a table planning a business, working side by side.I saw us with childlike playfulness.Peals of laughter and giggling.I think we are so fortunate to have each other and gotten together this way.However, I do understand that love can be so powerful,yet so tender.You are both,a strong woman,yet tender and loving.Therefore,to be courageous enough to confront for the sake of loving someone is amazing.It is what I have longed for,a mutual caring and trust to allow honesty.I am overwhelmed with that alone.I want you to know that you have become a part of me,my thoughts, my longings,my dreams,my now and future. I appreciate the fact that you feel that we have a connection and that you want our relationship to be excitingly intimate,so you are not in any way taking this a bit far.The truth is that I had already put my heart on the line; there is a great difference between business and life itself. Life is a journey and as we travel the journey, we gather experiences; business is a part of life but not life itself. We work and engage in various jobs in order to make our lives better.However,it does not in any way entail that if we do not have a job,we cannot live life. Above all,God’s will is always manifested in our lives and done.When we embark upon a journey,we take various risks, we make different judgments and try as much as we can to learn and understand the things which puzzles us.Therefore, if God’s will is that we move from point, “A” to “B” and there are thorns in the middle, for while we do not like this and try so hard to prevent ourselves embarking upon that journey, all our efforts will come to no avail. In my business,different contacts are established all the time,again,this depends upon what is found and quantity.I do not have any friends here and it is terribly lonely.I do not boss people around but I am fortunate to have some people around me who speak good English and as such,am able to establish communications.It is difficult but I am coping as best as I possibly could with the situation.I have not discussed you with Victoria,my daughter,however,she will be informed of our relationship at the appropriate time and I know she will love our choice.On the hand,the uncut diamond mining and supply business is indeed exciting but it takes time to conclude.First,there are lot of negotiations with the mining companies concerned,but if you are extremely lucky,you will establish a direct contact with the indigenous mine owners and under this circumstance,things are a lot simpler.The dealing in uncut diamonds can at times be seasonal,a seasonal trip can be for a while,even at that,you may end up sourcing nothing and travel back home without success.There are also times,when what is found is not tangible and the quantity is so small that it will be irrelevant making any business transaction.So,moving from one location to another can entail going to various mines or to other towns as well.There are also times when what is found when tested,will not be adequate.It is a business that requires a great deal of patience and skill. I am a very positive individual and as bad as a situation may look, I try to see the brighter side of it.We have all trusted people and the trust has been betrayed, However,we are still trusting people.The betrayal has not kept us from trusting and believing in other people.We will always continue to take risks,if we fail, we try again.The truth is,if God’s will at some point is for us to fail,as much as we try to avoid the situation and take all precautions,we will always fail.Therefore,the very best that we can do is to ask that God’s will be done in our lives.If we practice and believe this,we will have no fear.When I express myself as being perfect,it is not in the literal sense of the word,it is about a mentality,approach and attitude.Perfect to me,is the ability to be you,take chances no matter the cost,this is simply,me.As long as we are alive,we will continue to take risks,we cannot fail forever,surely,one day,we will succeed.When we travel and drive to a location that is unfamiliar to us,we may not get the direction right,sometimes,we make wrong turns,this can happen to us several times,but then,there comes a time, when we are going to the same location,we do not get any turn wrong and do not miss the direction.We arrive at the location perfectly.It is of an utmost importance that we understand that every single thing happens for a reason.There is a reason why we are corresponding in this manner.You are feeling something positive and intends to give it a chance.The same thing happens when someone invites you to a party,you may not want to go to that party.However,at some point,you will feel that there is nothing on the t.v,you are bored and decides to go there.The intriguing thing is that upon your arrival at the party,you meet a friend whom you had lost contact with over the years,your friendship is renewed and you find joy in it.If you had decided not to go to the party,you may never have met this person again.My dear,in everything we do,we continually take risks and ask that God’s will be done.
We both are not so old and we are not young too.I understand that you may find our involvement an adventure which is good,but no one goes on an adventure with fear, limitations and skepticism.In order to enjoy an adventure and get the best out of it,we let ourselves loose and not inhibit ourselves.Perhaps,this adventure will be enjoyable if you let go of your feelings and allow them to become mutual.I understand that as humans,we have that tendency to be afraid of taking that step and therefore,can be a bit skeptical of our involvement.

Our hearts are already linked,we are both old enough to tolerate one another and accept each other.We cannot continue to live in the past,it is important that we move forward.Before I met you, I had no idea that I would be able to love again,until my heart truly started aching for you.You have quickly become a part of my life and I am as anxious as you to see where it will take us.I have thought about you the entire day.You have opened up new and exciting doors that I cannot wait to explore with you.Thank you for being you which also kind of stood you out for me and somehow,wanting me.If I could put into words how you make me feel when I think of you,and how much excited I am about you,I would be writing forever.You are all that I need and want.I cannot wait for the day that I will sit next to you and wake up beside you.

I admire you.You have become my inspiration for anything.I never thought that all of this would happen so fast, and then it came and I have been hit with so much emotion and power that I do not know where to put it all.However, I am stacking it piece by piece in my heart for you.I truly believe and feel that you are the only woman I will give all I have to offer now.

These past days have been most trying for me.I hope that you wake, knowing that God sang over you during the night, that your day brings all that you hope it to. Ezekiel 16:7,"I made you grow like a plant of the field.You grew up and developed and became the most beautiful of jewels". Therefore,you may be surrounded by a bunch of weeds today,but you can just bloom right where you are.You can be the one to set a new standard.You can be the one to raise the bar.When God sees you doing what you can do,He will show up and do what you cannot.He will give you breaks that you did not deserve.He will cause people to be good to you for no reason.He will open up doors that no man can shut and He will pour out His favor and blessing upon you in every area of your life.
Letter 10

Dearest Dawn I am terribly sorry to had not responded to your email until now, I do hope that you had a most pleasant night rest and you are really have a good day at work today. Thanks for the prayers. Please ensure you take good care of yourself. Thank you for being courageous enough to tell me how you feel about me.I am assured that you consider me as your partner and love me passionately with every fiber of your being to chose me to share ideas in this trying time.I am most grateful that you could trust my contribution. Do understand that I always think about you and wonder.I believe that God created us and that he is always with us, like a loving parent.But God does not want to intervene too much in our life, instead, he gently guides us and presents various opportunities for us to choose from for ourselves.God gave us a complete freedom of choice and HE is hoping that we will make the right choice in life. We know if we made the right choice when we get a warm feeling in our hearts.So, God will not just be included in our relationship but HE will be at the center of it. You should understand that it is perfectly safe to think through it and then make your decision. As for me, do not be concerned about this issue on my part.I know my business dealings is rigorous, On the other hand,being in this part of the world comes with it a lot of stress,however,I have coping skills that I employ when I want to handle stress,at times,I take a long walk and at other times,I read.Thank you for continually giving me comfort and joy and I want nothing more but to do the same for you.I feel the need to always count on you and that it is truly our intentions to fill up all our emptiness. Do understand that a lot of my growing up was in the US and although I have a Spanish accent my parents.However,I do think it is vital for me to be me and you to be you.Perfection is when you are yourself and willing to take a chance.It has nothing to do with beautiful facial developments,equal fingers and nice body.Therefore,I will be a shoulder of support as you are to me,sweetheart.So,for while I feel the need to make our relationship relevant and fulfilling and exciting, I think that it is equally important to find a way to love during the mundane times of life.We are at the moment,separated by distance and want to be with each other,but we will find adequate reason to love even though its difficult.You know that If you want to go fast,go alone but If you want to go far,go with another.I do not just want to meet you,but be with you.I will not be here for months but I must do things accordingly.I hope to give back to you a portion of what you have given me,to love you the very best that I can.I want that we enjoy every minute of this journey.getting to know you, getting to know me better, becoming all that we can;the wonderful times and the difficult times,because in all times we grow. Let go and enjoy that fact that we have found one another and have a chance at an amazing thing that we both deserve.Let us enjoy the process of all of this and not looking so far ahead that it destroys what we have right now.Let our love lift us high.Everything is going to be as it should in the right time.We no longer have to figure it out or plan it or make it happen,it will, just as He planned.Isaiah 43-"Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name,you are mine.When you pass through the waters.I will be with you:and when you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you.When you walk through the fire,you will not be burned;the flames will not set you ablaze.For I am the Lord,your God,the Holy One of Israel,your Savior". It is usually common placed for a person to feel positive without having an understanding of the process.Being positive has a lot to do with thoughts and of course there is power in thoughts.In view of this,whether we realize it or not, we are thinking most of the time.If we are speaking or listening to someone, we are thinking.Creation is always happening.Every time an individual has a thought, or a prolonged chronic way of thinking, they are in the creation process.Something is going to manifest out of those thoughts.What we are thinking now is creating our future life.We create our lives with our thoughts;because we are thinking,we are always creating.What we think about the most or focus on the most,is what will appear as our future.Like all the laws of nature,there is utter perfection in this law.We create our lives.Whatever we sow,we reap.Our thoughts are seeds and the harvest we reap will depend on the seeds we plant.No matter where we are now,no matter what has happened in our lives,we can begin to consciously choose our thoughts and we can change our lives.There is no such thing as a hopeless situation.Every single circumstance of our lives can change.We attract to ourselves the predominant thoughts that we are holding in our awareness,whether those thoughts are conscious or unconscious.Our lives is a mirror of the dominant thoughts we think. When we make feeling good a priority,that magnificent frequency will radiate and touch everyone close to us.Many of us were taught to put ourselves last,and as a consequence we attracted feelings of being unworthy and undeserving.As those feelings lodged within us,we continued to attract more life situations that had us feel more unworthy and not enough.The law of attraction is a law of nature.It is impersonal and it does not see good things or bad things.It is receiving our thoughts and reflecting back to us those thoughts as our life experience.The law of attraction simply gives us whatever it is we are thinking about. Therefore,upon reading your emails,it becomes clearer and clearer,the amazing and wonderful connection which we both have together.You are as open as I am to share with me your experiences and as willingly as I am too.I certainly think now that you and I are no coincidence and we do have so much in common.The understanding between both of us is remarkable;you can relate immediately with my issues and past as much as I am with yours,I certainly think that this is a good thing.

I miss you so much and am thinking about you all the time, you are already my woman and I, your man.Perhaps,I want to tell you of the thoughts which engulfed me last night and about us together.In fact,it was a very sensual thought,forgive me,if it makes you feel uncomfortable,but I had told you,that I will always express my feelings without fear. Perhaps,this was what gave rise to a most sensual dream which I had yesterday night,in the dream,it was about the geography of you and I.I will try to provide you with a more vivid detail of this,but I am afraid that I will have to be very specific and direct,forgive me,but as I did inform you,I am to express my feelings for you without fear.I put you into focus,visualized our foreplay and my fingers slid across your skin,discovering your countries,touching every crevasse and peak while gliding along the paralyzing landscape that is you.Slowly and beautifully,I learnt your native language from your warm smile and your soft moans,And I spoke to you fluently,without sound ensuring that the communication was flawless.Our flawless communication became the kind that only passion can produce.My hands felt all over your intimate features that are mine to explore,the topography of your body.We got up from the bed and I opened the door to the bathroom, warm in my pyjamas, You smiled at me,gently pulling me into a hug and I kissed you slow and soft,then hard and passionate as I ran my fingers through your hair.You pulled away,smiling as I turned the shower on and slowly took of my pyjamas.I helped you undress,then led you into the shower. I laid down in the bath,the running water flowing over me,and pulled you down on top of me.We kissed hungrily as your hands explored my shoulders,back, stomach,butt,thighs and my legs.Your mouth moved down to my neck as you rolled off me and lay your body beside mine.Slowly,gently I stroked your warm skin and caressed your leg then I stood and turned off the water,gathering you up in a soft white towel and carried you to the bedroom.Laying you down on the bed,I poured oil into my palms and smoothed it over your glowing skin,massaging your feet,calves, thighs, bottom, stomach, back,shoulders and arms.When you were completely relaxed,you turned and as you laid your head on my chest,I asked, "How do you feel baby?" "Perfect." you whispered. As we both laid on the bed,your words in whispers excited my heart and filled my mind with passion unexplored,on the other hand,my soft kisses seduced you that your body began longing,and the touch of my hands as they wandered,sent chills racing deep within you while the heat of your body so close to mine was such a sweet pleasure indulging in my skin.Once again,desires overwhelmed me.We both craved for everything that is us,we got lost in our eyes and were swept away by each sultry,hypnotizing move.Perhaps,the longing that I have to be with you is causing all this and please forgive me,if I was over direct in my details but I wanted to ensure that you saw exactly what my dream was and the much that I remembered. Therefore,to say that you are remarkable is an understatement,you are completely amazing and in all ramifications.The vital factor is that we both have a choice.Upon making that choice,we can commit to the choice which we have both made.So,do not hold back anymore,we are perfect for each other. Thinking of you

Letter 11

Dear Dawn I have received your emails. Reading your mails was like reading an interesting book. Thanks for sending them to me and informing me of the changes in the reservations in February. I am glad you are thinking of me. My apologies for only writing you now. We can all be hard headed sometimes,which is why,I had earlier mentioned to you,that if someone cannot handle me at my worst,then,they certainly do not deserve me at my best.I feel that this is also applicable to you.On the other hand,know that I smiled a lot as I read your email and certainly like the way that you had let your hair down.I would love the idea of you kissing me when you do not understand what I am saying,truly,love does not have any barriers.Sweetheart,do understand that I will always endeavor to respond to your emails promptly,although my work is very engaging at the moment;I am working really hard to ensure that I conclude all matters soon enough.However,the authorities here can frustrate a person but these things require a great deal of patience.Love does conquer distance and distance is never considered when you are a go getter. On the other hand,let me tell you about one my inspirations.This inspiration of mine is christian related.It does enable me to practice my faith well and esteem devotion.As a child,I saw my mother and father show affection to each other.I was privileged to meet this elderly couple who became like godly mentors to me.I looked at them and the love that they had for each other made me want to cry.Their love for each other oozed from them,they had a sparkle in their eyes when they would look at each other,they would hug and give little kisses to each other,walk and hold hands,compliment each other openly,him opening doors for her.if anyone inspired me to be a godly man,it was this couple.I feel that my love of God was developed by watching this man show love to his wife.She treated him to be like a king and it has inspired me to be all of this and more.The togetherness established by them helped me to see how special love is.When you grow up not receiving love or seeing it,you miss out.My faith is a big part of who I am. I love God and endeavor to get to know Him daily. Not holier than thou but rather humbled that the God who created the heavens and earth would desire to know me. So my sweetheart,I will do my best to own you as much as I can but not completely.I do believe in the freedom and independence of a woman.At this point,I have no reservations and have let go on myself completely. This morning, I woke up and did my regular exercise for 40 minutes.I came back to the hotel showered and was offfor an appointment.I had a meeting there, a long one too.Then I went and delivered a report which I had prepared and as regards some activities and findings done.It was very engaging and I had just returned, so, here I am writing you this email. Therefore,I am certainly not a boring type;my work is exciting and adventurous,there is never a dull or stale moment.I am also romantic in my own way and as such,we can go out to dinner,candlelight one as well,I do enjoy the simpler things in life and tend always not to complicate my life. Therefore,I thank you for your email and all the perspectives which you also shared with me in it.A lot has been happening to me recently and I cannot seem to get you out of my thoughts,it is really becoming insane.At night,I look up at the velvet night sky and cannot see any stars,I feel my heart deep inside of me,yet,I feel no beat.I grab my pillows when I lay down and all I want to do is hold you in my arms but I cannot;sometimes,I am sad that I cannot be with you at this time but grateful to God and thanking Him for bringing you into my life. So, what can I do at these times, how do I keep my wits about me, how can I maintain some semblance of normal life, all I can think about is you. I am here for a reason and the fact is that I can no longer deny the truth from myself; I seriously think that I have fallen in love with you. Why should I not? You are concerned about me and my well being, you are thinking of me often and above all, you have a kind heart and simply wonderful in your own way.I think about you and do so, endlessly, I pray to God for the strength to see it through this situation, knowing that soon,I will be with you.But is this enough,I am not particularly sure,but until you are in my arms,nothing really helps. There is an old saying that applies to being away from something, out of sight is out of mind.I can tell you here and now, that this saying somehow does not apply to me, in fact,I believe that every old saying must have its opposite meaning,absence makes the heart grow fonder and just when I think that I can no longer fall in love, here you are and the discovery strikes me that I am in love. I informed you that I deal with uncut diamond and supply,this is what I do.I am presently checking out,what I think will be a profitable venture.It has to do with a great deal of mining,the first part has been done,but no conclusion has been reached yet regarding what was found,however,the good thing about this venture is the availability of Tanzanite as well.So you must pray really hard that this turns out to be what I think it is,because,if it is,I am ready to invest all the money that I have into it.I will also start to look for buyers as well. In my business recently,it has been difficult because the relevant authorities cannot provide you with needed approvals,thereby causing major delays as well.How was your day? Do understand that I am here for you, know further,that everything will work out just fine;all you have to do is believe. It is my intention to believe that you will wake to a glorious day and that it will be nothing but pleasant for you.
Letter 12

Dearest Dawn I hope that you had a pleasant night rest and did your utmost best to make it a positive one.It is very cold here presently,so I am doing my best to keep warm. Thank you for your ever loving prayers. I know you are wishing me well in all my eandeavours. What can I say in regards to your long most illustrated letters? I am always dumbfounded whenever I read your words because you have a way of putting words together to make it effective on me. When we first communicated,I was struck by your simplicity and sweetness in such a way that it became difficult for me to shut you out of my mind.You immediately captivated my heart, and I began to think of you,until it dawned upon me that I have fallen in love with you.After reading your email,I visualized what our love would be like when together,this has enraptured my heart.Thank you for filling the emptiness in my heart.You are an angel in disguise that came down from the heavens to save me from feeling blue.Now that I have found you, I promise to love you the best way that I can.Thank you for wishing me well and as concerns my business engagement here. I do spend a great deal of time contemplating about you and I,the magic between us cannot be explained,in view of this,the conclusion which I have on my part is that I was sent down to earth for a mission, a mission to find someone that will complete me. I never thought that my task would be fulfilled till the very moment I found you.I had finally found the perfection that I had been seeking for all my life. This perfection will be made whole when I am finally together with you. I pray hard each day,hoping that somehow,you will be able to realize eventually,how much I love you.Am I sometimes scared of what the future may have in store?Of course I am,it is filled with uncertainties,but however uncertain it may be filled,we completely hand it over to God and trust HIM completely.On our part,side by side,we will face the uncertainties and challenges;our love will eventually overcome them.Therefore,know that my love for you is immense and I will always be with you. There are many things in life that people wish for such as:cars,big houses,great jobs and more.All I want in my life is you and your love.My love for you has continued to grow and grow.Right now all I want you to know is my love for you will never die. Against so many of the odds,let us always step back into the light.I love you. Therefore,all that I can say is thank you for believing in me,trusting me and hoping that we can make this relationship work and take it higher.Thank you for your comforting words as always expressed in your emails to me.Thanks for understanding me and most importantly,thanks for just being there,for once I have found someone who stands besides me and not over me and I am so lucky to have you.Thanks for caring about me the way you do and I care about you all the way,I will also show you this with the warmest of hugs and wettest of kisses when we finally meet.Thank you for understanding some of my shortcomings and accepting me as I am with you.You continually make me overexcited.Thank you for the courage to confide in me and share with me your experiences,how much more amazing can you be for me;wanting to know how I am,showing me by your actions,that I am always in your thoughts.We can do anything.I have a lot of favorite music but I will provide you with names of some easy listening and duets,just a few to give you an insight into my kind of music.

Jennifer Warnes and Joe Cocker-up where we belong
Cyndi Lauper and Sarah Mclachlan-time after time
Mario Frangoulis and Justin Hayward-Notte di luce
Paul McCarthney and Stevie Wonder-ebony and ivory
Peabo Bryson and Robeta Flack-Tonight I celebrate my love for you.
Mathew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs-Run to me

We will work everything out, I promise you.Once we try as much as we can to keep outside interference away from our relationship and solve our own problems, if any, you will see that we will be very happy. Please you can always reach me on my cell phone which I roamed. 0848467962. I do not answer the phone most times because of the roaming cost. But you can always sms to me know you are the one calling to enable me answer the call. Thinking of you always and loving you.
Letter 13

My dearest Dawn I am thankful to God that you are doing alright.Do know that you have been in my prayers every night during my prayer session. I have been very engaged in the last 2 days that I hardly had time to check my emails. I am glad that you always make me happy whenever I read from you and the pictures are wondeful. You are trully stunning and beautiful. My love,I am thankful that you have no problems letting go of your feelings for me.As I had informed you that I am presently working on a venture which I had asked you to pray that it becomes successful.So,on the basis of the success of this venture,I am optimistic that we will be able to be together soon enough.I am most willing to be with you and presently working towards it.Therefore,in due time,we will be and share the rest of our lives together.The mining process is still being done but the Stones found are yet to be confirmed as the relevant tests have not been made.However,the first part of the process had been done but no conclusion has been reached yet regarding the Stones. Sweetheart,do know that I have accepted you and love you for you,the vital thing is that we learn to support each other and encourage one another.In other words being there for one another.So there are certain things that I am considering at the moment;these things are still under consideration and I have prayed over them.So, once my intuition sorts this out,I will immediately inform you of them.It is crystal clear now that you are the woman for me,indeed,we have both been alone and this certainly attributes to us maybe wondering about various things as well as having all sorts of wild thoughts run through our mind.The question is,I am there and will always be there for you,are you willing to do the same? We really need to put the baggage of the past behind us and grab the future by the horns while always looking forward to better things. I understand the need that we be together and as soon as possible,I would also love nothing more.The fact is that I am currently working on a very serious and lucrative venture and one which if everything is successfully processed,I will be taking a break.At this moment,you mean so much to me,and I can only thank you for coming into my life and accepting me.You are something I never thought could exist for me.You are one of the best things that has happened in my life and I love everything about you.I have been through a lot but you happened,you came into my life and stole my heart. I have discovered new things and a new me.You have truly changed me,still,in a way,I am scared because I am actually growing a true feeling inside my heart which I just cannot explain,but I know it is there waiting for you to come and uncover it.The love that I have for you grows day by day and is overwhelming me,but I would want to receive love and trust from you always.I will also ask you to show me care and not hide anything,to also have trust in me the way I do in you. I have spent my life waiting,living,but not loving.I was waiting for the one that would inspire me to be all I can be,to live up to every expectation,to reach every goal, to know that I may fail sometime but I will never be alone or waiting again.You brought to my cold empty heart the reason to live and love with a passion only you could bring.Your words of acceptance and concern as well as support have soothed the aching in my empty heart and now I am at peace with myself and the world around me.I know that soon enough I will come to you never to wait anymore.I love you with every ounce of my being. I have never had a love like this before and I have never felt this way.I want to keep you forever.I feel that we will make a combination that can be stunning.I am extremely happy that you are hoping for us to be together.I thank you for being you and it is you that I love.Thank you for loving me. Loving you always,
Letter 14

Dearest Dawn Wow! What a sensual and passionate mail! Whenever I see your photos, I feel so joyful in my soul. You have really won my heart. Thank you for sharing your bible lesson with me. You really know how to make me tick. You cannot imagine how much you meant to me and how I felt when I read your email this morning. What again can I say? Here I am writing to you again I know we don't get to see each other yet. But being apart for now doesn't change the way I feel about you in my heart already. Sure I'm lonely, and sometimes I'm overwhelmed with this emptiness in my chest. But, just remember that I like everything about you. Before the death of my wife, I was faithful to her till death and I have remained the way I am till now without any date. It is just about me and my choice. I am the kind of person that believes that there is always time for everything. I kept on thinking about you and I equally remembered you almost all the time I was not available to write you irrespective of my business engagements. People around me have noticed that I smile a lot these days and the radiation gladdens my heart. That's what gets me through every minute of every day that I have been alone. You don't know what I would give to be with you and kiss your lips, feel your touch, or even just to see you. I long to hold you and feel loved again. I have never loved anyone since the death of my late wife...In your letter to me, you make me feel loved, you make me feel safe, but more importantly, you make me feel wanted. We both knew our friendship would grow right from the very first day we communicated. But, neither one of us could begin to imagine the likeness we feel, not exploding or thundering into our hearts, but just slowly growing into a beautiful relationship that only you and I can understand. You are my soul mate, already my best friend, my inspiration, and probably my love. I don't care what will happen hereafter, just as long as you remember that I love you with every aching bone in my body no matter what. Having you show interest in me encourages me. It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me in a long time. I don't care what others say about you and me. All I know is that I love you, and that will never change. You have no idea how long I've dreamt of the day when I will love again even as a true friend. You truly could not imagine how hard this is for me. I've longed to be with someone worthy over the years, but never really had the guts to do anything about it...That was until I actually approached you. And Honey, from then on I have been revived - not a crush, not puppy love, but truly, all honesty love. The kind of love and friendship that somehow transforms you from one of those people who think that everyone else gets everything, to one of those people who have actually got everything. Well, I guess what I'm saying is that before you, it seemed that I had nothing, and now I feel I have it all. And it is all due to you and you alone. I should probably say that I care about you and miss you so much already and that this has got to be harder than anything that I have ever done, being this close to you but yet so far away. It is so interesting to me that you have come into my life. My life has been so inextricably connected to you. I don't know how things will play out. And I don't pretend to know God's timing. But I do know that if we remain faithful, We will accomplish everything we want in our life. I am totally open to doing so. Just writing you and waiting to hear back from you is very encouraging. Will you like what I said this time? Do you still want to go deeper as a true friend and companion? Are we going to be able to pull this off? These are just some of the questions that roll around in my head. But I am confident in you. I do believe that all things are working together for my good, for our good, because we are called according to a God's good purpose. There is something else I wanted to say. I am aware that you have probably had a life of men objectifying you. Is that a word you have heard? I'm sure you know the meaning. Because you are beautiful, men might always typically treat you as an object of their desire. They don't treat you as a person, a friend, a sister. I know that is very discouraging. The point I wanted to make is that I will never objectify you. That's not the type of man I am, and I know that is very unusual. But then, I think you are looking for unusual. I want to become your best friend. I want to know you inside and out. I will respect you as a daughter of the King. I want to be a blessing to you. I want you to be happy that you met me. I will be for you, comfort you, love you, and be by your side. That's the kind of man I am. That's the kind of relationship I am looking for. I know you have overcome many obstacles within your life which have made you the strong and wonderful person you are today... You should be very proud that you have persevered all your experiences and with it you have lived, acknowledged, and learned and you have never intentionally done on to others as it has been done unto you for you know what it feels like and you have the strength to rise above it all. When I read your letters, do you know what I see? I see that you are attractive, generous, honest, humorous, intelligent, kind, loveable, loving, and passionate and a wonderful woman. The person who will obtain the key within your heart in the future will be blessed to have the love in which you are capable of giving to someone. May you always have the strength for you to continue to grow and love... You know what I was thinking a lot about what is happening with us!!! I asked myself the question how on earth can it be possible that I can feel love for someone I do not know, did not see? What is this!!!!!!!Then the conclusion: I love my God with all my heart, I did not see Him, I only read about him and we are so connected as I trusted Him .And I believe in Him. I understand that we have not been together for once, but I want to express to you the feelings that I experience since we have been communicating. My life has been a hellish nightmare ever after the death of my wife, one that haunts and never leaves me to peace. I've realized that I am loving you, and my bad dreams has ceased. I was hopeful again to embrace love in full with you. What I feel for you is that awesome love that poets write about and that we mere mortals only dream of experiencing. It is the love that is considered unconditional and undying; so great that my heart seems to burst with the joy of it. I feel a butterfly down my stomach. I cannot fathom living my life without you again- waking would never be the same without your sweet face to look forward to; I would not be living, just existing; sleeping would be impossible without you to dream of right here in my lonely life.....I look forward to the day I will be able to see your face and tell you everything in mind as my anchor friend and my partner in love... You have made my life worth every moment these days, every breath. I know that we are compatible, and as such are thought not to feel such intense emotion, but what I feel is true and blinding in it's power. You have swept me away and proved to me that magic exists - in you. Although we are temporary separated at the moment, but I believe and have faith that what we feel for each other will overcome and outlast the distance. My heart is yours, my soul in your keeping. Please treasure it .with every strength in you...You will never regret ever knowing me!!! After these few days together, the most important thing I've learned is that love is a whole lot more than flowers and candlelight. It's sticking together during those times when you're short on money, patience and confidence. It's sacrificing something you want for something a friend needs, and always being willing to listen. We've been through so much in our individual lives respectively yet we've always emerged closer and stronger than before. I don't know if I could make it through anymore without you there by my side as I think of you all the time. You're my lover and my friend. No matter what life holds in store, I can handle it as long as I have you. Let me be sincere by telling you what an amazing lady you are and that you fill my life with joy, hope and satisfaction and my heart with love and happiness. Before I met you I had started to lose my faith in love, and I wasn't sure there was a someone out there for me. I have only been on the dating site for few days..and here you are sent from Above. Now I am positive that there is no one in the world that could complete me like you do or even come close. Love seems more real and true than I ever thought it could and I just want to say thank you, thank you for being persistent in your fight to win my heart because you have won it and me over completely - my heart is yours forever. I have one thing bothering me though. I am really stressing right here because of the delay in concluding my business engagements here at the moment, I did not make provision for my rent before I left and my Landlord had been calling me since Saturday to ask for the rent which was due last week Friday.Owing to the fact that I did not anticipate that my engagements will keep me here in Spain till now.So I am handicapped here because there is nothing I can do from here until I come back. I am really stressing about it because he fails to understand. I am presently looking for assistance to pay the rent since I have to as I dont have to abruptly abandon everything I am doing here to come back just for the rent. All my time and efforts here would have been in vain. I will definitely reimburse immediately I return back. My rent is R16,800. I know that we have our differences and I make you think sometimes that you can't take anymore, but in my opinion all the good times make the bad ones worth it. We come out stronger in the end and I just want you to know that I am loving you and I am willing to stick it out through the good and bad, happy and sad because I choose us! I hope you are well and feel encouraged by what I have written. May you be filled with all spiritual blessings May peace from my love fill your heart and mind. I'm totally yours,
Letter 15

My dearest Dawn
I am so pleased to be greeted by all your email.My heart leaps when I see your name in my inbox. I am really sorry for what you went through in the last 2 days. It feels even worse that you went through that alone without me by your side to support you in this trying time. Thank you for being there for me and I certainly know that I can always count on you. A friend of mine assited with R10,000 whcih he promises to remit to my landord today. I already pleaded with him that I am not in the cuntry but he is still insisting that he will not take anything less the full amount as he had plans for the money. What worries me is that my dog and domestic worker are in the house and I am worried sick not knowing what to do from here. The rent is till remaing About R7,000 which must be paid. The stress is affecting my focus here in concluding my business meetings,I am truly hoping that you are feeling and relaxing a lot better; However,know that upon my return to you,I will definitely rub your pains away with my hands.Thank you for committing your heart and life to me,be assured that I will never do anything to hurt you.I want you to know that I will always love you as you are and my love for you will never cease.Indeed,we are both very lonely at this time but I am grateful that you are patient with me.Again,My business matter here is going well but as I did inform you,it does take some time to conclude.However,I am doing the best that I can in order that I get back home to you soon enough.In the meantime,I urge you to continue to rest adequately.
Let me further share this experience with you of how my life was like as a younger man; there was a night that I ran away from home and I saw this man,I felt that probably that he was a good man who can at least offer me some shelter,so I went up to him and told him my situation,he did take me to his place but I had no idea that he was a complete pervert.He had a one bedroom apartment,as I sat in his sitting room to watch TV, he asked me to go the bedroom and sleep,so I did.As I laid on his bed,he came and began to touch me,I got up and left the bed,he kept telling me that there is nothing wrong with him touching me but somehow,I knew that this man was a homosexual.I cannot describe what he did next but I am so grateful to God that he saved me from the hands of this man and that he never became violent on me until he asked me to leave his apartment,in the middle of the night.God certainly does things in strange ways and is continually protecting and guiding us.
I see a lovely future ahead of us and we will be so busy with it that the past becomes completely irrelevant.I love that you were able to share your experiences with me and without reservations,love is always confounding and it is such when feelings are from the depths of your soul.On the other hand,I will request that you do not change for me for it is you that I love.My love,I went to sleep with you consuming my thoughts.So much to take in that is new and exciting.Thank you for letting me be a part of your life.It is a great honor and privilege.You are such a special woman and you give unreservedly,your love.In a short space of time you have turned my heart upside down.I am so consumed that I fear like the moth I cannot refuse the flame.It frightens me and exhilarates me all the same.The feelings threaten to swallow me.I have always been a very reasonable and practical person regarding relationship,but you have destroyed all of my defenses and my senses.I prayed last night for us,for Gods direction,for His love to be visible to us,for His continued blessings and I asked what is it that you and I could do better together than apart for Him.I know that He will answer,if we but look and anticipate.
We must endeavor to enjoy the simpler things of life.Sometimes I think that I am racing towards grabbing at life.When I came up from the ashes of my deepest darkest days,I had the cloud lifted and I have been running at life full steam ahead.But as of late,I have been slowing down realizing that you can savor some things and people and love are of much more lasting value.I do struggle at times with the situational thing.Much better than before.I realize now that some things that I see as a "bad situation" could very well be providence.Gods protective guiding hand.For an example,if I am driving up a mountainous road that goes round and round,not able to see 100 feet ahead of me,my tire blows.That is bad.I am angry.But what I do not see is that just up ahead a large boulder is falling and if I had not stopped because of the blown tire,I would have been crushed.I have learned to accept that God loves me and I do not know what lies ahead but to hope in HIM for HE will lead and direct.I also think that it is important that we need to be loved in spite of our shortcomings.However,we are not to live "tolerated",for underneath, that is nonacceptance and it is like living in a shroud of darkness.I believe Romans 8:28...that God chooses to use all things for our good.(His will).
It is now so obvious,the feelings which we have for each other.Sweetheart,remember,perfect is the word.Go for what you want,take the chance,I have already taken mine.What more can I say,I understand you,like I have known you forever.I believe with all my being that Gods design is best for us.You have reached into the core of my soul and with a gentle touch discovered the raw center of life.I spent some time last night thinking about you,wondering what you were doing,Oh,I thought of you,you just filled my thoughts and I have absolutely,no reason why this was happening.I was asking myself,is this love?I did relax,knowing as well as I do that in due time,heaven is never hard to find.I wanted to write you in the middle of the night,I restrained myself,I did not want my email to you,be filled with the emotions going through my mind at that time.Sweetheart,I MISS YOU VERY MUCH.Life is just a ride,so enjoy the ride.Who feeds the birds?Who feeds the trees?Do they run around in the traffic,from office to office,just to make ends meet?You are an amazing woman.I see this from thousands of miles away,having not met you yet.
I told you that you must let go,be positive and move forward.Let us now face the future together,what do you say? You have swept me away and proved to me that magic exists,in you.How can I tell you what I'm feeling when sometimes,I don't even understand myself? Sweetheart,I believe in us.I am so glad that I found you.I just knew that you were different and special.It is quite frightening,oh,sitting here and writing this;I can only think of wrapping my arms around you and we can be together,switch off the phones,lock the doors and just have peace,the entire day.I do not know what to do to relax anymore my thoughts are always on you.I will go for a walk later today,it will clear my head and give me some solace.
Do you like mushrooms? If you do,then I hope to cook some for you.I like mushrooms and I cook it by taking a portabella mushroom;putting bruschuetta over it,cook it on the grill and at the last minute sprinkle fresh parmesan cheese over the it.I hope to be able to make a turkey meatloaf with grilled veggies for you.
What do you think of tattoos? I have none but I want to know your thoughts in its regard.I saw a group of people yesterday, with tattoos all over their necks and am sure they have it all over their body as well.
Please tell me what your average day is like,where you are living, what occupies your time besides work.....just life.
I have you in my thoughts and in my heart.I understand the fact that love does take time,but as far as I am concerned,I have no further hesitations.I seriously think that I have been in my own world for a very long time.What more can I say,you have made my day,I hope this email,makes yours.

I really wished there is something that can be done in completing the rent money. I hope your day will be nothing but pleasant.I am always here for you and be strong.Do know that, truly, you are the love of my life.
Letter 16

My Love It seemed a while now since I had last written you,however,thank you for your understanding and patience I am sorry for takning this long to respond,it was never my intention to delay it to be that way.The fact is that I had been extremely engaged and had been getting back here late,owing to my exhaustion,unfortunately,I could not write nor communicate with you.However,I truly believe that you love me enough to forgive me.I have had several dealings before but none as big as this venture.The comforting thing is that our love for one another enabled that you be patient and persevere.Thank you so much and know that it means a lot to me for I desperately want us to be together,I long for you so much.Indeed,we are overdue for incredible love and happiness,therefore,we will continue to love one another with an open mind and heart. I had other flirts and interested ladies but I was not interested in them as I just wanted to give us a chance and see how it works out. I do not need to confuse myself. I know what I want and immediately I saw you and read your mail, I knew deep in my heart that this person thinks more like me. I did inform you of the need that you stop being concerned and worried about us.We are meant to be together and know that I love you very much.I had already accepted you,therefore,I accept everything that is you.I hope to be able to be a good man to you. I feel it is best that we keep everything between us to ourselves until I get back home to you. I want to thank you for your all your emails and know that I am always very excited when I hear from you.This incredible connection that we have require that we find some essence in both our connections with God and our beliefs.On my part,I love Gods word.At my worst thankfully,God placed many around me,people who encouraged me with Gods love and comfort contained in His Holy Word.It is there that I go to gain perspective.My feelings can go in a hundred directions depending on what I ate last or who spoke to me wrong or who smiled at me,however,God and what He says is my plumb line.He keeps me steady in the storms of life.I pray and talk with God often throughout the day,read, study,memorize and it has also formed my way of life.It helps me know God more and knowing God more helps me know me more and realize just how much I need Him.I can talk with people from different faith,showing them respect and always trying to be fixed on the essence of faith and never go to the details, because people are very sensitive to details in their beliefs.My motto was that I would try anything once and if I didn't like it I wouldn't do it again,so when it rained I splashed through the mud puddles.Our lives are defined by moments especially the ones that we don't see coming. Do understand that you are my love.However,with me in your life,I want to believe that you will never be alone again.It saddens me a great deal for not being physically together with you now so as to stroke your hair and ask you,how you slept when you wake up in the morning.It also saddens me for not being there,to bring you breakfast in bed,sit next to you on the bed and personally ask you,if you dreamt about me.Not to worry though,we will eventually get there. Therefore,in order that you will never be alone but of course by having me in your life,there is need that we be adventurous,have excitements and feel no boredom.I believe that we should always work on something together which will be an amazing bonding experience.Many do this by having children and a home,since we are both too old to have children,that will not happen,traveling is great but I am sure that can get old as well,so we can work toward a common goal with mutual interests.We can try to establish a business together.My love,you are a part of my life and future,so,you are a part of everything of mine.There is need for power and independence in a relationship for when these two things lack,besides the basics,there are usually problems.It is worse still,when everything is done by one person.On your part and by your independence,you need not work so hard anymore,you can choose to have a holiday when you want,you can travel at your own time and practically catch up on most of the things which you had missed out on life so far.I already have a trust fund set up for my child,her future,is financially secured.I do not have an immediate family whom I can always rely on,besides these,the next thing is of course charity. Let me share with you,this experience that is business related and as concerns my thought process.I hope this provides you with yet another insight about me.Earlier today,I had a long meeting;the meeting for while it was necessary,was not fruitful,Now,I do not mean this in a bad sense.The objective and the prospect of the deal was lucrative but I was not willing to take the chance as it will have an adverse negative effect on many people.The business deal would have been most profitable,in fact,it would have been life changing,realizing profits of enormous proportions,the numbers that were being put down on the table were outrageous but I did decline to it.I am willing to loose on the venture than gain while many people become negatively affected by it.During the meeting,I thought about you and what you may had wanted me to do in relation to the matter,perhaps,this may had also contributed to my decision.I sincerely hope that you will be a part of me and my future,I cannot stop thinking about you. It is obvious you and I have a great connection,we have an understanding,you make me happy and I feel that I equally make you happy.I mean every word when I say that I want you in my life and part of my future.You are an amazing woman,honest,sincere,open and with a great sense of humor.There is also a serenity that just exudes from you,when you write,you seem to tolerate my shortcomings and accepted me.We can really make this work,so I am no longer considering,but making you a part of my business when we are together.You are just great and thank you for being this woman,who you are to me.I hope to be worthy and deserving of you.I hope you will also come to love me as much as I do love you. If it is OK I'd like to pray for us this prayer found in Ephesians chapter 3;
For this reason I kneel before the Father,from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name.I pray that out of his glorious riches HE may strengthen us with power through HIS Spirit in our inner being,so that Christ may dwell in our hearts through faith.And I pray that we, being rooted and established in love,may have power,together with all the saints to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ,and to know this love that surpasses knowledge that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. I am flattered,happy and overwhelmed with emotions that you make out time to write me everyday.You have such a great interest in me.These little things depicts your simple nature and your kind heart.Thank you for being you.I want you to live like you are loved by the Lord up above.You are loved by God and He has allowed me to love you as well.I want us to love one another in a manner that will cause us to be better together.My love be free to fly.May you know the renewing strength of God everyday and at night when you look up at the sky and probably see the stars may you be reminded of my love for you. Please my love, although I do not know how much available cash you have but please I am pleading with you to try your possible best to send R2, 500 to my domestic worker who looks after my house and Dog. I have already told her that I will ask my fiance to send the money to her immediately. All you are required to do is to go to any Checkers store or Shoprite nearest to you with your ID CARD and have the money sent to her. Then sms me the Secret Code numbers and PIN as will be provide to you by the Cashier at the store for me to forward to her. It is indeed a wonderful feeling, such that I am able to express myself and feelings without fear.Now I want to close my eyes and try to go inside your heart.There I left a message for you,which I had written in your heart,because I know the heart is the best guard and it knows to keep secretly and sacredly my message which is I love you. I love you so much sweetheart.
Letter 17

My dearest Dawn Hope you are having a pleasant evening. I am glad to receive your mails, poems and songs. Be assured that I certainly do consider your feelings, you are my world and everything; therefore, know that you are important to me. I appreciate that you are able to share with me your feelings at all times.I truly understand the need that you hear from me as much as possible, indeed,it is equally difficult for me that we are not physically together presently,however,know that I am always with you as you are with me.Know that I am constantly thinking of you and you are on my mind always,you will never be far from my thoughts. Sweetheart,I promise you that I will never abuse you nor treat you in a violent manner.It is truly sad that some men resort to violent measures when there was absolutely no need for them to do so.I am grateful to God and thank HIM immensely for keeping you safe and from harm at all times.Be assured that you will never under any circumstance have such an experience with me,God has brought us together,therefore,we are meant for each other.We will comfort each other and love one another no matter is very important that we are close to God.Do not feel that he is so far away from you,we are all sinners and have come short of the glory of God.However,at each time we kneel down and ask God to forgive us of our sins,HE will always do so.God loves you and is waiting for you with open arms,HE is always with you as I am with you,my love.Do know that you have been picked up by God and all you need to do is believe.Therefore,I do not want you to withdraw at each time that you feel hurt and apprehensive,I want that you express all that you feel to me without fear.I am assured that you will never withdraw your love or affection for me.I want you to understand that we are not alone anymore for we have each other;my love for you will never cease.We will continue to mold one another,learning from each other and growing together in love.Sweetheart,I will never have any doubts about you nor will I ever question your integrity. My day went well yesterday and I knew that you were always with me.I carry you with me everywhere I go.The relaxing bath that I took was great for my exhaustion and stress.It seems to me there is so much to say,yet there is no need to say a thing more.Love is confounding in that regard.I am always filled with joy every time I hear from you.I woke up to a glorious day,refreshed and ready for business.I wish to go back a little bit to my emails.I feel that I must had informed you that there are few things being considered by me.However,if I did not,forgive me for I must have had it in my mind.Perhaps,this may sound a little superstitious but at the back of my mind,I told myself that should my present venture here be successful especially at the time that I met you,it will be proved to me beyond doubt that our relationship together has been ordained by God.I love God.He has become my all in all.It is He that gives me life and thus the capacity to love and care beyond myself.When all is said and done,ultimately the purest way that I can love you is share that experience with you.You have offered me a precious and the priceless gift of your love which I have accepted and in turn offer you my love.Sweetheart,please know that never intentionally will I hurt you.we do not know the future, only God does,so for now we will water and care for the seed that has been planted and trust Him for the beauty that He creates. Thank you for not finding any shortcomings in me.When we are together,I will enjoy all of the affections from you.It is also my intention that we will not be working so hard at that time but relaxing together and enjoying the simpler things in life.I once found a recipe in the AARP magazine from a botanist.He claims it helps prevent dementia,Alzheimers,insomnia and helps relax.It is made with Vodka(watered down),sage,peppermint,rosemary,and lemon balm.I am not sure if it is working but I do remember sleeping well after I had used it.You can try it out if you want,especially after a hard day's work. This morning,the gemologists arrived and had begun the testing and analysis of the stones.In the meantime,there seems to be no setback and everything is positive.However,there is still a long way to go before a conclusion is reached. In view of this,I want to put before you,various issues which I had been considering.In order that our relationship can succeed and not have arguments and unhappiness,I do think that it is of an utmost importance that we bring some form of excitement into it and make it more adventurous.A means by which this can be achieved is by ensuring that we do not get bored of one another.We can achieve this by igniting both business and life with new found passion.I will say again,a mutual understanding and love,is something that keeps a relationship going.Life itself is a ride,you can choose to make it exciting and enjoy the ride or live it,without desire,ambitions and be bored. We can use some of those negative energy from these past relationships and turn them into a positive one;we should encourage and support to each other and build a mutual understanding,do away with outside interference in our relationship.We are to avoid having to tell everyone,what we are going through,hoping they will give us the answers.We should be bold enough to confront each other and discuss our fears and look for the answers within us while trying to work out whatever may be the cause of a problem.We cannot do without mutual trust and should be able to be open and honest about anything.
Letter 18

Hello My Love Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and love for me.I feel that it is important that I inform you that I do not control people and when I speak of independence, this is to do with you being able to do what you want and when you want.In other words,if you wake up in the morning and feel like going to anywhere,you can do that without waiting for my consent.However,I believe that upon my return back home to you,we will be going everywhere and making decisions together. Do know that you can always reach me on phone at anytime that is convenient for you from 8:00pm when I must have concluded the activities for the day. I want you to also understand that when something that can easily be worked out between two people is made to be complicated,it does not have the positive effect intended.I have no intention of controlling you and I am not a control freak.In order to love,we must let go,we must begin to enjoy and appreciate the simpler things in life and that which is offered.We must never let situations get to us,above all,we just need to smile at the world. On the other hand,we should be able to learn from each other,tolerate each other and all our shortcomings.We must never try to justify ourselves and if we are wrong,we will simply say sorry and move on.People have arguments all the time,but when it is not put behind them,it becomes a problem and each day,everyone wears a face.In these situations,we begin to look for comfort and happiness,outside of our homes.A business partnership for instance,is never easy but it is an amazing way by which a couple can find and understand each other from various perspectives.Humility is a difficult thing;but life is such that we can only stoop to conquer.If I do not know something and you can teach me,I have no reason to be proud and say,why should I learn from a woman?If I am humble enough,I can learn from you.The ability to learn helps us grow and makes us human.It is always said that,"two heads are better than one". My love,I need you in my life so much,I need you with me and to be with you is all that my heart desire.The way you love me,makes me feel so free,thank you for loving me as much as you do.I truly love you.I feel the need to also tell you that I am very tired,tired of being alone.However,I have you and need not be tired because,you continually strengthen me.You have my heart sweetheart and have taken me over and I love that.I am so glad to have you as I need you with me,you are the only one who makes my life complete.My heart feels so very free and full.You are with me every single day and now I look and see that you are my only one.I have indeed found a love that is so secure,but the thought that love is simple is not an adequate one for it is not simple.You make me feel like no one has before and I will always be with you.I love you more than you will be able to understand and I am so blessed to have you in my life.You mean the world to me.I love you and I thank you for loving me the way you do. I want you to know that my day has been filled with joy and happiness,you have an amazing effect on me,therefore,I knew that today will be a good day.This morning as I took my bath,I was filled with thoughts of you,I did imagine you being in the bath with me,but it was you that I kept imagining over and over again in my head.The thoughts gave me reactions and as I laid there in the bath with the water touching my skin,I felt an incredible desire for you and my thoughts were of us making passionate love together.Firstly,I thought of when our lips gently met and your tongue softly exploring mine as your love overcame me,so pure,gentle and kind.I felt the warmth of your breath and I was engulfed with passion which I did not want to end.As we began to make love,your body was one with mine and I was filled with a burning desire that would last a lifetime.You are truly the one that I desire and the woman I need to stand beside me,whatever life may bring.So,my love,I give you my heart to have and hold;that our desires continue to grow, for you are my soul mate and my true love until the very end. Please be aware that I work for myself right now and have been doing that for a while now. The good news is a positive one.The uncut diamonds has been confirmed as well as Tanzanites.How much better can things get.A manifest has been prepared and documented.I hope,the specialists will carry out the final testings and provide me with something concrete,once this is certified,I will begin negotiations with the source and mine owners.I will also begin to source for foreign buyers.Apparently,there are so much paperwork to be done and approvals obtained.It is my understanding that the certifications will be ready soon enough.Do you know what this means,our lives can change dramatically,you will not have to work anymore,we can go on a holiday when we want and choose,in fact,we will retire and probably do some missionary work.Pray really hard,my love,that everything works out.

I will be providing you with the account details of my domestic worker later on. The reason for this email was that I could not hold the excitement and felt I had to write you about it immediately. Alpedro
Letter 19

Hello My Sweetheart Please accept my deepest apology for the delays in getting back to you. I know you sincerely care about my well being and your wish is that things should work out just fine for us. I have decided to be positive and hopeful and would continue to pursue this relationship without any hesitation.I hope that you will sleep well tonight.On my part,I will try and with thoughts of you on my mind and I am sure with this frame of mind, I will wake up refreshed,ready for the challenges of the day. Thank you so very much for all your efforts to call me. It is really appeciated, glad excited at the same time. It is important that you know that you should dial the phone numbers direct as I provided as I roamed the number. You really make my day whenever I read your mails. You are really an angel sent to me by our heavenly father. Sweetheart,I know that if need be,you will follow me to the ends of the earth.Thank you for trusting and respecting me,above all,thank you for loving me the way you do.I want you to know that I truly appreciate your courage in sharing your life with me but understand that we are to forget all our past issues that brought us hurt,pain and face the future together.I believe that we have an amazing future together and will face all challenges side by side and hand in hand.We will take things one day at a time and not be concerned so much about our future,we will allow God to lead and direct us. My love,know that I love and had accepted you as you are,therefore,it is you that I love and everything about you.You are certainly perfect for me and this is how you are to me,for you will always be the most beautiful woman in my eyes. I will endeavor to keep you informed and as concerns when the specialists will be concluding the final tests.My love,all I want is to be with you,therefore,I will be flying back and you will be picking me up at the airport upon completion of this business deal here. Sweetheart,thank you for your emails,well wishes and love.I find myself in front of this machine and for the first time since we met,I am at a loss for words.I do not know how to describe what is taking place inside my heart.Being with you has become a necessity.I must be with you and I must conquer you and I will stop at nothing to accomplish this.At night,I try to sleep and imagine your body lying next to mine,the feeling is indescribable.I feel your warmth like a blanket covering me and shielding me from the icy winds of life.I welcome the opportunity to spend time with you and I wait ever so impatiently to be by your side. I love you and because I love you,I feel an immense strong desire to be with you.Sweetheart,if I did not love you,I would never have allowed myself to proceed with our relationship and open up to you about myself so much.I feel that we have something special between us and know that we will be perfect for each other.The ecstasy of your profound femininity has been ingested by my soul and through the course of our love.From this moment,my love,I will uphold,cherish,protect and love you.There is no turning back now for me. The mystery of our love for each other will continue to unfold and I am trying so hard to be patient,the waiting is unbearable.I promise you that time will not erode nor diminish my relentless love for you.On the contrary,time will only serve to enhance and augment my craving aspiration to share the remainder of my existence with you.Each day that transpires will be better than the last.Each minute that passes will be a moment of tranquility and pure and unadulterated bliss.If there ever comes a time,when we might have a misunderstanding,I will sacrifice my selfish pride and it will be our best interest that I will have in mind."Yours" and "Mine" will evolve into "Ours" You are the woman that I have so desperately and patiently waited for,all these years and you have arrived in my life.You supersede everything and everyone that has ever impacted my life and because you are now in my life,my beliefs and my goals have altered their course.So much of what I had thought that I knew is now null and void.I have embarked on a new and spectacular journey.My destination is a place called,"Paradise". It is a place that I had hoped to find the past four years,but lately,I had given up on the prospect of its existence. You,my love,have given my life,a new meaning.I know now that my purpose is to make you the happiest woman in the whole world and to safeguard this beautiful gift that has been bestowed upon me.I will do whatever it takes to protect and preserve our love.I will defend and cherish you with my very life.I will sacrifice to ensure that your security and safety are not compromised.I will do whatever it takes to shelter you and your grace and I will never let any harm come to you.I will exercise my powers as a man to serve you and I will treat you with the utmost respect at all times. I love you,I adore you and I know it is only the beginning,but my love has no limits and I can feel it growing with every breath that I take.I do not care what anyone says,I want to be with you.I want us to build our foundation and make it solid and indestructible.Good solid foundations are the reason people stay together for lifetimes.I am in this for the long haul and I will wait for as long as it takes to hear these same words pass through your lips.We will take this,one day at a time,I promise.We shall grow together in love,as one.Come,glimpse into my heart,because,there is a lot more in it to behold. As I had decided to keep pursuing my goal here to ensure I achieve success, You on the other side and being part of me. I really have this convinsion that you will stand by me at all times and do everything you can possible do to ensure you support me in this stressful time. Please find below My domestic worker account for you to deposit R3, 500 so that she can aswell get food for my dog. Capitec Bank
Name: BN Hlophe
Acct: No: 1249251255
Branch: 470010 Do confirm to me when the deposit is made tomorrow. It is my intention to believe that your evening will be nothing but pleasant, my love. Do feel free to call if you have time. Loving you always
Letter 20

Hello My Sweetheart, I want to believe that your night had gone well and you did your best to make it a positive one. I am glad that you were chosen to be part of the danceing representative. It means youa re really a good dancer. It will interest you to know I do not want you to be concerned about the things that you must complete prior to me getting back home to you, endeavor to do only that which you can and what you did not accomplish now, can always be achieved another time.We will get everything accomplished together when I get back.In the meantime, I want you to know that you will be advised accordingly by me as soon as I am ready to get back home to you. I am doing the best that I can so as to have all pending issues here at my end resolved,therefore,I will not be here for long but things must be done adequately as the success of this venture is important to me for our financial future together needs to be secured. It has been very busy and tiring for me,but I promised you that I will always have time for you which is why,I must send you this email and inform you of my day's activities. Thank you so much for loving me and I am grateful at your immense concern for my well being and success.However,I do feel the need to inform you that for every positive result on my behalf,you are also a part of it.My happiness I believe,is also your happiness and my love for you shall never cease.I really do believe that the love you and I have for each other will conquer every other thing and will help us achieve all that we desire.Your love has made me love my life in a romantic way.Everyday seems like a blessing since I have met you.I feel so lucky and honored to be in love with a wonderful gem like you.I love you with all of my heart.Thank you for sharing your love with me.Thank you for also having total faith in putting your life in my care.I had already put mine in yours. I love you more than words can say. My heart will always belong to you.The two of us have a lovely future together and my love for you stands as strong today as it ever has.Now that you are far away from me,I miss you more and more every day. But,just remember one thing: I will always love you.You are the the most wonderful thing in my life right now.I know we are far apart;you are there and I am here,but,like I said,distance means so little when you love someone so much.I cannot eat,sleep,walk or even work without thinking about you. You are in my thoughts all the time.I had tell you that you are in my heart,but I do not feel like that would be right, because my heart is not mine anymore for it belongs to you.You are sweet,loving,caring,beautiful and you make me feel like one of the luckiest men in the world.I need you to know I am with you through everything,the bad and the good.I have given you my heart and hope that you will not break it.Keep it and give it some loving from time to time.I promise you that I will never let you down,I will never treat you bad,I will share in your joy and pain.I hope that you will also do the same for me.I know how I feel towards you and you know how you feel towards me. You have always expressed your sincere desire for us to be together,I want nothing more myself,but to have you lie next to me,walk with me hand in hand,share experiences and thoughts,therefore,know that for while I may not had been speaking of it all the time,does not mean that I am not thinking about it.The point is that we love each other and this takes care of every other thing. The final analysis has been made and the uncut diamonds and Tanzanites have been confirmed and certified adequately. In the process of the project currently,I am at the moment seeking buyers and once this is done,I will begin negotiations with the source and the mine owners.At the moment,first negotiations did not go so well as I was unable to reach a consensus which will suit me with the direct source/mine owners.However,the reason why a consensus which suited me could not be reached between I and the mine owners is as a result of the quantity which they are willing to sell to me.They have a standard specified quantity which they intend to sell and made it clear to me that they will not sell less than the quantity. Wishing you a great day by the time you read this. I had gotten an sms confirmation that my domestic worker is back at her duty post and had confirmed the money. Loving you always
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