Romance scam letter(s) from Sean Carter to Vanee (Malaysia)
Letter 1

HEAD Office Hambridge Lane Newbury

RG14 5TU
UNITED KINGDOM Inland Revenue and the United kingdom tax investigation service are Authorized and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. The Taxation and Revenue Department assesses certain types of taxes. A tax is impose on individuals, company owners, etc. almost everywhere, normally by the payment authority on behalf of the Government. In some cases, we receive a share of company taxes imposed by the Government. However, in most cases, the tax takes the form of a permit fee. residential tax payment is the sole responsibility of any company or a private firm. Income taxes deducted from source generally include direct federal tax , communal taxes, as well as, most of the time, church tax. As in the case of income tax, cantonal tax rates vary to a fairly large extent depending on the Locality. Governmental tax scales for withholding tax and the corresponding regulations are available at the Government tax departments.Your Application for your Non Residential Tax clearance Certificate is now being put on hold because you are a Non residence of the United Kingdom.So therefore,You the Beneficiary MR SEAN CARTER is required to make a deposit of 1500 GPB (one Thousand Five Hundred Great Britain Pounds) to the TAX DEPARTMENT .please endevour to comply with this request as your non residential tax clearance certificate will not be issued until we confirm a payment receipt from the beneficiary.

Tax Department
Inland Revenue,United Kindom London
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