Romance scam letter(s) from Mikkel Forde to Judy (USA)
Letter 1

You guys look great but you're the most beautiful in all trust me. I don't have any of me and my family on this computer but can send you some of mine and also of max, I hope you like them.
Be sweet.
Letter 2

Hello my sweetheart, i bet you had a wonderful night and you're probably at work now. I also want to use this opportunity to apologize for not being able to write, text, call or even email you as i used to before i got here. I'm under a whole lot of pressure both from home and my job here, i hope you understand that i'm doing everything i can to finish up and hurry home to you soonest. It's midnight here for me and i got out of the meeting with the management of the company that gave me the contract at about 11:00PM and i'm so exhausted. I think these management executives are making things more difficult for me and i can't explain why. They want me to hire their own workers to lay the pipes, stanchions/mast upstream the Indian Ocean. The implication of hiring their workers is that i have to train them all over about safety precaution and maintenance, but i'll do the welding because that's my specialty. At that meeting, the Malaysian Department of Finance, State Revenue was also invited to evaluate the amount i'm meant to pay as TAX to the government for the contract and it was summed up to 13,100USD which is 1.00% of my contract sum, the documents i attached with this email can explain better my love. I've experienced something similar to this when i worked for Gulf Oil in Kuwait so it's not strange to me but i just know that these guys are hard to deal with. My mom's medical bills depleted my account and the sad situation is that it took me by surprise although no one ever plans for bad things to happen. I also took a huge amount from my contract 75% mobilization which the company won't be happy to to know but i have no regret because my moms life is most important. Attached are my Contract Award Certificate and Endorsement. I'll understand if you're busy now but lets chat if possible my love.
Your man.
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