Romance scam letter(s) from John Anderson to Coba (Netherlands)
Letter 1

Hi My Adorable Darling

How did your night go? hope you slept well? n i saw your message on msn for me asking if am online?,well i am not online but my ipad is always on and is connected anywhere there is internet so i guess thats why, night rest is just about to begin i just wanted to brief you on how my day went yesterday at work ,It was a very cold night down 200feet below earth but thank GOD for the electric electric blankets ,its very interesting when you get to such dept deep into the earth then you start to think of life in different ways ,life down there is more silent than the grave yard and more innocent than the world above....... I did something very crazy and i put it on video ....i wrote your name and my name on the wall ...hehehehehe very weird eh? dont know why i did it but i you now have your name 200 feet beaneth the earth so even when you pass on your name will be on earth forever and ever.....and i also brought you a small sample of a cute rock ..hope you like things like this...?????? things that are not valuable in terms of money but hold strong importance...? I will be online later tonight for a short period before going off to work,hope to catch you on msn....Until then keep thinking about me ,because i keep thinking about you too.. Do have a lovely day my dear and think about me cos am thinking about you.
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