Romance scam letter(s) from Steven Wood to Joanna (England)
Letter 1

Let me tell you lil about me. I will never be thirty again; and frankly wouldn't want to go through all the drama. I feel I have earned every frown and smile line! My life has been filled with heartbreaks, unfulfilled promises just to mention a few, and i don't want anymore hurt or pains...but...
I would start by saying i honor God for my life and all he's done for me so far i am self confident, loving, loyal, trustworthy, honest, optimistic, tender, caring, sensual, affectionate and adventurous person who make decisions on a daily basis.a friendly person with an intelligent witty sense of humor.which is never at the expense of someone else..nor racially demeaning....I'm a man with a mind toward upward mobility ...a loyal creative sharing and generous, very romantic man.... who is a giver and not a taker with a flair for the finer things in life.... can dress down when relaxing but like too look and smell nice without flaunting achievements or success... takes life seriously but can be flexible because I know and understand that I don't know everything....socially I'm a moderate liberal man and when it comes to business and acquisition of wealth I'm a conservative ..but believe its to be used for higher purposes than just accumulation and hoarding. Normally i don't talk about myself much but in this case i'll make an exception. I've seen beauty but you are something else with a more beautiful heart. There's so much i haven't told you...i guess i should have told you more...I've lived and worked in so many weird but beautiful countries, so much i sometimes forget my nationality...Spent too much time in countries where they hardly speak english or non at all, Australia and Belgium just to mention a few...Lets begin with I was born in US Ca. to be specific. Moved to Belgium where I was made to stay with grandparent whiles dad was abroad and mom was too busy.
Got back to the states at the age of 23. Love had me spending more time in Brazil with Maria than I originally planned, after I completed a project for her father but it wasn't meant to be even though I didn't want that, so did everything to make "us" work even though I was having a tough time understanding Portuguese. Got back home and met my daughter's mother a dutch born living in South Africa on holidays in Ca, I fell in love but never let it show and was very sad when she left. We kept communicating even though her father wouldn't let her relocate. After paying her so many visits and after putting so many efforts I was rewarded with the opportunity i was dying for...A contract in S.A. Was quiet some difficult couple of days, weeks, months and years as I had trouble yet again as majority spoke Zulu and Swazi but that wasn't gonna stop's a shame Some women claim they want a Good Man but when they do they take him for granted, maybe i was too nice, maybe i should have treated her like the person she really was.
I can't say I really know what love is but I know Love is about honesty, sincerity, commitment, faithfulness, caring, loving, sharing and good communication which is very important.
From my own observation, I believe for a couple to build a long lasting relationship one must...
Appreciate the challenge of change,
Learn to cope with what you can't change,
Build strong bonds of communication and
Express affection and appreciation daily...are just but a few of the important things to building a strong relationship that can withstand the test of time.
I could go on and on...But I will pause here even though there's quiet more.
Hope your having a great morning sweetie. Warm hugs n kisses from heart that knows only how to love not hurt. Steve
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