Romance scam letter(s) from Fred Lukas to Miriam (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Miriam, What a fantastic email!! I really appreciate your honesty and how you speak straight from the heart, very very refreshing :). It certainly gave me some insight into who you are and what is important to you. There was much that I could relate to in the context of what you enjoy doing, your value systems, and what you look for in a relationship. Your email was truly a very wonderful read. For me the whole internet dating thing is still very new to me and still trying to get accustomed to the idea that this is how people meet now...I dont think there is any age to finding love........
I adore the picture you paint in regards to your Sons,sounds like a very loving family bound together by love.
Carol my daughter, being the sweetheart she is encouraged me to seek 'love' on the internet. She cares about my happiness albeit with some reservations that life might change for her if I was in a relationship. With life and hopes and dreams ahead of her I don't think she can really understand the emotions of being alone again later in life. All that really matters is that kids are happy but - yes I have to say that I still sometimes crave the feeling of being in love and feeling a rush of emotions wash over me when I think of that special person. I would love to tell you a lot more about me and certainly learn more about you and the secret behind such a wonderful smile....
I was born in England and lived most my life in England, I really love music and I'm a fan of theater arts. I love to cook, especially for someone really special (and I'm a really good cook). I am not too athletic (just love being fit) ... Ethnic my father was American and mother from the UK.
I am a shy but quietly confident person - appearing breezy, relaxed and calculated, the right music and company I could dance all night. I work as an engineer/project manager as mentioned and have worked in a variety of international building projects over the years. I have a strong work ethic....What do you do for a living that keeps you very busy? I also like Board Games Cooking, grilling, dining out, entertaining, intimate conversations, listening to music (soft rock and something that just sounds good from Aerosmith to LED Zeplin) .. I have heard Adele album, and I absolutely loved it... . I think my best song on it should be "set fire to the rain" ... I also love to read books, Museums, Theatre Art Galleries, Film and like I should have said before spontaneous weekend trips are quite my thing, sharing stories by the fire place and with my favorite brand of French wine. I would love to spend lots of quality time with the perfect person and have her selfish to myself, lol ... I also love my meditation and doing yoga. I have a good sense of humor and love to laugh and just be happy with the people who are closest to me ... I think happiness and the rest of the mind feeds the soul, and all deserve to be happy. I cannot play poker because my eyes give everything away. I was raised to be honest in everything I do. I am guilty of trusting people too freely - but why would not you? I love with everything in me ... and my friendship is never judgmental ... I am not looking for someone to complete my life, but rather for one person to share life with. I am an outgoing happy person who just loves laughter and surround myself with it as often as I can. Life is too short to be regrettable and not enjoy it...
I say my morning and evening prayers for my own life, my family, friends the deceased and any other requests! I have been praying recently for a 'special woman to enter my life'. I just know that this I need for my life - to be the best I can be - to share a vision of the future love... I am rarely bored. I love to do so many things but how I just adore being outdoors, listening to the birds, looking up to the stars on a clear night, a rainbow, the flash of a fox a dawn. I recall that in the south of France a flock of flamingos flew overhead at dawn and it made me smile. Nature is exceptional. Nature is twice as exceptional when you are sharing the view or the sound or the feelings of the day with someone you love. This, I miss very much. Like I said I am a sensitive creature. I can't wait till someone "wants me selfishly to herself" I am ready for love and a relationship that is genuine and sincere and is serious enough not to be playing games with one another. Yes I am looking for a long-term relationship. I think we are on the same page. I believe a good relationship is good for the soul. I also believe in marriage despite what this cynical world can project. I always try to see the good in life and in people. I am looking for honesty, fun and good communication in a relationship. I am a pretty passionate person who has a strong sense of who I am and where I am going. I am an eternal optimist for the most part. That's not to say I don't get sad or down, but rather am able to pull myself up. There's always a happy place to get to. I try to learn from the things I do wrong, or things that happen. Even when things don’t work out and hurt quite a bit, I learned a lot about love and about myself, so something good is always found in any situation, and for that I am thankful. I think that when I do find the right person that I am supposed to be with, she will be very very lucky. I have a lifetime of love to give, and my heart is whole. My loyalty and devotion, once handed over, will be fierce. And I will look forward to the time of our lives with pure joy and excitement.
I love the beauty of nature and everything in the world has to offer. I am a very optimistic person and I always look at the glass half full .. It really helps me get along with life and the curve balls it throws ... I am a really pleasant and happy person and I love to share my feelings .. .. Are you looking for happiness and love to share the rest of your life is the key. When you can share the love you can overcome any obstacle. And as the years go by, it is the very simple things in life that make me happy .... walking in the rain, see the magic of a warm fire, gazing at a full moon, listening to the sound of loons and owls, puppy licks your face, skip stones on a glassy lake, the first snow falls, shooting stars. The magic of life. I look for the positive in life and try to laugh every day. It is so good for the soul. I like to be silly but also serious. I like deep conversations learn about who you really are. So tell me, what are the things that make you happy? What you're looking for in a relationship? Are you happy with your current work / living conditions? What would be your fantasy relationship? And if you're ready for a long term relationship ... Something that would last and eventually blossom into perhaps marriage? Now, on to lighter stuff, I love surprises. Both getting and giving. So it would be a real shame if the woman I will be with doesn't like surprises-lol. I love to cuddle, but I guess most men do. On a rainy Sunday, perhaps, cuddled up by the fire, under the old quilt my mom made. Reading, or listening to music, or watching a movie. Maybe this popped into my head because yesterday would have been perfect for this lol. Sometimes on a Saturday when the day is lovely and sunny, I will drop everything and just take off for a drive. Anywhere and nowhere. I'll pop in to any farmer's market I see, or flea market, or flower market. I'll drive just to see the beauty of the scenery. I have the radio on really loud, and the sun roof open if the day is warm.. I have written too much, I always do. I am very trusting; I just look for the best in people. I have seen so much 'potential' in you!! On paper - you are probably as close as could be to perfect that I could imagine. The future is yet to be's hoping. The last thing I want to add before I end this email is to tell you again how good it feels to know you're thinking of me and am here thinking of you. Whenever I pause at work or get frustrated with something, I can stop and think of you and smile.
Also, i took myself of the dating site for now because I wasn’t to comfortable with the whole idea of receiving different contacts...
I hope you don’t mind we communicate this way.
Also, as for women cantors,i am actually indifferent...I believe the world evolves every day and things change so do we change with time.
I hope this answers your question. Cheers, Fred.
Letter 2

Good Morning My Sunshine,
As i write this email to you, i am sure you would be sleeping and your mind somewhere in dream land.
I woke up a bit early today, to peep in on you and place a kiss on your cheeks as i get ready for my trip.
I am sorry I may not be able to send you a long email today, because i am still behind on my packing and have a morning flight.
So i hope this short email puts a smile on your face this wonderful morning.
I would love to do yoga with you soon if that’s OK although the stretches I do are called 'Fountain of Youth'. Very simple a few minutes per day but I have to say that I still have a lot to learn from you.....Smiles...
I also appreciate the work you put in the gym to look good for me...I feel very special and appreciated....Thanks again my darling.
I like to keep fit but pace myself these days as I have a few niggles here and there after years of long distance running and jugging. I have a road bike (bicycle) in London and this will be coming out this weekend...smiles.
For now,i would end this email with a big kiss and a hug.
I would text you once I land in London and settle down.
Big Hugs, Fred.
Letter 3

Hello Sunshine, Maybe you'll see this right after you wake up, before you start your day. I hope that if so, this email from me helps you start your day with a smile and a virtual hug, and knowing I'm thinking of you too. Your messages make me melt. Your thoughts of us meeting make me blush and smile. It’s amazing that we have only been in touch for a few days and have made such a connection. I'm so pleased I had the courage to send you a message and made the first connection; I sent the brave message in an instant. Life is fickle. This moment could so easily have been lost. You just have your way with words and even if you don’t admit to it, you write extremely well. I do not need long letters, the content is far more important. I am so curious to know more about you and am looking forward to hear a lot more. I have read your emails over and over again, and I can’t stop smiling. What a powerful exchange of two people who maybe were meant to find each other in this indifferent and complicated world. Could we be this lucky? Are we meant to be? Please God -say yes! After we emailed each other yesterday, I watched a movie (one my Mom lent me and made me promise to watch tonight). It was "The Blind Side" and it was excellent. It was a real feel good story, so the evening was all about feeling good - a really lovely email from you and then the movie. I went to sleep happy. Another thing I did before starting this message was to open my email - lol - I guess I needed to do that to be able to write and send one! :) Anyway, I get a daily horoscope, and this was today's: "The perfect relationship seems like the ultimate enigma to you.
It feels like everyone else can figure out love, so why are you in such a conundrum?
Guess what? No one fully understands the ways of the heart.
The puzzle itself is the fun part, not the solution. " That was just so appropriate to read today, because the first part is what I feel like and the second part was reassuring. I’m very interested in you, don't get me wrong! I am. Really! I've not met anyone I've been as interested in getting to know better. I tell you these things because I want to be honest with you and truthful to you. This is the time we can learn to be friends first, and I want to be friends with you as much as anything else this can grow into for us. Life has its ups and downs, of which I have had many but I see adversity as a gift that I did not understand of have the energy for at the time but I have learned and grown so much from difficult times. I try to remember that it's a wonderful world and time passes in the blink of an eye. I try to be cheerful with the belief that if I am happy the feeling will spread around me like a ripple. This principle works unless I am faced with arrogance and then the smile slips! Ouch! I will sign off now. I will put on a black and white classic now - probably - Casablanca and get dreamy while I get ready for work. Yoko Ono once said that being in love with John Lennon was another word for feeling 'relaxed' with him. I like the analogy - thought provoking. Talking to you is feeling relaxed. Thanks for sharing and being interested. It's very uplifting for the spirit. And yes, I am thinking about you and smiling. Least I forget, My work as a project manager/Building engineer entails build project and private building contracting..I work from home, and its gives me the time and space to think and work at the same time...It is extremely flexible....I live in manhattan and worshipShuva Israel I would love to tell you a lot more about this when we talk. I would love to hear your voice also, but let’s take it step by step. Can’t wait to hear from you and how your night was. Hugs, Fred. P.S i attached a picture and a song just to help you start your day
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