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Letter 1

Hello Rick,

Thanks for your message, I'm really glad to hear from you, i'm 32 live in Kansas city, Kansas, i'm presently in Kabul, Afghanistan. Been in the US army about 6years now..
I'm one of the squad of infantry soldiers dedicated to protecting my great nation.. We are sent to shithole countries like Iraq and Afghanistan to disrupt or destroy an enemy that has extreme hatred for us simply because we represent the American flag. We might not all believe in the reasons that we are here in Afghanistan, but I guarantee that those soldiers will fight, if necessary, just for their fellow soldiers. That is why I love my job! We are true Americans, not the greedy and selfish Americans we are mistaken for on a daily basis in the Middle East. I love my country and see no better way to serve it than how I currently am.

I'm a very decent guy, good looking people say, but I always tell people to wait and get to know me deeply, i'm not into games nor hookups.i'm a very shy type, i love nature so much. i lost my LTR partner 2 years ago, he died of lungs cancer, so i mourn him for so long as a respect. now i feel its time to carry on with my life, my friend often say to me that i should stop living in the past and focus on the future, and what i want for the future is someone who is ready to love and be loved. who i can love and show that i care for, someone i will love in and out of bed, and someone who will understand me, through the sun and the rain. and that's why i'm writing this to you. you sound so honest and you seems like that kind of man i have been longing for, i don't want to hang around the site, going from one man to another, i just want someone who will take me to the dream land and take away the growing pains of loneliness.
i have some questions for you,
Are you single?
What are you seeking for?
What do you like in a guy?
What do you like in sex?

Hope to hear from you soon..

Kyle Keenan.

Letter 2

Hello Rick,

I'm so happy to hear from you again.. today has been a very good day with us here.. trying to keep peace without any destruction.. you seems to be the man of my heart desire and my dreams come true..

You sound so nice.. you seems to have a very good heart..

I'm single
I'm seeking for a permanent relationship with the right guy.
I like honesty, sincerity and my guy to be loving and caring.
About what I like in sex...well I love being a bottom and i would top willingly for the right guy, I enjoy making love to a guy and all the things that go along with that, even the long hot showers together, giving and receiving full body massages, and seeing my guy in boxers is a turn on, but getting him out is so damn hot or just playing with him in his boxers. I love kissing, cuddling and sucking his toes mainly and I love making doggy style....

I just want you to know that i'm an easy going person, who likes doing what pleases my partner, I have a theory for love and see love as the best thing a man or a woman can have, love brings everything thereafter, when you fall in love other things fall in place… I'm emotional and highly passionate, and also looking for the same. Someone like you who has fortitude and will stand by me through good times and bad, who has courage and not afraid to show and express his inner most feelings, who is humble and willing to walk with me, who has depth of character, who is compassionate, loving and forgiving, who will teach me and show me what love is all about,who will wake up in bed the next morning and look at him, I will know that my higher power put an angel on Earth just for me. I want to find a man like you who will lay under the stars and listen to my heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch me sleep... who holds my hand in front of his friends, who is constantly reminding me of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have me.... The one who turns to his friends and says,"that's MY man....

I really have interest in you. Relationship is not a question of how much love you have in the beginning, but it’s a question of how much love you are able to build at the end and the memories we share…. I will love to keep in touch with you.
Hope to hear back from you soon.. Send me some more pics of you.


Letter 3

Hello Rick,

Firstly i'm so happy that we are communicating with each other. i really understand every word in your mail, we seems to think alike and that way makes it easier to get along fast. I signed off a contract of 8years for tour of duty, i still have 2years more till i'm finally discharged and i don't plan on re-enlisting, but i can also get leave break in between, its for 4 weeks and its always twice in a year, i live in Kansas city, i know you stay in Montana, i really don't care about distance, i can always visit and opened to relocating as well, if we get to know more about each other, see the chemistry between us and truly like each other then we can find a way to meet.

There are important sentiments and issues in a relationship. It is about two halves together making a whole, it is about two total beings joining together! Of course, with the best intent these are not guaranteed to lead to total and everlasting success but,if the motivation is there to begin with, great things are possible.
Do you live alone?
Do you fall in love easily?
Do you get attracted to people easily?
Do you smoke or drink?
Are you a jealous type?
Can you trust again?
Do you believe you can love from a distances?
What do you really want in a man?
in your ideal relationship are you the dominant one or not?

Sorry for asking so many questions, my answers to the same questions..

Do you live alone? Yeah..

Do you fall in love easily? Yes, if the chemistry is right..

Do you get attracted to people easily? To a point yes. I like men who have a masculine persona both in their job and their outward appearance.

Do you smoke or drink? I don't smoke, but drink occasionally.

Are you a jealous type? Normally no. Jealousy is a weakness and a sign of a possessive mind. I don't like guys who are possessive and stay well away from them. If I had a BF or partner who wanted to play around then as long as he came back to my bed I would be ok with that, but I would prefer he played or included me in his playtime. I hate to be smothered by a guy.

Can you trust again? Trust is something I can always do. However in saying that, the other half has to trust too. Trust is letting the other half know what you are thinking all the time. Trust is not saying you cannot have sex with others, trust is saying don't hide it from me. Be open and loving. Be honest.

Do you believe you can love from a distances? Yes, but a sooner meeting in person would do as well.

What do you really want in a man? Love, honesty and trust. Someone who loves me for who I am and not what he wants a man to be. Every man has his faults but love works around those faults and still endures. Each man looks for another man firstly at his looks then when he decides to go further, his inner self. Sometimes that is not what he wants and the relationship wains. Sex is a product of love or lust, whichever is the strongest. I enjoy sex not as an act but for its variety of ways of stimulation. I enjoy the kinkier side of gay love. I need a man willing to be all that and more. Willing to love tenderly but also wanting to role play and invent sex. Every gay man has his dreams, his fantasies and every gay man should find a man who is willing to answer those dreams with actions.

in your ideal relationship are you the dominant one or not? Relationships are equal. Sure there will be times when each take a dominant role but usually it is their personal strength that take the dominant role. One may find he is better financially than the other so is more dominant in the relationship here, whereas the other may find he is a more dominant lover so takes the lead. I have a very dominant character but with my lover we have to cater for each others needs..

Please take care of yourself and l hope to hear from you soon.
Kisses and hugs..


Letter 4

Hello Rick,

Thanks for your mail, its nice to read that we are along the same line, lol is there anything more to answer about that, i follow my heart searching for profiles, you were among my top matches, you really had an attractive profile, regardless of the distance between us, i still wanted t know you more and see how things work out between us, i'm overly opened to anything that would work best for us, i'm interested and getting fond of you already..Like many I find it hard to talk about myself. You want to say enough to make it interesting without sounding like a braggart. But you also don't want to make it boring either. It's a hard thing to do but I'll try my best.

I do enjoy going for walks whether it's around the neighborhood, at the park, hiking in the woods or on long lonely country lanes ( do a lot of thinking there). And to see the sun rising over the water or seeing it after the days travel settling into it as into a bed can be a wonder to behold. I also like to walk in the rain where the raindrops come to softly caress your cheeks, but I rather stay indoors and do have to go into it, it can loose it's magic fairly quickly. Or walking on a street after a winter storm is over and your the only one there in the stillness of the night. Finding everything covered in a mantle of white. If you're lucky there might still be big snowflakes coming down to greet you and keep you company while you enjoy the winter wonderland where tree branches laden with snow make for a fairies playground and even cars buried in snow become a work of art. Have you ever walked on an ocean beach with gray skies, a strong wind blowing and where the waves come crashing on the sandy shore to rush up and kiss your feet? It's just fantastic. I also like to sit by a window and see the show in a lightning storm or watch rain beating against the window to be let in. they are all natural, but imagine doing all this with a partner will be so great.

I like going to the movies and also to the park to listen to an open-air concert. To stop and listen to street artist playing. They put all their hearts and souls into what they love and in that fact make their music comparable to a symphony. I don’t like the bar scene.

I like to spend some time at home. A nice ride in the country... just spending the day there bringing and having a picnic is great.sitting beside the campfire till the wee hours of the morning feeling good about the world. I like to see new places, try new things, taste new
foods. if I have to choose between a crowded environment I would prefer the quietness of home. Nice to snuggle up on a cold winter day with a good book listening to music on the radio or just to watch tv. Even better to snuggle with someone and do those things together.

I believe in treating others with respect. Family and friends get an extra dose of it.. with added benefit of unwavering love. I don't always agree with what they may say or do and there may be some arguments then and now, but I will stand by them as I would like them to stand by me in my time of need, actually at all times. And we show affection to the ones we love whether it's in the little things where I think it shows more, up to the big things. Let me explain.. the big things show you care but the little things show you deeply care and want to make ALL aspects of someone's life more enjoyable. It's nice to walk up to someone you love and give them a hug for no apparent reason other than to show them that you love them and are glad that they're in your life. To give me a handpicked flower from the yard even if it's a dandelion or a forget-me-not. Or to leave a note on the table or pillow with the three hardest words to hear... the real and not the superficial "I Love You".

I don't care if you're tall or not, slim or of a bigger built. Of course there are needs to be an attraction for something deeper than friendship to exist. And when I'm speaking deeper than friendship I mean one on one love between two people. You love your family and friends with all your heart and might but when it comes to a relationship it goes to the very core of your being. I guess the old people were right when they worded it by saying you become one with each other. It's a love that can't be explained but needs to be felt in order to be known. BTW I don't believe that a relationship is a 50/50 thing but a 100/100 situation. I don't want only 50% of you I want 100% of your commitment. You will get all of mine in return. I also believe that a relation is a living thing (I use the word "thing" for lack of a better one).

A relationship lives, grows, deepens and sometimes unfortunately can die... so as I said it is living. It needs attention, nurturing to help it to grow. It also needs two people working together to take care of it and not to neglect it.

I'm shy at the beginning but as I get to know someone, trust them, I open up to them and people seem to like me. I'm not pretentious at all. I don't believe that I'm better than anyone else. But on that same note, I don't believe that anybody is better than me. We are
all equal... well, we should all be. I don't care if you live in a twelve room mansion up on a hill or in a one room basement somewhere. If you have all that money, does it make you better than the man who has none but has a heart that is true? You may have little and lust
after the plenty... but in either case if you don't have the love to give to someone you are both very poor and destitute. It's what I think anyways.

The man that I aspire to find should be courteous, affectionate and respectful. He will like home life but also enjoy life as a whole. Going out is a treat to be enjoyed and savored. Home is where you find the man you love. When there's a disagreement and there will be because we are individuals we will talk about it but never go to bed angry. Our bedroom is the place where we nurture each other.

I've written more than I had first planned, sorry.
I would like to finish with a quote that I heard and liked...."Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something. They're trying to find someone who's going to make them feel good. In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take"...

Take care.

I trust you're having a nice weekend.


Letter 5

Lol, i can get leave break in between sweetie, its always twice a year, its not available as of now tho, it would be so nice meeting in person, i hope this finds you well, what have you been upto lately? it's always the best thing getting mails from you..

More about myself..
I'm an easy going guy, I'm a very shy type, I can't stand it for a guy to walk to me and tell me he likes me, damn, that’s why I created the add for a soul mate, I know we got to know on the internet and there is nothing to be shy about again. the internet is a very difficult place to find true love, there lots of irregularities on the internet, but these days I'm more hopeful that there is a man out there for me, i can see we have more than one thing in common, my heart has been broken before, but to death, when i lost my partner, i almost went suicidal, it took me a year to stand alone, and now i have been so alone for 2years. i don’t want to remain this way, i know there is always a man out there for everyone. my mom said to me "Son don't ever think there is no one out there for you, you are loved, you have to open your heart, so your heart can receive love again"Right now i want to receive that undying love and treasure it forever, i want to be happy again, i have a very beautiful heart, and i want to show you. in my quest to searching for a new dream, i have made up my mind that even if the man for me out there, lives a million miles apart, i will take the step to move to be with him and experience happiness with him...
Tell me about your past experience in life?
And tell me things that bring you joy in life?
You sound so nice and i hope we can meet very soon...

Have a great weekend..


Letter 6

Hi Rick,

Thanks for all the feelings, I thank God for this wonderful gift of the heart, you know i told my solider mates about you and they are happy for me, and my fear now is loosing you, i want to be next to you, we can make this happen, i have waited so long. Thanks for sharing your experiences with me, it means so much to me and i feel more connected to you this way, i love your sense of humor so much, you seem to have a good heart too..

My past life is sort of strange. When I was a teenager, like all young guys I was always chasing girls trying to get laid. Which worked out pretty well, as I had several girl friends. My friends discovered masturbation when we were around 12-13. We used to enjoy ourselves as much as possible.

A few of them were a little more adventurous, and we started doing each other. We sort of kept that up during high school, except when there was a girl friend around to take care of things. When I got to university I went nuts. Everywhere you looked there were HOT chicks looking for sex. I thought this was great, as you could go to a party and find action. Then I got a place with 2 friends. We were pretty wild, always having a party. Slowly we started making bets on different things. Somewhere along the way someone decided that the loser had to blow the winner. After much discussion/arguing we all agreed and that was the start of a whole new experience. If we had girlfriends we fooled around with them, but if any of us were single we could always find someone to help us out. Then after meeting a guy around my age, and we started hanging out together. One night we were at the bar watching the hockey game, and getting quite drunk. Afterwards we went back to his place for another drink. We were watching some porno he had, and were both getting very horny. At some point we started to make out, and one thing led to another. We woke up the next day in bed together. Over breakfast we talked, and I admitted that I had enjoyed it. Eventually we moved in together, but still kept up the straight appearances. After about a year, he was offered a great job in another part of the country and he accepted it. It was hard to lose him, but it was for the best. Then I was single for a very long time. During that time I would say I was Bi-sexual, but leaning towards gay. .

Then I met a great guy, and we lived together for 4years. Sadly he was killed by Cancer of the lungs. By the time I found out he was gone. Since then i have been so lonely, its 2 years now. Never seeming to find the right guy. Now i m very hopeful to find my man and be happy again, relationship is not about the love you feel at the beginning, its a question of what you are able to build till the end of time. I'm ready to plant the seed. and see what it turn out to be.

what brings me joy in life.
1. walking along a beach talking with someone I love...walking in warm weather, cool weather, windy gray pounding surf and the easy waves as well. Water is always important for me to be near

2. certain pieces of opera make me cry for the joy of such beauty

3. traveling in nature and being away from people with one person I care for is perfection

4. I love to sleep naked and can't sleep well in any clothing, shorts or anything any more and love the feel of my partner against my body. sadly i still sleep alone on my poor bed.

5. the man I would love is full of joy, accepting of my strengths and weaknesses, loving of those I love, and one who knows how to give as well as receive in all ways.

6. you give me joy and i want you to know that, the thoughts of you alone, gives me joy and every time i read your mail, something makes me smile.

Okay my sexy man, have a great day, and i'm waiting to hear from you.

Hugs and kisses..


Letter 7

Hello My Dear,

From the very first moment I saw your profile and we started communicating, I knew that we were destined to be together. It has been so long since a man has captured my attention so fully or made my heart beat the way it does for you. Your thoughts lights up my entire spirit. Your letter fills me with joy, and your mere presence will warm any room. I have no doubt you are the man Heaven has made especially for me, i really want things to work out between us..

Thank you for the comfortable conversations... No matter how slowly or at what distance our courtship develops, i would love to see some more pics of u honey, my regards to your brother and the rest of the family..

There's a Chinese saying, "If the vase is broken, no matter how well you piece it back together the broken lines will always be visible". When apply to relationships, what it means is protect the relationship and try not to break it. Because once its broken, it would be very difficult to mend it. Hence I always believe the core of a relationship is communication and trust. Say what you mean and mean what you say, Of course when the relationship gets to certain depth, there may even not be a need for verbal communication. Reading off each others mind would be possible then. I hope I'm not scaring you.. Just the feelings and understanding i have, i already falling for you..

Each day that passes makes our love for each other grow stronger. Although I know we live miles apart for now, but I know we can make it real and nothing can keep us apart forever. Our desires will continue to stretch across any distance, over every mountain and ocean between us. Nothing can stand between us, and nothing will stop me from meeting you.

You are my future and nothing can ever keep us from our destiny. I miss you more every day. Though I have not seen you I am here with open arms hoping to meet you at the airport one day soon. Really really soon.

Lot's of love...





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