Romance scam letter(s) from Authur Bryan to Jessis (Malaysia)
Letter 1

Assalamu'alaikum!! This is Mohammed Abdul Manaf.
I’m delighted to receive your email address from the dating site.
I am sending this short mail to confirm with you if i did get your email correct.
Please do let me know once you get this mail.
Wishing you all the best and hoping to hear from you soon,InshyAllah...
Letter 2

Sala-am dear Aminah, It is great to receive your email. It really made my day pretty good, Alhamdulillah.
Glad to get a respond from you, this really showed that you're an open minded person which is good ground for a healthy relationship or friendship - I do appreciate your openness. YOU CAN CALL ME MOHAMMED. Well, i will just write little things about me - but i am sure with time, couple of emails and of course talking on telephone you will know so much about me - i am also open minded. I am the first born and the only child of my parents. And my name is Mohammed Abdul Manaf. I have been married with one kid but got divorce couple of years ago. And would love to get married again with the right person,Insha'Allah. I'm from Turkey based in London United Kingdom. I work here as an Investor and Real Estate Management. Well Turkey is very beautiful,mountain and very cool weather in winter time, if you love mountains that is the place to be. At the same time Turkish are very hospitable people too -I am sure you might have met some Turkish around your country as i think we like exploring and are everywhere. ,,,,London is also very beautiful ...but the weather can be come extremely nasty over Winter, otherwise everything else in London is just amazing. I am looking for someone who is really ready to settle in marriage and just someone to make me happy everyday someone to talk to when i am down and someone to enjoy life pleasures forever - Insha'Allah, i hope that this someone special is you. I don't mind if it comes to relocate to another country all I would say that ..wherever the love of my life will be, i will be beside her - so it depends on her idea.
I like traveling,cooking,reading,i like golf game and i play it as well. I like swimming,road walking,walking on the beach. I like listening music,i also like snooker. I like going out for shopping with my daughter. What do you do for livelihood, Tell me more about your job? Have you met someone here on the net before? Have you been married? Have you been to Turkey or London?. Well. looking forward to hear from you,Insha'Allah! Apparently i am emailing you from my home computer and i do not have much photos in this computer apart from the one i have attached on the website- i promise to send more as we progress- and i would appreciate if you could send me more of your pictures too. Feel free to ask me anything and i will not hesitate to answer them.. Assalamu Aleikom WA Rahmatoh Allah WA Barakatoh,
Letter 3

Sal-am Dear Aminah, Thank you for your picture,I really like it. Well, I am really overwhelmed by your email and all you have shared - trust me I do feel your sincerity and openness and very glad that you are sharing everything about you with me. Alhamdulillah, me and my family, we are all in good health and i spent time with them mainly over the weekend. I have one daughter, 6 years old, Her name is Jasmine, she likes to play computer game and swimming. I'm a professional,caring,considerate,king,honest. I am very happy with my life, but i would like to share my life with someone very special, who would in turn be my best friend, my companion, my equal, most of it,my wife,Insha'Allah. Traveling is fun at the right time, and with the right person, I enjoy the simple things like dining out, attending sporting events: Golf, Football and Baseball games. I also enjoy movies, concerts, wine festivals, billiards, theater, museum, antique shops, and long walks by the sea with someone special. I'm not afraid to try new things in my life or to speak my mind. I believe we all are looking for someone who can share our life with, and maintain some independence as well. I believe Open and Honest communication and to be able to listen in any relationship is paramount. One of my favorite ways to spend an evening is with my partner in a wonderful atmosphere having a glass of nonalcoholic wine or two, and enjoying an interesting conversation. Because life is too short to spend it alone. I like listening to music like blues,jazz,country music and love songs, I also like traveling,Insha'Allah. All i can say is that ..Allah leads us to good people and i do have a feeling that we do have a bright future together ..My sincere regards to your lovely family ..and i do look forward to meet them one day. For i know Allah will grant us this day when we will meet and express our true feelings,Insha'Allah. Distance might be there - but with real love and Allah's guidance everything is possible. What are your plans for for future? I am always whispering some special prayers to Allah to grant us an opportunity to meet soonest ..for only with physical touch and presence ..that for sure we can genuinely look into each other eyes and express our real feelings. I am also optimistic that there is something special between us - and i am just looking forward to read your email and hear your voice everyday ..where we can talk in length openly about ourselves,Insha'Allah. today is a normal working day for us here in London and the weather is pretty warm. And how about your country. I will stop here for now. Take care and Waiting for your reply.... If kindly you do get time,please do email me always. Attached here are some of my pictures.
Looking forward to hear from you. Have an amazing week and take care of yourself for me. Assalamu Aleikom WA Rahmatoh Allah WA Barakatoh,
Letter 4

Sal-am Dear Aminah, It’s my pleasure to hear from you again. Am glad you welcomed my mail and responded back to me, It is Friday morning here in London and the weather is just Smiling, pretty warm, How is your family, do you live with them? I hope your family are all fine. Well, am so honored to know you and will love to welcome you in my life,Insha'Allah. To be sincere with you; this is my first time on the net. Luckily I have met someone like you to be part of my life,Alhamdulillah. Thank you so much for bringing out your time to reply my mail. I am new on this issue and just learning. Am not perfect, as I previously said I have a friend who was blessed with the help of the dating site and he found a partner whom he recently got married to, he was the one who introduced me there. Hopefully this communication would bear a good fruit,Insha'Allah. I have heard a lot of testimonies regarding people who have been blessed through online dating sites and they found their soul mates. It’s amazing dear. I pray that Allah guide and lead us to the right way as we are communicating to know each other better. If He want us to be more than friends, that would be so nice. For me, I strongly believed that if Allah wants us to be together in the future, I think nothing is going to stop it. I want to know you, and see what the future hold for us. And i strongly believed that if we are sincere to each other, Allah will guide and lead us to the right channel for He knows our heart desires. I will like to use this opportunity to tell you more about myself. As i have stated before, my name is Mohammed Abdul Manaf, 48 years old. I was born in Turkey but lives here in London together with daughter. I was married but got divorce couple of years ago; I so much loved Allah and put Him first in everything I do. Hopefully, we can have a great moment together,Insha'Allah. I live here in London from where i;m communicating with you. My late father was originated from Turkey but was living in UK for a long time, I am the only child of my family.. Mom lives here in London with me. Mom is a very nice and kind Mother. My late father is an honest and kind loving Muslim man till death. He is a philanthropist and had worked in various organizations in the past and assisted many organizations both less privilege people spiritually and financially. He is a contractor too. My intention is to carry on what my late father had left behind and i love charity work too. It is great to be involved in helping people especially the unfortunate among us.

Before enclosing this message, I would like to remind you once again that distance won’t be a barrier. I can come over to meet you there or have you invite here in London. It may interest you to know that i prefer one-on-one conversation. I wait to hear from you when times permit you,Insha'Allah. Please feel free to ask me anything my dear; I am willing to welcome them. Send my regards to your family. Remain blessed until I hear from you again,Inshyallah.
Letter 5

Sal-am Dear Aminah,
It was so nice to read your email, sorry for my late the way how are you doing i hope all is fine to Allah be the glory and I am happy to hear from you. You are so nice to me, I love the way things are moving between you and me,Alhamdulillah for meeting you here. I adore you dear and am ready to accept you in my life if you give me the Chance i only need someone to be share my life and someone to grow old with,Insha'allah.

My dear My mind is full of joy knowing you. I am pleased to know you and am willing to come over to meet you in person or invite you here in England I am making arrangements to travel to Sarawak Soon But still waiting for the letter from the agent company there so that I can know when I will be leaving. I suppose to travel last November but things was not ready but I was told recently that I might be traveling soon but don’t know date yet. I have been running around to get the necessary documents for my traveling. I would love to inform you my purpose of traveling to Asia because you are now like a family and close friend to me now (smile)

It is all about my late father's contract there in Sarawak. He was awarded a contract there few years ago but after finished up with the contract, the money could not be pay to him before he died. In this regards I might be traveling there soon and they needed me as my father’s next of kin. After some prayers and petitions, the company has decided to pay back to us the money,Alhamdulillah.
This is why I am making arrangements to get the money release to me and I would like to use this opportunity and come over to meet you in person after I have concluded with my transactions in Sarawak. So that we may sit down together, talk one on one and know each other better, discuss a lot together about our future and share our feelings. I have realized that you are honest and serious. If Allah want us to be together, no matter how long we have known each other, nothing can stop us.

Thanks once again for being so open and serious with me dear. Am so glad and will always be here for you because am serious and looking forward to have a positive communication with you. I am praying that you find peace as you are reading this mail. In fact am praying for us and this communication too. I want us to trust each other in everything we are doing. For I believed that, our future is bright. My heart is full of joy knowing you and I hope we can get to know each other better and see what the future has for us. That will be so nice dear.
I will always try my best and ready to be whatever you would love me to be for you. To tell you the truth my dear. I am highly stunned and do not know what to say than to keep going and see what the future may bring for us. If my communication with you shall be fruitful let it be so. More important is for us to empty our thoughts and allow our feelings to lead and direct our paths. Hope you get what I mean?
At times, we might be expecting to meet someone that is within our vicinity, but some how, someone from afar, from different country we never dream of having contact from will appear in our life and all we can do is to accept them for there is a reason and such person might be a blessing for us. No matter how long it may take for in that due time, the two will be join together as one. Like I earlier said, distance won't be a barrier at all for I promise to meet you in person to share my feelings with you which is the best way because internet communication only is not adequate.

In my life I need someone who will be beside me, someone I can share my love and live happily with. It does not matter her age, where the person comes from, for as Allah brings us together, we can be there to assist each other in every part of life.
For the couple of months now I am having the feelings and my heart assured me that I will meet a partner with whom I would spend the rest of my life. I am blessed both financially and otherwise, but all is not complete without an honest kind woman. Please dear, I am not being so fast, but I need to express myself and disclose to you my heart desires.
I am serious with you and not here to play games. Some men and women are here to have fun. But am glad because there are still some out there who are honest, decent and ready to settle down at the right time with the right person. My aim of registering in the site is to find a sincere and honest girl to be my soul mate. Someone I can trust and share my love with. I want to know u better and want you to know me too,Insha'allah. May Allah bless your going out and coming in. Please take care dear, I am looking forward to hear from you again when time permit you. Feel free to ask me anything, have nothing much to say as I am comfortable communicating with you. My regards to your family, I hope to meet them in future. My families are doing well. My mom and kid sent their regards to you.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have an amazing week. Sincerely,
Letter 6

Sal-am Dear Amina,
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PICTURE,I REALLY LIKE IT. It's so nice to hear from you again. How are you doing today? I really hope you are enjoying your week. I'm sorry for late reply as I have been busy securing some documents for my transaction in Sarawak this month but no matter what happens I must find time to keep in touch with my special one. My dear i will like to meet you in person after my Sarawak trip like i said i will come over to see you,Inshyallah. I don't know what to say only to say THANK YOU for bringing out your time to keep in touch with me. I WILL TRY AND MAKE OUT TIME TO CHAT WITH YOU AS AM VERY BUSY THIS TIME. I NEVER BEEN IN SARAWAK BEFORE AND I DON'T KNOW THE PARTICULAR CITY BUT I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED FOR ANY FURTHER INFORMATION. Please bear it in mind that my heart accept you and I'm ready to grow old with you, If you can give me the chance. Every time I think of you. I just know that you are the answer to my prayer. I want you to know that Allah has been so good to me, he lifts me up every time I have the feeling. I just cannot handle the situation anymore, and here you are dear to make my whole life complete. Really, you are a blessing to me from Allah. When I first signed up, on the dating site I questioned myself “what am I doing there. I didn’t know if I was doing the right thing and I was fearful of meeting the wrong type of woman. I was only there for few days when you came on the scene and when we started to communicate. Although, I knew Allah has brought us together. I feel so much at peace to know that you are seriously looking for a lifelong partner because I am doing just the same. My dear i deleted my profile from the dating site because am happy communicating with you only, and i hope you will do the same with me to show sincerity to each other. Kindly delete your profile from the dating site as i have done,we need focus to meet our dreams is very important. I believe Our communication is developing into something very nice and promising. I am so hopeful and happy about it. If you are seriously, want to know me more and share your life with me, I am much honored. I am serious about you, everything I express in our communication about you and me are true. I pray about us, I think about us and it make me smile. I got a really good feeling about us. Thank you for being there for me. I am praying for your family there. And hope to meet you soon and share everything together. So that our joy shall be complete,Inshyallah. Have a lovely week my dear..and take care of yourself for me.
Letter 7

Sal-am Dear Aminah ,
Alhamdulillah,we are all fine. How are you doing together with your job? Hope you are doing fine? I am much excited each time i read your mail. (-OH DEAR,FROM MY HOUSE TO MY OFFICE IS ABOUT 45MINS DRIVE...AND I LIVE AT NOTTING HILL WEST LONDON).
My dear I must say I love you dearly without missing words. I DO APOLOGIZE FOR MY LATE REPLY.
I was suppose to write to you yesterday from my office. But I was very busy and It was very tiring for me after work but I have to make sure that I write to you this evening,Insha'allah. I know you must have been waiting to hear from me. My dear I really thank Allah for bring you in my life .
Honestly,ever since I start my communication with you I am having a great joy and changes in my life, I can now sleep like a new born baby, one of my friends recently told me that i am looking happy these days and he asked what is the secret which I gave him a positive answer, that i have happily found my happiness again a true friend of my heart desire. Dear i will like you to spent some minute in meditation to find out how I truly love you. Ever since I told my mum about you, she has develop much love and willing to meet you at all cost,my daughter has made it question of the day trying to know if I have discussed with you because she really want to meet his dad friend, ever since I told my mom and my daughter about you,they have never passed the day without asking of you. Dear,I am sure that certainly when we might have met,we both will be happy for each other and I can't wait to meet your family.Insha'Allah ....I will be a good man and good husband to you my dear. I so much like honesty,sincerity and faithfulness.
Dear,i really want to meet you in person because i am missing you so much thou you might be asking how come about all these missing while we never met,but to be honest to you I really feel you in my heart. Please send my warm regards to your family.
Love you to eternity my dear. Here is my mobile number i really want to hear your voice. If you do have time kindly call me or send SMS to this number: +44-793-842-9517. And it will be great to have yours in return.
May Allah continue to bless you my dear..
Have a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you soonest.
Letter 8

Sal-am Dear Aminah, I really do appreciate you sharing everything about you with me. Thanks so much. It makes me feel good and it means a lot in getting to know each other and building a strong relationship,Insha'allah. Good communication is a key in any relationship, I totally agree with you and will update you about my trip to Sarawak. We get to know more about each other better. I also like to speak my mind but at the same time being mindful not to hurt others in the process. Thanks once again for your email, I absolutely love to read them everyday. I feel comfortable sharing with you more about myself and my family because you are doing the same. After only a few emails from you, I think I am liking what you are all about. Dear, each time I see an email from you in my inbox, it puts a smile on my face.....and it seems we have quite a bit in common in terms of what we are looking for, what we like and how spend our time etc. My daughter send her regards to you even mom as well. Unfortunately I couldn't reply your mail yesterday,I was busy in the office and had a meeting that almost took all my time but is OK dear. How are you doing and your family? Send my warms regards to them. Till I hear from you again, hope its soonest,Insha'allah. Bye for now and take good care of yourself.
Letter 9

Sal-am dear Aminah,
How are you today? Hope your having a lovely week! Well is always amazing getting a reply from you, am so happy each time i look at your mails. LOVELY PICTURES,I REALLY LOVE WATCHING THE AMAZING MOUNTAIN,THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES. Glad to know you dear. I’m usually not the kind of person that would write a love letter and also because of my work busy all the time, but I thought I’d do this for you because you are the most wonderful thing in my life right now. I know we're far apart -- you're In your country, and I'm in England -- but hey, like I said, distance means so little when you love someone so much. Maybe I am been too fast in the communication, forgive me for I am only expressing myself, at first I thought it was just a Fling when I saw your profile in the site, but after few emails from you I decided to give this love a chance and I hope it will be success. well I also believe In meeting each other first, that is why I am making arrangements to meet you after my Sarawak trip. You are in my thoughts all the time, I don’t know what it is but I know I am very sure of what I feel for you, I promise you that I'd never let you down, that i'd never treat you bad, that I would share your joy and pain? I will promise all those things over and over again. I know we are meant to be together. I may not be the perfect man, but I can assure you, I don’t have intention of playing with your heart, Don’t worry about what other people will say if i be with you, I know how I feel towards you, and you know how you feel towards me, so just ignore what other might think of us. Meanwhile my trip to your country will be coming up soon and I will keep you updated. I have to go to Watford this week to get an Affidavit needed by the Agent company, they insist since am coming as the next of kin to my late father I should get all the necessary documents only then will the Malaysian ministry of works approve the release of the funds,Insha'Allah. I will keep you updated and you keep in touch.
Love always,
Letter 10

Sal-am Dear Aminah ,
How are you doing this weekend? Hope your enjoying it! I KNOW ITS BEEN A BUSY WEEKEND FOR YOU,BECAUSE OF YOUR TRIP.. Thanks dear for your mail AND THE PICTURES. I do thank Allah for meeting you here. Am very sorry for my late reply like what i told you i always busy in my offices but i try my best to keep in touch with you and i want us to accept each other with true heart, Insha'allah . My dear is true that I have not meet you but i have a good feeling for you and i believe in what ever i do i follow my heart and if Allah is with us nobody can be against us.
Let us always remember that the future is bright. And not loose hope in whatever we do everyday. I really enjoy every part of you even time i heard your lovely voice it makes me happy. It is my pleasure to hear from you,i have been so busy running up and down this few days for my trip to Sarawak. Alhamdulillah,the company called me yesterday. Next week i will be expecting the approval letter from the company there,Insha'allah.
Am glad and that is so great. If we keep on dreaming about future and make it come true to have a good friend like you. But we must trust each other,For everything to work out for us. My dear ,I can't wait to see you in person and spend good time together getting to know each other better. You know a good marriage are decided by agreement from the heart and hope you agree with me. I believed we are meant for each other. Since last night i told mom that I will meet you after my project, she is very happy about us and ready to give her blessing to us (smile)
I promise you that i will continue to be truthful and honest with you always. I will take care of your heart like my own because I believe if someone gives you their heart then it is a big responsibility and we should always take care of it and not to hurt each other. Allah will guide us in all that we do my dear. If we meant for each other, I will be honored to love and cherish you all my life. It is all up to us to accept each other. We just have to wait for the right time. I have been thinking of this all the time, no matter how busy I am I have this secret smile in my heart. It's a good feeling dear. We will be a blessing to each other. Please take care of yourself till I hear from you again, sometimes I feel like I am in a dream and a little afraid that it may not be real but my heart is full of joy. But whenever i read from you or hear your voice, I feel good again.
You are always in my heart,And hope to hear from you soonest.
Forever yours,

Letter 11

Salam Dear Aminah, I'm extremely happy to read your email. I hope you had a good time and your enjoying your LEAVE. My day was just shiny after reading your email it make me feel so good and happy, you have the power to give that feelings of joy and comfort, thank you so much. It's sure that Allah takes care of us because nobody knows us better than him. Every time I thank Allah that put you on my way and I pray to him hardly and strongly to unite us together forever in joy and happiness. I'll be for sure honored to share my life with you, I’m ready to give you my heart and to put you on my eyes. That's what i was waiting for all my life, someone that deserve my love, the one who look for the real love. After our communication it become sure that you are the one I looked for. Allah just successes my research and put you on my way.

For that reason it’s a real great pleasure if you can simply delete your account on the sites and you should know that I did the same in that site at the moment I begin to communicate with you and I’m Totally advising that we should focus to meet our dreams,am really comfortable with you dear, Alhamdulillah... I want you to know that I was never be more serious about what I want than now so be sure that I live now for that dream: to have a life with you. and all the pleasure is for me that you be a part of my life. That’s all for now, my best regards to your family and special kiss for you dear. I wish you all the best dear. Have a very very good time.

Letter 12

Salam dearest Aminah RAMADAN KAREEM! How are you doing today? Hope your doing great! May the peace and love of almighty Allah be with you and your family always. My dear I have been so busy preparing for my trip to Malaysia. Well, I am here to tell you how much I care and appreciate you. We should take it slowly and pray that Allah will guide and lead us to the right way. How is your day together with your HEALTH? Please take it easy and always take care of your health. Furthermore, am glad despite your busy days, you still have time to email me. It’s really nice to receive those wonderful messages and I thank Allah for you and pray that He keep you healthy and the strength to keep doing his will.
I think of you my dear, reading your wonderful messages give me a great joy. You are always in my heart no matter how far we are or how busy I am here. I will always try my best to keep in touch with you. And will be honest and sincere to you.
One thing I knew is that it is Allah who brought us together through this way. There are hundreds and thousands of men and women out there but Allah picked us out of them to share our feelings and get to know each other better. It’s an honor and I thank Allah who made it possible for us to meet here. I strongly believed that our future is bright and the Allah who started this good work in our lives shall complete it to the end.

Always remember that my mind and soul are in you and I could not concentrate on my works here. You are such a kind girl and I really appreciated you. I can't wait to meet you soon. When I read your words it moved me and I started feeling you around me. You will cherish my love forever dear. Now I have found you, I am therefore committed to make you happy as much as I can. Listen to your cries and show you love beyond measure. It is a pity being alone. I have been lonely since, although you may ask why? Even though there are some women here but you should know that all that glitters are not gold. I am taking it easy, waiting for that right woman no matter where she may come from. And here you are dear. Hopefully we shall meet and keep this relationship going,Insha'allah. Well, regarding my business trip to Malaysia , I just receive a call from Malaysia company TODAY, hopefully I might be traveling there next weekend so i can visit you after my project.
Actually, I am not sure how long I am going to spend there in Malaysia before my transactions will be conclude but I will keep you updates in all am doing there.
I am looking forward to meet you in person after my transaction,Insha'allah. And I know our future is bright. My regard to your family, looking forward to hear from you when time permits you. Remain blessed,
Sincerely yours,
Letter 13

Salam Dear Aminah.

RAMADAN KAREEM! How are you doing today? Hope your getting better day by day, Insha Allah. I assumed all of you are in good health. I'm glad to hear from you once again and I'm happy to read your mail. You're so nice and i do appreciate your honesty to me. I love the way you're my dear. I am so glad that I'm traveling to Sarawak this WEEKEND and will meet you NEXT weekend after my transaction has been concluded, Insha Allah...that's a good sound for me and I can't wait to meet you my Dear. I always pray that Allah may continuously bless our relationship. Whatever we do Allah will always protect us. Hope both of us would enjoy my trip to your country, Insha Allah... Take good care all of yourself for me and send my warm regards to your family. Mom and Jasmine send their regards to you.... See you soon Dear, Insha Allah.... Wassalam, Mohammed.
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