Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Weston to Louise (Indonesia)
Letter 1

Hi my sweet love,
how are you and i hope you mum is in good health?my love,think for the photos you sent to me...You look just like you lovely mum....Now i knew why you are beautiful because you lovely mum is very beautiful and and pretty..I believe your lovely mum was the most beautiful girl when she was young right?Your late dad make a great chose to have your mum has his wife..Indeed your mum and you look alike.. My love,i fall deep in love with you because of you understanding and your wisdom..Proverbs chapter 3 vs 13-18..It says, Happy is the person who finds wisdom and gains understanding.For the profit of wisdom is better than silver,and her wages are better than gold.Wisdom is more precious than rubies,nothing you desire can compare with her.She offers you life in her right hands,and riches and honor in her left...She will guide you down delightful paths,all her ways are satisfying.Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her.Happy are those who hold her tightly.... My love,this is my reason why i love deep in love..You have understanding and you got wisdom..And proverbs chapter 14 vs one say,A wise woman builds her house and foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.,,Honey,this are your beauty and that is why i said you are very beautiful..I truly love you and i will always love you without end... It's so nice to hear you and your family bought a air ticket to spend your new year holiday in Malaysia,but the little problem now is how will looking after your lovely mum right?I pray and i believe you will find a new nurse to help you and take good care of your lovely mum ok?I don't want you to be thinking of that ok?My sweet heart,i don't have new picture now,but i will take a new one for you ok? My precious love,i love you and am happy you don't get angry and if you do you go out and play music..How old is your sister?Is she your elder sister or your young sister?Honey,i will call you after this message ok?Take good care of yourself and your mum..I love you without end..
Letter 2

My love,i understand you and i know how you fell..But i want you to understand that i can't hurt you..Honey,i asked of your address because the bank asked me to fill the firm with your home address before they can give me the money..Just like the way they asked you to fill the zip code and the passport number..Pls,my love,i love you..My address in 21 Sunderland enterprise park Sunderland.Zip code SR53XB sunderland United Kingdom.I will send my mum pictures to you if i got to Sarawak..Honey,pls i want to hear your lovely voice ok?Pls my love..I don't want you to feel bad..GOd knows that i love you and i will always love you..I will give you back your money next months pls.I promise you this ok?I love you without end.
Letter 3

Hi my sweet love,
How are you and your lovely family?Honey,i understood you and i know the way you feel,because of your pass relationship..Honey,I have asked God to forgive me in anyway i had sin to him..I read Psalm 51 to asked Almighty God to forgive and i read Psalm 91 for his protection...My love,i will never think anything to hurt you as long as i life..
My Queen,yesterday night,i couldn't sleep very well,that was the reason i SMS you,to let you know that i can't sleep because of your love,that i am thinking of you...You SMS me back to call you,which i did call you to hear your sweet lovely voice again..Honey,i asked you if you can do anything for me,because i can do anything for you..I don't know you will be angry because i asked you the question..And i did't have anything in my mind when i asked you the question.
My love,i think you don't understand me?I am a man that love to be happy all time,and each time i am happy i like my love once to be happy too..Honey,i can not be happy when my love once are sad..When you cried last night i feel very bad and i cried too,because you are not happy too..Honey,i love you from the deepest part of my heart.
My sweet love,I want to tell you deities about my work now,because i don't want you to do what you did last night.And i want you to understand,that i will always be honest to you till end for my life.My work needs a lot of money,which i took loan from bank to supply 21 Caterpillar Tractor to Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia..The cost of the Caterpillar Tractors i supplied to petronas Oil and Gas Company of $9,457 600 USA dollars (nine million four hundred and fifty seven thousand six hundred USA dollar) honey,this is a big money for me,so i took $3,000,000 USA dollars from Bank,as a loan to support my business to grow
Before the bank loaned me the money,they gave me a condition to be paying $10,000 USA dollars every month till the day i will return the $3,000,000 USA dollars they loaned to me.And they said,i can not take more than $18,000 USA dollars from my account each month...The limit they gave to me is $18,000 dollars i can take from my account every month....That is why i told you to help me last time,because i have pass my limit of $18,000 USA dollar,which you help me out..I am very grateful for your help.
Honey,the agreement made between me and Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia is to Supply all the Caterpillar Tractors with my own money.And it was writing in the agreement that they will pay me after i finish my contract work with them,and the will add $550,000 USA dollars to my capital money i used to supplied them the Caterpillar Tractors,which is $9,457,600 USA dollars...
My sweet love,if you want i can send you the agreement paper made between me and Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia..And i can send you the agreement paper made of the lean i took from bank..My sweet love,I tell you all this because i want you to understand me,that i can never think or hurt love,i will never do anything to hurt you i promise you and to God..And i prayed to God to give us good understanding..I love you babe and i will always love you till end of my life.
Letter 4

My love,thanks for saying that my late wife was beautiful and my lovely mum too..Honey,i love from my heart and anything can change it..Babe,i don't want to see you cry and sad in your life..I always pray for your happiness and joy..Honey,i never torn your heart into pieces believe me..I think that we allow the devil to used us,that is why we are having a little problem in our relationship.
I have cried since afternoon till now,because you did't pick my call and you did't reply to my email..My son have called me,and i told him that i and you have a little problem and you don't want to pick my calls..I also gave him your phone number to call you and my daughter too.That was 1 hour ago..But i told them that you maybe sleeping now,because is late over here..They told me that they will call you tomorrow..
My sweet love,i took loan from bank because i want my business to grow and this contract i signed with Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia,is a big contract and the contract will go on if i do a good work at my first contract with them..Then they will make me the General Supplier of the Company Malaysia Oil and Gas.This was my reason i took loan from the bank...If i finish my contract with Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia i will return back the bank money...
My love,I want you in my life as my wife,because you are innocent,so innocent and you are very kind..I want you in my life because you make me very happy and each time i think of you i became happy..I need you as my wife because you have gave me a joy that know one have give to me..I love you because you understand what it takes to build a family..I love you because i love been with you to life a great happiness of my life till end of it,because you are my joy..
My love,I wanted to live in your country because i don't want you to feel bad,that you are leaving your lovely mum and your family..I wanted to live in your country because i always wish to see you happy,i don't want anything to make you sad.I wanted to live in your country because to start a new business like making a new branch of my business,and if the Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia,make me the General Supplier of there Company,it will be easy of me to travel from Indonesia to Malaysia for my work..
My sweet love,i know the devil have take place in our relationship because we allow he to used us every night..I will go for confection tomorrow after mass to ask God forgiveness for what we do every night..Pls,honey i want you to do the same thing tomorrow pls?let Almighty God come into our life again ok?Honey,the House i wanted to buy in your country..I don't want you to finance me again..I will buy it ok?My love,pls i don't use you and i will never use you..Pls,i don't like the words..It pains me.Honey,i want you to understand that i through love you.pls,stop crying and let us build a happiness in our own ok?I love you till end of my life.
Letter 5

Hi my sweet love,
how are you doing and you lovely mum?honey,i will ask candy and Kingswill if they are the one that called you..Honey,do you hear they voice?Well,i think if is one of them they will tell me,that they called you..
My love,i understood you if you don't want me to send money through your name or to buy the house with your name..I understood that you don't want to have any trouble with your government right?Honey,but one thing i want you to understand right now that i love you..It's not a dream and it's really and it will surely come true in Jesus name Amen...
My sweet love,my kids,wish is your own kids too love you and they want to see us live a happy life together with them..Our son Kingswill said to me last time he called you that he would love to spend his school holiday in Indonesia,wish i said ok,that i will let you know if it..
My sweet love and my heart,understand that i will always love you till end of my life and i will always make you happy till end of my love....Honey,we will look for a maids and i will not be away from you i promise you that..I will ways be beside you each time and each night ok?I am going to see the Petronas manager oil and gas company of malaysia..I will get back to you to let you know what he said ok?I love you and i miss you too..Take good care of yourself.
Letter 6

Hi my sweetheart,
How are you and your lovely mum?Honey,i have talk to the General manager of Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia..I told him all about the house i want to buy in Indonesia and i told him that i want to use the house too as part of my office Indonesia if they made me the General Suppler of Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia.Wish he promise me that he will made me the General Suppler.I thank Almighty God,because that is what i want to be,the General Suppler.
What he said i should do after i told him about the house..He said i have to open a Company Bank account here in Malaysia and i will pay all my tax fees for the 5 months that my contract is going to last..That if i open Company bank account here in Malaysia,they will transfer $4,000,000 US dollars into the Company bank account i open..Then he said my Company Bank account wish i will open here in Asian,Malaysia,that i will use the Company bank account and he will give me a writing note that i will use to open a Company bank account in Indonesia too..Then i can transfer some money from my Company bank account here in Malaysia to Indonesia to buy the house..this is want he said...
The money to open a company bank account is Ringgit 250,000(Two hundred and fifty thousand Malaysia Ringgit).And my tax fees for 5months is Ringgit 300,000(three hundred thousand Malaysia Ringgit)wish the total money i need is Ringgit 550,000(five hundred and fifty thousand Malaysia Ringgit)The General Manager of Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia,told me that he have a friend gave me a bank Manager phone number that will help me to open the Company Bank account here in Malaysia.
I have called the bank manager and we talk how he will help me to open the Company bank account here..Honey,i want you to help me with Ringgit 95,000 and i will pay the remain Ringgit 455,000 to open the account and to pay for my tax fees ok?The bank Manger gave me account number wish i will pay the Ringgit 250,000 to open the Company Bank account for me and i will go to government tax office to pay Ringgit 300,000 for my tax..
My love,i want you to send it through this information,is the Bank manager account number here in Malaysia.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 14320006022058
CIMB BANK Address,Cimb Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Bangunan Amal 338 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman 50100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Letter 7

Hi my sweet love,
how are you and your lovely family?Honey,i talk to the general Manager of Petronas Oil and Gas Company of Malaysia,about the new account and the name i will us if you send it through moneygram..Honey,if you want to send it as you are here in Malaysia send it through this information..
Name: Marina Anak Tambaga..
Account no: 09150102244
Bank name: Hong Leong Bank.
Address: lot 812 lrg 5 jln sentosa,96000 sibu Sarawak,Malaysia.
This information,you can only send into it if you want to send it as you are here in Malaysia ok?I will give you a name if you want to send it from your country ok?But you have to send it through moneygram if you want to send it from your country..I will call you later ok?Take good care of yourself..I love you babe.
Letter 8

Hi my sweet love,
how are you doing and your lovely family?Honey,i read your email long time,but i was looking for a photocopy machine to send the Tax paper that i paid for my Tax fees..That was why i did't re[ply you on time..I am sorry for that ok?Honey,i love you very much and i always want to be with you all time.
I'm very happy that i have solve one problem to pay my Tax fees for 5 months..I don't have any problem for Tax fees again with the Government....Now the little problem that i have now is to open a company bank account..That is the problem i pray to God to solve it for me too..I believe God Almighty will solve it for me...
Honey,i have attached the Tax fees paper that i paid for five months of my Tax fees with the Government of Malaysia..I will call you later ok?I love you very much and i will always love you babe...Pls,take good care of yourself for me...Kiss and love.
Letter 9

Hi honey,
i am very sorry for all i have cause to hurt your feels..Honey,as i am reading you mail i am crying..Honey,all i wrote in my profile is true,to make people happy when they are sad and to make them cool when they are hurt..yes,i love using my hands to make the world a better place for you and me..Honey,it is true,i am a kind of a man that work hard to make it in life.Honey,i don't have any other phone number..If i have i would have call you with it or SMS you with it..Pls,believe me,i don't have any other phone number..
Honestly,i don't know who is calling you with unknown number..honestly i don't know..honey you are not a stupid woman and you will never be..Honey,i don't love money than you..I love you and i truly love you..You asked me about my house and my business address i gave all to you..I never get angry when you asked me about my house and my business address..I only get angry when you keep asking me about it each time you get angry with me..then i think and i said to you that you don't believe me,that if you believe me you will not be asking me this all time..
My love,you are right in judging me,if my children travel and stay in a hotel,i will ask them what is the name of the hotel they stay and i will also ask them the room number,because i know they are kids..Honey,i told you my hotel name.I only get angry when you said what is my room number in case something happened to me...That was when i said on my God,noting will happened to me,then you make a reason for me to understood why you asked me about it and i told you room 36.
Honey,i promise you that i will come to Indonesia and visit you in Chinese new year..Honey i will come i promise you and i will fulfill all my promise i made to you..Honey,we have come a long way in our relationship,and you have helped me a lot..Now my problem is almost solve and is my tron to show you how much i care and how much i love you..It is my tron to prof the love i have for you..Honey,i remember all my promise i made to you that i will always love you till end of me life..That i love you without end.I love you and i will always love you.
Honey,pls,give me a chance to come to Indonesia and prof my love for you,pls give me a chance and i will show you that i truly love you and i will make you happy again till end..Pls,i love you babe.
Letter 10

Hi my sweet heart,how are you and your lovely mum?Honey i love you so much and i will always love you..Honey,I will book my ticket to Surabaya Indonesia tomorrow ok?Don't worry my love,everything is ok now and it is time to make you are and to make you smile till end of my life..
I will print the confirmation latter of the hotel tomorrow..I love you babe and i will always love you..I miss you very much.

Letter 11

Payment Commission
Tel: +60163607948/ Fax: +60360766777
We are a financial body set up in Ireland via Britain by the Government of HSBC Bank of MALAYSIA (HSBC) to oversee all foreign payments that come from banks and other financial institutions within the Asia Country,Europe and West African sub-region.
We are empowered by the Government to verify all fund transfers and effect payment to the rightful beneficiaries if such funds are officially declared free from having any connection with money laundering activities and other financial crimes.
Payments are only made to the approved legitimate beneficiaries through our HSBC Bank of MALAYSIA (HSBC) after receiving a certified clearance from the Government of Britain for such funds.
Following the authorization given to us by our home Government to effect the transfer, we require you to send to us by email your receiving account details for the remittance of the said fund in question. The immediate reconfirmation of your receiving account details is absolutely necessary for the smooth remittance of your funds.
Meanwhile, you are required to provide us with the following details below.
Account Name:
Account Number:
Bank Address:
Bank Name:
Swift Code:
Personal Mobile contact:
Scan copy of passport or any form of identification:
Upon receipt of the above requirements from you we shall process your Fund Transfer Security Pin Code which shall be used to transfer funds to your account as the law demands.
You are advised to send the necessary details listed above as soon as possible to enhance the transfer process.
Please,acknowledge receipt of this important notice.
Your earliest co-operation would be highly appreciated.
Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Paul Lansdel
Chief Accountant
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