Romance scam letter(s) from Timothy Dawson to Jeanette (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Madam,
This message is writing by the Barrister James Paul
This is a Promising Note Agreement Between Jeanette & Timothy Soboloewski, Your case file has been Register in Our Office and here is the Ref No 11023, To prove Your fund will surely Be Refunded Back to You Because this case has been Register with us, and there's no Way For Mr Timothy Sobolewski To Take Advantage of you or Scam you out of Money, I want to be Assure you this Agreement is Register and licenses By the State Authority Here in, Selangor Malaysia, So your fund will be Return Peacefully With the Interest on The Agreement.
My Regard to you.
From Barrister James Paul
Letter 2

Dear Mrs. Jeanette,
Hello! How are you doing today? Hopefully good.
I'm sorry that I didn't get back to you last night. Robert and I was talking about what was going on. Your make friend Timothy is not a friend to you. He is a scammer. His granddaughter is really his daughter. His wife name is Linda and she is still living. He is not a construction worker, he was selling antiques for Robert until he decided to scam him out of $15,000.00 and left the country with their daughter.
Letter 3

Hello Mrs. Jeanette,
How are you doing? I'm sorry to hear that he is still lying to you. I don't know Timothy @ all but Robert does. I just sent your money back to you. . I hope everything works out for u. As soon as I can get a hold of Robert, I will let him know what is going on.
Sincerely, Mellicha
Letter 4

Hello Madam
Good morning, I am sorry to not be able to respond back to your e-mail. I have problem with my e-mail and trying to get it fixed but it given hard time, but i finally got it fixed, I got all your message and i am surprise about what's happening at this present, Because i asked Timothy several time maybe he know who is Robert and he said No, I want you to be patient and listen to Timothy whatever he told you, I asked him several time and he said he haven't discuss any body who is Robert to you, I believe you don't need to move ahead with these people and since Timothy mention he doesn't know them, you don't have to be communicating or corresponding with them because they will be telling you something different to make sure what between they break your heart away from Timothy, I'm trying to contact Edward J Kerr to fly down to Mellicha Mayfield Address in Wheeling ,West Virginia to report to the state authorized, am going to give him a letter to show the state authorized so they can try as much to arrest the woman then she can provide Robert because this issue is not something we need to take easy or listen to whatever they're saying to you, Actually you knew what Timothy is doing already and he haven't told you he own someone 15,000,00.. so why u can't handle this to him instead of you moving too forward, even there's something between him and Robert, you don't need to inter-fare talk less there's nothing between them, I want you to be careful in what you're doing or else they people will hurt you intentionally by telling you rubbish or something doesn't right, you don't need to move forward on this issue or think you're smart, there's nothing between you and Mellicha or Robert so you don't have any right to e-mail them beside Timothy, Leave them to timothy let him handle this because if you refuse to listen to him, This issue will can lead to where you didn't experience and also break the relationship between you and him, Because i can see you're doubting about him which shouldn't suppose to happen, Can you go ahead and ask Mellicha and Robert to give me there e-mail address
My Best Regard to you
Barrister James Paul
Letter 5

Hello My whole heart. Thank for the message.. I'm happy to found you in my life and i will never put you to wrong way in my life... I mean we're a friend and lover's its means we're for each other in everyway and i will never let you regret knowing me in your life... I am for real.. Your profile seem very nice to me and we've the same common. so i believe you're the type of woman i am looking for in my life... I am honest and straight forward person to you..I don't lied or cheat in my life.. its true we've to be patient online because its alot of thing going around the world... I'm not afraid to call you but remember i've a strong accent. my accent still there. so i've to let you to know this before calling you.. i don't want anything to seem wrong to you... I don't e-mail anyone beside you.. I don't like double dating in my life... I am talking to only you... I am one man woman... since i've lose my wife i haven't had any relationship. so i believe this will work out.. I don't look for anyone in my state.. I believe a true love come from anywhere in the world... Yes I really want your heart badly... I want you to be my princess then i will be your king... do you mind to take me out when you're going somewhere.. do you like you man to be beside you... I will never let you down.. I will do all my possible to be the man you're looking for in your life... Have a wonderful afternoon... Hope to read from you now.. Timothy---
Letter 6

Hello Jeanette
I got your message and i am very sorry through the hard time u went through in the doctor office. I didn't mean to leave you but i don't know what to do anymore since you don't trust me or you refuse to believe me.....
I hope to be home within the 1 weeks time then i can return whatever i got from you, .... the reason why i want you to try the western union is because the money gram always put a hold on transaction but i believe this can go through by the western union, Here is the information again correctly... First name : LUIS
Last name : DAVID
Address : 211 Crescent Str
City : Ikeja
State : Lagos
Country : Nigeria
Zipcode : 23401 I hope you got everything correctly now and please make all your effort to get this done, so i can let you have my flight information and also be aware to pick me up from airport... Take care
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