Romance scam letter(s) from Jon Felton to Michelle (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Hon, I enjoyed reading every bit of what you wrote about yourself and your family. It is an interesting episode. Your dad was pretty hard on your mum and you and show sad that you missed the paternal love and care so desirable when growing up amidst peer pressure and adolescent stage of your life. I was born in Glasgow but I am from Rusholme in Manchester. My mum is from Glasgow in Scotland and my dad from Rusholme in Manchester. I grew up in a Rusholme which is surrounded by Fallowfield to the south, Victoria Park to the east, Moss Side to the west and Chorlton-on-Medlock to the north. In the morning, our dad wakes the full family up and go for morning prayers and when we come back we take our breakfast before both of our parents go to their various jobs location. In the neighbourhood, we were very playful and my sister always love moving with the girls while I roll with the boys. We use to go to the church yard and see the Priest there. He will give us cakes and chocolate, very delicious because then my parents knew that if we are not around the neighbourhood playing with the other kids, we must be in the church getting to know our priest who was like a grand father to us then. There was this kid who I use to go along with. His name is Scot and I use to call him Scotty Pippin. He has these freckles all over his cheeks and also put on braces. We should to mock him, kids-wise if you understand and he will run to his parents, sheltered and will not come out for the rest of the day. We attended the Roman Catholic Church of St. Edward in Thurloe Street. I am the elder of the two. My sister, presently in New Zealand is the younger. Her name is Joan. We moved back to Rusholme when I was 3 years old according to my mum. Then how will I know where we were going or coming from lol. My dad was a loving man both to his wife and us. He worked in the car sales company and we where living on low income. He took pretty care of us. Always fond of my mum, took her out and always there for her. I learned a lot about love from him before he died of cancer in 1991. It was a painful experience for all of us. My dad according to him had a rough and tough upbringing and lost his dad when he was just 10. My mum was childhood was adorable as she grew up in a caring and loving Roman Catholic family after she lost both her parents in WW 11 and she was adopted by the Catholic community. She use to tell us stories way back then about the discipline that she passed through them from the hands of her guardians not knowing that she was being brought up in a proper and decent way. So she instilled in us the seed of respect for every human of any sex and also the fear of God. I learned a lot also about having the utmost respect for women. I use to watch Super ted(You know of it?)and Scooby-Doo when I was growing up. I did watch the Wizard of Oz too and Star Wars.Interesting and funny programmes for us way back then.I After my elementary and secondary school days, I went to University of Helsinki to study medicine and major in Peadiatrics there. My mum took care of my tuition fees and I also did some jobs there to supplement the fees from my mum. This happened after my dad passed away when I was 20 years old. After graduation I move back to London and stayed with a friend that we studied together in Helsinki.

Then when we come from school, me and my sister, we will be hoping for our favourite dish to be prepared for us by our Aunt from my Dad side, although she has passed away since then. She was very kind-hearted and loving. We gave her a nickname and it was Aunty tooloving. Her dishes where delicious and palatable. My sister, currently in New Zealand is suffering from Cancer. She moved over there with her husband and my mum is with her now helping her do the chores and also been there for her to fight the cancer. She has one child, a girl named Maria. I am a simple, humble and loving person who looks for the good things and good sides to everything in this life. This attribute has shaped my life all along and I cherish doing good to people in need. I am not a smoker but I drink occasionally. Due to the love and strong affection I had for my ex when we got married for 8 years and then the bitter divorce, I decided to stay away from the female folk for sometime just to bring up my son because he was just a year old when the ugly head of the divorce stepped in. I loved that woman and it really hurt me badly that I put in my heart and soul into her and she stomped on it even though I tried my best to remedy everything. I advised and chastised her and even involved her parent but all to no avail as infidelity stepped in coupled with the drugs and late nights. So decided it was in the best interest of me to terminate everything. Like I said, I love doing good to people and also meeting different people of different culture. I remember when I went to Haiti. What a tragedy!!!!! It was a horrific sight to behold so many lives lost. So I am looking forward to this trip tomorrow because it is a huge and immense task because it is ample opportunity to impact goodness and kindness on humans that are in need of it. I also love looking at the night sky when I am outside. I love tea, jogging, watching sports, news and documentaries.
Letter 2

This is what is on your profile both on okcupid and Skype. Angelic hair. I am have been needing to ask this question, is that a birthmark? And you did not answer the question
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