Romance scam letter(s) from Aspen Mckay to Patricia (USA)
Letter 1

Hey baby ... How are you ? Did you get my text message yesterday ? Baby a lot has been on my mind and i just didn't know who else to talk to besides my Mom and you are all I have as well. Honey in my bid to get my stocks to meet the target of what I am meant to supply by specification of whats is required by my clients I had to pay a visit to some ancient cities called Benin,Ile-ife,Where I was able to get some old african paintings,and carvings ranging from 170 to 800 years.....I have gotten all the stocks of antiques deposited in a security company,The next procedure involves the service of a shipping company,insurance policy required for safe transit.I have been able to meet up the the requirments.But there is just a little unforseen problem going on at the moment which has to be oblighed to meet up my business trip a safe and swift one ,the Nigerian Customs Authorites has new power in authority & decided to place an increment on the freight charges I need to meet up the required bills so I can get cleared and have my consignment on board which would be shipped in care of the security company as a solicitor on my behalf (which their services are guarantted and till the deal is done).The whole lot af the deal has gulped all my cash at hand.I have spent $2.7 million on this deal.I got the stocks of antiques for 2.1 million dollars,I have spent $154,000 on the insurance charges, $236,000 for the security company in custody of the antiques.Custom Authorities have demanded the sum of $368,000 which has been an unforeseen bill by Me. I have been able to meet up with $340,000 last week and need to balance up about extra $28,000 which would get the antiques cleared and approved for shipment.I do not no how to get about that, all I got with me at the moment is a check issued by a client who bought a gold plated statue of a hunter with his spare,which I sold for $250,000 which I told you about Before. I have tried depositing the check at the banks here ,but unfortunately ,banks here have been unable to get the check cleared which I held as a measure if at all I was going to need any fund for use. Babe am now standing at the edge of a cliff, I am so very confused and have not been able to do anything right over the week. I just couldn't bare it alone and wanted to share it with you . I really hate to do this baby and I would never wanna bug you with my problems , but I need you help right now .... Is there anything you can do ? Mom promises to help as well . I would never ask you if I had other means . P:S : Its really URGENT ! Get back to me ASAP pls.
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