Scam Email(s) from Gavin Amon to Debbie (South Africa)


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Letter 1

About me ...I am divorced ,its a sad thing to be alone but i think its worth it .
I have been all alone for a very long time ,i tried out a relationship which did not work out and then i thought its not time for me to get involved .

Now ,i know and i can feel its time to move on and that makes me ready for a relationship.
I have 3 children ,a boy and two girls and a super grandson .He is my bestest pal like he says .He says i am his bestest pal and not best
kids of these days ,he had already made his own
I live in Gibraltar and own a boat selling ,fixing and building company .
At my leisure i play golf and also go on a boat cruise .
Here re some pics of me ,my dog ,marshmellow and some sections of my company.

Letter 2

I am awake my love and all i can think of is you.
You have become all that i think about .
Ll be traveling to the united states later today as i just got a call from my son to come attend to some problems faced with the branch in Atlanta.
So ll give you the number when i get there my dear .
Its so urgent that i have to go ...thinking of you my dear..tell me wouldnt you like me to come meet with you?

Letter 3

My love .how re you doing love ?hope you re fine?
My darling.......I am outside the bank love and the manager said to me that another money has been remitted again and that the money i ll have transferred into your account ll be a total of R1,2 million rands..Love it seems i ll invest here in your country and see how we can have a good life here my love ...Darling the bank says i ll need to settle the non south african tax of R2000 before the money ll be transferred into your account today my love as a stop order was placed in the transfer .I am so tired now love and do not know what to do my love




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