Romance scam letter(s) from Jackson Hawkins to Colleen (USA)
Letter 1

I'm glad you agreed to starting out with a clean slate. Last night I talked to Matt, I told him what had happened and that we agreed to a fresh start. I really think you are a special person, as do the friends on fb that we have in common. To continue our conversation, I currently getting a divorce though I've been seperarted from my ex since 2005. I recently fell in love with a VW Passat. I love to travel though I've never been out West or even to Mexico. I'm currently working on my family tree mostly working on my mom's side of the family. Which is most interesting bunch of people that I love. I'm currently considering making a move south to cookeville tn. The people aren't so uptight like they are in Michigan. I went college and have a degree in communication arts. I worked at the university's communication center which housed both an FM a and AM radio station along with a tv studio. Monday thru Friday students working at the center would work the newscast or even the gospel show which aired on Wednesday. I eventually became permanent director my last year at the center.
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